Ascending Forward

The Journey Forward (part 1)

Beyond Manipulation

In this paper we deconstruct our present Civil Society from a position of Observational Neutrality directing our Consciousness into a stream of ideas that are achievable and very plausible, while following a Blue Print into a New Elevated Social Society that operates on the Frequency of Love and Co-operation.

Hopefully, the way forward should be becoming clearer and clearer through all of these documents. We start by diminishing our need and reliance upon these outside authority figures with whom we have in the past, unwittingly and sometimes unconsciously made agreements. Remember, "I do not now accept any of the contracts that others have agreed upon that limit the integrity of Myself and my Light Families".

Remember, that by being angry and waging a War with the Dark-shirts, we only play into their hands and by saying "Thank you but NO Thank you" we diminish our reliance upon their Services and live in our loving Neutrality: this is the only way forward. By doing this we demonstrate that we are standing in our Truth and operating from our I AM presence that is inclusive to ALL with No Exceptions. This is the Truth with which we are being tested. Be very clear about this; will we keep loving Unconditionally, no matter what!

The unsavory reality of our massively manipulated Global Societies, their Economies and Political game playing is often masked by insipid words such as 'stimulus', 'easing' and 'investing into our future', 'trust in the future we are creating for you', 'have faith in our policies' and 'we are on the right track'. In our Global Economy, Printing or Borrowing trillions of Pounds, Dollars, Euros, Yen etc. to further enrich 'the few' at the expense of the many, is anything but blatant fraud and embezzlement of both Tax Payers' Funds and the hard earned Savings and wealth of the masses, notwithstanding the departure from the Truth. The intent of manipulation is to conceal Truth at a minimum and to outright defraud the masses from the Truth. If there is no intent to defraud or mislead, then what is the purpose of manipulating statistics, media coverage and official narratives from the ones that we have entrusted within our Societies to Govern on our behalf?

It is now essential to 'un-manipulate' our manipulated Economies, breaking the strangle hold of vested interests is an essential step to rebuild an Economy that is not totally dependant upon manipulated money and statistics. Regardless of what slippery words are used to mask the manipulation, it does not change the reality that our Economies remain a manipulated mess, dependent upon monetary and statistical manipulation. If our Central Banks reversed the 'Zero Rate' or 'Low Rate' Interest Rate Policy and allowed them to return to the previous historic norms, and if our Governments actually declared the public Debt as a true measure of Fiscal Deficits rather than a manipulated number, thus misleading the public into believing that our Economies are healthier than they are; and if the Unemployment number reflected truthfully our Nation's reality where you only count living wage jobs that are full-time jobs, multiple part time jobs equal to that of a full-time job, the self employed who net a 'living wage' etc., then left un-manipulated, the statistics would no longer look healthy or complimentary and both the Economy and our Perception of the Economy would plummet in the reality of the 'true depths of mismanagement'.

The irony of relying on 'manipulation' to prop up an Economy designed to serve the vested interests of the few, is that this manipulation becomes normal and permanent. Every participant benefiting from this manipulated system, streamline their behaviour in order to exploit the manipulation. If the manipulation is withdrawn, our Economies will start to fall to pieces because 'the few' who gain from this manipulation have optimized their actions to extract the maximum benefit from the manipulation.

In our current manipulated Economies, attempting to invest productively, makes 'no financial sense' whatsoever to the big winners in our manipulated money Economies of Debt and Speculation. Instead of seeking constructive Investments that generate increased productivity in the Economy, these 'game players' optimize their Investments, influencing the manipulators in charge, Politicians, Regulators, Central Banks etc., or they Speculate with the excess Funds offered to the few, often close to 'Zero Interest Rates', flooding the system as a result of monetary manipulation, so only ever 'the few' benefit, thereby defrauding the masses.

