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Presented here is a Summary of some of the pressing Global Events that affect every Human Being living on our beautiful planet Earth. The intention here is to objectively discuss and present urgent changes that are required as a consequence of our error in giving away the responsibility of our future to a hand full of Psychopaths.

Our entire Planet is under the clandestine control of giant International Corporations who have Socially Engineered the 'terms and conditions' they would have us live within. These dictates are the vision of only a few individuals who have decided to be in charge of Humanity and Earth's Resources. They dictate not only to the masses but also Governments, Politicians, International Banks and Mainstream Media, without any open source style of consultation, the whole process is carried out in secrecy, the very opposite of Democracy, their intention is World Domination and Power. These Psychopaths are self-serving and egotistical having little or no regard for the welfare of the individual or the masses.

None of these individuals who stand behind the International Corporations have been elected into power through any type of Democratic process. Instead, they are self-appointed vampires who live off the struggle and confusion of the masses. Humanity is being programmed to be as a pool of unconscious beings floundering in a sea of confusion. This allows the looters to exploit off the modest earnings, savings or assets of the majority with no regard for the quality of peoples lives. At best their psyche has a detached indifference to the consequences of their actions on Humanity. Some of these Looters have quite another Agenda and are fully aware of the consequences arising from their actions. Indeed, they revel in chaos and Human suffering It is Psychopathic behaviour at it's worst. They rely on Humanity being asleep while they gain control of the system.

The game of Monopoly shows us very clearly how this distorted Capitalist System turns out in the end, eventually everyone is impoverished except the ones at the top who own all the Resources, whereby, wealth verses poverty and the strong dominates the weak. It is the ancient business of setting up a duality instead of a Community Co-operating with each other. These same power hungry individuals control (behind the scenes) all the Central Banks. The entire Global Central Banking System serves no purpose other than to entrap and control Humanity, bringing misery to the masses by creating a 'Perceived' successfully organised system of International Banking. The Banking System could be so easily used for the good of Humanity and the Planet. It is a highly organised and efficient system and when operating in it's highest expression, it could bring equality and abundance to everyone, unfortunately, it has been hijacked by the looters and Psychopaths. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to work out that if you charge Interest on Loaning out other people's Money for profit, eventually you will own all the Money.

The Global Central Banks under the present rule are an essential part of the control for the entire World Banking system, creating Funds 'out of nothing', designed specifically for the perpetuation of endless Wars with the intention of creating Global Disharmony for profiteering and control. They organise the Governments to create armies to solve these disharmonies that they have intentionally created. Then comes the mass sacrificing of human souls and both sides in this perceived duality loose. There is only ever one winner, the looting Psychopath at the top. This strategy also plunges the mass of Humanity into Debt Slavery and Struggle.

These same individuals who seek to own the World and everyone on it collude and manipulate with other 'power & control' hungry Despots. These Despots can be found under the heading of Politicians, large Drug Companies, Resource Exploiters etc.

The system they have installed, gives us the illusion of choice in how our Countries or our World will be run. We call this the Two Party Political System. Take a good look with eyes wide open at this Two Party Political System that has been installed in many Countries especially over the last 100 years. The system is giving people only the Perception of choice, in reality both Parties are being funded through different organisations, however, by the same few individuals who are actually in control and making the decisions.

Be very clear, there is NO CHOICE with this system, there is only the illusion of choice. Our Global Politicians are either complicit in this deception or simply naïve and are desperate to work through the layers of Political structure to satisfy their own thirst for Power - this is not Governance! It is 'corrupted to the core' Politics.

These same few individuals also control the Mainstream Media. In the US today, 6 Companies control 90 percent of all Mainstream Media and standing behind these Companies are the same few controlling Psychopaths. Let us also be very clear about the term Deep State, it is the popular euphemism describing these Psychopaths that have fashioned the World into their image of reality and make no mistake, they are at present actively in control of our Planet. The 'swamp' that Donald Trump speaks of consists of these same Psychopathic Despots and along for the ride are all their cohorts and the delusional followers who unwittingly support them (and we would hope this support is because they have not seen the bigger picture of what is actually going on).

There are rumours circulating that Donald Trump is about to crash the World Banking system in its present state, thereby, cutting off the funding of these Despots in the attempt to obliterate their almost unlimited 'Income Stream', thus cutting off at source, their ability to function. Is this what he meant by 'draining the swamp'? Donald Trump's pre-election promise was to make the US Economically strong by creating new jobs and bringing financial stability to the masses, thereby, making the US not only competitive but also Great again. If in fact this were to be the case and he crashed the World Monetary System it would most definitely bring hardship and Economic destruction, not only to the US but also to the entire World, this would be the opposite of building the US Economy and creating new jobs.

