Ascending Forward

Precautionary Principle (part 3)

Indicators for Change: Deception of World Economies

Bitcoin and the new Crypto Currencies have the main Banking System really worried and unfortunately on the World Wide Web, anyone can post comments True or False on any subject matter presenting either Real Information or Disinformation to discredit one thing or another. The creator of Bitcoin, a year ago was arrested and charged, allegedly for fraud and conspiracy for drug trafficking and all sorts of nefarious activities which he and many of his supporters deny, saying that these charges are politically motivated explicitly to discredit Bitcoin, whose popularity is growing exponentially in the States and the UK, having the obvious affect of removing business from our current corrupt system and challenging its very existence. Remember, Bitcoin is a test case created by the existing corrupt World Banking System to evaluate its uptake and usability before they launch their own nefarious Version of a Crypto Currency.

It is interesting to note, that the Banking Watch Dogs in the US have not brought to task all the nefarious activities of the 'current' Banking System, but instead focus on any system that would challenge the 'existing system'. There are some very concerned International Bankers who foresee where all these 'nefarious activities' are leading us who have themselves attempted a change. As far back as the 1990's several of these more aware Bankers set about to create a whole New Global Currency to challenge the dominance of the US Dollar: their New Currency was to be based on the Gold Standard; they had a plan. Several top Market leading Geologists were engaged to analyse Gold Reserves in various un-mined Canadian Gold fields holding vast Gold deposits, albeit in some areas expensive to mine.

The plan was simple, to leave the Gold in the ground in its natural state. This Gold could not be easily confiscated or removed and was of course, very secure, however, it would underpin this New Currency. All of the contracted Geologists came back with a remarkably similar estimation of the Gold Reserves that at that time equated to $1.5 trillion US Dollars. Interestingly enough, this is a similar amount of printed US Dollars that are in World circulation serving as a Global Currency for everyday use in many countries. To cut a very long story short, these Bankers were charged, under existing laws at that time, with being a threat to US National Security, Fraud and other trumped up charges, found guilty and sentenced to 28 years of imprisonment. In other cases, concerned International Bankers have had Funds and Working Capital seized and confiscated, preventing them from Trading. Some of these Bankers are still imprisoned after being charged and found guilty by the US Government.

Most of the mainstream media should be avoided regarding the accuracy of their reporting. Their Neo-feudal masters that control these mediums have become the voice of the Politicians, waging a War with the masses and with the Truth. The first casualty in all Wars is the Truth. However, there are some media outlets that are well informed and proactive in educating the masses to the plight that we all face here at these times. Some of these voices are ex-Traders and World Bankers from Wall St who are outraged by the real nefarious activities we have discussed throughout these papers.

There are many strong voices of concern around our planet but are simply not heard through our manipulated Mainstream Media individuals bringing their Truth and Revelations into the public arena, including interviews with Julian Assange and many other whistle blowers from around the World.

All these revelations have been clearly laid out by Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Indeed, we may also have the same problem of 'attack, disinformation and discrediting' of our discussion papers once launched, by those who 'fear change' and want the present system to stay as they know it, serving their own Agendas. Crypto Currencies are here to stay and will be the 'new form' of moving money and Money Exchange. Bitcoin is one of the first off the block, 15 years ago a Bitcoin that was valued at $1 US dollar, and in 2017 traded for over $19,000 US dollars. This volatility is due to Speculators from 'Main Stream' gambling with Bitcoin as they do with Stocks, Shares, Derivatives, Futures and many other 'Products' that 'Main Stream' has created as a method of manipulation for personal profit.

For a while Crypto Currencies such as Bitcoin will stabilise in value and hold a valuable part in the New World Banking System. We have also mentioned Bullion Crypto Currencies where your Investment into this style of Currency is underpinned by a 'precious metal' that you retain. You may not be aware that International Transfer Banks such as Wells Fargo and Western Union who specialise in Overseas Remittances (where overseas workers send their salaries back to their domiciled countries, usually poor citizens forced to work overseas for low wages and in poor conditions) would rob these poor souls of approx 25% commission to Transfer their hard earned Funds, and now these International Exchange Companies have been forced to 'drop' their Commissions to under 10% because Bitcoin does the Transfer for 'cents'. This type of 'point to point' Transfer is where Bitcoin excels. Many Charities that consume 80 to 90% of Donations in their administration structures are also feeling the pinch from Bitcoin, transferring the Donations 'directly' to the recipient with little to no charge.

