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Precautionary Principle (part 2)

The Revolution

The Social Revolution for change is NOW upon us. It is up to ALL of us COLLECTIVELY to orchestrate a Revolutionary Change to remove the power base that is entrapping Humanity in our current style of Neo-feudalism that favours the few and disenfranchises the masses into one that favours everyone into a 'fair and equitable Society'.

We have 'collectively' allowed our current Neo-feudal masters to reign freely with their 'no limits to greed, power, exploitation, fraud, misrepresentation, manipulation of World Markets', we have also allowed 'unchecked' their continuous issuances of lies to further their deceit in order that they may pass Legislation by either boosting or diminishing the Value of their own lies and deceit, and to further exploit the masses, our World Resources and Commodities into their favour, including the Truth.

Globally, we 'the masses' have become disillusioned with the pillaging and predatory nature of our 'supposed Leaders' who have spiralled away from all the constraints that honour the Truth. All who are trapped at the centre of this 'out of date' paradigm that only favours the few, have been watching helplessly as our World falls apart and our Once Orderly Universe that Honoured Truth, now operated by the few, is dissolving into a World of 'planned incoherence' of that Truth. The gap has been widening for years and the cries from 'the masses' for Common Sense, Personal Integrity and Transparency for that Truth, grows fainter and fainter. Unconstrained by an inner sense of Integrity, many in the Financial World are drawn into a game of 'maximising' their Private Wealth by any means available. We have reached a point where our Politicians are no longer hearing the voices of the people they supposedly serve. These same Politicians allow the World Bankers and International Corporations unprecedented 'free reign' by either not understanding the implications of their choices or by not caring about the outcomes as they negatively impact upon the masses.

We must now engage the Precautionary Principle and never again COLLECTIVELY allow ourselves to be so remiss when we plan for our New Social Society that is Inclusive of All, Favouring Everyone, that is Fair and Equitable, operating only on the Frequency of Love and Co-operation. The Precautionary Principle allows us to learn from the Past. Indeed, throughout these discussion papers we have been sharing this Truth. We have also discussed the pitfalls when trying to overthrow our Governments and their Party playing Politicians who have disenfranchised themselves from the masses that they supposedly serve. The reader may ask therefore, how is it possible to bring about such a Revolutionary Change upon our beautiful planet Earth without the 'unwanted' consequences that have been shared throughout these discussion papers.

The most powerful tool of 'oppression' within our present Political, Financial and Corporate World is the World-Wide Economy based on a Fiat styled Monetary System that we have spoken of repeatedly during these discussions. It is here that we may start our Revolution. This Revolution does not require 'mass demonstrations and confrontations' with our Sovereign Governments as they are protected by Military styled Police Forces, who are ultimately backed by the Nation's Armed Forces all operating from the Consciousness of 'forceful conflict' that is all sanctioned by the Government of the day, who want to continue 'staying in power'.

Our Revolution can start with a New Global Banking System. This New World Economy must be 'secure' in that it cannot be threatened by any 'One Sovereign Nation' or any of our 'current Central Banks' around the Globe. The world's Central Banks have taken us all on a 'collision path' towards 'catastrophe' where we either end up with an oppressive 'One World Order' or an opportunity for an 'Uplifted Change' for us all. These Central Banks are determined to follow policies of Inflation in some sectors and Deflation in others by simply 'printing' more and more Monetary Notes based upon 'Nothing Tangible' while engaging themselves in Currency Wars, during which time they have no regard for the consequences of their actions or to the individuals involved and during this process there is an enormous transfer of Wealth from the masses to the few that make up the current Neo-feudal privileged. Since the crash of 2008, trillions in Paper Currencies have been printed, adding so called Liquidity to the World-Wide Monetary System, none of this money has filtered down to the masses. Indeed, during this period the billionaires around our Globe have doubled in number, and so have the children dying and living in poverty.

For the first time in Human history we have a new form of Global Communication and a new style of Information Highway, our World-Wide Web. Many Governments, Institutions and Individuals World-Wide have tried to seize control of this Information Highway and as of today, with little success. It is through this New Global Network that a World Wide transitional Monetary System can operate - in the form of Crypto Currencies. These Crypto Currencies will soon replace the whole current Global Financial System. It will be able to carry out the tasks of our present Banks, Insurance Companies, Credit Card issuers and even Trusts. The Industrial Revolution catalysed the Economy of that time, moving it from an Agricultural Society into a Manufacturing Society. Similarly, the New styled Crypto Currencies will be the New Vehicle that will transport our current Financial System from its current Centralised Neo-feudal control to one of a De-centralised Financial System, operating independently of that control.