When you take into consideration that the Great Depression was caused by these Psychopaths last time (crashed Economy, War etc), therefore, if the same strategies are repeated over and over again in the same way it can only mean that they are still in charge and the outcome is predictable should Donald Trump follow through with the dictates of the Deep State. There is simply no good or sound reason to crash the US Dollar in this way because the current Monetary System is already a ticking time bomb on its own countdown to oblivion, Confidence is already lost, and a rising, soon to be majority of people, are already actively expounding the Banks control as being 'past the use by date'.

For now though, these manipulating Despots, appear to keep 'kicking the can' down the road a little longer, but ultimately the present Monetary System will crash all on its own without Donald Trumps' assistance. And once again, those who are awake to this manipulation of our Perception will see that yet another 'fall guy' has been put into place to take the blame when the crash (which they knowingly orchestrated) eventuates. The Deep State (government which controls the government - Cabal) will confirm to the masses that Donald Trump the rogue 'would be politician' and all others like him, are a danger to the status quo and that these 'would be Politicians' are quite delusional if they think they can interfere with or recreate a New Reality for us all. The biggest danger here is that Humanity will give up and accept this un-acceptable way of existing in our World. People may not have got it right with Trump, however, it does show that some of the masses are waking up and demanding a change to the existing system.

To recap - the entire Banking system is a subterfuge for Total Control of the masses and our beautiful Planet with all of its Resources. We have a World Wide Banking system that is based upon Imperial Fiat Currency. This Currency is fictitious, it has no intrinsic Value, it is just created out of 'thin air' at no cost to the system that created it. Similarly, Gold has no intrinsic Value, it only has a Perceived Value that has been presented to the masses to accept and agree with. However, this could change, leaving those who tried to protect themselves from the inevitable crash with a load of heavy metal, but at least it has substance, unlike other Commodities and fictitious creations that some are investing in.

What has made our current Banking System successful is the subtle level of Confidence that we have all inadvertently given it. When we pay for 'Goods and Services' with our paper cheques or plastic cards there is no actual exchange of Money, there is simply an acceptable level of Confidence by the suppliers of the 'Goods and Services' that somewhere in the very near future a financial transaction will occur in a Ledger Account to the agreed amount.

This perceived Confidence is backed up by National and International agreements between Banks, Governments and their Politicians where checks and balances reinforce this Confidence. These checks and balances are often reinforced through the National and International Legal Systems and are sanctioned through Governmental Controls. Enforcement and Verification accompanies this process. With greater Confidence comes the flow of a Sovereign Countries Currency. Conversely, where there is a lack of Confidence in a Sovereign Countries Currency there is little or no flow of Money. Poverty and austerity follows.

By placing our Confidence in this system we are also accepting the newly signed Banking Laws that now operate in Countries such as New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Britain and France to name a few. These New Banking Laws relinquish the Banks from responsibilities of bad Banking practices deeming them to be 'not accountable' for their part in the crash of the Banking System. Indeed, instead we have been made responsible for the Banks bad practices through this New Law as it allows Banks to confiscate Private Funds (that are over approximately $100,000 NZ) out of our Accounts in order to prop them up. Greece is an excellent example of what is to come. Since the Banks are Private Organisations that people entrust their earnings with, how can a Sovereign Nation allow a Law like this to pass through Government? Our Sovereignty is clearly being eroded away piece by piece, by the few who want to control the many.

The World could and has, in the past, functioned without this fictitious construct called the present Banking System. This would mean educating the World to function with a New Level of both Social and Self Responsibility and a Consciousness of Co-operation and Up-liftment, while still retaining Individuality.

Of course, this revised system requires fairness and a willingness to evolve our current system to a New Society that no longer allows self-seeking Despots and Psychopaths to control every aspect of our lives.

Let us also be very clear, our present Banking System is corrupt and rotten to the core and needs immediate evolution, crashing it with no Alternative System is an act of madness. What is required is a Transitional Programme that elevates our current system into benefiting everyone without exception.

There is a way. We must very quickly abandon the Fractional Reserve Banking system that underpins all of our current Sovereign Fiat based Currencies (the creation of Currency from thin air, at no cost favouring just the few).

This can easily be achieved during the Transition period by placing all the major Sovereign Currencies Globally back onto the Gold Standard that historically gave the World some financial stability, however, remember that Gold also has no intrinsic Value only a Perceived Value.

The greatest limitation of having a Gold Standard is that Gold is a finite Resource and therefore subject to Speculation and Greed, this being a core problem with the present Monetary System and is part of the 'swamp' that needs to be drained, however, it is the first step away from Fiat Based Currencies.

