Ascending Forward

The Ego & Beliefs

The Human Biology

12,500 years ago, after the destruction of Taymat, there were a few humanoid survivors from the previous civilisations. Many off-planet civilisations cohabitated with these survivors and gave their DNA to create a biological avatar that could live on Earth and be compatible with their own unique civilisations. Earth became a matrix where a Soul could arrive here, forget who they are, and then wake up and find their way back to Prime Creator.

The Human biology is designed to be inhabited by many different races. Many different races from all over the Universe can come to 3D Earth, inhabit a human biology, and live out their free-will experience. A human biology can be inhabited by one of these races, by a Star Seed, or by Synthetic Intelligence. No matter who inhabits the biology, it is just Consciousness.

In other words, the human being has been designed to be able to be inhabited by many different ET species, so there are only ETs on the planet masquerading as humans. This means that the human species is not actually a species: it is a sub-species of hundreds of different other species who were themselves created by Prime Creator. All of the species who gave their DNA are, in essence, Prime Creator, so even a sub-species is created by Prime Creator.

Contrast and Suffering

New Age will tell you that you can ascend from 3D and go back to living as a 5D being at a 5D level. This does not begin to explain life and how a being journeys through life. 5D beings have egos and problems as well, it is just that the 5D ego is not as extreme as it is in 3D. Many of the ETs inhabiting the biology of humans have brought their 5D problems to Earth to be resolved.

Everything is a frequency. As a higher frequency, a human being knows that it is a Soul and sometimes yearns to experience Contrast to better understand Love. All Souls know that their journey is to experience more, and to feel joy as they navigate those experiences.

3D, however, gives an extreme Contrast, and that can cause extreme unhappiness. This extreme unhappiness is known as suffering. Many Souls come here to experience suffering because at a 5D level, before coming to Earth, the Soul knows that it is only a game. They also know that they are more than the biology that they are about to step into at a 3D level, and they can step out of the game at any time. In 3D, however, it is not so easy to step out of the game because the human biology has forgotten who they are and where they have come from. They do not even know that they are in a game.

On Earth, inhabiting a human biology, there are Programmes, new and old Souls to Earth, and Star Seeds. A programme is a human with no Soul. A programme is an Artificial Biological Human who is holding the mass conscious frequencies in the lower vibrations. They are a part of the regressives' plan to keep the hive-mind consciousness in a low frequency. A new Soul comes to Earth to experience something new. New Souls to Earth may not have been here long enough to tackle the problems of low 3D frequencies. They can get angry and judgmental and stay in that dark place because they have no experience. An old Soul comes back to Earth to complete unfinished business. Star Seeds, on the other hand, have spent a great deal of time on the Earth and come back both to complete unfinished business and to raise the frequency of humanity.

In terms of humans living on Earth today, whether they are a Programme, a Soul, or a Star Seed, the fact that they are in a human biology means that they are trans-human. In other words, they are no different to a machine that is programmed because they are acting out their society's programme.

Humanity is Programmed by Family, Society and Culture

A Soul can not come to Earth unless they pass through the Federation of Planets who are based in the rings of Saturn. The Soul is 'interviewed' by the Federation, and together with their Higher Selves and Guides, they choose the parents, society and culture that can offer the best experience of Contrast. The moment the Soul steps into a biological body, they forget who they are, and they become the programme that they have chosen.

When the human biology is born, the baby has little or no conscious awareness and is a 3D being. It does, however, have an ego, and the ego thinks that it is the baby's mother. In other words, the baby's ego thinks that the baby and the mother are the same being. So the mother will look into the baby's eyes, and the baby will look into the mother's eyes, and they both smile in recognition. The baby has been in the womb for nine months and has listened to, and felt, all of the mother's energies, so that is who the baby thinks it is.

By the age of two, the ego realises that it is not the mother, and the baby begins to change. It is a change of energy. The baby feels alone and no longer connected. As a result of these feelings, the baby will often cry for the mother. It has not developed an intellectual mind to be able to rationalise what is happening, and it can not generate Love for itself, so when it does not get attention from the mother, it feels rejected and abandoned.