It is important to note that the World Banking System is soon to release Globally 'their version' of a Crypto Currency, this is NOT the type of Crypto Currency we are discussing here. We are using the term Second Generation Crypto Currency that can be used as an INTERIM tool for moving Money from one person to another or from one region to another or from one Country to another independently of the Current Centralised corrupt Banking System that has been installed as a powerful tool to control and enslave Humanity.

One such corrupted Crypto Currency is 'Bitcoin' and the story given to the masses was that the invention was given freely to Humanity anonymously by a genius who had the foresight to create such a liberating Monetary System with no personal gain. The creators of Bitcoin were in actuality the Central Banks themselves trialling this new form of Money Laundering. Our current Financial System relies upon a Centralised Institution that acts as its own policing force, collecting fees for all of its Services. Crypto Currencies hold the potential and solution to De-Centralise the current Monetary System when operating for the Upliftment of Humanity.

We will briefly take a closer look at Bitcoin to get a better understanding of how it operates, however, there are many more new and evolving styled Crypto Currency protocols available. The Bitcoin Protocol replaces the Banker with the 'Miner' and by doing so, removes the cost of the middleman. The traditional role of a Banker was to be a 'trusted third-party' watching over every transaction and verifying the validity of every transaction. Satoshi Wakamoto (the alleged creator of Bitcoin) designed a way for a computer to replace a Banker. Bitcoin accomplished this task securely through the use of Crypto Graphing. There is a smart feature of Bitcoin that can be used to even eliminate the necessity for Trust Banks when transferring 'Generational Wealth'. Traditional Bankers of our day stand at the centre of the Financial System and ensure that Money moves from one rightful owner to another. The Bitcoin Miners do the same thing but without the need to employ tens of thousands of people, housed in skyscrapers in major cities around our world. The Financial Crisis of 2008 was the catalyst for this new Economic Change. Bitcoin, with the 'Blockchain' and similar Crypto Currencies were designed initially to play a starring role in the New Economy being the first Transitional System that its creators will claim to be a necessary development in the Banking System Globally.

Bitcoins' 'My Wallet', is a free Online Wallet that you can use to make World Wide payments for FREE. Bitcoin makes easy and secure payments available anywhere on your phone or desktop. Bitcoin is not a Bank, you retain complete ownership of your money. Bitcoin cannot view your Balance, see your Transactions or make Payments on your behalf.

Bitcoin's 'Blockchain' uses Industrial Standard AES Encryption to protect your 'Wallet' from thieves and hackers. The Encryption is all done within your browser before it is 'Saved' on Bitcoin Servers, so even Bitcoin has no access to your Account (or at least this is what they claim). 'My Wallet' builds on the Security of Bitcoin by providing a host of features to help the user keep their money safe including Paper Wallets, Offline Transactions and Remote Backups. Using 'My Wallet' is no different than using Pay-pal or Online Banking. Upon 'Login' you are presented with your Balance and a list of your recent Transactions. A claimed advantage of Bitcoin is that it is fully De-centralised, with no Government or Corporations able to block Payments or Revoke your Account. With 'My Wallet' you retain 'full control' of your Private Key, meaning 'Wallets' can never be seized or blocked and can be imported into any desktop Bitcoin client.

The most advanced Online Bitcoin available is 'Free' with 'No Fees' having two factors for Authentication. It has secure client side Encryption and 'live' updating interface and availability to make your own backups. You can import/export Private Keys, SMS and Email Payment notifications. With Bitcoin you can make instant Deposits directly into your 'My Wallet' Account in seconds, Bank Transfers, Cash Deposits and more. Bitcoin is available in the US, UK and 100's of other countries World Wide. There are World Wide Merchants, thousands already accept Bitcoin World Wide and new ones joining everyday. Well this is their Story, perhaps in the first year of the release of Bitcoin when the Bitcoin was '1 Bitcoin worth 1 US Dollar' some transactions were carried out in local cafes and markets, however, Bitcoin attracted Investors and Speculators and at its height in 2017 '1 Bitcoin became worth 19,783 US Dollars' as Speculators with GREED hijacked the system causing many Speculators to loose fortunes as the price of Bitcoin inevitably plummeted.