We have to be able to differentiate between 'correct information' and 'disinformation'. Indeed, when an alternative system surfaces, the old 'out of date' systems and their supporters like our Politicians, have 'no rules' when it comes to disinformation. Similarly, the Petrochemical Industry along side the Chemical Industry and Pharmaceutical Industries including the entire Current World Wide Banking System employ masters of 'disinformation' that would seem to the onlooker to be plausible and intelligently argued, presenting a compelling story supporting their Agendas by 'discrediting alternatives'. Unfortunately, through Social Engineering the masses have been presented with complex compartmentalization on so many technical subjects that they are led to believe (and now believe) that it is beyond their comprehension and therefore, beyond the individual's capacity of analysis. Unfortunately too, the masses have been railroaded into the corral of 'too hard to deal with' and have therefore adopted the Hive mentality!

Our media outlets World Wide are owned and controlled by the privileged few that make up the Neo-feudal classes who further control our digestion of Truth verses Disinformation, preferring to feed us a diet of 'RealityTV' viewing and 'Entertainment News' rather than 'Real News' and 'Real Events' that threaten the liberty and lifestyles of Humanity. We must re-educate ourselves. The information is out there if we choose to seek it, and make our own minds up on it. We must start thinking for ourselves and not rely on others to feed us their 'Truths'. What we are very much aware of is that the masses know intuitively something is very wrong, and all that is required is for their Awareness to be balanced with their Intuition. When we use Safari, Google or other Search engines when researching subjects, know that these master manipulators employ full time IT experts who daily host information that they want the public to find easily, influencing perception to their desired outcome. So to the reader, please look further than the first few pages on web searching. Disinformation will be prominently presented to catch your eye first and influence your Perception.

Other Indicators for Change are when Oil and Commodity prices slide in a downward direction while Stock Markets climb in the opposite direction and hit Globally 'all time' highs, indicating a buoyant or growing Economy. It would be more accurate if we renamed the Stock Market the Spoof Market. Firstly, the indices that are supposed to represent the Economy through Company activities are outrageously and blatantly 'rigged'. Secondly, these indices only look at the top 100 or 500 Companies or Corporations and are based upon their Values by the respective 'Company Analysis' and 'Profitability Paid' through Dividends to the Shareholders.

Most of the Stocks and Shares are traded through 'brokerage houses' and they of course, take a Commission for that Trade. The manipulation of this trading activity is simply accomplished by High Frequency Trading (a speed measured in milliseconds for the Trade that is beyond the speed of Human Conscious ability); algorithms have been designed to 'buy and sell' at these incredibly high speeds Globally. So, when you want to purchase Stocks or Shares in a Company, a broker can place an order on a computer program that when a Stock or Bond is either 'available; or 'available at a certain price' then the algorithm holding this information will purchase it at lightning speed. Similarly, when you are selling a Stock or Bond, the algorithm is programmed to make the Sale at the same lightning speed.

There are no rules in this game and the Investigators that investigate irregularities are from within their own Industry and number 60 to 70 World Wide compared to the approximately 125,000 Traders World Wide. A Trader can buy and sell the same Stock, manipulating the price 'through demand' in either direction. Investment Companies handling trillions of dollars worth of Pension Funds managed by Investment Companies, have algorithms programmed waiting to 'buy or sell' Stocks or Bonds when they hit a programmed price. Remember, all this Trading is done at lightning speed.

