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Precautionary Principle (part 1)

We would like to take the opportunity and refresh the reader's mind of the Journey we all face as a 'One Humanity' into our future recreation of a New Social Society that is based upon Fairness, Equality and an Uplifted Conscious Awareness, where we may ALL as a One Humanity, exist together in Co-operation, living and celebrating our Oneness in the Frequency of Love.

We have discussed at length the Tri-part factions of our present Global Society that is no longer fit for purpose, that is; the National and International Banking System, the Political Governance of our planet both Nationally and Internationally, and the National and International Corporations all of which have conspired, one way or another, to seize an 'iron grip' control of our entire global population, suiting their own Politics and Agendas. It is this new 'nobility' that controls our present 'Neo-feudal Economy' that has made us all slaves to their 'crony Capitalism'. This new nobility now reside in their castles and towers around our beautiful planet Earth that we all call home.

As previously discussed, this current system is beyond any tweaking if we require a new and uplifted outcome, as described above, instead, it requires a major overhaul and in many instances a completely 'new version' of Ethics. The journey we are all about to adventure into is really quite 'straight forward'. A great starting place here would be to imagine a destination point somewhere along a timeline into our future creation of the required New Social Society. We have spoken of this before; 'the Big Story' and in it everything that we could imagine, a harmonious Society based upon Fairness, Equality and an Uplifted Conscious Awareness.

If we require a new and uplifted outcome it would therefore be prudent to have a Strong Vision of what we require: only then can we Reverse Engineer a flow of Uplifted Consciousness back along a Timeline to our present situation giving us both Strong Direction and Purpose. We do not want to find ourselves in a situation where we have lost our way, floundering in our own naivety and lack of purpose or where we recreate the same situation or conditions that have contributed to our present very broken Societies. Indeed, the Big Story should have no constraints in its Uplifted Consciousness: all that is required is Imagination - the journey into that Imagination is then straightforward. We have suggested that several Principles be employed here as our companions during this adventure, namely;

  • Four Protocols
  • Three Absolutes
  • Aspirational Consciousness
  • Reformational Consciousness
  • Inclusiveness and Goodness
  • Precautionary Principle

The Precautionary Principle is the FOCUS that needs to be our constant companion, reminding us of the Wisdom gained from past Experiences that have led us into our current broken system. An example of which is our National and International Monetary System that the Banks and our Politicians have favoured. Let us look at our Banking and Political situation here in New Zealand in order to fully understand this aspect more comprehensively and to do this we need a deeper understanding of what constitutes a National Currency and how the recognition and acceptance of its status fits Internationally.

As previously discussed, the Financialisation of our Economies has morphed from one that was partially centred in a Monetary System, loosely based on a Gold Standard into one that is now based upon Available Credit and dependant upon your status. So what actually defines a National Currency if it is no longer based on actual money, however, is recognised Nationally and Internationally, the answer to that question seems complex at first but can be simply understood if you take your mind into the Monetary Illusion that is consistent in our present Monetary System.

Confidence, yes it is that simple. The idea of a Monetary System was first created as a way of payment for Goods and Services rendered as part of either a Bartering System or for Wages and Taxes to be collected. This system was initially created by Kings and Queens, Emperors, Rulers and some of our Religious Institutions for their convenience of which later our Local, National and International Commerce relied upon. This Monetary System was based upon 'tangible' precious metals. Over time, these Currencies were expressed through Promissory Notes backed by Real and Tangible Assets. Then through time, these Real and Tangible Assets diminished as Confidence was gained in these Promissory Notes. Internationally at these present times, there is a Currency War being played out Globally. If you are a country that relies upon Exporting Goods and Services a lower International value for your Currency is preferred, making your Exports more competitive on the World Markets, however, your Imports are then effectively more expensive through the diminished value of your Currency. Here it is important to understand the Big Game Players in the Global Markets who have in actuality, hijacked the Global Monetary System and are now the Creators of New Money that is now literally printed and is backed by nothing that is Tangible apart from Perceived Confidence.

