Ascending Forward

Probabilities for Change

We have shared at some length during these discussion papers, the strategies required when assessing the most probable outcomes in any future event. These strategies are based upon having a thorough understanding and a Psychological Awareness showing us why we have arrived Collectively in a situation requiring change. For the first part of this discussion we will focus on the events that are the 'most probable outcomes' forcing a dramatic change, allowing a window of opportunity to 'insert' into the 'General Consciousness of Humanity the seeds for change'. The second part of this discussion will include how to insert the Blue Print for a New Social Society, as we have been discussing.

Again, the main protagonists in our current broken system ie; Banks, Politicians and large Corporations, are all preoccupied in the pursuit of their own Agendas, resulting in the detachment from the consequences of their actions to the individual. We have also discussed a 'general apathy' with the majority of disenfranchised Global Citizens whose Conscious Perception of World events have been Socially Engineered, either into a stage of semi ignorance to what is really going on or that the current system has its problems, however, with a tweak here or there, they think that everything will be OK.

This being the case, one would wonder how a possibility could arise allowing for a situation where the probability for a Global Change of Consciousness could ever occur. Indeed, we are talking about a Global Social Reformation beyond the Awareness of the majority of Earth's Citizens, certainly on an intellectual and Conscious level. So to the reader who desires change, this situation would sound perplexing, at least, leaving them very concerned with how to bring about such an enormous change.

This Social Revolution for Change is already in 'full swing' and is virtually 'unstoppable'. As previously discussed, the three major protagonists have engineered a situation advantaging only themselves with little or no care for the individual, this would eventually lead into 'self-destruct' or they will manage to create a 'One World' styled Government Order along the lines of George Orwell's 1984. The large National and International Corporations together with major World Politicians and their party politics, have formed a strong symbiotic relationship that under the present Global Economic system allows them to prosper with virtual control of our beautiful planet. Our present 'banking and monetary' system is the glue that adheres to all of these 'Power Brokers' and the whole system is now in 'free-fall' on a journey into its own destruction, through the greed and 'lack of will or understanding' of our Global Politicians, in whom we have naively placed our trust.

It is while our current Global and National Banking System is on this path of 'designed self-destruction' that they are able to create the New One World Order. It is essential that we now also take the opportunity to influence Humanity for an alternative path that empowers All of Humanity. It is NOW that we can insert our New Blueprint for a New Social Society and a new form of Global Governance. Otherwise, if we continue on our current path, these three protagonists will create the basis of a New One World Order where there will be a total destruction of the 'middle classes' and the introduction of a Cashless Economy, whereby, an Authoritarian State could freeze the accounts (if they wanted to) from any dissenting Citizen excluding them from any Economic activity. An all controlling Society that microchips its Citizens to keep track of all their activities. The malicious 'self created' Global Pandemic of Covid-19 is the distraction for these clandestine activities. Their engineered outcome is to throw the World into great Economic Crisis with the destruction of small Entrepreneurial Businesses resulting in mass unemployment with a Global Recession the magnitude of which will cause much suffering and the loss of Human Life on a MASS scale – this is Genocide on a Global Scale and must be stopped. We have Collectively allowed these psychopaths to control our World and the installed Governments around the World are puppets to this Agenda either through ignorance and stupidity or complicit in the deception.

Let us be very clear here, we have a window of opportunity to influence World Perception and to insert a New Change to our entire system, otherwise, we will see a more severe type of 'Marxist Dystopia' managed by this New One World Order. Capitalism and the so called 'Free Market Forces' will change, all the Savings and Assets of the middle classes will by now have been annihilated, hyperinflation will take hold Globally, forcing a 'mass exodus' from paper Currencies into 'physical Tangible Assets' including Gold and 'precious metals' as an interim Currency. This would force the New World Order into 'mass confiscation' of this Gold and 'precious metal' Currency, and this would ensure that the 'masses' or public at large could not protect themselves against hyperinflation.

