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Sexual Energy

Sacred Masculine and Feminine Energy

Both masculine and feminine energy are sacred and together they make The Whole. There is a Universal pendulum that swings in one direction, reaching a climax, and then it swings in the polar opposite direction until it reaches a climax at the other end of the spectrum. The neutral, or mid-position of that pendulum, brings balance.

Let us define, but not limit, sexual energy in respect of male and female. Male energy, is a doing, achieving, adapting, altering, creative energy. The focus here is the creative, doing aspect that could be used to define male energy.

In contrast, female energy is a being, nurturing, caring, and a softer, gentler energy. The focus here is the being and nurturing aspect that could be used to define feminine energy.

In many biological incarnations of many races and civilizations where duality exists, the Soul, irrespective of gender, can be either male or female or a combination of these energies.

Male 'sexual' energy is a doing, thrusting, active energy frequency. In contrast, female 'sexual' energy can be similar with a softer component of nurturing. At a human 3D conscious frequency level, the majority of males running on male sexual energy are attempting to experience Love through sexual experiences. In contrast, most females running on female sexual energy, want to experience Love, and through the frequency of Love, express themselves sexually. In other words, most males are trying to find Love through sex, and most females want to be in-love before they express themselves sexually. As you can see, they are diametrically opposed with the Universal pendulum of creative frequencies that we have shared above.

In 3D, perhaps 90% of males run on masculine sexual energy. The remaining 10% are operating on the frequencies of feminine sexual energy. Similarly, with most females, 90% are running on feminine sexual energy, leaving the remaining 10% running on masculine sexual energy.

Homosexuality usually occurs in a 3D frequency through one of two reasons. Most Souls incarnating into biological life, irrespective of density and frequency, prefer to incarnate into one gender or the other and they become comfortable through that gender expression. However, as part of their conscious growth and expansion of awareness, they may choose to experience contrast, and in this case, choose incarnations expressing themselves with the opposite gender preference. On Earth at these times this perhaps represents 10% of the population.

It usually takes two or three incarnations to adjust and find a balance in these opposing frequency genders. During these incarnations, there can be experienced much confusion of gender identity and emotional instability.

The other reason for the opposite gender experience on Earth is that the Soul has been forced against its will, by the regressive frequencies, to inhabit the gender preference opposite. This occurs prior to incarnation, and is helping to strengthen the low 3D matrix consciousness by further entrapping the Soul into the cycle of 3D reincarnation.

In 5D, with a higher connected awareness to Source, the Soul remembers many incarnations and consciously chooses the gender preference that it enjoys. There is no observable confusion around gender identity, and therefore, no observable homosexuality.

How the Misuse of Sexual Energy is Created

Most human parents, at some stage, are presented with not only the difference between their children's gender but often have difficulty dealing with childhood sexual issues. As a 3D human child, perhaps as early as three or four years of age, the Soul experiences powerful sexual energies. The child is unaware of these sexual energies on a conscious level as the Soul at that age has not developed logical and rational consciousness. They can, however, 'feel' these strong subconscious frequencies.

It is often the case that a little boy will subconsciously use sexual energy in an attempt to create a powerful bond with his mother. Similarly, a little girl will subconsciously use sexual energy in an attempt to create a powerful bond with her father. For both genders, this sexual energy is a manipulation from a subconscious level to achieve this close bond. It is in these situations, if the parents have little or no experience in these matters, and/or they have confusion around their own sexuality, that problems can arise.

Often a mother is confronted with the confused sexual frequency of her young son, for example, if they are bathing together, he may want to caress and touch her breasts. And while doing this, he may experience a pre-pubescent sexual erection. If the mother is comfortable with her sexuality, and understands what is going on, the young boy will outgrow the need for these experiences. However, if the mother is alarmed and not prepared for these experiences, one of two things can happen.