What is very disturbing here is that many Brokers and Investment Companies are informed by Computer Analysis of the 'movement' of Stocks and Bonds World Wide that number in the billions, then are bought and sold by other Computer Programs. If you are a 'game player' you can manipulate the Markets and earn millions in milliseconds. Unfortunately, these Brokers and Investors are totally detached from the consequences of this manipulation that can and does negatively impact entire Nations, forcing the price of Commodities including essential foods, sky rocketing in price, pushing millions of souls into poverty and starvation or, the Pensions of hardworking folks can take enormous losses overnight, so that a Broker or Trader can earn not only a Commission but a personal fortune by buying and selling or creating a Market place for the Stocks and Bonds.

Other nefarious activities carried out by these top 100 and 500 companies and International Corporations are the current 'buy back scams'. These large Companies and Corporations have direct access to the almost limitless trillions of QE created money at extremely Low Interest Rates. When these Companies announce that they are partaking in a Share Buyback Program, the value of the Stocks and Bonds dramatically increase, reflecting an 'illusionary growth' in the value of the Company, creating an elevated demand for their Stock with almost Free Money, the Company actually, buys its own Stock Back at these elevated prices. The reader may ask why?

The answer is simple, the Directors of the Companies and the existing Shareholders benefit from the yearly Dividends paid on these Stocks and Bonds. Directors increase their own Salaries and give themselves huge Director Payouts for their successful 'price manipulation' for their Companies' growth, stripping the company of its Cash Assets but most outrageously, placing the Company into HUGE DEBT that can never be repaid. So, the once profitable Companies are now being stripped of their 'Assets', while plummeting into unimaginable Debt by the very Directors who have been entrusted with the Stewardship of those Companies. The major Accountancy Firms employed by these Companies with their Enron style 'creative' Accountancy skills, hide these nefarious activities and are complicit in this deception. Again, the privileged few are benefiting from this subterfuge.

The major World Wide S&P 100 or the S&P 500 is represented by a numerical reference that is currently at an all time high. During the crash of 2008 this DOW Jones Industrial Average was re-adjusted to around 7,000 while it is currently around 24,000. This figure indicates an enormous Economic Growth in the last 12 years, however, if you actually look at the profitability of the top 100 or 500 Companies, they are basically flat-lined and even here with 'creative Accountancy' the outsider really has no idea as to the profitability or otherwise of these Companies. (Remember ENRON's manipulated Accountancy practice and its subsequent total Company collapse).

There is something seriously wrong with this picture. History has shown us that when Oil prices spike after a sustained period of 'price rises' and 'Economic Growth' and then drop dramatically, this is an indicator of an Economy in Recession. This mechanism is common sense. Every additional Dollar, Pound, Euro that must be spent on Energy is in actuality, taken away from Investments and Expenditures on other Goods and Services. In this model, as Consumption peaks, over extended Borrowers and Lenders implode. The risks on 'Borrowing and Speculation' starts to dry up and consequently the Economy slides into Recession. As was the case just before the Covid-19 scam was released and inflicted upon Humanity.

Wash-boarding - Traders often both 'Buy and Sell' a Commodity themselves, forcing prices up or down. They create an order then cancel it, using fast and slow computer programming to their advantage. When an order is placed at lightning speed, pre-programmed algorithms pick up the message and Trading begins, forcing in some cases, the price up or down. The same Trader immediately cancels the order, however, in this case, uses a slower paced algorithm announcing the cancellation of that order. While the order is 'Active' forcing the Commodity Price upwards by the proposed 'Demand' they actually 'Sell' there own Stock at these elevated prices with this High Frequency Trading Program. Then, when the Commodity price falls, they can 'Buy Back' the 'same' Commodity at the lower price, earning millions from that one single Trade.

This manipulation is common practice throughout Global Financial Trading. It is both immoral and was once illegal and totally lacks any Ethics or Fairness. However, it is a mechanism that is 'common place' used to 'drive' the Financial Markets. There is NO Regulation in this Industry, the Regulators that do exist are from within that Industry. The privileged have access to Quantitative Easing Money and almost endless supply of 'cheap Money'. Injustices will eventually force a Social Change. Recently RBS Bankers who defrauded their clients by some £3 million pounds, who openly admitted their crime and guilt, were let off any further punishment by a judge who stated "the Bankers have faced enough humiliation by being caught out by their fraud and this was sufficient punishment for their crime". In comparison, a demonstrator during recent riots stole £4 pounds worth of water from a store, received a 6 month prison sentence for their crime.

