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Change for Humanity

It is always a worry when the 'Dark Shirts' (those who seek to control us) find a way to seize control and cause chaos on our beautiful planet. This action places great strain onto the resources of the 'Light Shirts' (those of us who seek to live an uplifted and harmonious life living in Co-operation with each other) as they attempt to balance this situation.

It really doesn't matter from a larger perspective whether we have Left, Right or Centralist Governments seizing power around our precious Earth. In reality, they all seem disconnected to the principles they claim to represent when looking for our votes. It is a grand dichotomy in the principles of governments... There are those who wish to be governed by others and there are the others who wish to be in the powerful position of governing, and of course, those who gravitate to these positions of governance and control, deep down inside, feel powerlessness and thus, in defense of these feelings, seek positions of power as a compensation. The greatest dichotomy of all, in these situations, is that the 'well balanced' humanitarians seek neither power nor positions of control!!! So you ask what is the solution if we require a better world for ourselves and a more uplifting future for our children...?

Yes, of course we have it, imagine the highest idea of who we are, and imagine the highest idea of the perfect world we could reside upon and then live these truths every moment of every day until we achieve this desired outcome.

As you are drawn into the consciousness of 'world politics' remember this truth. It seems to be easier to Love those who Love us. The real test in these times of great flux is "can you Love your adversaries"? We can pause here and remind ourselves of the magnificent messages contained within the Eastern philosophies of the Vedic teachings, Bhagavad-Gita.

Arjuna finds himself on the battlefield against his brother. Their father has died and left half the lands and all within equally to each of the brothers to rule. Arjuna is a loving caring father himself who would rule and share power as a humanitarian. His brother, however, wants total control and domination and believes that all power and control is his birthright. He intends to use mortal violence to seize this position. Arjuna does not want this war but is forced to defend his beliefs or he, his family and friends and all their supporters would be tortured and murdered - so he asks his GOD for guidance. The entire Bhagavad-Gita is written on the battlefield and in short (remember this is an example only) there are 3 modes of action - Ignorance - Passion - Goodness. To take another life in the mode of Ignorance, there are FULL Karmic repercussions. To take another life in the mode of Passion, there are Partial Karmic repercussions. To take another life in the mode of Goodness, there are little or No Karmic repercussions.

IGNORANCE: To take another life before they take yours and seize power.

PASSION: Little concern for yourself and take the life of another in defense of their mortal action towards your spouse, children, family and friends.

GOODNESS: No concern for your own life and with Divine Love for your adversary, take their one life in order to preserve the innocence and lives of those you Love that surround you.

This does sound very extreme, however, it is a good lesson in understanding humanity in this most extreme of situations. There are many interpretations of the Bhagavad-Gita and to the purist there is of course only one version as there is with the Bible and Christian beliefs and/or with any other religious belief.

The Shadows of Humanity

Continuing our discussion regarding what is the best course of action to follow regarding the forthcoming changes for humanity. We are sure that we all agree that the main culprits in this broken system are the Banking Institutions, Governments, International Corporations and the 'hidden agendas' that are manipulating Human Conscious Perception - Social Engineering around the world.

There exist infinite possibilities and infinite probabilities that are available for these changes, however, in practice these can be reduced to the most probable possibilities and probabilities some of which we can discuss here and now.

We are sure we can also agree that the 'power brokers' as outlined above, will not relinquish their position voluntarily, indeed, in most cases they will 'go down fighting' and in many cases to their own oblivion. Throughout history including recent times, this has been demonstrated over and over again. We only have to look at say, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Yugoslavia and the Ukraine to mention just a few countries with many more around the world having a combined population of hundreds of millions who are now left in a position of extreme Fear with an even more broken system than before and far from the required uplifted Humanitarian Perspective.

These countries mentioned above have all had political upheavals and changes made within their boundaries and illustrate the existence of extreme levels of dysfunctionality and therefore increased 'possibility' for change. However, these changes did not result in the betterment for the majority of its inhabitants but have resulted in a society 'far less than perfect' than it was before.