By changing this corrupt system and withdrawing the fraudulent manipulation, our Economies will be forced to change as the psychological addiction of 'withdrawal' symptoms play out a new rhythm. The corrupt game players of our present system will scream and throw tantrums the moment the monetary and statistical system is unwound and those sectors that have benefited the most from the manipulation will scream the loudest and the longest. A new discipline is required to counter this manipulated reality and their players will claim that their demise will take down the entire Economy, which these sectors have grown fat on via the manipulated money and they will not want to give up their ill-gotten gains.

Their bluff has to be called. There is no painless way to un-manipulate an Economy that has grown dependant upon manipulation. Addiction can only be broken realistically, by going 'cold turkey' ending all the manipulation and forcing the Economy to adjust to a new discipline of a reality, unfettered by manipulated money, credit and risk manipulated statistics, creating truthful Governance that advantages everyone. Every parasitic vested interest will claim that they are 'essential' to the 'well being' of the Nation, the Truth is entirely opposite.

Our Societies will survive the demise of the bloated and unproductive Banking sectors and it's Central Banks that enforce via manipulation. If the discipline of a new reality with unfettered Markets will diminish and eventually kill the vested interest, then it is in the best interests of our Societies to hurry up its demise. For breaking the strangle hold of these corrupted vested interests is an essential step to rebuilding an Economy that is not dysfunctionally dependent upon Manipulated Money and Statistics and the Issuances of Lies from our Politicians who we have entrusted to carry out Fair and Equitable Governance on our behalf.

The way Central Banks around the World are presently structured serves no purpose but to impoverish our Society, destroy the Economy through money printing and price fixing of Interest Rates and also to fund Military and Government Wars and other nefarious acts.

Nations that offer their retirees Social and Welfare Benefits as discussed in Discussion Paper (4) "Understanding Humanity", face a no-win demographic situation where the number of retiring people entering the class of Beneficiaries far exceeds the number of additional full-time jobs being created. It is not just a matter of having enough young people to support the rapidly expanding masses of Retirees, there must be enough well paid, full-time jobs for younger people to pay necessary Taxes to Fund the Retirees Benefits and also support their own consumption and Savings.

The fact is that the number of full-time jobs paying more than Minimum Award Wage has stagnated while the number of Retirees qualifying for Pensions and Healthcare Benefits has soared. In past times, with Social Welfare expansion there was a ratio of 20 full-time workers to every 1 retired person drawing a Social Benefit. This ratio has systematically changed over the decades from the ratio 10:1 then 5:1 leaving us with now 2:1. This is not a ratio that is sustainable in anyway, especially without requiring crushing Tax burdens on the young. Estimates are even worse in some developed Nations: the ratio of Retirees over 65 years of age to those between 20 and 64 will soon be 50/50 (1:1) and that is a population not made up solely of people with full-time jobs paying Taxes to fund Social Welfare programs (Source: US Foreign Affairs July/August 2014 page 130).

All Government Social Welfare programs are 'pay as you go'. The Trust Funds touted and promised by our Politicians are propaganda and illusionary and are now only backed by nothing but the promise to sell more Treasury Debt in our deluded, corrupt and manipulated Economies. In other words, our present Civil Societies have no sustainable way of 'funding' these Social Welfare programs from either past collected Taxes or future Tax burdens on the employed. It is only through statistical and Economical monetary manipulation that allows these programs to continue as the World is plunged deeper and deeper into the abyss of 'Bankruptcy' that increasingly disenfranchises the masses, favouring only the few.

In Discussion Paper (6) "Pathways for Social Responsibility", we discussed the formation of the Nanny State and its architects that perhaps at that time had no idea where it would lead. It seems we all placed our trust into this Regime that has now 'failed' and therefore, we must ALL, Collectively take Responsibility for our oversight. The Nanny State, did not fail us - we failed it! It is also necessary that everyone in all Communities Contribute 'one way or another' into that Community; so, there must be a Plan, a Blue Print for Social Change.

With NMP (No More Politics) operating with a New Consciousness and abandoning the connection with the present corrupt and manipulated Political and Monetary Regime, we can all start to rebuild a New Social Society based on Truth and Fairness with relevant policies that favour ALL.

