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Conversations with the Collective Consciousness of the Star Seeds from Earth (part 1)

Kristil Origins and the Karistus

The origin of 'Kristil' is ancient and its original meaning has been semi-obscured with the passage of time, however, from this name, the term 'Christ' has evolved today.

The regressives (Cabal) re-wrote the bible and instead of using the term, Kristil energy, they instead referred to this energy as 'Christ' energy. The New Testaments were a fabrication that was written by the Romans and the name 'Christ' has been loaded with connotations of what we know today as Christianity. The Roman Cabal's intention was to distort Spirituality and, through mind-control, prevent Humanity's higher frequency understanding and connection to Source.

Everything in the Galaxy is a part of Prime Creator and all Souls were created at the same time, however, they are all having a different experience. There are new Souls to Earth who have not experienced a 3D low frequency energy before, while there are other Souls who have had so much experience that they are a part of the Karistus frequency.

The Karistus Beings live on Jupiter and were created directly by Prime Creator. They are the oldest and most advanced civilisation in this Solar System, perhaps even the Galaxy, and are the original Creators of Worlds. They are magnificent in light, colour, and energy and are 6D plus. 6D is a more polyplasmic type of physicality, that is, a high frequency blend of biological and Spiritual energy. They have wings and are considered the original Angels and Arc Angels.

This Solar System was designed to bring through a 'natural' way of incarnating. The natural way of incarnating is when life starts from nature and the new species move through the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. On Earth, a naturally created civilisation is a part of, or has a direct link to the Earth, as well as being a spark of Prime Creator. The Karistus act as overseers or guides for the natural developing civilisations.

The Karistus say that they brought into existence some of the Reptilian races, as well as the Lyrian races, and out of the Lyrian races, many other races evolved such as the Sirians and Pleiadeans. The Pleiadeans were seeded by the Lyrians approximately 1 million years ago.

The Karistus were also a part of the seeding of many species throughout this Galaxy and this Universe. They are presently overseeing and mentoring four new civilisations on the four moons of Jupiter. The beautiful NyShaRa (Soul Family) is in direct communication with the Karistus and is mentoring humanity in collaboration with them.


All planets could be considered to hold positive and negative energy, and Jupiter is considered a positive planet that holds positive Creation energy. (Saturn, in contrast, could be considered to be holding negative Creation energy). Jupiter has spectacular light cities with enormous buildings, many of which are domed like cathedrals, and the colours that they emanate are truly incredible.

Jupiter has no land mass and is entirely composed of gas. The pressure from the gaseous atmosphere is more dense as you go down, and in some places, is more dense than carbon steel. All levels, however, contain life, and because of the gaseous atmosphere, all of Jupiter's Beings either fly or swim. The dragons of our mythology are there, and everything that you can imagine, and most of the animals are very large. Many of the Beings on Jupiter have been seeded on Earth, for example the whales and dolphins, and in fact, all of the species on Earth have been seeded from other planets from throughout the Universe.

On Jupiter, they still have animals that feed off other animals. Some creatures on Jupiter are like jellyfish with tentacles one-hundred metres long. There are shoals of them and they feed off smaller animals. They understand that the Soul does not die and there is just the ending of a biological life. Life is more about the 'experience' that the Soul derives through the biological body and so they explore how it feels to be the 'persecutor' and the 'persecuted'. In this way, a Balance is created within the Consciousness of All Things.

Dhor Karistus, Dhor Kristil and Dhor Jedi are all DK

In our Solar System, DK is an ancient concept that preceded the United Federation of Planets/Worlds. When the Karistus visit Earth or somewhere else, the name Dhor Karistus (DK) is often used. When other Beings (e.g. Pleiadeans, Andromedins and Sirians) visit or incarnate somewhere, the term Dhor Kristil (DK) is used. So hence, the term DK is used in all cases.

Dhor Kristil - DK

All civilisations, planets, stars, and the many different Federations and groups have a structure, and within that structure there is a hierarchy. The DK, however, are independent of all of the structures and hierarchies throughout the Universe. They move throughout the Universe to bring 'change' and can be seen as 'free radicals'. They are another dynamic in the Universe, and like a monolith, they appear and disappear whenever they are needed. Although DK are independent of each other, they are also dependent upon each other, because they are the same frequency or Consciousness. They are one Consciousness of the same density that can move anywhere in the Universe.

Kristil, or Christ energy, is not just one person, it is a State of Mind. The 'Messiah' means to bring balance where there is imbalance and understanding where there is mis-understanding. So DK bring balance to something that is out of balance. There is no right or wrong. There is no battle or war. There is only bringing balance. And in a Universe where Cosmic Order is absolutely required, the DK also bring Order where there is dis-order. This independence requires 'high ethics and morality' because there is no-one overseeing them, and this is necessary so that they can have great influence over timelines.

The DK bring the Kristil energy wherever they go by emanating Divine Energy and Positive Thought. Another name for them are 'Guides'. The DK could be considered as adventurers, time-travellers and explorers who maintain a higher consciousness, and these attributes they gain through their incredible experiences. The Pleiadean's use the term DK when these benevolent Beings assist, guide, and mentor, understanding that they are another aspect of 'Self' in another reality. We say, another aspect of Self, because the DK knows that every aspect in the Universe is an aspect of themselves. We are all One.

From a Higher perspective, we are ALL DK working for the liberation of worlds towards enlightenment. DK have the choice to go back and be a part of Prime Creator or do something else, and if they choose something else, they can incarnate at any level, even at 3D, because they are 12D beings.

Dhor Jedi - DJ

There is also another term, DJ, and that means Dhor Jedi. The Dhor Jedi energies come from an 'all-inclusive' Consciousness and not from one place or another. The DJ work alone from a mental level and change the energy field itself with thought. Whereas, the DK incarnate into a 'species' in order to make those changes.

Whether the term DJ, or Dhor Jedi is used, they can change a Planetary Consciousness with their Mind. A DJ can manifest a body, however, their Consciousness is so powerful that they can manifest themselves 'wherever' they want. They are not born. They do not incarnate. They show up out of the Ether.

Dhor Jedi are, in the true sense, a galactic warrior. The DJ fights to put balance into negativity, however, this is not with the sword. The sword is symbolic. The Jedi in the Japanese culture are called Samurai. They are peaceful and do not fight. The fight is by standing in your Sovereignty and sharing your Truth to put balance where there is imbalance. The Jedi uses their strong conscious mind to address imbalance.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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