The next step would be for all World Governments to take their Gold out of circulation forever. With the removal of this Gold, it would force the public back onto the soon to be installed newly created Global Digital Currencies that the new Orwellian style Governance will be in full control of. The rise and disaster of Capitalism would now be complete and the powerful and elite would be in 'full control'. There will be further decline in civil liberties as the New Political Leaders ramrod policies during 'engineered crisis' (including Covid-19) into place, the 'masses' by now would value 'Order/Safety' in their lives over 'Liberty' as they naively support this style of shock doctrine at times of crisis (remember 911, the US Government removed peoples' liberties in defence of terrorism with the Patriot Act, National Safety over Liberty). Privacy in this type of Society will be a thing of the past. All private communications will be collected and stored on powerful databases to be monitored, at will, by intelligence agencies that are not accountable to the public in any way (does this sound familiar?).

On the flip side of this coin, so to speak, at these present times, the masses have never had so much information available and with such ease, at their finger tips in all of history. So, if they really wanted to, they could make informed choices by taking ACTION so that the outcome of the Political and Monetary crisis we are facing today is far from certain. What is certain in the very near future is that the 'masses' will finally lose all faith in the 'Current Valueless Paper Currencies' whose Confidence has been severely eroded with the continuation of 'Quantitive Easing' (printing money from thin air) causing Savers to abandon these worthless Currencies and invest into precious metals, agricultural land, fine art and Tangible Collectables. However, before high levels of inflation have taken hold in the wider Economy, these 'Tangible safe havens' would have already gone through levels of inflation making them unattainable to 'the masses' wishing to protect any of their remaining wealth from hyperinflation.

It is now essential that we be diligent with our observations of all the above mentioned as we further progress developing our evolving Awareness for a New Social Society. The beginning of the 'End Days' of our current Monetary System is when the Economy of a major Sovereign Nation abandons its current Monetary System based on 'Valueless printed money' and substitutes it for a 'New Version' of ITSELF based on Tangible National Assets of Sovereign Gold. A cautionary note: remember, the World games as played by the three main protagonists (as described above) are capable of unimaginable 'manipulation and deceit' and are quick to change the 'rules' in any of their games, therefore, prediction is a science of 'possibilities and probabilities' based on those changing circumstances.

However with this in mind, the most probable prediction at this time, is that China with its Yuan Currency will become the major 'Game Changer'. China has not sold any of its Sovereign Gold for many decades on the World Gold markets. It has been a major International buyer of Gold. China encourages its Citizens to buy and own Gold and International observers calculate that the 'private holdings' of Gold in China are in excess of 6,000 tonnes. Deposits of Sovereign Chinese Gold held by the State are estimated between 6,000 to 12,000 tonnes, surpassing that of physical Gold Reserves held in the USA. The reader may well remember that the Germans in recent times requested the repatriation of their Sovereign Gold accompanied with the request to physically see their Sovereign Reserves being held in Fort Knox in the USA. Both of these requests were denied, therefore affectively the USA had confiscated the Sovereign Gold Reserves of Germany that the USA had been entrusted with during the post Second World War decades.

Returning to China's Gold, China has its own Gold deposits which it actively continues to mine and refine, constantly adding to its own National Gold Reserves, none of this Gold is sold or traded Internationally. The Central Chinese Ministry of Economics is very secretive about the quantity held of its Sovereign Gold Reserves; therefore, estimations from World Economists are the basis of the above calculations. We further predict that at the end of a Trading day with no prior announcements whatsoever, China will declare to the World that they have refashioned the Yuan (maybe with a name change) basing it on their Tangible Sovereign Gold Reserves, abandoning the 'Fiat' based existing Currency. When this occurs, shock waves will reverberate throughout ALL Global Markets, instantly, this New Currency based on Tangibles will debase all of the other major World Currencies.

