Ascending Forward

Pillars of Consciousness

What is required at this juncture is a Great Story, a story we have spoken of previously, that would best describe a New Social Society as the Blue Print of which will be the basis of a Charitable Trust that 'contains but does not limit' the New Elevated Consciousness for this New Society. What we are looking for is a narrative describing the 'highest idea of who we really are' and how we can all live together in a harmonious way that is inclusive of everyone and fair and equitable for all. To assist in this narrative, we would like to take the opportunity to remind you that our New Social Society can be built upon Pillars of Consciousness that are firmly imbedded upon the bedrock of LOVE and EMPATHY.

We trust by now, we can at least momentarily, transcend our discussion upon what is wrong with our current system, of a culture that expresses itself through perceived 'right and wrong'. For example, Immigration Policies, Religious differences, hatred of one thing or another: this focus is a distraction from what is really going on and plays into the hands of the powerful so that they can stay in control. This game playing is evident in 'Right-winged Politics' and our 'Left-winged Politics' plays the game of being Politically correct and reject outright many necessary discussions that directly affect every Human Being on this planet today, to which we now require a change.

What we require now is a New Culture that is based upon Aspiration, Fairness, Openness, Transparency and Relevant Policies in Governance that focus upon Goodness and Up-liftment for ALL. These Pillars of Consciousness will bring ease and clarification to all aspects of a New Social Society, assisting in all discussions and decision-making processes where they are woven and fully Integrated into this New Consciousness.

Pillars of Consciousness:

  • Four Protocols
  • Three Absolutes
  • Aspirational Consciousness
  • Reformational Consciousness
  • Inclusiveness & Goodness
  • Precautionary Principle

Four Protocols (discussion paper - Light of Humanity)

  • 1

    All 'decision making' processes are based on the Highest Good of All.

  • 2

    Where we HONOUR our Mother Earth.

  • 3

    Where we HONOUR all of Mother Earth's INHABITANTS.

  • 4

    And we SHARE all of Mother Earth's GIFTS amongst ourselves fairly.

Three Absolutes

Firstly, all of the belief structures that are held within the Unconscious, Subconscious, Conscious or Higher Conscious mind are what you broadcast out to or request of the Universe. Synchronistically, the Universe supplies you with the opportunity to experience such 'belief structures'. These can include what you may consider minor irritations through to catastrophic occurrences as well as the experiences of expressing Love. The greater the energy invested within these 'belief structures' then synchronistically the invested energy (belief structures) are mirrored back by the Universe, allowing the opportunity to experience such energized realities. In other words, what you put out is exactly what you get back.

Secondly, all of the infinite occurrences that exist throughout All of Creation can be expressed in one of two ways. That is, an expression of Love or an expression of that which is not Love – Fear. It is in the moment of expressing Love that Fear does not exist. Similarly, it is in the moment of expressing Fear that Love is not felt in your heart. There is no in between, you are either expressing Love or Fear, one or the other. In other words, all that exists throughout the Infinite Creation is the expression of either Love or Fear.

Thirdly, all the meanings that you have placed upon any occurrence throughout Creation are of your own determination. This we will term your wisdom. For wisdom to be gained first must come the experience. It is with the understanding of the experience that there comes wisdom. In other words, Wisdom has to be experienced.

Aspirational Consciousness

Imagine a Social Society that aspires towards perfection in all manner of ways. A Social Society that is excited about upliftment and the journey into a harmonious future for all of Humanity. A Social Society whose focus comes from Happiness, Harmony, Contentment, Peace, Joy, Creativity, Nurturing, Caring, and Understanding to mention just a few. A Social Society existing in the Loving Frequency of Co-operation (transcending the destructive elements of competing). A Social Society that embraces technology and advancement for the upliftment of all of Humanity.

Imagine the excitement in our childlike hearts when contemplating exploring the infinite wonders of the Universe or engineering Consciousness into technologies that will transport us there, or, fine tuning sciences to understand the nature of 'all things' and the wonderment of the Heart of All Creation. Imagine the new technologies of Free Energy devices, new modes of Global Transportation. Imagine a global Social Society that exists harmoniously with Mother Earth that has transcended any need for conflict, disharmony and retribution. A Global Community that Co-operates in the freely available frequency of Love and Empathy, that has transcended any need for a monetary system and that all of Earth's inhabitants exist with abundance in all aspects of their lives. Imagine the bedtime stories that will ignite the hearts of all children as they contemplate their part in this Great Story.

Reformational Consciousness

A civilized Society is a Society that believes in Reform no matter how long it takes. An uncivilized Society is a Society that believes in Retribution 'one way or another'. We all have an incredible journey set before us to uphold all of these New Principles as we transit from our present dysfunctional and broken system into one that is based in the Frequency of Love and Respect. During this journey transitional decisions and protocols guiding them will be required, this process requires a Reformational Consciousness that will guide us to our desired outcome.

Inclusiveness and Goodness

At the Heart of All Creation is Love. Goodness is simply a metaphor of Love. As a Humanity we are all on the same journey into our shared future of upliftment existing purely in the Frequency of Love and Empathy: we all move forward together, there are no exceptions. The process is quite simple, if there is a problem or a challenge, as a Humanity, we find a creative solution to solve or transcend the paradox within the Frequency of Love.

Precautionary Principle

As a Humanity we are about to adventure into the unknown and our companion on this journey we recommend be the Frequency of excitement and Love woven with the faith and trust that our task ahead is completely and fully achievable, however, it is important not to overlook the consequences of any of our new creations. What is also required is that a part of our Expanded Awareness has a focus for any unwanted side effects or outcomes. For example, would Sir Ernest Rutherford and Werner von Braun in the past have split the atom that was used in an atomic bomb if they knew the consequences then and for decades later when this technology was used mainly for destructive purposes? Do we really know the full implications on our environment and ourselves when we release genetically modified organisms back into nature without a comprehensive knowledge of that decision?

We trust this discussion paper has been of assistance and look forward to hearing all of your BIG STORIES, they are important to us. It is from these stories that we can create our Blue Print for a New Social Society. Please, 'no limits' to your imaginations. In our Trust Charter we require careful wording that captures but does not limit the Vision. It is this Vision that the Trustees now and into the future are entrusted with and their job description is to preserve and protect the spirit of the Trust. We welcome all feedback and additions to this and all discussion papers.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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