When the mother does come, and if the mother is breast feeding, the baby now pushes those feelings of abandonment aside and suckles, thereby substituting the Love that it requires for the tastes and sensations of feeding. The baby's feelings of abandonment and frustration when the mother did not come is the foundation of anger. Hence, in later life, those feelings of abandonment can create eating disorders.

Most mother's or families understand that the developing baby's consciousness does reach an age where the ego of the child takes control. They even give this age a generic name: 'the terrible twos'. Prior to this age, the control of the ego comes and goes according to how the mother is feeling because she is the dominant frequency. Most mother's learn very quickly that if they are having a bad day, so does the baby, because up until that separation the baby thinks and feels that it is still a part of the mother. And then comes the disconnection: the baby feels abandonment, it feels separate, and the ego and the child are all that they are, and they are in a world on their own. As stated above, they are conditioned with the programme of how to live their life based primarily on that of their caregivers, not necessarily their mother or father, as well as siblings and peers. A baby and child is conditioned by everyone.

State schools punish, rebuke, teach competition, and often the teachers and parents are asleep and a programme. They tell you that they care for you and Love you, but you aren't allowed to touch them or hug them and many subjects are off-limits. As parents, we give over the future health and welfare of our children to a stranger and that keeps them in separation.

By the age of three, the young child is programmed for the rest of its life. The three year old is also still at an age where the rational logical mind has not developed, so he or she is still unable to interpret the reality that is going on around them. The baby, toddler and young child had no emotional intelligence, therefore, no way of translating how they were feeling during those formative years. The human being is not free-thinking, they have absorbed their programming, and they are unaware that the Universal Consciousness is Prime Creator. In 3D, they are not even taught that Universal Consciousness is an aspect of themselves.

The Inner Child

For most of humanity, over eons of time, these limiting beliefs were never transcended. The entire life of the human being is playing out these beliefs by recreating the drama that the baby was unable to comprehend. Such strong emotional feelings that are held somewhere, seemingly untouchable by the young human being, are termed the 'inner child'.

Irrespective of physical aging, in most human beings today there is a fragile inner child. The inner child is a consciousness that feels abandoned, unloved and disconnected, and the child, adolescent, or adult spends the rest of their life addicted to these feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness.

All of the emotional experiences that a baby and child were not developed enough to deal with are trapped into the base three chakras and they stay blocked there. Most people are operating on those base three chakras so they are just playing out a programme from their childhood where they were living unconsciously. A programme is a set of beliefs. The individual does not learn anything, they only absorb the language and belief structures from parents and society because they are a programme.

The Ego

The ego is created out of the vacuum of our separation from Self, or Prime Creator. On Earth, that separation seems real, because the human being is disconnected from Prime Creator by the Moon Lunar Frequency and the Van Allen Belt. The ego sees itself as separate and tries to maintain that separateness from Spirit and the rest of humanity. It is, therefore, often the case that a human being fears the journey back to Prime Creator because the ego is afraid that it will lose its identity.

The ego is shaped from a human being's own experiences, therefore, the ego is individual to every person. The ego is a 'personality', and it creates that personality out of the programmed beliefs that are in a human beings shadows, or inner child. Imagine all of the experiences that an individual has encountered that have involved the lower human expressions of fear, separation, loss, frustration and inadequacy, often accompanied with anger, retribution, and retaliation, and give them a personality, that is the ego.

Most people think that whatever they say, think or do is themselves. They wonder, 'How can that not be me?' However, their personality is their conditioning, which is their ego.

The ego is unable to access a human beings suppressed emotions and fears because it wants to protect them from experiencing the pain of the inner child. The ego wants to protect the individual from this hurt and pain, however, it does not know it is doing that.