World Economists estimate that there is approximately 2 trillion US Dollars in Hard Paper Currency in the form of 'Notes' in Worldwide circulation, used on a daily basis as a tradable World Currency. The Value of the US Currency has been debased steadily through Quantitative Easing, (QE), the printing of trillions of US Dollar Notes over the past 12 years. (Remember, QE is the printing of Hard Currency based on nothing Tangible, this Currency is then inserted into the World's Economy to bring more Liquidity into this system). Most of the Internationally held US 'Paper Money', in this scenario, will be instantly further debased by China's announcement and therefore, becoming Internationally even more Valueless. Most of these US Notes will therefore, find their way quite quickly, back to the USA adding to the already debased 'printed Cash Notes' in the USA, causing hyperinflation beyond imaginable levels ever experienced in the history of America.

Similarly in Europe, the Euro will collapse. The Euro was Economically engineered supposedly, for greater Social Harmony, however, the Euro also has been debased over a similar time frame to that of the USA with its own 'Quantitative Easing' from the European Central Bank and (like the USA), manufacturing, exporting and growth, means Europe is also in the decline. Many of the EU Member Countries are either Bankrupt or experiencing Economic decline. There is a growing support base politically in most EU Member Countries to abandon the Euro and return to their former Sovereign Currency to regain their independent Financial Sovereign status.

So the jury is still out on which scenario here occurs first, the collapse of the Euro through its debasement as a 'Paper Currency' when China redefines its Currency or the collapse of a flawed ideology and its Currency that has little internal Confidence from its own Member States. The English Pound will follow suit with a similar debasement in Value. Most other 'Paper Currencies' around the World will suffer the same plight. Under this scenario a New Financial hub for Global Trading will probably be based in Shanghai. Indeed, Shanghai in recent times has opened a new International Investment Bank to compete with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the Federal Reserve of the USA and the World Banks as an alternative Financial Institution. It may be of interest to the reader, that Shanghai has been selling off its vast Silver Reserves into the International Markets, of which they are now nearly depleted. (Remember, none of China's Sovereign Gold has been traded).

Most of the World Trading in Gold and Silver is accomplished through the trading of Gold and Silver Paper ie; that is 'not Tangible' Gold or Silver but instead Promissory Note Paper Trading. Some of these 'Tangible precious metals' are traded electronically, however, the actual 'Tangible' Asset remains locked away and secured for you. (Remember Germany's Sovereign Gold in the USA). We think the Chinese have been playing a masterful game of Chess with their Currency Trading partners to sell 'Paper Silver' in preference to 'Tangible Silver': the markets require 'Paper Silver' to be more attractive to purchase than 'Tangible Silver' and this has the effect of driving down Silver prices which, if you remember, the Chinese have been selling.

You may ask why. The International price of Silver and Gold has always shared a common ratio in price, so if Silver prices are low, so are Gold prices. The Chinese buy International Gold when the price is low, sacrificing their Silver as a pawn in a much larger game of Chess. It may be also of interest to the reader, that most of the 'Paper Gold' sold and traded around the World has a ratio of around 100 to 1 ie; for every 1 ounce of Tangible Gold held in a secure location, there is Traded 100 Paper Gold equivalents. (When the crash comes there will be 99 Paper Gold owners crying with only 1 Paper Gold holder holding the Tangible Gold equivalent and that is assuming it has not been confiscated by the Sovereign Country it has been held within).

Remember, we have spoken of 'Reverse Engineering a Timeline' from a Future point in time where we have Collectively created a New Social Society that is based upon a Higher Awareness that is Inclusive of All, existing in Co-operation as a One Humanity. Therefore, if we travel back along this Timeline to the present, there will be required a transitional arrangement in many aspects of our Journey: the Monetary System is no exception. Ultimately we do not require a Monetary System in our new Social Society, however, in practice the move from one to the other may not be achieved in an instant but rather, as an evolving transitional process to achieve the same.

