The Harmonic Convergence

The Untold Story

Chapter 1: Descending through Aldebaran

Of myself, I am no-one-thing. I am an expression of everything, everywhere, as a Living Consciousness in 'All Things'. And I exist purely to Serve the Truth of Unconditional Love.

Close your eyes, take a gentle breath, and let us journey together on an adventure traversing this Galaxy as I share with you this yet untold story. I am Samira from The Crystal Mountain far, far away. A High Priestess, answering a clarion call that has been sent throughout 'All of Creation' and now I wish to share with you this unrecorded knowledge, for 'We Are All One' and the Truth does set us free.

As I stood in a courtyard, gazing into a pool of tranquil water, I see myself materializing into my physical form. I am now in my new fifth Density body that is tall and slender, and my skin is bronzed and anointed in exotic fragrances. My full-length gown of cobalt blue chiffon is sleeveless, exposing decorative arm bracelets crafted from the finest gold, and coiled like serpents around my arms. My raven black hair is piled up high, falling in tresses down to my shoulders, and my eye make-up is well defined in rich, dramatic colours in the traditional Egyptian style. I studied the back of my hands, turning them so that I could see my palms, and then observed the back of my hands once again. My long, slender fingers are adorned with lapis lazuli rings, and on my wrist, there is a beautiful garnet and jasper bracelet.

A flood of tears welled up in my eyes as I recalled my many lives in this quadrant of the Galaxy. As I remembered Mother Gaia and my deep profound Love for Her, I felt excitement and gratitude that I would soon be journeying to her lands once again. Oh, dear Mother, how I have missed you. I wiped my cheeks dry with the back of my hand, and sighing deeply, I began to familiarize myself with my new surroundings.

I walked into my accommodation, and gazing through an arched cathedral window, the terrain feels familiar for I have been here many times before. Cyndriel's magnificent deep red mountains take on a different form than most other planets, as rather than reaching upwards towards the sky, they project sideways. This striking juxtaposition is as though they are turning their attention to the unmistakable heavenly body of Aldebaran that almost fills the day-time sky. Aldebaran is a giant Sun that casts its magnificent orange glow over the wilderness that is stretched out before me. The majestic planet of Cyndriel 'Welcomes' me once again.

There is a knock at the door. "Yes, come in," I responded automatically. The sound of my voice, as it resonated through my body, felt strange and yet known to me.

"Hello, Samira. I am NyShaRa, your Guardian and Guide." NyShaRa was carrying a tray of refreshments and she placed them on a table.

"Thank you," I replied.

NyShaRa is wearing a garment of electric blue gathered at the waist by a multi-platted sash in a Celtic knot that reflects light as she moves. She is a High Priestess, and will accompany me throughout my forth coming adventure as we traverse the Galaxy to our destination. We are journeying to Gaia, that many call Earth, to help the inhabitants who are on a Timeline to destruction. We looked at one another, and recognizing our deep Soul Connection, we both smiled.

"Please, sit down," I indicated to the chairs in the living room.

"How are you feeling, Samira?" inquired NyShaRa.

"I am becoming acquainted with my new body," I smiled. "It is quite wonderful to feel my body, and yet, I understand deeply that a Soul can only temporarily inhabit a body. And, of course, I am feeling the energies of this magnificent planet."

"Perfect," said NyShaRa. "In all planets throughout the Galaxy, our connection to 'everything' is 'felt' through The Natural World. The energies of Nature, combined with our own, is a complex ocean of frequencies that are inseparable. On Cyndriel, however," continued NyShaRa, "the natural energies are very different from most other planets. Cyndriel has more of a desert terrain with seemingly very little life, certainly little vegetation, however, it is peaceful and quiet."

"I certainly do feel peaceful and quiet," I assured NyShaRa.

"Cyndriel is a high fifth Density Spiritual destination," explained NyShaRa. "This is where one can receive a mystical experience that will inspire one's journey towards Higher Spiritual Growth. There are many hotel rooms, similar to the one that we are sitting in now, built into caverns or carved into in the natural rock structures for the many guests who come here for deep contemplation."

"Ah, yes. I am remembering now," I nodded slowly. "Many come to this place when they are ready to 'move on' from Duality. It is here that a person can raise their frequency, disintegrate their Biological Body, and disappear from Cyndriel as they take their Consciousness through the Portal of Aldebaran and into the Higher Densities. Or, should a person wish, they can leave their Biological Body on Cyndriel, take their Consciousness to other higher Densities, and then return to inhabit their Body once again."

