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Pathways for Social Responsibility

Further to our discussion regarding a new style of Governance, we have now taken the first essential and prudent step in bringing forth a new 'understanding for Humanity'. Before we consider any changes within our Global Governance we must first have a new understanding of how we have COLLECTIVELY arrived at our present situation today with a very disconnected style of Governance resulting in a very broken culture that increasingly disenfranchises the masses and rewards the privileged with more Power and Materialism.

Indeed, it is most important to have a fuller understanding of why a system has failed if we require a new system that does not follow the same path as our current system. It is for this reason that it is necessary to look at another statement in a previous discussion in the footnote accompanying the protocols of NMP in the Light of Humanity - it is also necessary that everyone in all Communities CONTRIBUTE 'one way or another' into that Community. We will explore this topic now in this discussion of Pathways for Social Responsibility.

As previously discussed in Understanding Humanity, we spoke at length concerning the 'tri-part tag team' exploits, that are now in total control on our beautiful planet. Indeed, in brief summary, these three protagonists represent in broad terms the three areas within our Society that require a complete 'makeover' ie; Governance, Banking and Commerce. It is the reforms within Governance that we shall consider first.

Recent history has shown us very clearly that if a Society, Culture or Civilization want a change and 'the masses' within that Society grouped together and forced a change through a Social Revolution, the outcome is definitely 'not assured'. When in this type of situation, the 'Civil unrest' culminates in the desire and commitment for change, there occurs a 'tipping point' for change. This historically means, that some form of 'confrontation' occurs to bring about a change, resulting in a change of the status quo, and the existing style of Governance preceding the Social Revolution is temporarily arrested, causing a 'power vacuum'. This is potentially the most dangerous situation that a society in need of change has to pass through. If there is a clear path into a new elevation for a Social Society, then this pre-planned or well thought out strategy, supplies both purpose and direction for this cause.

Indeed, in recent times we only need to look at the disastrous results in what the media calls, the Arab Spring. Here we can clearly see the result of what happens if you do not have a clear cohesive well planned strategy for both a change of Governance and a clear well planned Blue Print for a New Society. In this northern part of Africa 'the masses' collectively decided 'enough was enough', they were fatigued through the tyranny of their masters and no longer feared the inevitable outcome of their demonstrations. This was particularly evident with the disenfranchised youth who became the power-force for the Social Revolution for change. Their demonstrations were affective and effective, drawing further support from the equally disenfranchised residents who took a more cautious/conservative approach: the ranks of protestors swelled and the confrontations culminated in a 'stand off' that created the Power Vacuum as described above. Indeed, the disenfranchised youth and their supporters (the masses) wanted something better, something fairer, something more equitable for everyone; a more Humanitarian and uplifted Civil Society, a very noble cause, however, they did not have a cohesive plan that would survive through this power vacuum. With the youthful exuberance of the protestors, came the naivety that if you force your adversary into submission then somehow everything else would take care of itself and a better future would be assured for all. History shows us that this was not to be the case. State after State in this part of northern Africa, inspired by the actions of each other, followed the same path and fell like dominos, one after another and to their shock and horror, their cause was 'high-jacked' by other dark forces that seized control out of this Power Vacuum.

Similarly, the same could be said for the Iranians when 'the masses' over threw the Shah in recent history. Equally so, this was the case in Iraq when Sadam Hussain with the help of the Americans, was removed from power. This list goes on and on and on…. country after country after country, has experienced the same Social chaos, culminating in an even worse Social situation than was had before. Therefore, there must be a plan - a Blue Print for Social change that everyone desiring change understands fully and is totally committed to, during its implementation.

Fortunately, history shows us that there are some Social Blue Prints that do in actuality work along the lines of our discussion that are fairer, more equitable and sustainable and have managed to stand the test of time. These Social Societies are still around today, however, they are not very visible in the Western World. Indigenous cultures that have a close relationship with nature for thousands of years on our beautiful planet have discovered this truth and have harnessed the energy of 'Co-operation'. When you introduce 'competition' into a Society and you have different factions within that Society competing for a prize or an outcome that advantages only them, confrontations are almost guaranteed. In contrast, when a Society finds mutual Co-operation and devises a Society based upon this 'Mutual Co-operation' relative harmony, satisfaction and purpose in those achievements results.

We are not suggesting here that we forgo all of the technological advances that have been made over the many recent decades or so, in all manner of technologies including in Health, Education; the tremendous advances of all the Sciences and Engineering, Information technologies etc etc. These technologies are also 'who we have become'. Indeed, in brief, let us look at a Blue Print for a new Social Society based on all of these aspects. To recap, a New Social Society that includes a deep connection to our beautiful planet Earth, a Social Society that harnesses the energy of Co-operation and continues with all of the new technologies that assists in a positive more harmonious way of living, a Social Society that has absolutely no use for arms and weaponry and all the associated technologies that are harmful to any of our New Societies and mother Earth, and of course, all that live upon her including many of our precious resources. A Social Society that has no need of a Fictitious or Real Monetary System that can be converted into a product that can be bought sold and manipulated for personal gain. And of course, a Social Society that has freely harnessed the Unlimited and Universally Available energy of LOVE in Co-operation and mutual respect of All Life - EMPATHY. Of course, there are many other uplifting elements that can be added to this list, filtered through the minds and imagination of the reader. This Blue Print is simple and easily obtainable: all that is required is the desire and commitment to recreate such a society.