These major Game Players are the US with their Dollar through the Federal, Reserve and Private Banks; the EU with the Euro through the EU Central Banks and their Private Banks; the UK Pound through the Bank of England and their Private Banks; the Swiss Franc through their National and Private Banks; the Russians with the Rouble through their State and Private Banks; the Japanese Yen through their National and Private Banks and China with the Yuan and their Central Banks... and the list continues. However, all of these Game Players have amassed, one way or another, immense fortunes in precious metals of Gold, Silver and Platinum, Paper Money based on Promissory Notes, Bonds and Instruments from around the World and with the exception of Switzerland, their National Currencies are underpinned by huge Populations and enormous Economies ie; the US population 350 million (the largest Economy of the world), the EU (27 countries) population of 650 million, the UK population 65 million, Japan population 125 million, China population 1.4 billion (the second largest Economy of the world). What these countries ALL have in common is Global Confidence and a level of stability that allows National and International Commerce to operate in a reasonably secure way.

In reality, all of these Currencies and the Nations that stand behind them, apart from Switzerland, are bankrupt with debts that can not ever be repaid and are on the precipice of a Financial meltdown; however, these Countries, Politicians and Bankers including International Speculators, keep limping this broken system along a path of no return and an inevitable collapse in the very near future. This we have previously discussed many times.

Let us return to the New Zealand dollar. New Zealand is not a Party Member with the big Monetary Game Players who create their Currency 'out of thin air'. Neither are they a Game Player who can create their own Credit Nationally or Internationally. New Zealand is a very beautiful country and is a precious jewel upon our beautiful planet Earth, however, on a Global Commerce and Banking Market place it is a minute Trading Partner that has no external control in any of these markets and is subject to these corrupt World Market matters.

What New Zealand does have is a Currency that has a high level of Confidence. Let us further explain. What brings Confidence to a National Currency is firstly, the National belief in the Security in its own Currency, secondly that it is backed by substantial Assets that the entire Nation is a party to – Land Values. Every part of New Zealand is divided into small parcels of land allocated with a title number and owner. Every parcel of land in New Zealand has a title and an owner either Privately or State owned, further more, a Value has been placed on every titled block contained within New Zealand with a Rateable Value assigned to it, which is paid yearly into the Government coffers and has been the case for the past say, 100 years. So, for an Investor investing into New Zealand, the New Zealand Currency is underpinned by hundreds of billions worth of New Zealand property that has generally speaking, the agreement of all New Zealanders and hundreds of millions of New Zealand dollars are paid annually in Taxes on these perceived Land Values.

New Zealand also has a good track record of taking out International Loans to fund Deficits in Government spending and/or for National Projects with both the ability to Service the Loans or Repay them in their entirety. In addition to this, New Zealand is also an exporter in Primary Industries and has an Internationally valued scientific and technical expertise that is also exported. On the opposite side of the coin so to speak, New Zealand is heavily reliant on all types of Imported Goods that it is unable or unwilling to manufacture or supply itself. However, overall, it is a solid and stable Economy with Confidence.

Should New Zealand not follow the Precautionary Principle when re-evaluating its International Currency status by implementing changes that are attempting to tweak the Monetary System into favour for New Zealanders rather than being a mere pawn in a game that is controlled mainly by the above mentioned external Game Players, then we may find ourselves out of the frying pan into the fire, so to speak, facing a total collapse of our own Economies.

Precautionary Principle - History has shown many examples of the dire consequences when meddling with the very tenuous balance of National Currency, Internationally. Remember, the Value of a Currency is not determined by the host Nation, but instead, assessed Internationally on its stability and a complex formula is applied to establish its International status and Value that ultimately determines the quality of life of all that inhabit that Nation. These external forces are usually Economically motivated and are often very unfair to an entire Nation and its people.

An example of this type of catastrophe in recent history is Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). Robert Mugabe (when President of Zimbabwe) had what he thought was a great a plan. He saw that his country was being exploited by external forces and felt they were diminishing the life value of most Zimbabweans. He envisioned a One Party State. The owners of the lands that were legally bought and owned by non-indigenous peoples were encouraged to hand back their land with little or no compensation to the indigenous peoples. He also wanted to remove the non-indigenous Governments from their seats of power and replace them with members of his Political Party, the Zanu-PF. The former Rhodesia was the 'breadbasket' for the whole of Africa, providing most of the produce for home consumption and was a major Exporter of the same produce to neighbouring countries in Africa, the Economy was buoyant with an evolving level of scientific agricultural development.

