Ascending Forward

Guidance from Above in Preparation for New Earth

Dear Family of Light of New Planet Earth. Life on this Planet today is changing everywhere and in every way. All of the Realms that exist on this Planet are adapting and changing so that they can be reproduced when the Planet Ascends in Physicality. It is not just Human Beings who are going through this process, it is also the Animals and everything that comes from Natural Origin, Gaia herself is changing.

What is not Natural, what has been modified by Mankind will be extinguished from the Planet. Many changes will happen, many losses will happen, nothing that does not resonate with the 5th Density will remain alive on this Planet. And when we say nothing, this includes any 'Real' genetically modified Animals. Animals that have undergone mutations to become more productive, that today contaminate the environment, will be released. Released in the sense, of not going through any of this anymore. They will return to the Planet in a perfect Density, exactly as they were created by the Prime Creator, without any type of modification.

Therefore, rest assured that the many changes will happen over time. Very little will be instantaneous, very little will happen at once, what you will see is that a lot will happen in a given 'chain of events' and this is how we will be releasing many of the Animals. Do not get carried away by the 'campaign' that there will be hunger, this is inconceivable of a Planet of this size, there will never be hunger, only food that does not reach those who need it. This situation of Control has been Centralised, it is Elitist and totally Manipulated by its 'producers' so that it only brings 'them' financial benefits and when that does not happen, they just throw it all away, forgetting that there are hungry people. This will also change.

Therefore, do not Vibrate with the Frequency of 'hunger', because it will not happen. Gaia is abundant in fruits and vegetables, and you will be able to consume them in a 'balanced' way without any harm to your health, or to anyone's health. Yes, many foods have been modified, we can guarantee that, many crops will become extinct. The speed of 'Light' arriving will cause only totally 'pure crops' to emerge from the soil of Gaia, almost instantaneously, because they will all have the 'strength' of Vibrational Frequency needed to feed everyone on the Planet. Therefore, do not get into the wave of Consciousness of 'lack of' or 'scarcity'.

Of course, you may have a difficult time because there may be a lesson there for some. We are not saying here that Humanity will starve, that there will be 'lack' of food, no, only that you will have to learn to 'respect' the Earth and to know exactly what to plant without just aiming for profit and financial growth.

Those today who respect the land, treat it with affection and no longer pollute the soil, will grow crops abundantly and all over the Planet. This helps everyone to have abundance of natural, clean, pure food. At present Gaia's soil is contaminated, so it will be necessary for Gaia to 'stir and stir' a good part of her soil, her flesh so to speak, so that these elements are modified and extinguished. We are not talking about the 5th Density here, we are still talking about your journey there at this time where you will have to get used to new habits, new customs, new foods, new options and new flavours.

Nothing in regard to these changes can be instantaneous, as it would create an imbalance in your Bodies Energetic Field if that were so. These changes need to be made before you get to the 5th Density, as your Biology has to adjust to the Frequency of 5D, otherwise those that cannot make the changes, will have great difficulty that will cause them a level of despair. So, everything then will happen more gradually, however, it is necessary for you to understand that there are many changes to be accomplished and much of the existing Systems of Consciousness will be destroyed. It is pointless consuming food that alters you genetically, making your body sick and lowering your Vibrational Frequency. These producers of the modified foods have changed many of these foods genetically and 'greed' is their motivation to do this, in order to bring more profits and as it was genetically modified, it was not prepared by Gaia's Heart for your Bodies. So, your Bodies do not recognise it, thus bringing imbalance and disease. Therefore, these foods will have to be extinguished from the surface of the Planet. Indeed, if you can imagine practically almost, all the present crops and food will be extinct, because Humankind has managed to tamper with almost all food, however, we will not do this all at once.

We will give instructions to each 'producer' who loses out changing from the old system, by starting a new crop, to clean the soil, to place pure seeds in the soil of Gaia, everything will be gradual. The soil of this Planet in many places is extremely fertile and of course, the Earth's elements will be ready to produce enough food quickly, however, pure food. So again, do not worry that you will have a shortage. Many might think this way and once again, remember that this also reverberates. Therefore, begin to have an Awareness that 'everything is going to change on this Planet'. Not only are YOU changing ALL the Realms, YOU are changing and WILL change, however, it takes 'deep Commitment' to make these changes for you to Accept and Embody that Change.

We have been talking about this constantly, however, a large majority still think it is Natural to eat another 'living thing' in the form of another 'animal, bird or fish'. We understand that you were taught and guided to do this, however, every 'living thing' that you eat, you eat and digest some 'death' Energy, 'pain' Energy and 'imbalance' Energy, that is implanted into that Being.

Those that think that this is all nonsense and who are going to continue eating Animals will have made their choice on this Planet, they will not remain. So, this is also a very important point in the present Human Journey. We are not saying here "that everyone should stop all of a sudden", do not forget that your Bodies have been used to consuming, even mistakenly, these Beings in the form of an Animal. Therefore, everything we would do to accomplish these changes on this Planet will be gradual. Everything you do can reflect this so that your Bodies can get to know other flavours, other textures, other foods and little by little, with the command of your Mind, you will be able to Transcend this need for those foods.

For many of you today, your own Minds force you to eat them making it important and necessary, so for many of you, there is a journey for this 'essential change' of Thought, of Belief of Habit, of Truth that was placed in your Minds, that in fact, are not Truths. They are just 'manipulations' for you to consume the Animals. You may ask "who is it good for, who created them, who produced them, who are the ones that are not very concerned, as Humanity is becoming more and more ill"? However, the 'producers' are more concerned with their growth and with their wealth.

