Journey into a New Consciousness

by Christophe Christianson

"This is a book which elevates the reader into a quality of awareness that is beyond what we are generally led to believe is real, to a state which I can only describe as THE BEYONDNESS OF SELF - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE."


The following is an excerpt from this transformational book, "Journey into a New Consciousness". For the upliftment of humanity, the author has chosen to gift an electronic version of his book to all visitors to our website. If you would like your copy, please click here and enter your details.

Chapter 9: The Path of Love

"All that remains within this process that we have been working through so that you may All transcend your third dimensional attachment is the mastery of the techniques and the understandings that we have shared as we have journeyed together. It is one event to know of this process and another grand journey to accomplish such a task. We began this journey by first stretching the Conscious awareness primarily towards universal principles and cosmic events that will profoundly change All of your lives. We have progressed through a process exploring the illusion of Time, Distance, Separation, Fear and the Ego. We have glimpsed at 'multi-dimensionality' and the 'universal matrix' of energy, including the Earth's and the soul's individuated energy systems. We have spoken of the Harmonic Convergence and the transformation of consciousness, including the journey beyond imagination itself. We have explored the Earth and her Guardianship, the power of creative thought and humanity's part within this grand journey of universal reunification, but most of all, we have spoken of the Truth of Love.

NOW it is time for you to master your third dimensional reality by transcending limiting 'belief structures' and to fully integrate the emotionally charged and compartmentalized portions of your Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies. In broad terms, there exist two spiritual paths towards self-enlightenment and mastery upon your Earthly planes. One is the path of the WILL and the other is the path of SURRENDER.

Many souls particularly those following the more established Eastern philosophies have traditionally walked the path of the Will. This path towards self-mastery requires great discipline and powerful self-control. Usually it has been that a Guru gives instruction to the soul that seeks enlightenment. It is therefore necessary for this soul to surrender its Will to the knowledge and wisdom of the one who proclaims the discovery of enlightenment. The Guru's authority is convenient but not necessary. It is on this path of the Will that the Ego is either transcended or denied. Similarly, the emotionally charged limiting 'belief structures' that are held within the 'body's energetic matrix' are also either transcended or denied. This path towards enlightenment and mastery of the third dimensional realms may take an entire lifetime, indeed, souls often require many lifetimes to accomplish such a task. Eventually, the soul seeking Spiritual Enlightenment and mastery on this path reaches a point within its disciplined and wilful reality of Surrender.

It is on the path of the Will that many limiting 'belief structures' can be transmuted by accessing the Subconscious Mind, especially during meditations. This action requires great discipline and self-control to both transcend the old limiting 'belief structures' and the allowance of new beliefs to be fully integrated and made manifest. This part of the path of the Will is very useful and the techniques will help a soul through some difficult times that may manifest themselves, especially when a soul resists transmuting limiting or denied 'belief structures' which it is still attached to.

Alternatively, the soul seeking Spiritual Enlightenment and mastery may move straight away onto the path of Surrender. It is on this path that the soul allows its 'belief structures' to manifest themselves within its own reality. In actuality, these 'belief structures' manifest themselves anyway so that the soul may transcend them experientially. This path demands extraordinary trust of the soul itself and the greater spiritual plan of the universe. Great courage and commitment is required when the soul announces to the universe that it is available for change. When the soul Surrenders itself to the universe it is surrendering to its GODSELF."

Christophe Christianson

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