In Discussion Paper (7) "Blueprint for an elevated Humanity", the NMP Party is not really a Political Party, it is a Charitable Organization, the Beneficiaries of which are every New Zealander, without exception. This Blue Print is inclusive of ALL, elevating the 'Group Awareness' into a New Social Contract, guided by Protocols as discussed in Discussion Paper (9) "Pillars of Consciousness". To recap briefly, first we must have a Great Story, a Great Vision, the Highest idea of Who We Are and from this Vision comes a New Awareness for a Social Society operating on the Consciousness of Co-operation. Sitting behind this Vision, there must be a really Great Manifest that clearly defines 'but does not limit' in any way, this Vision.

In seeking Truth and an uplifted Political change, thereby creating a new Social Society based on Co-operation and Fairness for all with relevant policies that favour everyone, then it would be a good idea to have great insight into the Awareness and Memorandum of Operation of these adversaries before confronting them on a battlefield.

The following questions we should be asking ourselves and seeking this understanding:

  • 1

    Why do we have a two-Party Political system operating in most Sovereign Countries Worldwide? From all the possibilities that could exist, why has a Two Party Politicical System become so successful that it now dominates Globally as the preferred choice of Governance.

  • 2

    Why under this Two Party Political System does the incoming Party systematically reverse most of the promises that they had made to gain power, and when in opposition, they oppose the incumbent Government when they want to discuss or implement the same strategies that they had formerly supported when their Party was in Power and in control?

  • 3

    Why have most of our Politicians when in power World Wide, systematically destroyed their home Manufacturing Industries losing not only the infrastructural facilities but also vital jobs for their own countrymen when, in doing so, they are greatly contributing to the Nation's Deficit, adding to the swelling ranks of the Unemployed or Underemployed?

The shocking revelation that we are revealing by answering these three simple questions will penetrate to the very core of our present corrupt and disconnected style of Global Two Party Politics revealing the absolute necessity for Change.

In many respects, both Political Parties of our current Global Two Party System have the same Agenda, that is to Centralise Power so that only 'the few' are in control to regulate every aspect of 'the masses' lives. This they achieve by keeping them on 'survival mode' and 'in Fear', controlling their Perception of their Reality, forcing them into a New Version of Feudalism and a One World Order.

We have a World Wide, One World Order Agenda driving Political policies by having a Two Party Political State System that removes the possibility for any independent Truth seeking or relevant policy Governorship from gaining traction in that State or Country. Our present Neo-feudal Masters are the reincarnated Feudal Masters of the past imposing an all encompassing Orwellian style, One World Order around our entire Globe, the ultimate entrapment of All of Humanity into a New style of Serfdom. New Zealand may have the illusion of 'choice' with some small minor Parties, however, the two major Two Party System dominates and knows how to 'deal' with irritating newcomers within these 'minor' Parties.

The deception of this Agenda is opaquely held, hidden by subterfuge and privy to the very few within Party Politics. Prime Ministers, Ministers, Presidents and Party Leaders are the puppets to the people who are truly in Power behind the Party. These Power figures do not seek election and are out of the scrutiny and awareness of the public in the current Two Party Political System where you only rise through the ranks by following Party ideology and Politics and agreeing to the subterfuge. Often these Power figures are groomed for these positions by the Neo-feudal Elite. This system of Politics operates in the same manner as Secret Societies with a 'need to know only basis' structure.

It does not matter whether you are Conservative, Democrat, National, Labour or Republican. All Parties, regardless of the side they are on, are controlled by the same 'Elite' who Fund each of the Parties but through different organizations. All Parties are in the pocket of the same 'Elite' who behind the scenes are controlling the World Wide, One World Order Agenda.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of Politicians; those who are sincerely looking to bring about Change and Upliftment, believing that they can make a difference and then there are the others, who are seeking positions of Power and Control and are either detached from the consequences of our present system of Governance or simply, do not care. The former, more naive Politicians discover upon entering Politics, frustrating levels of Hierarchy and resistance to 'new ideas' and find it difficult to rise through the ranks within their chosen Party, eventually in frustration they leave that Party or struggle succumbing to the delusion, floundering in the lower ranks. Therefore, the only possibility of advancement is by embracing the subterfuge and toeing the Party line. For some of these naïve Politicians when first entering into Government, they are only then presented with the reality of how the system really operates with this 'need to know' only basis. It is only at the highest levels when in Government that the secrets around the One World Order may be revealed. Only at this stage is the incumbent Politician faced with their first challenge; to reject the subterfuge along with their Political career or succumb to the Deception.