Here again, a two-tiered Justice System that favours the Banking Institutions. The Judge that sentenced the looter said "This is a deplorable crime against society and must be stopped", so under recently introduced legislation from our Politicians, the Judge was able to hand down such a severe sentence for such a minor indiscretion. When stopped by the police, the looter did return the water unopened saying that he had just got caught up in the moment and was not a criminal. Similarly, in the States the New York Police Department has been empowered with 'new powers' of confiscation without laying any formal charges against alleged criminals and their activities. The sale from 'seized goods' including seized Cash is added to the Police Departments coffers and allocated towards Police Expenditure. Indeed, for the year 2015 the New York Police Department had allocated $2.8 million Dollars within their forthcoming budgeting from these seizures that had not yet occurred, so in reality, the New York Police Department intended to seize at least another $2.8 million Dollars worth of Goods to Service their Department's Expenditure. This type of seizure is spreading throughout the States and is another hideous measure of 'injustice'. Remember, these seizures are made on suspicion and do not require to be presented before a Judge.

Our current Global Recession did not result from an Oil spike, indeed, Oil prices have been Trading in a narrow price band for the past several years. The official denial from the Power Brokers around our World that the Global Economy is not in Recession is inconsistent with this model. It is therefore, not surprising that the 'free-fall' in Oil prices surprised these officials and there Mainstream Analysts. Declaring that the Economy is now only in a slight Recession, still creates problems for the Conventional Analysts who with their modelling could not foresee an almost 40% drop in crude Oil prices over the last few months. The official explanation for this free-fall in crude Oil prices is a temporary oversupply of Oil.

The Mainstream Analysts estimate that the Global Economy expanded by an average of 2.7% over the last few years. In the six years from 2009 to 2014 Oil production rose 3.9%, meanwhile, cumulative Global Economy growth at 2.7% annually, added 16.2% to the Global Economy in the same six-year period. What is remarkable is not the extremely modest expansion of Oil production but how this modest growth apparently ended a much larger expansion of the Global Economy, given the presumed 16 to 20% expansion of the Global Economy since 2009. The smallest increase in production could not possibly flood the World in Oil unless 'Demand' had created it. The "we are pumping so much oil" rationalisation for the almost 40% 'free-fall' in Oil, simply does not hold up. The sharp drop in 'Demand' may make the Conventional Mainstream Analysts rethink their model. As for the drop in Crude Oil prices under the present conditions, we have barely begun to feel the full consequences.

The mining of Shell Oil and Gas together with Fracking is a very disturbing consequence of the Global Financialisation scheme that puts 'Liquidity' into the hands of the privileged. Fracking does not make sense in a normal World. It destroys water tables, poisons underground aquifers, polluting the land and destroying local eco-systems. The extraction of Oil through this process consumes high levels of toxic materials, damaging the substrate rock structures, all for a relatively small amount of Oil and Gas at exorbitantly high 'production costs' that in actuality, make it financially uneconomical as well as destructive on the Environment. Its present viability is only possible because of the seemingly endless supply of 'cheap money' that is just printed out of thin air and therefore this process defies any Economic sense.

So why do it? An inconvenient 'Truth' is that perhaps more than half of the World's Oil Reserves are in the Middle East, making Western Economies dependant upon this Oil. Although there is a rising China, America has been the sole Super Power on our planet for the last 25 years and has engaged itself in an Oil War with the Middle East, attempting to control the flow of Oil and its Price in their favour. There has been 'no limits' to the depth of deception in "Politicking" this outcome, involving the removal of Dictators and the Destabilisation of Sovereign Countries in attempting to achieve these ends.