The first step, as outlined above is the possible return to a Gold based Currency that has many advantages over a manipulated and fictitious Paper based Currency. In opposition to this, the possibility exists in the immediate installation of the newly created Global Digital Currency (as outlined above) in opposition to this Gold based newly created Currency. There is also a place for New style Second Generation Digital Currencies that are not so easily owned, controlled or manipulated by Sovereign Countries, Banks or their Politicians, however, remember, they still have a relationship with Tangible Currencies that may somewhere in the future be based on a Gold Standard, all of which can be high-jacked and manipulated for one reason or another to favour the few. We will talk in depth at a later stage concerning the Next Generation Crypto Currencies that can actually serve Humanity as an Interim Currency that 'cannot be manipulated' and used for 'greed' and Investment purposes by those who try to exploit these systems for their personal gain.

It may be of further interest to the reader to note, that China has very actively discouraged Digital Currencies along with other Sovereign Central Banks around the World. In China's case, we think they do not want an alternative Digital Currency competing with their planned return to a Gold based Currency, although they have made provisions of rolling out somewhere in the future their own version of a Digital Currency. It is important to remember therefore, that these two types of Currency exchange as a Monetary System are only temporary and should be less and less relied upon to a point where they are no longer necessary.

It may be of great interest to the reader that this Timeline as described above already exists and was projected back from what we perceive to be our future, indeed, the point in linear time where this our present journey started on this Timeline, was December 21st, 2012. So you see dear reader, we are already, almost eight years (at the time of writing) into our Collective adventure for a Journey into our New Consciousness. What is now required is the consolidation of the Big Story and a Blue Print to achieve the same as previously discussed throughout these discussion papers, bringing to the Awareness of the many, these uplifted options that have not necessarily been in the Awareness of us all. It is difficult to imagine that somehow we have not held within our Collective Awareness, a journey that will take Humanity into a New Elevation of Consciousness, rather, we have allowed 'the few' to dictate and fashion our World to suit the very few.

Certainly, there has been some movement in the desired direction for Humanities Upliftment to date. For example there are many marvellous Charities who have fashioned themselves to look after the interests of the disadvantaged, there are Organisations that have fashioned themselves to look after our Natural Environment; there are all sorts of Institutions that have also fashioned themselves to look after the Health and Welfare within our Communities around our Planet; aspects of the Scientific and Medical Communities have also fashioned themselves for the upliftment of Humanity. New Sciences are being developed to explore our Solar System and beyond, not withstanding, the personal dreams and Aspirations of many souls who desire a much better and uplifted outcome for all Communities throughout our beautiful planet.

However, Collectively on a Global scale, we do not have a Blue Print where we could achieve the Big Story; where everyone could achieve a lifestyle and an existence that is inclusive of All and goes beyond imagination itself, but instead, we have settled for a Little Story believing in the delusion that this, our present Civil Society, is the best that we can do within the unpredictable changing circumstances of 'chance, cause and effect' in the life that we have now. Now is the time, to imprint into the Human Global Consciousness the need for a New Elevated Change by actively representing and embodying these Higher Truths.

As a starting place, let us allow ourselves to imagine a small Community that has progressed along our Timeline in a very achievable manner fashioning themselves into a Community as described in a New Blue Print of Humanity. Let us imagine a rural location with say, 100 acres of land, some of which may be flat and arable, some of which is wooded or forested with hills and sloping pasture and perhaps a river, stream or brook running somewhere through the property. Now imagine a family of say 20 likeminded souls all desiring a similar uplifted social environment to live and co-exist within that is reasonably self sufficient and sustainable. Let us first deal with the essentials for a comfortable, secure and sustainable existence – nourishing Food to sustain and maintain good health in the physical body, Water, the essence of all life here on our beautiful planet and without this precious element that gifts our life we would not exist in our present form; Housing to keep us warm and dry, protecting us from the natural changes of our environment.