The World's largest secret Society is the Two Party Political System in operation Globally now! The masses are led to believe that they actually have a choice in Politics - this subterfuge is far from the Truth. There is no choice - just the Perception of choice.

Our current Democratic system is not Democratic as it is meant to be, it is a web of lies and manipulation, greed and corruption with a lack of Political representation of the real needs of 'the masses'. The needs of the masses include the total removal of the current Debt Slavery that the masses now find themselves locked into. In fact, World Wide our Democratic eligibility has fallen into an oligarchy controlled through the One World Order imposed by 'the few'. What this really means is that the Democratic process has been overridden by the few powerful Elite individuals. The public trust in Governments World Wide has fallen to an 'all time low' where they believe that three quarters of our Politicians are corrupt. It seems to be normal practice of this highly dysfunctional type of current Western style Politics, that our Politicians avoid answering questions directly and truthfully. We find ourselves living in a reality where our Politicians and Leaders lie to us.

The so called 'Free Market' is a myth as the 'rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer'. For the Bankers and the large Corporations, the current system is highly successful, but for the majority of the World's population including our Governments the system is enslaving us into Debt and it is having a detrimental effect on our personal and collective Health and Wellbeing. It appears that Political or Financial Leaders dare not speak the Truth to 'the masses' or reveal for example; that in addition to the rapidly approaching Sovereign Debt of 25 trillion US Dollars, and the approximate 200 trillion US Dollars of default and losses attributed to the fictitious Trading Liabilities of Derivatives, Interest Rate Swaps and many other creative Banking Products, that there is a further 200 trillion US Government unfunded Liabilities for promised Pensions and Healthcare. Let us be very clear here - today's US Government and Banking Liability Debt on just these matters are a staggering 420 trillion US Dollars, that is, ($420,000,000,000,000 US Dollars). This Debt and Liability simply demonstrates that the USA is Bankrupt and can never repay its Debts. The USA does not have a Liquidity problem - it has a Bankruptcy problem.

In addition, the Stock Market in the USA is rising 5 times faster than the expansion of their Economy, when in reality, the Stock Market should be an accurate reflection of that Economy. In reality, the US Economy is shrinking and in Recession despite their Government's deception, manipulation and covering up of the statistics. In addition, the USA statistics show that only 44% of Employable people have Full-time jobs and the remaining Employable people are either currently out of work under 4%, with the remaining people working Part-time, more than two hours a week or underemployed and financially struggling.

We are living in an era where a single statement of 'Truth' would act as a detonator to explode the Global bubble of Phantom Assets and Debts and the lies constantly issued to justify those bubbles. Political and Financial Leaders know how incredibly fragile our Global Economies really are and deceive us by never publicly stating anything remotely close to the 'Truth' lest the entire contraption of Debt, Waste, Fraud and bogus Accounting collapses. What would happen if National and International Corporate Accounts met the guidelines of accurate and strict Accounting? The falsehood of fake numbers would vanish and the nakedness of our Bankruptcy and low Net Profitability in many areas would be revealed. The immediate consequences of strict Accounting would lead to the collapse of Asset bubbles followed by the collapse of National Economies and their Banking sectors.