Let us now take an extremely hypothetical hypothesis and look at our beautiful land of New Zealand. Again, this is just hypothetical, let us say that the Green Party have approximately a 10 percent following (this percentage seems to be sympathetic with most Western style countries around the world at these times), this is confirmed at polling times when there is voting for 'change' of government. We have chosen a legitimate political party to illustrate a starting place for change. Also as demonstrated around the world, the frontline force for change seems to come mainly from the disenfranchised youth and others who see no real future for themselves and most importantly see no real future for Humanity in the current system; who want to create a new system of governance for the greater good of all in this broken system. So again, if we put these two forces together we have a formidable force for 'change' ie, a 'Green' ideology and youthful exuberance wanting change, however, this still falls very short of a majority Consciousness for change. So it is still politically impotent, as the majority's perception has been engineered into a situation that thinks the country's Governance only needs a 'slight tweak' for a satisfactory correction and remains opposed to this style of radical change.

Just to depart temporarily from this hypothesis, we have observed during the past ten years during our travels all over Europe that there is a lack of political motivation by the 'majority' for any radical change. We have observed that most people are aware of many of the short-comings that we have mentioned above, however only to a limited extent and they believe in this manipulated story that 'everything is sort of OK'. In Europe especially, most of its population have slotted into the various Social and Economical levels and have a 'Reasonable to Good' lifestyle albeit, financially stressful that requires some belt tightening.

There is no doubt that consumerism has never been as plentiful and diverse as it has been up until the Covid-19 Lockdown and the alleged Global Pandemic of earlier this year. Until these recent times there has been so much choice and diversity readily available from small boutique stores in the high street to mega stores the size of cities in the suburbs. These Consumers do not remember that only 30 years ago it required only one income per household to live comfortably and now at these times it requires two full-time incomes per household to live to the same standard of living. Also, neither does the individual appear to be aware of the problems with under-employment and the poorly paid situations of other individuals: it seems that this social ineptness is perceived to be the fault of the individual and not the direct result of a failing system that only favours the few.

And now with a Global (not only New Zealand) breakdown of its Economy the situation has reached a critical level of a total Financial Socially Engineered collapse.

It is therefore, firstly a huge task to convince the masses that the system is so broken that it needs a radical change and secondly, to energise a change through the polling stations and thirdly, and most remotely (at least at present) bring about a change through a social revolution by mass demonstration. History shows us that you can eventually bring about a social change through demonstration - the conclusion of which is not necessarily the outcome desired.

We can now examine this last statement. Let us return to our hypothetical New Zealand situation. The Green Party is impotent from the perspective of a majority in Parliament for governance in the style of its own politics and at best, with MMP can only influence a major party on minor issues, however this hypothesis is now supported by a large underground mass movement from the youth and those who desire a more radical change.

Option 1: Peaceful Demonstrations that disrupt major population movements ie; roading systems, public transport, government buildings etc., keeping a higher profile in the form of 'sit-ins' in public places - all peaceful. During these very visual and high profile demonstrations try and convince the uninitiated that it is NOW imperative for change and hopefully motivate the passive to join the ranks of those actively seeking change, educating the masses beyond the limited perception given to them by the control brokers. The most probable outcome would be that the media would 'under report' these activities and 'invalidate the objectives' sort by the protestors. The authorities would tolerate this antisocial behaviour for a short period then have a strategy to remove the offenders naming them extremists and radicals with 'no clear agenda', influencing the public perception accordingly to support the Governments own legitimacy.

Option 2: Mass Demonstrations with confrontations similar to the above but highly motivated and determination to 'stay put' until political change is brought about. This of course, is a very dangerous situation that will result in violence and eventual mortality on both sides. This second option also has a further complication - it does not reflect the majority and over a period of time this opposition to radical change will energise opposition supporters in support of their existing regime, matching the resistance of their opponents. Polarising the masses into one of two 'camps', and in this situation, the desire for change is now challenged by not only the authorities but by the mass population that believe in the delusion that the system is not broken and merely needs, at best, a small tweak. Currently with the Covid-19 Lockdown many people believe in the Government narrative that the restrictions are for 'their safety' and many will defend this Government narrative. This is causing a polarisation in the communities that think or believe 'something is not right' with the official narrative.

Option 3: Social Revolution energised by the absolute desire and determination for change. This situation is perhaps the most radical and dangerous of all that would bring about a change, assuming it could be successful enough in influencing enough people to take part in such a social upheaval. However, it would take a 'tipping point' of consciousness to affect this change.