These above essentials (Food, Water, Housing) should be quite easily provided for. Houses could be made from locally provided clay in the form of mud bricks or rammed Earth construction. Selective logging would allow framing and furniture making. If suitable paddocks are made available straw for straw bail, rocks and stone could be quarried for more solid structures that could later be used to store rainwater harvesting to irrigate or water plants/crops. Indeed, roofs of these buildings could harvest more rainwater for drinking etc.

Power for electricity could be generated through solar panels, wind generators and the off peak generation of this power, could be used to power apparatus that separates hydrogen from water, so the hydrogen can be used for powering machinery and transport, that is kinder to the environment where the bi-product of combustion from this technology is 'water'. New Energy devices are being explored by many alternative thinkers around our planet today that use Zero Point Energy and Science that provide efficient non-polluting Energy from the Ether that is sustainable and can be made available to ALL of Humanity.

Composting toilets can be fashioned to fertilise the growing crops and soil. The preservation of food and crops will allow longer seasonal and/or inter-seasonal consumption. All of these technologies and many more are available now and would allow a comfortable, healthy and sustainable lifestyle in a Community wishing to Co-operate, where everyone values each other's Contribution. It is important to note here, that the desire to Transcend an Elitist Social structure is of great importance. We need to move away from undervaluing and underpaying our Aged and Community Caregivers, Cobblers, Manual Workers, Teachers, Nurses, and the armies of Labourers: without their labour our Societies would not function etc, where in contrast, we overvalue and overpay Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, some Engineers, Professional Footballers, Actors or Company Directors, etc. In our present Society we have somehow elevated the worth of one profession while reducing the worth of many others, when in reality, they are all equally valid contributions into a community, all of which require one skill or another that each particular soul has naturally acquired or developed as their choice.

What is important is that everyone in the community contributes 'one way or another'. We have shared this in previous discussion papers, whereby, we need to deconstruct our present reliance on a Nanny State where the Consciousness of the masses has been manipulated into receiving Freebies and Handouts, something for nothing, in exchange for a Vote from their Politicians who say they are your caregivers.

Remember, the objective here is to also reduce our reliance upon a Monetary System through the mutual development of Co-operation, however, as an interim measure, if the greater Community is still reliant upon a Monetary System, the New Social Community will still require a level of participation within that system.

Recycling for example is an important element in this type of lifestyle. As described above, this Community has harnessed the idea of rainwater harvesting, composting, crop rotation and propagation, energy conservation and production, local building materials to name a few. Perhaps, if this community of 'like minded' souls decide to Co-operate with the greater or surrounding Communities, then it could perhaps, be part of a larger Co-operative in many ways. For example, while we have Petro-chemical Industries using Hydro Carbon fuels they could help keep the environment clean by recycling some of these bi-products into useful elements that could have Commercial advantages for that Community. Already there are in many Communities around our beautiful planet Earth a growing Awareness around recycling and a greater concern for our Environment. Let us say, our small Community makes an arrangement to take delivery from the greater Community on a regular basis, as or when required, certain types of plastic waste that the Community has found a way for its own recycling use and perhaps an Environmentally friendly Commercial use.

There are simple mechanical technologies that allow grinding hard plastics into granules that when heated soften and are easily compressed into useful shapes, say, buckets and all sorts of bins, planter boxes, roofing tiles, plus myriads of other products. These plastics are simply mechanically pressed, requiring little heat, into different forms that can now be used for example, as pots in the propagation of plants etc. All these pots can now be two, three or four times thicker in section than their Commercial versions; these recycled versions will have a longer life of usage and do not crack or break as do modern disposable plastics found in the supermarkets. So now, when the Communities market their gardens gifts, sell or exchange their plants and shrubs, they can come in pots that last a lifetime or can be recycled and fashioned into another product as required. The 'Community' could also have a retail shop selling its surplus organically grown produce and generating funds back into the Community or bartering exchange of Services. In this fashion, the Community is acting as its own Central Bank and does not require the Banking Services of our current system.

