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Tools of Transformation

If you would like to listen to a more in-depth conversation about human biology, programming, beliefs, the ego, the ego's strategies, and the tools of transformation, please refer to Message No. 24. This Message, No. 25, is just the Tools of Transformation.

A human being can only integrate their feelings at the time that they are in it. In other words, when they are feeling triggered.

These are the Tools of Transformation.

  • 1

    RECOGNISE. In that moment that you have Fear, however it may be surfacing, as anger, anxiety, confusion, resentment, self-loathing, pity, the list goes on and on. Literally say to yourself "Something is going on for me". It is not important to label exactly what it is. When you are not feeling Love, then Fear can exist. Fear is the opposition to Love so it does not really matter what label you place upon it. It is illusionary, however, your 'emotions' are telling you the contrary. In short, simply Recognise that something is going on emotionally for you. Say it out aloud, "Something is trying to surface".

  • 2

    VALIDATE. Say aloud to yourself, "It is OK for me to feel this way." Repeat this several times until you feel a calmness of acceptance washing through you. The Ego is trying to protect you from these Fears by pushing them deeper and deeper into your Subconscious Mind. By stating to yourself aloud, you are now saying to your Ego that you are ready to Feel these Feelings and that you no longer need to repress them. "It is OK for me to feel this way." Spend a while reassuring yourself that you are now ready, the phrase is simple, "It is OK for me to feel this way."

  • 3

    FEEL THE FEELINGS. Allow yourself the expression of these feelings through 'sound'. You may want to cry, shout, moan, simply allow the 'sound' out. If tears start to roll down your cheeks, allow the sound that may want to accompany those tears. Healing or Transcending these Fears is not an intellectual process. It is literally Feeling your Feelings. It is these Feelings that have been repressed because at their 'time of creation' you were unable to deal with these 'strong emotions' and at that time your defence mechanism (the Ego) repressed them. Some call all of these repressed emotions the 'inner child'.

  • 4

    CHOOSE AGAIN. At the completion or cessation of feeling these feelings, another level of calmness will wash through you. Be gentle with yourself and centre yourself in this calmness then simply choose another version of who you are. A version of yourself that will respond to the circumstances that you find yourself in, in a more uplifting way. THIS IS INTEGRATION.

  • 5

    IMAGINE. Hold the highest idea of 'who you are' and embody this new version of yourself by 'living' it every moment of every day. Simultaneously, hold the highest idea of a New Earth that exists for you that would reflect the highest idea you have of yourself. This is how we Create, this is how we make manifest New Realities, this is the Power of Thought - All Thoughts Create.

  • I Think Love
  • I See Love
  • I Say Love
  • I Act Love
  • I Feel Love
  • I Know Love
  • I Am Love

It is by changing our behaviour, or, behaving differently in the same situations, that we can become the best versions of ourselves.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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