"That is right, Samira," NyShaRa's voice was tranquil and serene. "Aldebaran is a Portal to the twelfth Density and to Prime Creator. You have just arrived here through Aldebaran's Portal, and Cyndriel is immersed in the Consciousness of Prime Creator that emanates from Aldebaran."

I leaned forward and touched NyShaRa's hand. "However, I am not Ascending, I am Descending," I said. "My twelfth Density Soul has been stepped down into the lower Densities so that I can experience Duality and Contrast."

"Indeed," acknowledged NyShaRa. "Twelfth Density Beings do not require a biological body as in that Density, 'Everything is an Idea, Thought, Consciousness' and 'Everything is connected without separation'. However, you have come down through the Densities so that we can assist with Humanities Ascension."

"And furthermore," I began to recall, "when I am in the twelfth Density, I am aware of my projected Consciousness in my third, fourth and fifth Density experiences, and so on up through all of the Densities. I have my 'Focused Attention Awareness' in all of the respective Densities and Timelines below the twelfth Density. My lower Density Selves, however, are not aware of the higher Density Selves who are Conscious and living their lives above them. So as a fifth Density being, I feel somewhat confined, as I only have memories of a few Timelines in the fifth Density. And everything feels... a lot slower."

NyShaRa smiled, "Everything feels slower because of Time. What you think and how you think, the meaning that you give to yourself, defines Time for you."

I nodded slowly, listening to NyShaRa's explanation.

"Time is an inescapable part of you," she continued. "Time is you. You cannot have Awareness of Self without some sort of temporal perception. There is Me and not Me, where I have a thought, and where I did not have that thought before."

I began to remember how time is fluid depending upon the frequency that we are inhabiting. "So, time is the result of the Awareness of the Consciousness of the Observer as it animates its concepts and ideas, giving them sequences," I said. "The more awareness, the more concepts the Consciousness of the Observer can manage, and at a higher rate, so that what we manifest in the higher Densities arrives more quickly than it does in the lower Densities."

"Bravo!" said NyshaRa, and we both laughed.

As my laughter subsided, I felt the urge to connect with Aldebaran once again. I got up, and walking back to the window, I stood in awe of the luminescent light that was projecting out of the stones. "I can already feel the Love from Prime Creator infusing my Consciousness," I murmured, almost to myself. "I can feel Prime Creator's Love throughout my body, igniting my Heart, and bringing a sense of Oneness into my entire Being."

As I closed my eyes, I could feel a tingling sensation on the crown of my head, and my vision was filled with golden light. This golden light extended outwards in a lattice of crystal rays, displaying its beautiful, high vibrational energy. Focusing even more, the shafts of light changed to a flowing etheric mist, and looking deeper still, the etheric mist transformed into a flowing body of water in constant motion that I know is an ever-changing expression of Consciousness. I felt immersed in this magnificent Sun with its soft transparent radiating glow, shimmering orange, and emanating the Creator's Love.

"Please," encouraged NyShaRa, "take all the time that you need to adjust to your new surroundings."

I opened my eyes. Outside the sky was the colour of Indigo, however, the atmosphere was so clear that the Suns and Stars appeared illuminated and magnified, and so close that one could reach out and touch them. While gazing into the heavens, I turned my attention to the huge interstellar space Port that was suspended in the sky above Cyndriel. From the surface, it looked like a luminescent silver structure suspended beyond the atmosphere, a majestic structure of immense proportions and a hub of activity. At certain times of the day, the radiance from Aldebaran turned the Space Port into a glowing, orange ball.

Several enormous Interstellar craft were docked up against the space Port, some were triangular, some were discs, and yet others were spherical in shape. Many were several hundred kilometres in length, although the huge spherical biosphere craft measured thousands of kilometres in diameter. There were many shuttles, moving backwards and forwards between the space Port and the surface Port of Cyndriel, transporting people and provisions in both directions.

"Oh! My goodness!" I laughed. "An interstellar craft has just appeared in the sky, literally, out-of-the-blue!"

NyShaRa laughed also, "It is always surprising when they Timeline jump, isn't it?"

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "I remember that they use Frequency Maps to Timeline jump from distant parts of the Galaxy, or occasionally, from another Galaxy."

"That is right," said NyShaRa. "The A.I. on the interstellar ships calculate the frequency of where the ship is jumping from, including the contents of the ship, and where the ship is jumping to. The ship then arrives at its destination without having travelled any distance. There is no actual travel as such, it is more a relocation from one point to another point, because everything in the Universe is a frequency. These high technological star ships achieve this relocation irrespective of size or mass of the craft or star ship."

