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NZ Manipulated Economic Statistics

Information complied 2016

  • A brief glimpse into New Zealand's manipulated statistical Economy - The New Zealand Government reports a 60 billion NZ Dollar Sovereign Debt and when related to New Zealand's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) they claim a ratio of 38.4%:
    60,000,000,000 NZ Dollars
  • What is not made clear, is that this figure of 60 billion NZ Dollars is only the Sovereign-Guaranteed Debt, for there is also a further 47 billion NZ Dollars that is the Non Sovereign-Guaranteed Debt:
    47,000,000,000 NZ Dollars
    that is not included for manipulative reasons and is excluded from their calculations although this additional Debt is still being 'serviced'. So, in actuality, the New Zealand Government Debt on both Sovereign-Guaranteed Debt and Non Sovereign-Guaranteed Debt to external parties is really 107 billion NZ Dollars:
    107,231,449,290 NZ Dollars
  • This total Government 'Borrowings' from external sources is split for manipulative purposes. This split reflects that borrowings by State Owned Enterprises, SOE's and Crown Entities, CE's are not guaranteed by the Crown and so are subtracted from the equation. The subterfuge is further outrageously manipulated by also omitting to include Local Government Organisational (LGO's) 'Borrowings' as if they somehow are not part of the Expenditure of New Zealand's Governance. The New Zealand Government's Statistical Department have instead lumped together the 'Borrowings' of Local Government Organisations with other State Owned Enterprise 'Borrowings' with the Private Sector 'Borrowings', these are all placed under the guise of Corporate Overseas Debt. Statistics New Zealand estimate this combined Debt is now 200 billion NZ Dollars as of the end of the last financial year, 2014:
    200,000,000,000 NZ Dollars
  • In addition to this Government statement of 'financial position' "in the Financial Statement of the Government of New Zealand for the year ending 30th June, 2014, shows the correct value of broad types of Liabilities and Values total Liabilities at 175.3 billion NZ Dollars" 'These Liabilities include ACC Claims and Government Superannuation Fund Liabilities":
    175,300,000,000 NZ Dollars
  • In June, 2012, New Zealand's total Debt Liability was 462 billion NZ Dollars. As of 2016 it stands at a staggering:
    506,924,888,300 NZ Dollars

If we now compare this more realistic Economic 'state of affairs' with that of the misleading GDP figure that our Governments like to use, the ratio of Debt to GDP as of 2016 is a staggering ratio of 216%. Far from the Governments claim of 38.4% where they manipulated the truth deceiving the true depths of New Zealand's 'Borrowings' to external parties. This total Liability Debt equates to a Debt that every man, woman and child in New Zealand services by the way of Consumption, Taxes and Rates to the tune of 111,000 NZ Dollars. This is the Debt that every individual New Zealander is now responsible for on top of any of their personal indebtedness. In an average household with a family of 2.5 children and their parents, their combined National Debt contribution equates to 499,500 NZ Dollars. Remember, this is in addition to any personal Debts they may have.

New Zealand has a population of only 4.5 million people (as of 2016) and we have a combined Debt to external parties that at best, we are 'servicing' Interest Only Payments as these Debts grow day by day. Indeed our present Government is borrowing an additional 37 million NZ Dollars 'everyday' (as of 2016) adding to the Debt of Half a Trillion NZ Dollars.

The main motive for this deception and manipulation is evident on the Governments own website "generally, Government Debt as a percentage of GDP is used by Investors to measure a Countries ability to make future payment on its Debt, thus affecting the Countries 'Borrowing' costs and Government Bond yields".

GDP is a bogus and fictitious accounting tool that does not indicate or represent productive or Real Economic output and does not represent the true state of an Economy in an un-manipulated or truthful way. GDP is the sum total of all Economic Monetary movements and has no relationship to correct and accurate accountancy. All types of Expenditures and Incomes are added together and represent a bogus formula indicating nothing but deception and when it is a ratio measured against a fraction of the true indebtedness of our Nation, the revealed percentage of this calculation is meaningless at best and fraudulent by its misrepresentation and deception.

The above Government Manipulated Statistics (as of 2016) were taken directly from the following sources. Today in 2020 these same figures have escalated since the increased borrowing from the Christchurch earthquakes and now with the Coronavirus Pandemic scam and other major infrastructure improvement Borrowings.


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  • nzgov.debt

National Debt Clocks Organisations' website state "New Zealand is the worst Country they have encountered to get clear 'up to date' information".

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