The argument that "increasing Global wealth ensures that it will trickle down to the most disadvantaged" is just not supported by any evidence. Bank bailouts and most Western Economies in general are little more than Socialism for the rich. Currently, the World's 85 richest people own as much wealth as 50% of the poorest people on our planet, a division that will continue to increase under the present Regime. Poverty is around 15% in most Western style Economies. According to UNICEF, around 22,000 children die each day from poverty, while nearly 50% of children World Wide are subject to poverty. Homelessness is rampant in the Developed World. The list goes on, clearly illustrating the disadvantage and inequality that are not being resolved but instead are getting worse.

The monopolisation of Power and Wealth around our Globe is making the Ethical fight for Equality more challenging. Private Banking Institutions control the Worlds Economies. Multi-National Corporations many of which are subject to the commands of the Banking families, have so much Power that they not only 'influence' but also 'control' Political Decisions and their agenda is for a One World Order, which Russian President Putin recently addressed in a speech. Our media platforms are also controlled by these Elite, enabling propaganda and distraction to be easily distributed throughout our Societies and into our collective Consciousness, for example, in the USA 90% of the Media, which includes TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and Books is owned by just 6 Corporations.

War and Military misbehaviour is another distraction that has become an ugly companion of Humanity across the ages and the motives for these Wars, thankfully, come into question by many ordinary Citizens that are convinced that the official reasons outlined by Governments are not true. The War on Terror is actually a cover for the acquisition of Oil, which is unbelievable when we have alternative technologies available, right now to satisfy our Energy needs. However, while the acquisition of Power is maintained by the Elite the motives for Warring are also still maintained, illustrating a frightening reality of the One World Order agenda.

Our current version of Neo-Feudalism and Neo-Colonialism is fashioned upon our past style of Colonialism. This is where the Imperial Power takes physical control of a previously Independent or Sovereign Land then declares its ownership of that region as a newly annexed Colony. The benefits of controlling these Colonies in this traditional model are that the Imperial Power extracts 'valuable' Commodities using low cost Labour (or in many cases the 'work force' was relocated slavery) and then in many cases the Imperial Power sells its own High Margin Manufactured Goods as well as the installation of its own Banking Sectors to the captured Market of this Colony. This 'Buy Low, Sell High' dynamic is the heart of Colonialism. This traditional model of Colonialism was forcibly dismantled during the 1940's - 50 & 60's. These former Colonies established their own Political Independence, a process that diminished the wealth and global reach of former Colonial Powers.

In response Global Financial Powers have sought Financial Control around our Globe rather than just Political Control. The One World Global Order has now seized almost total control upon our planet with the dynamic of Neo-Colonial Financialism with the Economic Power, Debt, Leverage and Speculation and the raw power of Political Conquest and Control. The main strategy of the Global Financialisation is to extend Cheap Credit to those with limited access to Capital. These Sovereign Countries, Global Institutions, Corporations and Investors, down to individual Speculators and Citizens seeking loans, swallow the bait of Cheap Credit and willingly agree to penalties, high interest rates and many other clandestine clauses that they contractually agree to. Then, when the Credit/Debt expansion reaches levels that cannot be supported, the 'Lenders' demand Collateral and or Favourable Trade and Financial concessions. These tactics have been well documented in books such as 'The Shock Doctrine', 'The Rise of Disaster Capitalism' and 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man'. The Economic pillaging of former Colonies of course has limits and as a consequence, the Global Financial Powers developed their current Neo-feudal/Colonial model.

Today in the case of Greece and other 'capital-poor' European Nations, the Euro was an ideal tool of Currency to Financialise the Economies of these Nations that could never have generated Credit/Debt and Housing bubbles without the 'open cheque book' lure of Cheap Credit flooding into their Economies. In this new style of Neo-Feudalism, these dynamics of Financialisation are used to 'induce' then 'lock' the local populace into their control. Some of this Borrowed money is to buy the finished 'Goods and Services' manufactured or supplied from the core of that Economy, often manufactured in a different Sovereign State, enriching the Imperial Elite with the Profits made selling Goods to the Debtors, 'Interest on Credit' extended to the Colony to buy the core Economies 'Goods and Services' and the lucrative 'transactional skim' from 'Financialising' Assets such as Real Estate and Sovereign or State Debt.