Simultaneously, a new style of Digital Currency is required to be quickly and thoughtfully set into place. All of the existing newly created Digital Currencies fall very short of what is required. Unfortunately, the great idea said to be created by Satoshi Nakamoto has been hijacked for Speculation and Greed and is now also part of the 'swamp'. Yes, this includes Bitcoin and all the hundreds of other Crypto Currencies that are being offered currently. Similar to Gold and in their creation, they have been fashioned to be finite and therefore are Highly Speculative and are not fit for purpose in their current form for a New style of Digital Confidence. There is a lot of hype and excitement from the Digital World that bears the same greed and selfishness that our current Banking system is built upon; speculation and profit, corruption, deception, exploitation and control. We can do much better than this.

The New Second Generation Digital Currency therefore, must be Unlimited in its supply and readily Available to everyone without exception.

Built in transitional 'checks and balances' to prevent Speculation are a must. A New Ethical Global Currency for everyone that is fair and equitable, after all, it is an essential Service and a mechanism allowing the World to function in a way that 'Goods and Services' can be exchanged in a Fair and Equitable manner Globally. This New Transitional Digital Currency must be absolutely 'tamper proof' with all the necessary built in checks and balances while maintaining simple protocols. Achieving this is actually quite simple.

Our soon to be 'Ethical Dollar' (ED) in its Digital Transitional form requires a Global definition that is initially based upon the present 'Face Value' average in all of the major Global Currencies. Globally there is a 'race to the bottom' at these present times with Currency Wars as each Sovereign Nation attempts to gain an Economic advantage for the 'swamp' dwellers. The Currency Wars has the effect of equalising these individual Sovereign Fiat based Currencies. So today, one US dollar has a similar Value to one British pound, one European euro, one Australian dollar, one Swiss franc, etc, etc.

This makes the New Transitional Digital Currency set around the Value of 'one unit', as 'one unit' being an average Value based on all major Fiat Currencies. By taking the Average Value and updating it daily, the New Transitional Digital Currency eliminates wild fluctuations should one or more Fiat based Currency move in either direction, remember, the New Digital Transitional Currency is purchased Globally with the individual Sovereign Fiat based Currency. This is the case with Bitcoin. Let us also be very clear here, the creators of Bitcoin and the Speculators who are buying and selling the Currency are taking your Fiat based Currency, and exchanging it for their Digital Currency. This Fiat based Currency is then laundered into Tangibles; real-estate, antiques and collectables etc, etc. Bitcoin's flaw is that it is highly Speculative, however, the concept of the Blockchain is the important element of a Crypto Currency.

In brief, the Blockchain technology eliminates the middleman who plays the role of the gatekeeper and controls all Transactions. The Blockchain is similar in Principle to that of a cell phone Network. Every individual holder of Bitcoin has a unique encrypted code, so when a Transaction is initiated, that code number (similar to that of a mobile number) is broadcasted out through cyberspace and can only be received at the appropriate code encrypted destination. The Transaction should be instantaneous, however, in practice it has become far from this objective. Bitcoin's operation system is becoming more and more overloaded with transactions as it becomes less able to deal with the increased volumes of use. At first it was only seconds, then minutes, now it is hours and in some cases it is days for Transactions to be completed. Some Digital Currencies including Ethereum have created 'forks' to overcome this problem, additional pathways allowing for subsequent tuning of the system, however, this has resulted in breaking the hundred percent security protocol that a New Digital Currency absolutely requires.

Bitcoin is under attack from the NSA according to Edward Snowdon. The US Government through the NSA has designed tools to infiltrate a wide range of technologies. These tools have 'no positive elements', they are for Global Hacking, sanctioned and created by the US Government to spy on everyone around the World and are a threat to everyone's Cyber Security.

One of these tools is Ransom Ware that hacks into the Individual, Corporate and Government files, it encrypts the information contained in the files, the hackers then demand a Ransom for the recovery of the file, usually with one week to pay, the fine then doubles the following week if payment is not made. In the last few months of 2016 it is estimated that 75,000 computer systems had been hacked into. The chosen method of Ransom payment is Bitcoin. Edward Snowden states that the NSA designed this Malware and it is now being used by so called 'criminals' to extort money Globally from Citizens, Institutions, Companies and Government Departments, the payment is made via the Crypto Currency Bitcoin. The current Mainstream Banking system is already challenged by Bitcoin because it is unable to control it, therefore, Bitcoin's involvement with the Ransom hacking will be now be used as an example of aiding 'criminal activity' and therefore the need for more Cyber Security by the Governments and the Deep State.