The past situation in the Ukraine shows very clearly the 'short comings' of option 3. The country was roughly divided 50/50, it had split in half and underwent a Civil War situation, perhaps the worst kind of war where your enemy is not outside your sovereign territory but from within. In Russia in 1990, the grand experiment of Communism came to its conclusion, where perhaps around 90 percent of the population wanted a radical change and a revolution took place; the old guard went down fighting but it collapsed and it then took the next 20 years to adjust and recover only to eventually mirror our broken Western system. In Iran in 1979 the people 'over-threw' the Shah who was bringing about a radical social change, following a more Western model that the radical Islamic movement of the day opposed. They energised the masses and removed the protagonist. This country has still not recovered to this day and has reverted to a more radical Koranic Society. The same can be said for all its neighbouring countries, indeed, without turning this discussion into another 'War and Peace' there is no clear case available where a Social Revolution has taken place for the betterment of the majority: this includes Cuba under Castro, Kim Jong-il of North Korea and now his groomed son Kim Jong-un to name just a few more. There are of course a few central and southern American countries undergoing great social change and the jury is 'still out' to the inevitable outcome of this change.

What is clear when change does come about is that the incumbent Governance imposes, usually by force, its own agenda and those in power believe their way is the 'Right' way.

Let us return to New Zealand again. A Social Revolution, no matter how it is presented, that represents only 15 percent of the population, will not succeed. Equally so, a Social Revolution that represents 50 percent of the population in this model, will also fail and possibly result in a kind of Civil War that splits the Nation. A Social Revolution that represents the 'clear majority' would be more successful; and here we would estimate, at least 85 percent. With this clear majority and the inevitable resistance from the old guard, there could be brought about a new change by the incumbent Governance that would then impose 'its version' for a workable, fairer and more equitable Society. But here is the rub, it is just 'their NEW story', based on what THEY think and believe a Society should be fashioned into and not necessarily be reflective of a higher truth and a better way of life for the majority.

It is interesting at this point to note that the ratio of 85/15 percent is a ratio that seems to occur within the human experience over and over again. For example 85 percent of New Businesses struggle or fail within the first two years of their existence. 85 percent of people on the journey to transcend their addiction for weight loss, smoking, alcohol, gambling to name just a few, struggle through this process. 85 percent of people on the journey of personal growth towards understanding themselves by transcending their limiting beliefs also seem to struggle and flounder through this process, this is not withstanding that 85 percent of the population believe there is nothing really to transcend. Approximately 85 percent of people facing terminal illness seemingly, can not find the motivation to change their situation and embrace a 'New Consciousness' (a new version of self) that would assist them back into good health. This ratio is not fixed of course, and is not to be taken too seriously, however, it is an indication giving the most probable outcome in most situations during these present times.

So from this perspective we could redefine the term 'tipping point'. It would be very convenient to think that the 'tipping point' to change a society would be as low as 15 percent of the population, however, in the model demonstrated above, it would appear that history shows this to be incorrect and the percentage necessary to 'tip' the balance of Consciousness Perception would be around 85 percent. Perhaps, another useful definition of a 'tipping point' would be that when 15 percent of the population do want a radical change, then this Conscious Perception change is a catalyst that now can start to affect and motivate the percentage of those looking for change into a cohesive force, for that change. In other words, perhaps it takes 15 percent of the population to be motivated and committed to change before their combined energy is powerful enough to convincingly impact and bring about change within the remaining 85 percent.

What has been demonstrated here over and over and over again, is that one story is being replaced by another story, all containing drama one way or another:..."out of the frying pan into the fire"! Should you take a negative approach it is not a pretty picture. As a Humanity Globally we have not done a very good job and the situation that Humanity finds itself in today clearly illustrates that point. However, when you stand back in your 'loving neutrality' and view on, watching the journey of Human Consciousness as it attempts to lift itself into a new Higher Consciousness, you will be able to walk upon these Earthly Planes at this time of tremendous change and not be too affected by the struggle.

You may be wondering why an understanding from the Bhagavad-Gita would be useful. The understanding contained within these messages gives a clear understanding in ones choices of 'mode of action'. So if you are drawn onto a battlefield, not necessarily of your choice, it would be better to be clear with the choices you make.

Human Conscious Perception has been manipulated for years through Social Engineering and we are now poised to redefine 'who we want to be' in order to choose the new way forward for a Global uplifted Social Society operating on a New Paradigm of Co-operation that benefits ALL of Humanity and not just the few.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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