Ascending Forward

The following messages need to be read carefully, preferably in order until you can see and feel with clarity all of the messages. This may require multiple readings, however, the messages will flow through to you and change your life.

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Table of Messages

Gifted with Love & Commitment

Your small gift would greatly assist us to continue our gifting to others...

Our website is gifted with Love and Commitment to assisting others in their journey forward, to create a more harmonious and uplifted personal experience, and to assist each other on a Group Conscious level extending to all of Humanity.

We have many Ascension Messages that require hours to transcribe and upload - and even more time to translate into audio so that Subscribers can choose to read or listen to the messages. All of our time and energy is gifted.

We are reaching out to you for a small gift of support...

We welcome any financial contribution of assistance with managing and maintaining the website, website hosting, and ongoing development. Please note, any amount is welcomed no matter how small, as all will be gratefully appreciated.

May we continue this Journey together for the upliftment of All of Humanity.