"Oh, NyShaRa," I said, turning to face her, "do you remember our lives as Taygetan Sand-Clock pilots?"

"Oh, yes!" NyShaRa was excited. "We always love to jump 'up and down' Timelines in our Pleiadean Suzi Craft."

"I remember," I said, "that the A.I. on the craft was my closest friend as I relied on her to calculate the jumps. The quantum computer reads everything as Energy, not as Matter, because every experience, Event and object holds a unique frequency. To Timeline jump is about travelling from one frequency range to another frequency range."

"And, of course," added NyShaRa, "an individual Soul can use this same technology to jump from one Timeline to the next, be it in the 'Past, Present or Future', because all Timelines are occurring at the same Time. The 'Past, Present or Future' are all only mathematical frequencies and are, therefore, reproducible. The only requirement is that the Soul needs to hold the 'same frequency' of the Timeline that they are jumping to."

"Absolutely!" I felt so enthusiastic to be talking about frequencies. "The way that the quantum computers on a star ship use a Frequency Map," I reiterated, "can also be applied to any person or Being. When enough 'Focused Attention Awareness' is given to a specific 'thought process', or belief, the frequency of the Observer will automatically 'match' the frequency of the object or situation that they are thinking about. So, when you match that frequency, you become that frequency, and you attract that frequency. This is why it is so important to understand our beliefs and raise our frequency."

"You are so right," encouraged NyShaRa. "And that is called The Law of Attraction, or, The Law of Mirrors."

"The 'thought' frequency in the individual's Mind," I continued, "equals the perceived external object or situation, however, there are NO external objects or situations because they are all frequencies. There is no external world to you, as it is you who has it all in your Mind."

NyShaRa walked over to where I was standing and took my hand. "Soon, we will be Timeline jumping through the Past, Present and Future, once again, Samira."

Up until now, I have been travelling through Portals in my high-Density spiritual body, however, as I have now Descended into a physical body, I will need a stellar ship or freighter to complete my journey. I looked at NyShaRa and squeezed her hand. "I am feeling ready now, NyShRa, to re-familiarize myself with the surface Port and make enquires about our transport."

"Alright, Samira," said NyShaRa. "Come with me, I will show you the way."

At the departure terminal, NyShaRa and I were greeted by the family who operate an interstellar freighter. Daul KaRa stood before me, his face beaming with a beautiful smile, and at his side stood his wife and co-navigator, SaRa. They were accompanied by their two daughters, ShaMaRa and Cyndriella.

Daul KaRa and SaRa were dressed in typical pilot attire, being a tight body suit made of a silver fabric so that they could operate the freighter with ease. Daul KaRa had a musculature body, a wide, jolly face, and a kind disposition. SaRa possessed fine features and her auburn hair was pulled back into a thick braid that fell down to the small of her back.

"Greetings, Samira and NyShaRa, I am your pilot, Daul KaRa". Upon hearing his voice, I felt an instant recognition for this beautiful Soul Family. I opened my arms, radiating the Love that I felt for them, and we all hugged tightly, all feeling our strong emotional bonds.

NyShaRa and I found our respective seats inside the craft. As I took in my surroundings, I noticed that the hull was made of polymorphic metals creating a smooth, seamless interior, engineered to perfection with clean yet functional internal components.

SaRa loaded the destination frequency of Triangulum into the ships computer which calculates the 'waypoint frequencies'. Daul KaRa set in motion the 'zero point' generators flooding the intake conduits of the massive frequency generators with a limitless supply of electricity. As he did this, I could feel the vibration and hear a low droning sound as the craft leapt into life. And then came an electromagnetic energy change in the freighter, and this sensation swept over my entire body, like hair standing on end. As a Suzie Craft Pilot, I clearly remember this feeling just before making a jump. The freighter finally lifted off the departure bay.

"We are now a safe distance from Cyndriel," announced Daul KaRa. "The plasma jet reactors are fired into life and about to reach a velocity of up to half the speed of Light."

There are no words to adequately describe the next sensation that I felt. The freighter accelerated with an unimaginable inertia factor, and for safety reasons, Daul KaRa needed to make sure that the acceleration was compensated for in terms of gravitation.

Usually, Daul KaRa would have a hundred percent gravity compensation factor activated, however, for our delight, and perhaps his, he turned down the damping effect to the maximum. This means that ninety eight percent of the gravity has been cancelled out, allowing the passengers the sensation of a two percent gravitational factor, undamped. This would equate, on Earth today, to a velocity acceleration factor of close to 10G, that is, ten times gravity, which would render most Humans unconscious. However, all of us have had this conditioning in previous experiences and can maintain our Conscious awareness with this acceleration and inertia for short periods of time.