These mainly Arab Countries together with other exporting South American Oil Countries, have now conspired together against the Americans and are waging their own retaliatory War by 'over supplying crude Oil' on the Markets, forcing the Oil Price downwards, further reducing the viability of Shale Oil Production and Fracking by the Americans and, increasingly, more Sovereign Countries around the World. Before the crash of 2008, Oil production reached its 'Peak Oil Rate' this is where the total combined production of Oil has peaked and any further demand creates shortages. So if in fact, the World Economy has flat-lined or even grown, then the Post-Peak Oil Prices would keep increasing with this supply and demand issue. However, it has not and it is now plummeting in the opposite direction, indicating a Recession.

We believe the initiative to lower the Oil prices started with Saudi Arabia, supported by Venezuela with their growing anti-American sentiments and America's constant Global interference. A casualty of the lower Crude Oil prices is Russia whose growing Oil Export Markets have suffered greatly as a result. Russia is dependant upon its 'Oil and Gas Exports' to service its own Economic growth in a constantly changing world. President Putin appears to be one of the only World Leaders that openly speak of the Global corruption, especially pertaining to America's involvement. Our Politicians are either complicit or do not really understand how the system works.

In the UK under the current Conservative (National) Government paradigm the Health and Transport infrastructures through Privatisation are now owned by European Governments, where one Billion pounds (£1 Billion) a year in Dividends are being scalped from British Citizens and subsidising European Health and Pension schemes by the deluded Politicians following their Party Politics. New Zealand is following the same path. This State sanctioned Privatisation is only 'open for bidding' by the Private sectors and in the UK this includes European Governments. However, inside the UK itself, other State run Industries are not allowed to bid for these contracts.

Conservative Governments want to see profits from formerly State-run enterprises following Privatisation. The more savvy European Governments as well as Hong Kong, Qatar and Saudi Arabian enterprises, bid and purchase Shares in these newly Privatised British systems and Dividends flow out of the Country and as mentioned above, currently at 1 billion pounds a year. This is not investing into our own Community but scalping our Community. What is wrong with the mentality of these Politicians when they follow Party Politics and Privatise a National Asset or Service for the masses, by calling upon the expertise of Private Companies, when in reality they turn out to be overseas Governments investing into their own Social Services.

When these once Public Institutions are purchased by other Sovereign Governments, the dividends are paid into the investing Sovereign Governments' National coffers to subsidise their own Health systems. This is pure lunacy and shows us how out of touch our Politicians really are. Politicians can no longer hear the people they supposedly serve. The 'middle classes' are losing wealth in this corrupt Global Banking System to the Privileged on the one hand, and on the other, through Direct and Indirect Taxes are picking up the tab for the support of the Nanny State.

Since the Industrial Revolution, all the gains that filtered through our Society to the middle classes are now being stripped and Socially Re-engineered into Reverse and the 'middle classes; are rapidly losing their wealth, reverting our Society back to a Neo-feudal system that favours the few. The masses are reverting back into a situation of being Serfs to their new Masters living either close to poverty or in poverty in many cases. It was through the Industrial Revolution that the Privileged exploited the World Resources and grew an Economy based on an Industrialised Manufacturing Economy that revolutionised our Planet; certainly in the Western World. It is today's Privileged that are now exploiting the disseminated wealth around our World and harnessing the financial benefits from this Revolution.

Indeed, our current Global Banking System is 'corrupt' to the core, secretly 'rigging' Markets to maintain a system where they remain in 'control'. In many cases this leaves the naive Politicians and their Governments little else to do than regulate Café and Restaurant opening times and setting 'parking violation' fees in car parks for the masses. Under the Fractional Financial Reserve System as previously discussed, Governments have almost limitless practically FREE money through Quantitive Easing and Bond Exchange, creating a 'no way out' situation for our present Governments.