In essence, the core Banks of the EU Colonized many of the poorer Nations in the European Union via Financialising the Euro, which enabled a massive expansion of Debt and Consumption. The Banks and Exporters at the core of this subterfuge extracted enormous Profits from this expansion of Debt and Consumption.

Today, the Financialisation scheme of the Euro has run its course leaving many formerly Sovereign Nations standing in the stark reality of Bankruptcy. The Assets and Income from these Nations are flowing into the core of this subterfuge by way of 'Interest' on the Private and Sovereign Debts that are now owned by the Central Banks and its Money-Centre Private Banks.

In the case of the Greek 'bailout', Greece had received 284 billion Dollars almost 340 billion Euros in 'bailout funds' of which 92% went to Greek and European Financial Institutions and only 8% actually reached the people of Greece. This manipulation is close to perfection of Neo-Colonialism and Neo-Feudalism. The indebted Nations of Europe are effectively Neo-Colonial Debtors to a core of Elite, controlling the outcome of what was formerly 27 Sovereign Countries. The Tax Payers of the core Nations (Germany) are now Feudal Serfs whose labour is devoted to 'making good' on any of these loans that 'go bad'.

Greece's Bankruptcy is now undeniable and the mountains of Debt throughout Europe are un-payable and can no longer be masked. The Financial Aristocracy is faced with a dilemma. Writing off Default Debt also writes off Asset and Income Streams. For every Debt there is also someone else's Asset and Income Stream. Europe is standing on a precipice of disaster with the illusionary Phantom Economic recovery and it is about to plunge into the depths and darkness of 'uncertainty and despair' when 'the masses' awaken from their slumber of manipulated perception - that 'the World only has a Liquidity problem and is not actually Bankrupted'. This same realization is now starting to awaken All of Humanity globally.

As the World plunges into a New Age of 'uncertainty', any Enlightenment from the past fades into a barely visible flicker of 'hope'. The Peace in Westphalia was a series of Peace Treaties signed in 1648 - ending hundreds of years of Wars in Europe. These Treaties were the result of the Big Diplomatic Congress initiating a new system of Political Order in Central Europe based upon a concept of Co-existing Sovereign States. Interstate aggression was held in check by a balance of Power; a prejudice was established against interference in another Nations 'state of affairs'. As European influence spread around our Globe, these Westphalia principles, especially the concept of Sovereign States, became Central to International Law and to the prevailing World Order. These Treaties did not restore Peace throughout Europe but they did create a basis for National 'Self Determination'.

Today, we must All awaken to the stark reality that Globally our former Sovereign States are losing Power and the right to 'Self Determination' to dark and unseen forces that have infiltrated every Nation. These 'dark forces' as previously discussed, are in control behind the scenes of our Global Two Party Political system, the Central Banking system and the Elite that control the giant National and International Corporations. If our new One World Order is to be complete, it must have an 'enforcement arm' that reaches Globally and is only answerable to the Neo-feudal Elite and cannot be controlled by any 'single' former Sovereign State even if they think that they are a Super Power.

Private Military Corporations (PMC's) such as 'Black Water' have been growing and expanding at an alarming rate, often almost undetected and reported upon by our Mainstream Media (there should be no surprises here). In 2008, under the command of President Obama, 175,000 Elite Troops were deployed into Afghanistan, the largest number of deployed combatants that the US could muster up without over stretching their other Military objectives World Wide. Some of these Troops were reassigned from Iraq and Libya as a commitment made by President Obama to the US population to decrease their Military activities in these two countries. At that same time in 2008, there were a further 207,000 Mercenaries employed by the United States Military to assist in their Military objectives in Afghanistan.