A human being is a stranger to their programming because they can not remember their experiences from childhood. That is because the ego is very good at editing out parts of an individual's life, or omitting memories, so that the person is oblivious to them. It will even erase from memory any disturbing events from their childhood and re-write history to keep them in the illusion. It is avoiding what it thinks the human being is unable to deal with. Another name for this avoidance is denial.

The ego is so powerful that it can deny any experience, for example, ninety-five percent of women who are sexually abused before puberty do not remember the experience. The ego is the gatekeeper of a human being's truth. It defines what is real and not real according to its own interpretation.

The Ego fears death and annihilation and the idea that it will no longer exist. It will take the last breath out of a body to defend its separateness from everything else. Most humans die from 'Death by Ego'. They would rather get a terminal illness and die than feel their feelings and see their beliefs. On Earth, deception is the norm. This is an illusion and it drives the whole system of duality.

The egoist mind is completely unaware of the conditioning that holds a person in separation and that is a good definition of low density 3D.

The Ego's Strategies

Although the ego does not know what lies in a human beings shadows, the ego does experience its beliefs and programming because that is the frequency that it draws towards itself.

The ego and the shadow self, neither of whom a Soul truly is, is a 'reactionary' personality to the events or situations that an individual absorbed from parents, peers, and others while growing in physicality.

The ego feels empty inside. It is a programme, it feels hurt, and it is in pain. The ego will protect a human being from any experiences that feel similar to the experiences that they felt as a child, however, could not deal with.


When the ego is in control, a person will most likely feel triggered. There is a sensation that rises up and through their biology and they are in judgement and want to defend themselves. A trigger is not a feeling, it is a reaction. A reaction tells a person that they still have an issue around something, however, the ego can not see it.

The ego is the non-authentic part of 'Who We Are' and its strongest tool is judgement. Judgement is when a person doesn't feel good about themselves and the ego steps in to make someone or something else responsible for not feeling good.

Whatever a person is judging, they are talking about themselves, and that is what the ego doesn't realise. Whatever a human judges to be wrong is an indication of what they have not dealt with themselves. It is what they can not see about themselves. If one person has a conversation with another person about what they are judging, it is easy to find out how they actually feel about themselves.

If an individual finds themselves in judgement, the best thing to do is stop. Turn it around. What is their judgement telling them about themselves. When a person's thoughts, words and actions aren't Love, they are their ego.


Another tool that the ego uses is justification. The moment an individual has to justify anything, then they do not believe it either. When the ego uses justification, it is attempting to convince an individual that they are right and the other person is wrong. In fact, the ego will never feel right.

The ego will demonize someone else, and it will persist in its own rhetoric, or justifications, until the other person reacts. When the other person reacts, the ego can then feel justified in pushing the other person out of their life, be it in business, friendship or love. It all becomes too much and they just want to give up. The ego's rhetoric, or justifications, is a way to avoid seeing their own behaviour, or the strategies that they use to avoid their shadows. If an individual can not see their beliefs, how can they change them? The ego determines what an individual can see and can not see about their own behaviour.

Other ways that the ego will defend itself is to change the subject, say that they do not understand, or simply disagree. If a person disagrees with anything, they must first concede that it does exist, otherwise there would be nothing to disagree with.


Anger is one of the most destructive reactions that a human being can feel.

Anger is the avoidance of feeling helpless, hopeless and powerless. A human being's anger is a reaction that is generated by the ego so that they do not have to look at the pain and the patterns that are running their life from the shadows.

The Ego as the Expert

The ego is the opposite of integration. It thinks that whatever an individual knows, they are at the pinnacle of their awareness, so it sees itself as the 'expert'. It holds onto what it believes, rejecting all other concepts, and it is only by small increments that it will accept something close to what it already knows. Usually, it will reject what it does not know, and this makes integration even more difficult.

So the ego is always right. It would rather make someone else wrong than face the feelings in its shadows. Sometimes, to stop an individual from feeling their feelings, the ego will attack the person who is a trigger for those feelings, and if it isn't attacking someone else, it will attack its own avatar.