We all beamed our delight and excitement as we were thrown back into our seats. With great excitement and anticipation, I am once again adventuring with my Light Family that I Love so much.

"We trust that your trip will be comfortable," said SaRa. She offered both NyShaRa and I a tray of exotic fruits grown in the subtropical climates of distant planets. "If there is anything that you need during your journey to Triangulum, please let me, or one of my daughters know."

"Thank you, SaRa." I recognized her eyes, her voice, and my heart searched for the Timeline where we have shared previous experiences. My thoughts, however, were interrupted when SaRa announced that we will soon arrive at Triangulum. Triangulum is the Sun Portal that will take us to Solar M13, and from there we will travel to Gaia.

"Ooooh, I love travelling through Portals!" exclaimed ShaMaRa, her hands clasped together and a huge smile on her face. She then hurriedly left her seat to sit beside me.

"Me too," I laughed. "It is SO exciting."

"My father is teaching me ALL about Portals," ShaMaRa continued, and opened her big, round eyes so wide that I had to stop myself from laughing. She had long, red hair, a smattering of freckles, and I detected a touch of the 'tomboy' in her.

Daul KaRa, diverting his attention from the control panels on the freighter, inclined his head towards me. "ShaMaRa has seen seven Summers, and is already excited about quantum physics."

"Well, ShaMaRa," I smiled at her, "tell me what you know about Portals."

ShaMaRa's eyes looked upwards as she searched her memory to recall the information that her father had taught her. "Well, a Portal is where the frequency of 'one place' is the same or similar frequency to 'another place', because they are a frequency match," began ShaMaRa. "And the two places are connected at their 'Portal points'. So, for example, if you enter a Portal at a beach, you will exit at another beach in another Density, or on another planet. It will be beaches, water and a similar temperature that you encounter, however, it will not be somewhere in deep, dark, or hostile space. It can be anywhere, as long as the frequency harmonics are compatible or similar."

"Ah, very good," I said, expressing my appreciation.

"In the case of Triangulum and the Central Sun of Solar M13," continued ShaMaRa, "both of the portals are Suns, therefore, they are a frequency match. There is a three-dimensional hole, a sphere, or a toroid that connects Portals, and that is how we travel from one through to the other."

"Yes, ShaMaRa, so a Portal can also be a toroid?" I smiled fondly.

"Oh, yes! Ah, I remember now. Um... so, a toroid is a complex mixture of frequencies and every aspect of Nature, every Event, every Planet, Sun, Moon and every Being, right down to a grain of sand, each has its own self-sustaining, self-feeding individual toroid. Every toroid is being fed by a higher toroid and where the toroid's connect together, that is a Portal." ShaMaRa raised a finger, indicating that she had more to say, and continued, "All toroid's are the energy of Prime Creator."

"My gosh, that was delivered with such clarity, thank you, ShaMaRa. And this is also true of Suns," I added. "In our third Density future on Earth, terrestrial science will tell us that the Sun is hot, however, the Sun is not a thermo-nuclear reactor as they claim. All Suns are high frequency, high energy, aspects of Prime Creator."

Cyndriella approached me shyly. She stood in front of me, and in a tentative voice asked, "What is a Density?"

Unlike ShaMaRa, who has seen seven Summers, Cyndriella has only experienced four, however, she was starting to remember some previous lives and many of her experiences. Cyndriella had long blonde hair and hazel eyes that threw out shards of blue and green with flecks of gold. Her physical form was that of a very cute young girl, and yet, her experienced Soul was emerging.

"A Density..." I smiled at Cyndriella, wondering how much information she would be able to understand, and then, realising that she was a high fifth Density being, and able to understand complex definitions, even at the age of four, I continued. "A Density is a set of Agreements that create a 'limited' array of Frequencies. So, with two or more people, you can create a Density, remembering that a Density is just a range of 'Agreed upon Frequencies'."

Cyndriella inclined her head, "Do you mean that we make an Agreement together, in the same way that ShaMaRa and I agree on what game we will play."

"Hmmmm, well, let me put it this way," I looked into Cyndriella's eyes. "The future Earth is third Density because of the Agreements that have been created and are in the belief system of the majority of the Earth's inhabitants. It is not that the inhabitants of Earth come together for a meeting and decide upon the Agreements, or frequency, of the planet. These Agreements are formulated because the expectations of the inhabitants are similar."