Global estimates for the amount of Gold that has been historically mined throughout all of Human History to the present day, is a gross total of 160,000 tons. This is the present total available Gold Reserves presently mined, that could underpin a Fractional Gold Based Reserve System. At the present price of Gold this would equate to approximately, US $12,000,000,000,000 (12 trillion US Dollars). When you take into account just the current US Federal Debt at US $25 trillion Dollars, with the present value of Gold, a Currency based on Gold would only cover half of this Federal Debt, necessitating a dramatic increase in the value of Gold if a Gold Standard were adopted in our current Global Currency. We estimate that if a Fractional Gold Reserve System was reintroduced, of say 20% Gold, the price per ounce of Gold would increase from its current approximately US $1,700 per ounce to US $6,000 per ounce. Alternatively, if a new Fractional Gold Reserve Monetary System that operated on 80% Gold Reserve basis was introduced, then the price per ounce would rise to something in the region of US $25,000 per ounce. The East trusts the Gold Currency, meanwhile, understandably the West want to keep the Paper Currency.

The country that owns the most Gold will dictate the value of all Global Currencies. Kissinger in the 1970's said "the US will crush the EU if they control too much Gold". Ownership of Gold ultimately holds the power in the Fractional Gold Reserve System - Sovereign Gold Power! Russia and China are the countries to watch. With very few exceptions, if the Global Economy is OK and we are not in Recession, then why is the official version of the Deficit exponentially growing and Sovereign Debt increasing 'in all but very few' Sovereign Nations Globally? In the UK under the leadership of Prime Minister Cameron, the UK Government praised itself by focusing on repaying Debt. In reality, each year since Cameron had been in power, the Deficit was growing along side the ballooning Debt, indeed, Cameron and his cronies had put the UK Citizens into an additional £1.4 trillion GB pounds of Debt at that time. Similarly, Obama and his cronies had plunged the US into their catastrophic Debt level of US $17.4 trillion Dollars and growing at that time! There is no depth limit to the outright lies Politicians will present to the public while 'Socially Engineering' them into a state of ignorance. Cameron's focus and intention may well have been to reduce the Debt, however, when the Debt year by year increased and had ballooned out of control and in real terms represented 80% of the GDP, his intended focus was blinded by the stark reality of 'mismanaged Fiscal Responsibility'. As a result with the intended British departure from the EU he stepped aside and left Teresa May and now Boris Johnson to pick up the mess of Conservative mismanagement and deception. Similarly, Obama was blinded by the same stark reality of mismanaged Fiscal Responsibility in the US. Unfortunately, New Zealand, along with the rest of the World, is following suit in this catastrophic failing World Banking Paradigm.

We have discussed in some depth the relationship between the three main protagonists as outlined in the discussion paper called 'Drugged and Addicted' with the entrapment in which today's Western-styled Governments find themselves. Under the Current Global Financial System based upon Fiat Currencies and the Exchange of Bonds for Quantitative Easing and Cash Notes, Governments have an almost limitless supply to 'cheap money', without which our Economies would crash and be instantly bankrupted, stalling the Economy and spiralling the World into a Recession of unimaginable proportions. Indeed, we must all be aware of this catastrophic state of affairs into which our Politicians, together with the Global Banking Institutions, have led us. There is no 'real way' out for them to redeem this situation under this totally corrupt and mismanaged regime. We are all faced with either a total collapse within the Economies we have today or the entire system morphs into a World Wide One Order Regime, that favours only the very few and totally traps the 'majority' into an Orwellian styled One World Order.

Our present Politicians and World Bankers do not want to change the present Fiat based Global Currencies, for to do so, it would be an act of suicide by the privileged. Cheap money would dry up and the endless supply of which would be halted and the Social programs of our Nanny States would be grossly underfunded from the Tax Revenues of the Sovereign Governments. These Governments would no longer be able to function and the World would plunge into a New Dark Age where Security is of paramount importance over and above any Liberty. This is what the Politicians will not tell you.

They cannot own up to this Truth and remain in power. Heads would roll with a Social Revolution sparked by outrage, so, the Socially Engineered policy to keep the masses ignorant, continues. The reader should be alarmed because our Politicians and Bankers are definitely alarmed and they do not know a 'way out'! Hence, the 'no limits' on greed, power, exploitation, fraud, misrepresentation, manipulation of money markets and the constant issuances of lies to further their cons, and of course that is why we hear "the Banks are simply too big to fail". Our Politicians and Bankers have lost 'integrity' circling further and further away from the cries of the masses for common sense, personal integrity and transparent and Open Governance to favour all.