The more the ego feels out of the control, the more it will attempt to control every situation and person in its life. There will be a myriad of unrealistic boundaries, requests, and terms and conditions. Everything has to go 'my way'.

The ego doesn't want to give up control because it fears death.

Gut Feelings

There is the term, "I have a gut feeling to do this, so it must be right." A gut feeling is dependent upon an individual's frequency, so if they are experiencing a low frequency 3D timeline, then their gut feeling will be resonating with a low frequency. It might be 'right' for them, however, it could bring a 3D experience of Contrast. The 3D experience might be painful, however, it can also bring learning.

When an individual has a gut feeling about something, it is important to ask themselves, does this feeling come from my programming or my Higher Self? If they have not dealt with their programming, then the gut feeling is most likely from a low frequency and programming.

A human being will also sometimes say, 'If it feels right, then it must be right', without taking into consideration their beliefs. If their belief structure is programmed by a childhood of abuse, and they have not integrated their feelings, then abuse is what they will find. A belief might be, 'I am unloveable', 'People always leave me,' 'I am not good enough,' or 'I am powerless'. They will then attract to themselves situations where others are incapable of loving them, who leave them, who regard them as inadequate, or who power over them. This is how people dove-tail one another.

A person may meet another person and feel immediately in love. They can not stop thinking about that person and they want to be with them all of the time. At first, the relationship will be pleasant because the ego is on its best behaviour. Also, the ego has to build a relationship before it can destroy a relationship. As the relationship develops, the pleasant behaviour can fall away, and the ego's personality is revealed. The charming, charismatic outer persona that was an attraction in the first place, is soon superseded by the ego personality and the unresolved trauma from childhood.

The reason the couple were attracted to each other is because they are a frequency match. They bring to one another the programming from their family and society that has not been integrated. In other words, the beliefs and shadows of each individual dove tail each other, and while this is the perfect opportunity to observe their own unresolved feelings from childhood and integrate them, the ego attempts to stay in control. The ego has no boundaries, so the ego is very convincing and is unconcerned with manipulating any situation to support its controlling agenda. In other words, the ego is everything apart from love, compassion and empathy.

At some stage, one person thinks that they can change the other person, and so they go about trying to do that. The other person, however, may not want to change. If someone leaves a relationship, and they have not integrated their feelings, they may find the same frequency match in another person. This is called 'revolving doors', or repeating the drama. Wherever you go, there you are.

Myths and Truths

A person's truth is their conscious reality. Whatever they believe in, that is their truth. It is not 'the' truth, but it is 'their' truth.

An individual can listen to YouTube videos and podcasts that resonate with them and think that they have found the truth, however, a human being will only resonate with whatever they are listening to and watching because it is a frequency match. When they raise their frequency, that same information, or the person who is delivering it, may not interest them at all. It isn't necessarily 'the Truth', it simply resonates with their frequency at the time that they were listening to it.

A human being's truth sometimes fits into the New Age concept of keeping information in the mythical realms. New Age often says that a subject is too difficult to grasp, so a person can put it into the realm of 'the mystical' and keep it outside of themselves. If it is mystical, or mythical, it is information that doesn't need to be known. A myth then becomes something that they put into the 'I do not understand' basket.

Human beings who get trapped into a New Age mystical approach to spirituality, rather than understanding it, are in danger of having their DNA altered through mind-control. Their beliefs, programming and shadows determine their DNA. If the regressives can control their beliefs then they can control their DNA. If they can control their DNA then they can control the human being. This is mind-control.

Star Seeds, however, want to know. They want to remember how everything works and make it practical. Information and knowledge was created from thought, so there is nothing mystical in the world. It is just a matter of raising one's frequency to understand the concepts.

As humans understand higher concepts and acquire knowledge about how the Universe works, they expand their minds, and they are then able to raise their frequency. When they raise their frequency, they can resonate with their higher dimensional selves. They have freed themselves from the 3D prison and new, high-vibrational opportunities become available to them.