The greatest flaw with the current Digital Currencies is 'Speculation'. The privileged few, the Despots and many Corporations have access to funds from the Central Banks at zero percent interest (0%), however, the remaining ninety nine percent plus (99%+) of the population does not share this privilege and has to find its own way through the ever increasing Interest Rates offered by Private Loan Companies. These Rates increase by the perceived risk the Lender invests in. Today many Payday Loan shark Companies now charge hundreds of percent (100's%) of Interest a year and in some cases several thousand percent (1,000 %) of Interest. These outrageous Interest Rates are applied to the most vulnerable of our Society possessing very few Worldly goods with limited life options and in contrast some of the wealthiest individuals have access to zero or very near zero (0%) Interest Rates. Our Governments Globally sanction this despicable behaviour by allowing these Loan Companies to operate in this manner.

A further safeguard during this Transitional period would be to 'set limits' which this New Digital Currency can swing through relative in relationship to Global Fiat Currency fluctuations. Let us hypothetically say for the purpose of this discussion that we set a maximum fluctuation of 2% in any12 month period. So to briefly recap, the New Digital Currency exchange Value that is an Average Value from the major Fiat based Currencies is expressed by a constantly updated Average Value of all the traded Sovereign Fiat based Currencies capped by a 2% fluctuation (ie 1% in either direction) in any 12 month period. This then removes Speculation and Stabilises the New Digital Currency creating a consistent narrow band of fluctuation. During this transitional period all of the exchanged Fiat based Currencies would be assigned to a special Account specifically for funding Socially Redeeming Projects, the objective of which is to create employment and job opportunities for caretaking and rejuvenating our Planets Natural Resources benefiting all of Humanity. This type of element for Transitional Crypto Currency is VITAL in the Transformation of both our Monetary System and the Natural Environment that sustains all Human life upon our Planet.

To initiate our New Digital Currency (Ethical Global Citizens Digital Currency - the Ethical Dollar or ED) does not require the Deep State to sanction it nor initiate it. It is our turn to choose and initiate what we want, the Despots have had their time, their systems are 'not fit for our purpose' and require immediate change.

This is not a difficult task requiring only talented and creative programmers whose sole intention is for the betterment and up-liftment of all of Humanity.

The New Transitional Digital Currency requires several phases within its evolution. It is essential that all the Protocols as outlined above, are strictly adhered to and the New Ethical Second Generation Digital Currency be 'tamper proof'. During the first phase there is required an orderly transition from the Fiat based Currencies into a New Ethical Digital Currency while resetting the existing Fiat based Currencies onto a Transitional Gold Standard. This will probably occur soon. Any one of the existing major Sovereign Fiat based Currencies may take the advantage during these present Currency Wars and base their Currency back onto the Gold Standard which will immediately debase all other Global Sovereign Fiat based Currencies forcing their major competitors to follow suit.

Second phase, is to Forgive All Debt. This is inevitable and will have to happen at some point as almost every Country and its' people are in a position of insurmountable Debt because of the present Banking System. This change will require an additional element in the construction of the new style of Second Generation Digital Currency. This process requires a timely and orderly transition that is fair to all parties including the Fiat based Currency Banks who collectively created the problem. This process is also very simple and does not require complication.

The New Second Generation Global Digital Currency will have an unlimited capacity to Generate Currency. Each year an allocation of Currency could be put aside for all Citizens to be evenly gifted. Those that have existing Debt will have a proportion of this Debt forgiven if it falls under the umbrella of the New Scheme. However, if the existing Debt falls under the auspices of Fiat based Currencies then that same equal proportion of gifting will clear that portion of Debt by making their payment directly to the Creditor. For those without Debt, they would be Credited 'directly' with the exact same amount in Currency. The only condition applied to all parties is that they ALL desist from entering into New Indebtedness and should they do so, the process would eventually eliminate them from the Debt Forgiving Programme.

In this way, those who have been prudent by not entering into past Debt will not be disadvantaged along with those who have in the past taken the path of Indebtedness as a financial way forward. No one will be disadvantaged, although those who have the greatest past Debt may feel disadvantaged if they selfishly feel that they have less disposable 'new income' because of their past Debt. Again, the New System has to be totally transparent fair and equitable to all parties, including the existing Banks that now start to accumulate the New Second Generation Digital Currency through the Transitional period. The old style of Banking will really have no choice in the matter and by default of past indiscretions they will become part of the New System.

The New Second Generation Digital Currency must be created as an Ethical Currency to be used as a Global essential Service that aids and benefits every single person on our Planet. Transactions for Goods and Services must be simple and easily accomplished on a daily basis Locally or Globally, as indeed, will be the Investments and Financial Transactions at a National or International, Governmental or Corporate Company level. An Ethical Currency that cannot be converted into a Commodity for 'Speculation and Greed', a stable Currency that is available to everyone, it must be consistent, reliable, tamper proof and is not subject to manipulation by the 'unscrupulous and selfish'.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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