Again, the reader shocked by this revelation should be crying out aloud and asking "What can be done and what can we do to prevent this looming catastrophe...?". So what does this all really mean...?

We would now like to take the reader on a brief Historical Journey over the past millennium. One thousand years or so ago, our Civil Societies were based on a very unfair system for the masses that privileged only the few, whose reality in most cases was allegedly defined by God. In other words, the Religionists of the day had placed our Earth at the middle of ALL Creation of which God resided over. His one son Jesus had been sent a thousand years previously, to Earth to reignite the Hearts of All Humans inhabiting Earth by delivering them from another Dark Age, to the benefits of a Heavenly Sojourn or to invoke the wrath of God and for All Eternity live in the fires of Hell and Damnation. Our intermediaries to the Will or Wrath of God were the churchmen.

These Christian-based intermediaries challenged Kings, Queens, Emperors and Rulers as to the status and authenticity of intermediary status, even taking on the role of 'Tax Collection' for many centuries. Indeed the balance of power at this nobility level was constantly in flux, while the masses living in Serfdom were encouraged to know their place and be grateful even to be alive. Our realities were further defined by these intermediaries: everything was either an act of God or the malice of the Devil, so in one form or another, our very existence created the catastrophic events such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, flooding, crop failure and similar events. There was no understanding of Natural Planetary events: the 'cause and affect' of these natural events were unknown at that time and were interpreted by the churchmen as the Will of God or the Malice of the Devil.

Moving forward on this Timeline, we then had historically 'free thinking' intellectuals who started to challenge the authenticity of the existing model of our Universe. Astronomical observations found that the Earth was most certainly not the centre of our Universe. In fact, we were on an outer limb of a Spiralling Galaxy far from the centre of the Universe, orbiting amongst a Planetary System that revolves around our Central Sun. In actuality, the Earth was not flat, where if you ventured too far, you would fall off the edge into the pit of hell itself. Instead it was a sphere, rotating on an axis and creating the passage of 'seasonal change' where the oceans were influenced by the gravity of the moon. Also falling into question were the Gratuities often paid one way or another to these churchmen to ensure their place in Heaven.

Then the Renaissance was born. The Renaissance was the re-evaluation of our entire World, its Religion and its place within our Universe. However, if you were outspoken against the Ethics and stories of these churchmen, you were either excommunicated or tortured and then executed. This was the high point of the Inquisition. So the intellectuals of the day had 'a plan': they called it 'Science'. Instead of the individual stating their Truth, they created a Science based in mathematics, physics and chemistry that stated New Laws and Paradigms of understanding, all of which the Church opposed as we redefined our realities. We forced upon ourselves an uneasy alliance between the Church, the State and its Rulers and a new and evolving Science that was able to interpret through 'natural laws', all of our Realities. Now, some of these 'scientific laws' the Church slowly began to embrace, however, it still rejected many of them. The Renaissance was a Revolution that changed our World forever through the process of Intellectualization and the understanding of our New Sciences. Then came the Industrial Revolution.

Today we are now 'face to face' with the third Revolution of the millennium. The churchmen and their biblical interpretation of our Universe are still with us although much diminished in power. The Sciences that redefined our Realities are still with us. The 'Hierarchy' wanting to maintain their control over our lives, are still with us. This uneasy alliance is about to plunge us deep into another 'dark age' from which we thought we had emerged a thousand years ago and two thousand years ago. Two thousand years ago in the words of the churchmen and the religionists of the day "God sent his son to save us all". Well dear reader, after two thousand years of waiting to be 'saved' and 'delivered' into the realms of Heaven where peace, harmony and Love are the operating memoranda, it is NOW time for US to take the Initiative and Responsibility that will deliver US to a New Social Society, from the tyranny that we have allowed others to impose upon us.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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