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It is most important that we find our inner peace, as this will always reflect in our outer world. If we hold fast to the negative perspectives of totalitarianism and its accompanying noose that is tightening its grip around the throats of Humanity, then this will surely impact heavily within our lives. The 'Dark Shirts' have fashioned themselves into a Fascist style regime that has now harnessed this current style of totalitarianism and this appears to have given them very effective control upon our beautiful planet. This style of Governance is not coming, it is already well and truly entrenched here.

George Orwell's 1984 novel seems to have been very accurate in at least two respects here. It was in the early 80s when the World Banking system abandoned the checks and balances put in place by previous Governments for a slightly more equitable Banking System for the masses, leading directly to the current World Banking crisis. In fact, the various Fascist regimes that currently control the planet 'seized the day' at that time and remain in control to this day and are still tightening their noose and domination of our beautiful planet.

As we discussed in SHADOWS OF HUMANITY, there are many well-informed and very concerned people who are both aware of the dire circumstances that are being placed upon Humanity and want to be 'proactive' in bringing about a change. However, there are still the masses who are in a semi-blissful state of ignorance to what is really going on. And if we want a change of regime in the style of new Local and World Politics, we have to first convince the masses, that in actuality, there is a severe problem within this current style of Governance and then 'motivate' them to have the desire to bring about a Local and Worldwide change - a huge task but it is attainable.

Also we will discuss the Precautionary Principle when changing one regime for another. When any new style of incoming Governance takes control, this new regime believes that it is 'correct' and 'knows best' and then imposes its style of Governance upon the masses. Here we would like to remind you of some very sound protocols for a new style of Governance.

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    All DECISION MAKING processes are based on the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL.

  • 2

    Where we HONOUR our Planet - MOTHER EARTH.

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    Where we HONOUR ALL of Mother Earth's INHABITANTS.

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    And we SHARE ALL of Mother Earth's GIFTS & RESOURCES amongst ourselves fairly.

It is also necessary that everyone in all Communities CONTRIBUTE 'one way or another' into that community (this understanding is a whole other discussion).

The next step is to refashion how our NEW 'decision making' process takes place. For example, in New Zealand, we currently have a Governance system based on MMP (Mixed-Member Proportional). We suggest a new system based on NMP (No More Politics). Actually, without reinventing the wheel this is quite simple, however, it may not be so easily achieved as this requires the masses to 'take back' the control that they have all naively given away. Neither is there a real need to change political boundaries that have been developed and manipulated over the decades. however, what would be required is to invert the Political Pyramid of Control. This is where a Prime Minister unelected 'by the masses' seizes control of a Party and then this 'one person' now in charge, translates the Party Politics that again have NOT been agreed upon 'by the masses', into a version of politics controlling everyone's else's way of life. In short, under the present system 'the masses' have elected NOT to take responsibility for their Governance of their Country and have now given a clear and open mandate to a handful of politically motivated individuals, 'carte blanche' to do as they wish.

The alternative NMP way of governance is simple.

  • At a community level, street by street and suburb by suburb, the residents get together and decide upon how they would like their Local Governance to operate. Again, all 'decision making' processes can be based upon the above mentioned Protocols. This Community would then elect a spokesperson to forward their understandings and agreements to the next level. This representative ONLY has the mandate to share what has been COLLECTIVELY discussed and agreed upon (total transparency with no hidden agendas).
  • This next level is either at a village, town or city/suburb level where the other elected representatives also share 'their' COLLECTIVELY made decisions and requirements.
  • The next level is at a City or Political Boundary level, where again, all the delegated representatives meet and discuss all the desired COLLECTIVE decisions and requirements. Again, ALL the delegated representatives at ALL the various levels only have a mandate for discussions based upon what has been 'COLLECTIVELY agreed upon.
  • This is then taken to the next step, a National level (where the current Government operates from). This system allows for an understanding behind ALL the decision making processes to be TRANSPARENT and filter in both directions, giving a very clear impression upon what style of Governance each Community requires at ALL levels.
  • The next step is of course, at an International level, where the World decision making process meets with the Community level decision making process - a truly GLOBAL COMMUNITY.
  • With a few further checks and balances put into place especially where there are highly controversial and/or very 'emotive' decision making subjects discussed, these checks and balances could allow a 'cooling off' period before these decisions are finalized and implemented. This system is then very workable, very fair and far more equitable and inclusive than the current system. This is the NEW STEPPED SYSTEM for Local Community Governance through to Planetary Governance, where the existing Pyramid style of 'top down' Governance is replaced with the desire for Humanity to be Self Governed with the principles as outlined above. What this alternative system does require, however, is the participation of the masses and the belief that these souls are capable of exposing and developing their Humanitarian aspects of SELF for a fairer and more equitable system based upon the simple protocols above, all of which the current Politicians with their Politics are opposed to and, they would have you believe that the masses are incapable participants in this new process.

This new style of Governance does require the DESIRE and COMMITMENT for an alternative way of life and its accompanying Governance based upon COLLECTIVE FAIRNESS and the DESIRE for a more humanitarian way of life, something very lacking in the present system.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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