Everything with Change has to be at a pace of 'gradualness' that compliments the Energised 'Intention' of the Human Mind. Nothing will be instantaneous, nothing overnight, it is a journey, a journey along the way You 'Let Go' of all these Beliefs, all of these Habits, everything that harms you today and for our part, we are already doing, we are already modifying a lot what we can do to help you. We will do it if you just ask us. Ask us for guidance, ask us to give you options, we will be delighted. We are not cooks, nor are we what you call chefs, however, we know exactly how to manipulate food so that it is 'healthy and delicious'.

You have a wealth of spices and herbs that are totally healthy that can be used in foods that give them pleasant tastes that you expect and this we can guide you because when we see a food, a spice, we see the Energy attached to them and if that Energy combination gets interesting with a Higher Frequency, or, we can also see if it is not beneficial because the very Energetic combination of those elements give a strange result, therefore, we can guide you.

Yes, do not think it is silly or a waste of our time teaching how to cook or to prepare food, our role is to help you in all situations, all behaviour, all Thought Energy including food, because it is part of this process and we can tell you that it is an extremely important part, as it is what brings you out of all 'imbalance' that you have had in your Bodies today and we will guarantee that as you are eating more correctly with healthy foods, pure foods, the diseases will practically disappear because what feeds many of the diseases will no longer be in your Bodies.

Therefore, be ready for change, ready for new habits, open your minds to see things in another way. Now, this is all a Choice too. Everyone is entitled to their Choice, we just say again to everyone, gradually at your pace, however, do not leave it to the end because those that simply 'do nothing' but 'are able' to go to the 5th Density, we can say and if you want to understand how to get scared, that your passage to the 5th Density will be very painful. What do you want, a light and easy passage or an extremely difficult and painful one? Make your Choices and we will always respect each one of them.

All Humans are of importance and of equal Value Energy and Experience differs from one Human to another, depending how that person is managing their Energy. To begin with, we have very little of our Cosmic Energy in our Bodies. Our entire causal Body Energy cannot fit into an Earthly vessel, nor all of our amassed Experience. The more we use our Body for the advancement of Humanity, the more of this Energy Frequency we are given. We also need to take very good care of our Physical Vessel, understanding it and working with its Biology and Divine Design.

We also need to take very good care of our Physical Vessel understanding and working with its Biology, in order to be as strong and clear a channel for Spirit or Higher Self. This bestowing of Energy follows us from Lifetime to Lifetime. Our Soul is in charge of increasing our Energy supply in our current embodiment, however, Causal Body can only be built upon by doing 'good work'. This is one of the reasons why we feel a burst of Energy or Vibrational Resonance when we Feel or Speak something that is 'aligned' with the Goals and Knowledge of the Higher Consciousness of our Soul.

When you use Energy for Egotistical Goals for negativity and Energy levels begin to drop, motives can become self-destructive, the Ego Mind believes it is still aligned with Greatness, when in fact, the deeds have become 'destructive'. This is a very confusing state to be in, it is not that Spirit is being mean or punishing, it is those misusing their power, and this is simply how Metaphysical Laws operate. It is similar to Cellular Production or any form of increase in all 'true power' comes from the One Source, the Prime Creator or God, Love and when one disconnects from that Source the Energy dissipates or collapses. You did not Create LOVE, LOVE Created You.

You simply have to understand and co-operate with this System, you cannot force it to do your 'Will'. Self-Aware and talented children who grow up in abusive, neglective or oppressive environments can become criminals if there is no outside intervention, conversely, we see young people respond to the slightest 'positivity' and direction if they are blessed enough to encounter a Mentor. Somewhere along the way, many of the yet to be Awakened Spiritual Leaders are destined to help Guide these young Genius's, at the same time, there are many that overcome earlier difficulties 'without' outside intervention and do magnificently well, it really depends upon the Individual and their Life Plan.

Many of your Governments and their Politicians, together with the Central Banks and National Banks with their management, along with large Corporations both National and International with their management, your Education Systems, and many of your Work-places etc, are outdated and are geared for Creating a 'Herd Mentality', are 'self-serving' with little or no Compassion or Empathy for Humanity, even if they say the contrary "we care". All of these Institutions need to Evolve in order to Co-Create a New World that supports Individuality and reveres the Beauty of Life and Spirit. However, the right people will need to step up to the plate, so to speak, and Transform and Lead these Institutions. You need Leaders who are wise and who honour ALL LIFE and not the tyrannical Leaders who believe that people should be under 'their' Control.

The New Spiritual Leaders 'know' how to do this with Strength, Respect and Love. Are you destined to be a Leader shepherding and Mentoring on a resurrected Earth as it Transits into the New 5th Density? You need New Leaders coming from a place of Connection to Spirit, to SOURCE. Their Spiritual answers are often a blend of this viewpoint with some highlights added. Disconnected Individuals do not take 'all things' into consideration when deciding things and derive a lop-sided view, you Experience the dysfunction of 'polarisation' when you continually 'miss the mark'.

You have not known how to choose the right Leadership either. The dysfunctional Leadership of your Countries are a reflection of your Communal dysfunctional Consciousness, it can be no other way. Nothing exists outside of your Minds, everything is merely an out picturing of Consciousness. As a Society you have not truly embraced Responsibility and Service. The Governments and Institutions will not 'save' you or 'change' you. YOU are the ONES who need to 'save' yourselves and 'change'. In the meantime, things will run amuck and, in the end, all things in Heaven ends up being used for the benefit of the Light, because it is the Divine Blue-Print and Destiny of All Things that are Known and Unknown.

The 'survival of the fittest' is not simply a Scientific fact, it is Metaphysical, set forth to 'ensure' that the Light always dominates, it can be no other way. Anybody or anything that tries to convince you otherwise, is coming from Fear and wanting to take you with them. Rest assured, that the Light will win and triumph by shadowing any darkness.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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