The Community Bank is therefore a depository for Goods, Services as well as a Tangible Monetary System while one exists. It may sound old fashioned, however, it makes sense for a Community to invest into itself, to secure the success and sustainability for its future generations compared to a Society that does not. For example, when a Country has a compulsory 'Pay in Pension Scheme' by the majority of the working 'masses' and if these Funds leave the Community, there are many possible scenarios that disadvantage those that have invested their hard earned money. In the US for example, these Pension Funds amount to hundreds of billions of Dollars every year. These Cash Funds are then entrusted into International Investment Management Companies who then invest your Savings into 'high risk' Projects along with 'high yielding' Bonds issued from Governments and Banking Institutions from around the World and gambling on the World Stock Markets etc, with the express idea of multiplying these Funds through Investments to fund your future Retirement.

These Pension Investment managers draw huge salaries and bonuses for making these Investments and are unaccountable especially when they make bad Investments on behalf of their employer the 'working masses'. The idea of having your own Investment Pension Plan for your Retirement is sound, however, giving the responsibility to individuals and companies who you know nothing about and entrusting your Funds to them for the next 30 or 40 years and trusting that when you do eventually retire you are adequately compensated for, is quite another thing. In the financial meltdown in 2007, approximately 40% of Pension Investment Funds were 'wiped out' with no accountability given back to the Investors, indeed, some Pension Funds were 'completely wiped out'. When taking into account Inflation, the true Value of these Investments is often reduced or even eliminated. When the World moves into Hyperinflation with the crash of 'Paper Currencies', most of these Pension Funds will become worthless and again, the 'masses' pay the price for the greed and neglect of our current Global Financialisation. Again, if we want to reduce the necessity and reliance on a Monetary System, the first step is to be Our Own Central Bank and not require the Services of the National and International Banking Institutions.

So dear reader, what is required now, is your Big Story as to how a small Community could reinvent itself, fashioning itself on all the Principles that we have discussed throughout these papers. We have presented the above brief description of a small New Community as a convenient idea that supports many of the Principles that have been laid out in these discussion papers that perhaps can be a starting place for the reader.

The next step is then the expansion of this Big Story to include the surrounding environments, with their similarly fashioned Communities. If we keep expanding this story to a National and then International level, we have a Global Blue Print for our Collective Future into a New and Elevated Conscious Awareness so that we may All exist in Co-operation as a 'One Humanity'. This type of structure should now sound familiar, as in previous discussion papers we spoke of 'inverting' the present Political system starting at a Community level through to a Global level, the same Principle applies here. In essence, we are 'gifting back' to ourselves the Social Responsibility we had Collectively 'given away' in the naïve dream that someone else could do a better job than we could do for ourselves.

All that is then required, is to 'imprint' this New Elevated Awareness, as previously shared throughout these discussion papers, into our own Awareness by consolidating these thoughts that give Purpose and Direction, sharing the concepts with all those curious souls who want something better for themselves, for their children and all future generations but are not clear on how to achieve the same. Where possible, sharing these and many more discussions with small or large groups of like minded people, developing these ideas and consolidating them into a daily way of life, forming new Trusts based upon all these Principles that are a living example of what can be done.

As these ideas manifest themselves into your physical world they take on a stronger Frequency of Truth that with our encouragement and support assist others to follow. Where possible, these groups and Communities can share their ideas for what is possible for All of Humanity through the Media, including the Internet, Local, National and Community Newspapers, Radio talkback and Hosting Stations. Indeed, wherever, whenever the opportunity arises, we can make ourselves available to assist. As previously discussed, these New Communities are underpinned by a New type of Social Trust that 'encompasses but does not limit' ALL of these concepts.

We trust that all these discussion papers have ignited a New Elevated Awareness in our Collectively Co-created present Social System, by first understanding how we have Collectively arrived at this point in time and equally important, an exciting way of refashioning ourselves into an Elevated Existence vibrating in the Frequency of Love and Co-operation.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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