Waking Up

Humanity is vulnerable because they are a programme and, therefore, they are data. Humanity is choosing anger, frustration and confusion because they are a programme that is being mind-controlled. Most people do not want to think that they are a machine that is programmed with data, however, they are born, they absorb frequencies (everything in the Universe is a frequency), and when they play out their drama, it is a set of frequencies that they are playing out. The body is the hardware. The software is the programme. Beliefs are brought in as data. So the biological body is no different to Synthetic Intelligence because it is a frequency. We are a human-being robot that is programmed. As a programme, the human is synthetic, not real. Trans-humanism is what the human race already is because the human mind and body are programmed from birth.

A Soul is not designed to wake up from a programme. Humans are programmed, and nothing in that programming will wake them up. What will wake them up is the desire that they carried to wake up before the Soul came into their biological avatar. There is a trigger, or marker, in their DNA to wake up. The trap to not waking up is their limited ideas and beliefs, their attachment to those ideas and beliefs, and the emotions that they have not transcended yet. When they let go of the 3D reality, however, they are a beacon of Light focused on higher frequencies. These higher frequencies can be so much higher than 5D.

A Star Seed wants to shatter these beliefs, wake up, and wake everyone else up. They want to take charge of their thoughts and their own life. They want to control their thoughts, release their emotions, and experience life through their feeling centres. Humanity has awesome creative powers. Humanity can create whole worlds and Star Systems with their minds. The regressives and Synthetic Intelligence are mind-controlling humanity so that they can use that incredible power to feed off and prevent humanity from creating something beautiful.

Transcending the Ego and Shadow Self

The human being has two minds, the left and the right brain, that are fed by the lower group conscious hive-mind. The Cabal have control over the hive-mind as they literally insert programming into it for humanity to upload.

The spiritual journey and the inner work, or shadow self-work, is to transcend those limiting beliefs that were absorbed into the baby's conscious awareness on a sub-conscious or unconscious level. The human being needs to surrender their ego, or let it go. They need to master their ego.

To do that, humans need to connect with their Higher Mind, or Higher Self. The Higher Self will not interfere until you want it to. Something has to make the avatar want to wake up and it is usually when they are having too much of a painful experience. The individual asks, 'Why is this happening to me? Why am I feeling this way? Why am I reacting this way and creating this situation? And then they want to change, and the Higher Self steps in. When the human being experiences that they are Love, and one with All That Is, they can quieten the ego. Spiritual work, therefore, is Self-Love.

The ego does not know Love. It is everything other than Love. The ego can not, will not, show an individual the journey of rediscovering their connection to Source and Love of Self. The human, as a Soul, has to make that decision in this lifetime. To embark upon that journey is an inward looking adventure. And the individual has the choice of making it a slow and painful journey, or an uplifting joyous journey, celebrating all that they discover in their inner world.

If an individual wants to know what is in their inner world, they need to observe their outer world. Whatever is going on in their outer world, they have created or co-created the situation to show themselves what is occurring in their inner world. This is called 'the Hall of Mirrors'. A person creates their own reality. Whatever they see in their outer world, they have placed it there. No-one else has.

The timeline that a person is on is not determined by the one that they would like to choose: it is determined by the frequency of their inner world. The pain in their shadows that their ego is protecting will not surrender on its own. It is up to the individual. They must be the one that boldly goes where no one has ever been before.

Inner Work

An individual's inner work is their frequency. As a person integrates the unresolved childhood emotions that are trapped in the body, they literally change their DNA, and they raise themselves into a 5D plus frequency. A person's inner work IS their Ascension. When a human being is Conscious, they know that all words, thoughts, and actions are controlled by them, or their Soul.

The Tools of Transformation

A human being can only integrate their feelings at the time that they are in it. In other words, when they are feeling triggered.

These are the Tools of Transformation.