The mother pushes away the sexual advances of her son preventing the feeling of a close bonding with his mother. The repercussions of this rejection create a life-time issue around intimacy, especially sexual intimacy, and the feelings of rejection that can be carried throughout adolescent and adult life.

In the same way, it is important for a young girl to bond with her father. Often, a father is confronted with the confused sexual frequency of his young daughter. She may use her sexual energy to gain his attention so that she can bond and harmonize her feminine energy with his masculine energy. Again, if the father is comfortable with his sexual energy, the daughter will outgrow the need for these experiences. However, if the father is alarmed and not prepared for these experiences one of two things can happen.

The father pushes away the sexual advances of his daughter preventing the feeling of a close bonding with her father. The repercussions of this rejection create a life-time issue around intimacy, especially sexual intimacy, and the feelings of rejection that can be carried throughout adolescent and adult life.

The daughter is using sexual energy to attempt to bond with her father, and if rejected, she can spend the rest of her life attempting to bond with her father through her adolescent and adult relationships where she is offering sex for love. Of course, with the 'Law of Mirrors', these limiting beliefs will only attract similar personalities as the father, a partner who is uncomfortable around sexuality. Often, this interaction is with another male operating on male sexual energy, wanting sex for Love, and the daughter, who is also looking for Love, is offering sex in exchange. This is how the two personalities perfectly dove-tail one another.

As in the case of her father, the woman often feels rejected and betrayed by her lovers, and when the relationship ends, she stumbles from one similar experience to the next, wondering why this always happens to her.

Most people are completely unaware that they are 'putting out' the misuse of sexual energy, and then wonder why they are attracting someone who will 'mis-use' their sexual energy. This is one of the ways that the ego operates. The person is oblivious to what they are saying, how they are dressing, their expressions, their personality, and the frequency that they are carrying around the misuse of sexual energy. For example, a woman will walk into a room of several hundred people, and meet the one person who dove-tails her sexual energy. She looks across a crowded room, their eyes meet, and there is recognition. It is not that they have found the love that they are seeking, rather, it is the frequency that they both carry around the 'Loss of Love' that attracts them to one another. And in the same room, if the perfect partner is there, someone who would love, cherish and honour her as a beautiful expression of feminine energy, she wouldn't even see him. And if she did, she would reject him.

A lot of people think that when they meet someone, and they are excited by that person, that they are experiencing a gut-feeling. They feel that, 'This is right, this is Love, this is the person that I have been waiting for', however, these gut-feelings can emanate from their beliefs and programming. So, a gut-feeling is generated from a person's frequency, and if they are operating on a low frequency, then the gut-feeling will be generated from that low frequency.

Chakras and Downloading other People's Frequencies

When a female and a male share a sexual experience together, the chakras open, and they literally download each other's shadows, or beliefs. In other words, they download the pain of the rejection that they experienced as young children. Now, the respective female and male have downloaded each other's pain. And as they experience each encounter, one after the other, the male and female continue to download the pain of their lovers, and this further entrenches their patterns and beliefs.

There are three times in a human experience when the chakras are wide open. At birth, so that the baby can absorb the limiting beliefs that become the foundation of their life experience. At death, when the human dies, leaving the biological body behind and freeing the consciousness of the Soul. And during an orgasm or ejaculation. The orgasm or ejaculation is not just an energy felt in an erogenous zone of the body. It is the entire biological matrix aligning with the higher frequencies of the Creator itself.

As outlined above, if two people are experiencing a low frequency sexual energy, they will download or absorb the shadows of their lover. In contrast, if two people have a high frequency of Love, and they share a sexual encounter, they can experience Creator energy. This is called tantric energy. In tantric energy, the male has balanced his male and female sexual energy, and the female has balanced her female and male sexual energy, and the exchange is balanced.