In 1999, the US Military budget for Mercenaries was 165 billion US Dollars a year. By 2008, this budget had increased to 466 billion US Dollars a year. The United States of America had allocated almost half a trillion US Dollars per year to purchase the services of independent Military Mercenaries employed by PMCs. This is the budget of just one Country outsourcing its need for a tactical Military Army who are paid for the commodity of 'Services Rendered'. It is therefore not surprising that there is rapid Global growth in this new sinister and clandestine activity, involving vast amounts of Funds. It should also not be surprising to the reader that it would be in the best interests of these PMCs that conflict resolution not be sort. The continuation of Global conflict allows the transfer of Power to these Private Organizations. Many reports are surfacing Globally with great concerns around shadowy figures and armies involving themselves with the 'extreme factions' of opposition on one hand, and the Military objectives of those in control of that Sovereign Country on the other hand.

Global Trade deals orchestrated by giant Corporations have annual turnover and budgeting ability greater than the GDP of many Sovereign Countries. The objective of these Trade deals is to Centralise Power to 'the few' transferring enormous wealth from 'the masses', their Governments and harnessing and exploiting their National Resources. These Trade deals Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership often referred to as 'TTIP' are undemocratic, unfair and favouring only 'the few', plunging the World and 'the masses' into a new Neo-Fascist Serf Slavery where the One World Order enforces its 'will' through armies of Mercenaries, answerable only to the faceless unelected oligarchy controlling these large Organizations. Today PMC's are employed by many National and International Corporations for their security on many levels with 'State of the Art' surveillance and information gathering technologies, armed Military style policing forces as well as Military forces in the Countries where they are exploiting people and resources.

Let us be very clear here, the One World Order is not coming - it is already here! The objectives of TTIP are clear. The contracts of which were written by the Corporations themselves and in the US 92% of the lobbyists were employed by the same Corporations, while only 4.6% of the lobbyists represented Public Interest Groups. Our Nations, States or Countries have almost lost their Power for Self Determination to the 'Will' of these Corporations who not only dictate Political Policy under the Two Party system while funding both Parties, but they also successfully eliminate Political choice by making it virtually impossible for Independent and Truthful Governance that truly represents the'Will' of 'the masses'. They have enslaved these Nations into Bankruptcy where there is 'no way' of repaying Sovereign Debt while they control 'the masses' Perception through the ownership of Media. It is through ignorance and naivety that our Politicians have 'sold us out' for they also have fallen foul to the 'greatest subterfuge of all times' upon our planet.

The depletion of our precious Resources upon Earth is another frightening consequence of the path our current Neo-feudal Global Masters are taking us on. Earth is a limited resourced eco-system, however, there is a Political push to continue Economic Growth even though our Resources are limited and over Consumption is impacting greatly on our Environment and Happiness. Currently around 7.5 billion people consume Earth's natural Resources and in a 12 month period, we consume 18 month's production of those same Resources. This means we are consuming around 150% of our sustainability threshold. Unless we change 'what and how' we consume, the Political ideology of 'continued growth' will be destroyed as a consequence along with many of our Natural Resources.

We do not have many Nations upon our planet that are blessed with Political and Financial Leaders who routinely state an un-manipulated Truth to the Public. However, one new Nation to this very short list is Greece, where the new Leadership repeatedly state that their Nation is Bankrupt and that the previous Government's "extend and pretend" policies are finished and great Political, Banking and Social Changes are required to remove the enforced Debt burdens placed upon all Greeks and that they are pursuing alternatives. The only other Nation that comes to mind is Bhutan. Bhutan has opted to measure 'wellbeing' not by the bogus growth of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as a measure of prosperity, but instead, by GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) - we really like this re-evaluation!

We may all have an individualised philosophy on the nature of reality, however, most of us feel a calling and desire to find Love, Peace and Harmony in our lives for our families and friends and would wish the same for all of Humanity. This is the real Human spirit that resides in the core of our being that is always alive and constantly available. The next step, is that we ALL have the Freedom, Respect and Resources to live 'side by side' with our Environment and each other. As illustrated throughout these papers, the reality is that this is not the current state of affairs upon our beautiful planet within our Societies under the current Regime. However, most individuals (once they become 'fully Conscious' of all these matters) will want swift and effective change. We want Global Change for ourselves and for all future generations everywhere.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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