What the creators of Bitcoin DO NOT want you to know is that this alternative Currency is fully Digitised and is stored on your iPhone, laptop or desktop Server and if you lose this information for whatever reason, it cannot be restored and you will have lost all your Investment, ultimately, there is a Security Storage risk and with an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) all of the Wealth generated with Bitcoin can be wiped out in an instant…… There are many corrupted minds working on this problem attempting to prolong this insidious Greed and speculative Consciousness with a Crypto Currency that could have instead provided Humanity with a Transitional safe and secure (beyond speculative Greed) Monetary System. We will discuss this further in another paper.

Another Generation of Crypto Currencies are starting to reveal themselves as a 'response' to the projected return to a Gold Based Standard within our current corrupt World Banking System. These new Bullion Crypto Currencies will probably be based, at least initially, on Silver. We have previously discussed the Global Financial Systems move from a 'worthless Fiat based Currency' back to a Currency that is 'loosely based on Gold'. The major problem with this traditional Gold based Financial System is that the Gold Reserves will only back the Currency. This represents a Tangible Asset Base to that Currency, however, the bits of Paper are still intrinsically Valueless; the Gold remains in a Vault, and as previously discussed, the Gold has to be securely stored somewhere. Its perceived Value is still subjected to Market forces and manipulation, and of course, the honesty or otherwise of our current Banking System and the Neo-feudal crony Bankers that control the Global Financial System. However, a World Banking System based on a Gold Standard is at least a starting place for a more stable Global Financial System and indicates the possibility for a greater change by highlighting to the World that the Banking System is unfair and requires updating by bringing more Transparency and Accountability.

The reader may be interested in the Referendum held in Switzerland 'Save our Swiss Gold' a few years ago. At the polling stations the Referendum was convincingly rejected by the Swiss electorate following an aggressive anti-Gold campaign. Unusually, it involved (and ultimately successfully) the Swiss National Bank (SNB), trying to convince the Electorate along with the main Political Parties to return a 'NO vote', while a 'YES vote' would have made the SNB hold a minimum of 20 percent Gold Reserves to back their Currency. The 'YES vote' would also have prevented the SNB from selling that Gold and to repatriate the portion of its Gold currently being stored abroad. The Swiss National Gold does not belong to the Bank, it belongs to the Swiss people as it is their Sovereign Gold. The Swiss Franc that was once very stable and strong was then pegged to the Euro. Both the Swiss Franc and the Euro are based on a valueless Paper Currency where the Central Banks have no use now (or in the future) for Gold as their Base Standard. It is interesting to note that the Swiss Central Bank along with the Politicians of the day, agreed to dispense with their Currency based on a Gold Standard for a Fiat based Currency when Switzerland joined the IMF in recent times.

These Central Banks just 'print money' by the billions 'as and when' necessary and call it Quantitative Easing (QE). It is questionable how much Sovereign Swiss Gold is actually in Switzerland and/or who actually owns it now. (Remember Germany's request for the return of their Sovereign Gold from the USA). Before the intervention of the SNB, pre-polling analysis showed a 'YES' result to the Referendum, indicating the desire from the Swiss Electorate that they were concerned with their Financial Sovereign Security. A 'YES' vote would have resulted in the 'un-pegging' of the Swiss Franc to the Euro and the inevitable result of the collapse of the Euro itself. Central Banks around the World are quietly alarmed as most major Currencies are 'collapsing in Value' as the Global Currency Wars continue. These same Central Banks, on the other hand, continue with their denial and ensure 'the masses' that the Global Economy is growing and buoyant, albeit, just above a minor Recession.

This sustained action of denial has more than one consequence. Some consequences will appear positive for a time before revealing their destructive nature. Some will be foreseeable, some will not. Some will be controllable while some will not. Those that are unseen and uncontrollable will trigger waves of other unseen and uncontrollable consequences. We are all on 'free-fall' and 'out of control'.