The Energy of Sex when it is Exchanged for Love

When two people are in a frantic, sexual energy, the kind that we see on the movies where they tear each other's clothes off, they are both in male sexual energy. The energy is that they are both offering sex in exchange for Love, however, Love escapes them. Many relationships are based on this exchange, and so the relationship is often short-lived. Once the sexual attraction has been outgrown, leaving both parties experiencing an empty, meaningless relationship, albeit one that started as exciting, they break up, and go out into the world once again, repeating their patterns, oblivious that 'they', themselves, are creating the pain that they now feel.

When sex is offered as an exchange, or contract, even although the exchange is never actually discussed, there also exists an agenda. This exchange can be completely unconscious. 'If I have sex with you, I want something in return.' In other words, 'I am using my sexual energy to obtain Love.' This is the exchange. And in the case of most women, when she does not receive Love in return, and yet she has given her body, there is anger, feelings of being betrayed and rejected, and then the person who feels victimized wants retribution and revenge. This is the Human Experience.

The regressives know this and have orchestrated, purposefully, the misuse and stigma around sexuality in all of the Cabal's three-horned revealed religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. These religions teach humanity that sex is a bodily sin, they disallow contraception and sex before marriage, and they insist that marriage is for the rest of a human being's life - no matter what. As a result of this, we have developed phrases that are a part of our programming, for example, 'Grin and bear it', 'Lay back and think of England', and the notion that, now that we are married and/or have had sex, 'I own you'.


On the other end of the spectrum, there is celibacy. It is only in the Universe of duality that there is male and female. Beyond duality, there are no sexual orientations. They do not exist.

In high 5D, as part of their spiritual evolution, a Soul often moves into what humans term celibacy. This is because they are moving into a 6D experience and they no longer need to experience duality. In 6D plus, there is no location, no time, there is only frequencies. Everything is an idea or thought.

A male and female is contrast. They are duality. We are experiencing contrast, so when a human being does not need to experience through contrast any longer, they do not need to incarnate into a biological body. That is when the Soul moves into what humans call celibacy.

There is also, often, celibacy in the human experience of duality or 3D. A person who has become celibate often chooses this experience because they have fear around intimacy. Intimacy has become too painful, it is all too much, and it is easier to take themselves out of the experience of intimacy.

Inner Work and Self Love

When a person does their inner work, integrating the pain of the 'Loss of Love' that their inner child has experienced and carried throughout their life, they are able to transcend these experiences. It is then possible for the man or woman to begin the journey of loving themselves. When a human being loves themselves, they can observe themselves and their environment with clarity, and connected to their Higher Selves, become aware of what is occurring in their life.

On a human level, an individual can only love someone else when they love themselves. When a couple Love themselves, that Love can be expressed, and it is balanced male and female energy.

So, what does it mean to love oneself?

To Love oneself is more than just wrapping one's arms around oneself, looking in the mirror, and saying, 'I love me'. It is more than writing 'I love myself', 'I am beautiful', or 'I am worthy' on the mirror in red lipstick. To Love oneself is simply to accept every part of oneself. The parts that a human being rejects, the parts that they are ashamed of, the parts that they do not want to experience again, is the act of not loving oneself. To Love oneself is the journey inward. It is the discovery and integration of all of the aspects of Self that the human being has rejected and not aligned with Love. This is how a human being loves themselves.

It is the aspects of a human being that they consider to be painful, and shameful, that they reject, that can carry them, once they accept them, to realize their Divinity. If a human being did not experience those painful experiences, he or she would not have had any reason to grow, to Love, and to expand to a place where they are experiencing the frequency of their Higher Selves. The matrix was designed to grow spiritually through contrast.

If a human being does not change their beliefs in the NOW, they are bringing their past into their future and creating more of the past. There is only the NOW, and changes can only occur in the NOW. So, if a human being is operating under a low frequency belief, they can only change it in the NOW. And if they do not change it in the NOW, they have lost an opportunity to transcend it. However, with the 'Law of Mirrors', the experience will inevitably come around again.

It does not matter how many attempts a human being makes to integrate their inner child, when they do make that change, that is the important thing.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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