We would like to 'jump' forward momentarily here and continue to outline this Blue Print that would inspire the reader's imagination to Co-create this very achievable, new elevated reality, for all of Humanity. We spoke earlier that there were three major elements within our present dysfunctional Civil Society that need urgent reform or change - Governments with their Political Parties and Politicians - The World Bankers and their National and International Financing - National and International Corporations and their clandestine activities.

Let us now look at the World of Financing and Banking. Let us imagine that this New Social Society operating with the New Consciousness of NMP, decides to abandon its connection with this corrupting monetary regime that we have at present as outlined above. Let us start a discussion around the essentials in life in this New Social Society. For the purposes of creative flow let us first imagine a Social Society on a micro level, at a Community level, this then only needs to be expanded to encompass the Global or macro Social level, for a Global Blue Print.

We can first look at Food and its Production. This small Community values its members that produce all the necessary food to healthily feed the entire Community. This self-elected responsibility of food production within the Community takes care of this task and in return the rest of the Community look after them and all of their needs, in all other manner of activities. Now let us consider shelter from the elements, for example housing: this small Community also values its members that provide all the necessary building and maintenance skills for dwellings that comfortably house the entire Community. These valued members of the Community who have elected to take on this responsibility are now looked after by the rest of the Community who provide and look after the rest of their other needs. Education, Healthcare, Care of our Aged and all the other Socially Redeeming Projects that advantages everyone within the Community etc, etc, are all dealt with in the same manner.

There would be no need for 'money' as we know it in this current Civil Society. Mother Earth provides the soil to grow the food in, the seeds the food is grown from, the water that brings essential life into all manner of things, the rocks that we build our shelter from, the minerals that we construct our machines and technologies from, the air that we breath, in short, all the gifts that mother Earth freely supplies all of Humanity has now in our current Civil Society been commercially high-jacked and a monetary value placed upon it. In short, what should be Freely Available and Gifted to every one on this planet, has now been high-jacked Commercially with a price placed upon it by a culture that creates a 'demand for a product', then 'controls its supply' to 'advantage the few'.

We would now like to return to our present Social System and its dysfunctional way of Governance and look at the Nanny State. It should be clear to the reader that the current form of this Politically motivated Nanny State has failed. The main contributing factor of this failure, not withstanding the Political agendas of Party Politics, is that 'collectively' we have abandoned taking 'responsibility' ourselves for such a Blue Print as mentioned above and placed that 'responsibility' onto a system of Governance that is both disconnected from the masses and is primarily concerned in its own Party Politics. Indeed, within our current system we have collectively abandoned the responsibility of creating our own more equitable and fair communal way of living and given that power away to those who clearly have mismanaged this responsibility, and are unable to be the architects of a fair and equitable system of 'inclusivity' for everyone, but instead has created 'exclusivity' and is clearly not fit for purpose anymore.

Indeed, we have placed an Economic or Commercial value into every aspect of our lives that has allowed the tri-part tag team Community to control every aspect of our life. These team members have then constructed a system that 'meters out' all that was freely available, creating an 'interrupted flow' of these goods and services, that have consequently created supply and demand issues. Under this current system, we live under the umbrella of a 'toil and consume' market place with never having 'quite enough' in all manner of things in our life. The masses are forced to prioritize between spending their hard earned income on the 'essentials of life' or the 'luxuries of life'. Most now, are forced to forgo the luxuries of life and struggle to pay for the essentials of life.

In this Blue Print for a New Social Society, it is clear that we have to retake full responsibility for every aspect of our life and not expect someone else to deal with our problems on our behalf. This was our error of judgment in the past, trusting others to be responsible for our own lives, this is when we gave our power away and it is here that we can now take that power back and regain all that is rightfully ours. In reality, the Nanny State did not fail us, we failed it: it did not live up to all of our expectations and we now have to 'collectively' take responsibility for that. There should be no blame and judgment here, as we all were instrumental in its Co-creation along with the misguided Politicians who thought the Nanny State was a good idea. This current system simply does not work.

A New and Elevated Social Responsibility is required to be taken on by every soul in this New Blue Print, for a New Future, where everyone Contributes. Even if you were incapacitated, for whatever reason, and reduced to an immobile life confined to a wheelchair, a purpose and contribution into the New Social Society could still be for example, reading to the elderly, participating in the teaching process and guidance in schools. The elderly suffering with Alzheimer's (a modern disease, based on confusion of thought that will eventually disappear in this New Social Society) can still participate in social activities, in all manner of ways. The formerly unemployed or underemployed, can now give up this 'career path' and re-enter the Community by being an 'active participant' one way or another within the Socially Redeeming Projects. What is important here is that we have to elevate ourselves beyond the idea that you can get 'something for nothing' when in actuality, it is paid for or it has been made the responsibility of somebody else. This is the very core of the Nanny State's philosophy.

In the Western World, particularly in our current Civil Societies, many from the masses believe that the Government owes them something. These same souls have somewhere in their Consciousness, disenfranchised themselves from 'giving' to a consciousness of just 'receiving' and then somehow they have also managed to delineate between Contributions made by other Tax-Payers as their rightful Social Gifts that the Government somehow owes them. Simply put, this New Elevated Consciousness in a New Social Society operating with NMP philosophy also requires a reframing of "how can I contribute to this community" rather than "what does this community owe me".

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