"And here lies the problem," added NyShaRa, "If fifty-one percent of seven billion people on future Earth agree on something, then that will be the predominant frequency. So without even understanding what they are agreeing to, a Soul is born into, and is a part of those Agreements."

"What kinds of Agreements are in their belief system?" asked Cyndriella.

"For example," explained NyShaRa, "physical aging, linear time, and all the mind-control from education systems, religions, and different cultures that makes the future Earth third Density."

"However," I interrupted. "This definition of Densities occurs on all planets, and all of the Agreements will be different, depending upon the dimension, or frequency, of those planets."

"So really," interjected ShaMaRa, "Densities are not real!"

"Oh, brilliant ShaMaRa!" I laughed. "There really are no Densities, there is just the 'Conscious Attention Awareness' of the Observer that is focused on a point."

No sooner had I finished my sentence, Triangulum came into view. I can see an immense mass in front of me, perhaps forty or fifty times larger than Gaia's Sun.

I gasped, "How stunning!"

"Isn't it?" smiled Daul KaRa. My eyes searched Daul KaRa's face, and yet, I still cannot quite remember how our lives have intercepted one another.

"Natural portals, like Suns," continued Daul KaRa, "have the capacity to transfer almost limitless amounts of mass. This is how the Andromedins move their huge biosphere's from one place to the other, for example, one of their damaged and discarded biospheres, known as the Moon by Humans from Earth's future, can be easily transported through the Portals. The Andromedins are fortunate in that they take their homes wherever they go as they travel around the Universe. Sun Portals are an energy efficient way to move vast distances across interstellar space."

Hmmmm, I thought. A Moon, that is an Andromedin biosphere, in Earth's future. "Thank you, Daul KaRa, for sharing that information," I said, and lay back in my seat listening to his calm and reassuring voice as he talked more about Moons, Suns and biosphere's. I closed my eyes, and drifted into a vague remembrance where I was experiencing a life in a biosphere as an Andromedin.

I was in another dimension and the biosphere was my home. This biosphere, which was also an interstellar star ship, was approximately eight hundred kilometres from tip to tip, was triangular shaped, and was home for approximately three quarters of a million inhabitants.

Throughout the biosphere, there were enormous tunnels that resembled cathedral walkways and they linked one area to another. Some of the tunnels had jade green rivers, flanked by pathways of paved cobalt, that then meandered through tranquil forests. Other tunnels stretched vast distances with high speed trains that transported passengers to their desired destinations. This network of tunnels each had their own climate and eco-system and felt like whole worlds in and of themselves.

Gardens of exotic plants and trees, as well as an amazing variety of animals, could be found everywhere on this living biosphere. These biospheres are self-supporting holographic systems, meaning that they are 'whole' systems, that are a reflection of the Consciousness of its people. The core principal of a holographic system is that any Soul has the right to express themselves in any way that they choose, however, with one caveat: No Soul has the right to harm another Soul, and so, there is harmlessness. In fifth Density, if a Soul thinks of harming someone else, they will suffer themselves in the same way that they were imagining harming the other Soul. The inhabitants choose to live their entire lives on these beautifully created planets, and when they are ready, they can return through reincarnation.

Ah, yes, I can see myself as Her now. My Andromedin body was slender and almost 3 metres in height, my skin was pale blue, and I did not have any hair on my body. I was wearing a one-piece robe in the most striking azure blue, and as I walked, the soft silk brushed against my sensitive skin. I am a skilled gardener and herbalist, I take care the fauna and flora, as this is my passion. I feel alive and vital, and at the same time relaxed and content, and everything in my surroundings feels a 'Part of Me'.

I have a deep sense of my close proximity to planet Earth and the onboard skip's chronometers show that we are living in a time after the destruction of Taymat. Taymat, a water covered planet, once orbited Gaia's Sun, just beyond Earth's orbit, however, was destroyed. The biosphere that we are living on is stationed on the dark side of Earth's Moon and is lovingly called ViaRa. ViaRa allows us to observe third Density Earth and all that is taking place there.

Just being here on this beautiful Andromedin biosphere, I feel a great depth of Love and Harmony pervading my entire Being. Andromedins are peaceful and exist beyond conflict. And we are ancient. We have existed, in linear time, for at least one million years before the Lyrian's 'Great Expansion'. So, our ancestors existed more than two million Earth years ago. Some of our painful history of loss and destruction has, however, provided us with great learning.

And as the freighter hurtled through space, I felt my body relax, deeper and deeper, infusing with this Timeline.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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