Returning to the Bullion Based Crypto Currencies. The current Value placed on Gold would place a relatively high Gold Coin value. It is therefore, more practical to use Silver as it is traditionally 1/50th of the value of Gold. The new Crypto Bullion Coins will be similar to Bitcoin, in as much as they are initially purchased with a Fiat based Currency, however, unlike Bitcoin, these Bullion Currencies come with a 'Tangible' precious metal Coin that you retain. Your Private Key number securitises the Coin to you which you enter the number into your Internet Account similar to 'My Wallet' in Bitcoin. The Private Key number is concealed by holographic technology and can only be used by its legitimate owner. Most other aspects of the Crypto Bullion Currency operate in a similar fashion as Bitcoin. The Value of these Bullion Currency Crypto Coins will be based on a more traditional value that equates to the purchasing power of Gold on Commodities over say, the past 100 years which in actuality at these present times, makes Gold as priced today, greatly undervalued (as is Silver).

Today, Gold is trading at approximately US $1,700 dollars an ounce: inflation/historical purchasing power would elevate Gold to around US $3,400 dollars an ounce. This would adjust the Silver price from its current approximately US $16 dollars an ounce to US $68 dollars an ounce (assuming a 50:1 ratio), thus a 1 ounce Bullion Silver Crypto Coin could be purchased for US $68 dollars (or equivalent in other Currencies), however, its Face Value today based on its Silver content would only be US $16 dollars while its 'purchasing power' is fixed at US $68 dollars. With the collapse of the Fiat based Currencies, both Gold and Silver will dramatically increase in value, as previously discussed.

In reaction to the growing popularity of the new Bullion Crypto Currencies, the current Central Banks operating our current Financial System will try to maintain their validity in a World Banking System by first, basing their Currency loosely on a Gold Standard similar to that of the Swiss Referendum as previously discussed, and possibly operate for a short while. However, as 'the masses' convert to the Crypto Currencies the Central Banks will be forced to 'follow suite' in a similar fashion. One way would be to fashion a Promissory Note that has Gold foil laminated between its plastic covers having holographic numbering technology, still retaining Central Bank status. This would necessitate all Sovereign Gold to be returned to its respective host Countries. The possibility of 'armed force' Internationally to achieve this is very possible, the consequences of which are very disturbing; a new take on Currency Wars.

In Summary, we have spoken throughout these discussions that the desired outcome is to 'Transcend the need' for a Monetary System in our New Social Society operating on the frequency of Love and Co-operation that is Fair and Equitable and Inclusive to All. What is required now, is a Transitional Global Monetary System that elevates Humanity beyond the entrapment of a Fiat based Monetary System that can then eventually be 'phased out' as the New Social Society evolves and no longer requires 'any' Monetary System at all. We have also shared that the three main protagonists that are presently in control upon our beautiful planet, Earth, will not voluntarily surrender their Privilege and Power over the masses. So, it is up to us to retake the initiative and 'change the game' ourselves.

We are sure we can all accept that the three main protagonists that are tightening their grip for Global Control will not voluntarily surrender their power. It is therefore up to us to regain a new level of Self Governance for the entire Planet. We have spoken many times of the problems associated with 'outright confrontation' similar to the 'Arab Spring' type Revolutions where the outcome is certainly NOT assured. This does not mean we do not 'voice' our opposition to these protagonists, however, what is required for the changes that we have outlined throughout these discussion papers, is to 'diminish our reliance' on our Co-created Institutionalised power play control games. For example, if we require a New Social Society operating from the frequency of Co-operation, not needing any reliance upon a Nanny State, then the Political Social Gifts (something for nothing) will not dictate how the Community operates. This Community will no longer require those Politically-based Services, in that respect at least. Similarly, if the new Social Society acts as its own Central Bank in all matters, the Community will no longer require the services of the current Banking Institutions. There are many ways of 'diminishing' our 'need' upon these 'outside' Institutions of Authority. This action does not require their permission or acceptance for change however, over time these actions will 'diminish' their power-base. Remember, we have to give our power away before someone can take it from us. It is this paradigm that we have Collectively Co-created and now need to change by 'Collectively' understanding this paradigm. (This has been a major focus throughout these discussion papers). First we must understand what we have Collectively Co-created before we can change it, then, when we have the desired outcome in our sights, purpose and direction will guide us there.

Peaceful and eloquent demonstration is a vital part of this process. This type of opposition to the protagonist's control highlights and educates the masses towards an alternative way of Governance. It is at this point in the process, that 'purpose and direction' is vital otherwise the Demonstrations will either play into the hands of the 'elite' or 'power vacuums' are created leaving the process vulnerable to be high-jacked, stalled or backfiring one way or another, resulting in an unintended outcome. This is why it is VITAL to have the BIG STORY for a New Social Society and for a Blue Print to achieve it.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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