  • 1

    RECOGNISE. In that moment that you have Fear, however it may be surfacing, as anger, anxiety, confusion, resentment, self-loathing, pity, the list goes on and on. Literally say to yourself "Something is going on for me". It is not important to label exactly what it is. When you are not feeling Love, then Fear can exist. Fear is the opposition to Love so it does not really matter what label you place upon it. It is illusionary, however, your 'emotions' are telling you the contrary. In short, simply Recognise that something is going on emotionally for you. Say it out aloud, "Something is trying to surface".

  • 2

    VALIDATE. Say aloud to yourself, "It is OK for me to feel this way." Repeat this several times until you feel a calmness of acceptance washing through you. The Ego is trying to protect you from these Fears by pushing them deeper and deeper into your Subconscious Mind. By stating to yourself aloud, you are now saying to your Ego that you are ready to Feel these Feelings and that you no longer need to repress them. "It is OK for me to feel this way." Spend a while reassuring yourself that you are now ready, the phrase is simple, "It is OK for me to feel this way."

  • 3

    FEEL THE FEELINGS. Allow yourself the expression of these feelings through 'sound'. You may want to cry, shout, moan, simply allow the 'sound' out. If tears start to roll down your cheeks, allow the sound that may want to accompany those tears. Healing or Transcending these Fears is not an intellectual process. It is literally Feeling your Feelings. It is these Feelings that have been repressed because at their 'time of creation' you were unable to deal with these 'strong emotions' and at that time your defence mechanism (the Ego) repressed them. Some call all of these repressed emotions the 'inner child'.

  • 4

    CHOOSE AGAIN. At the completion or cessation of feeling these feelings, another level of calmness will wash through you. Be gentle with yourself and centre yourself in this calmness then simply choose another version of who you are. A version of yourself that will respond to the circumstances that you find yourself in, in a more uplifting way. THIS IS INTEGRATION.

  • 5

    IMAGINE. Hold the highest idea of 'who you are' and embody this new version of yourself by 'living' it every moment of every day. Simultaneously, hold the highest idea of a New Earth that exists for you that would reflect the highest idea you have of yourself. This is how we Create, this is how we make manifest New Realities, this is the Power of Thought - All Thoughts Create.

  • I Think Love
  • I See Love
  • I Say Love
  • I Act Love
  • I Feel Love
  • I Know Love
  • I Am Love

It is by changing our behaviour, or, behaving differently in the same situations, that we can become the best versions of ourselves.

5D Egos

In 5D, a being remembers their past lives, however, they still have an ego. It is just that in 5D, their ego isn't as extreme as it is in 3D.

In 3D, the human being thinks that all they have to do to ascend is change the 3D world.

In 5D, the human being knows that they can create their own world. They can create their own timelines. They take responsibility for what they create, instead of thinking that they can change a low frequency density that can never be transformed.

The Ascension

The human experience is to re-establish their connectedness to All That Is and to have compassion and empathy for All Things. In other words, the human experience is to temporarily feel that disconnection from Prime Creator as real, and then play out their beliefs, until such time as they awaken to the illusion of that disconnected reality and transcend.

All throughout the Universe there is Contrast. It is called good and evil. It is only through Contrast that humanity can learn and grow. Prime Creator created the Universe of Duality, or Contrast.

The Spiritual journey is to integrate the two, the duality of good and evil, and come back to Prime Creator. In this way, the Universe is completed and has run its course. However, there is always expansion.

When a human being ascends, they are not jumping onto a new planet. The New 5D Earth is already here. When a human becomes 5D and lives on this Earth as a 5D being, that is Ascension.

3D refers to the lower three base chakras. The base three chakra 'mind' takes on the persona of the ego and the ego is protecting the individual from unresolved childhood emotions that are trapped in the body. The more a human being uses those programmes from childhood, the stronger the programme becomes. It is worth noting that what can be achieved with a child in one day, it would take up to a year with an adult because of that programming. That is because before puberty, the biological body is in the mode of absorbing.

When a human being transcends their emotions through Love, they can then navigate life on the heart level. They will also speak the Truth through the throat chakra; they will use their intuition through the pineal gland, and they will feel connected to 'All That Is' through the crown chakra.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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