Within a two-year period of governance, President Robert Mugabe through his plan managed to destroy the Zimbabwean Economy through the confiscation of land. The indigenous people did not have the expertise or the work ethic to grow the produce as formally carried out by the non-indigenous Entrepreneurs. International Confidence swiftly and severely diminished with the confiscation of land with little or no reimbursement to its former non-indigenous landowners. The Economy severely diminished from a vibrant net Exporting Nation to one that required food subsidisation from its neighbours and International sources for approximately 80% of its population. Zimbabwe's Currency was deemed non-tradable on International markets; previously-made Loans remained unpaid and un-serviced in their repayments, so, President Robert Mugabe was unable to take out new International Loans to help feed his now compromised and starving masses. And as an interim measure, he decided to tinker with the Banking System because the Tax Credits from the employed, self-employed and companies dried up creating a huge hole in the Government coffers, in turn creating huge problems funding Governmental responsibilities to its Nation.

He thought, if other countries can just print money, so could he. Immediately, the Zimbabwean dollar devalued and hyperinflation grew, some weeks by over a thousand percent. This was the final nail in the coffin, so to speak: all Confidence was lost in this new Government's ability to run the country in a stable fashion and no Confidence whatsoever, in loaning this new Government, International Funds. The Nation responded to this bankruptcy by growing an internal black market in Commerce, adopting other countries Currencies in preference to the Zimbabwean Dollar that was close to being worthless in spite of Mugabe's Government saying otherwise. Zimbabwe is now bankrupt Economically, Socially and Morally. The non-indigenous workforce and Entrepreneurs took their skills to neighbouring countries where now they prosper and have made new lives for themselves. Indeed, history is a great teacher in the lesson of life and the Precautionary Principle when applied to these historical events forms an invaluable guide when making decisions. We are not comparing New Zealand with Zimbabwe; what we are making is a comparison with 'what not to do' when tinkering in the State of Affairs of a Country.

It may become obvious to the reader that for the last several thousand years our Monetary System along with Governments, Politicians and their Politics have been steadily corrupting these systems, disenfranchising the masses by playing out their games with little or no regard to the individual. In all of these respects, a tweak to the systems is insufficient and not really worthy of too much of our attention. What is required is the total dismantling of these 'currently operating' systems that are no longer fit for purpose. Indeed, the entire Global Monetary System, as explained before, is actually based upon Confidence, or in truth, Lack of Confidence.

This being the case, right now, right today we could exchange a Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen for a Hug, yes a Hug; it is that simple. The wheel of Commerce could still keep turning. So when you buy your groceries you could even give an extra few 'Hug Dollars' to the grocer for kindly supplying you with your shopping list, the same could be said when purchasing fuel for your car, when paying your Taxes or repaying your mortgage. Yes this may sound simplistic, however our World Currencies are actually based on nothing but Perceived Confidence, an illusion to which we all subscribe. With this 'Hug Dollar' there would be required a huge uplifted change in Consciousness within Humanity otherwise, the shelves in all our retail stores would empty very quickly as many people would selfishly fill their homes with whatever they thought they were owed or required, giving nothing back in return.

Why have a Monetary System at all if you have a Social Society that lives in Co-operation? Dear reader, we can easily have a New Social Society that has suspended the need for a Revised Monetary System, all we collectively need to do through our Reverse Social Engineering process is to start diminishing the need for a National Currency. We want to diminish the necessity and reliance to levels that are Nationally sustainable, eventually removing the necessity for an Internal Currency to support our way of life, however, maintaining and growing a vibrant and creative manufacturing and scientific technologies for our Home Consumption as well as for Export. We do not want to diminish the Value of our Currency Nationally or Internationally. Yes, all we have to do is not be so reliant on a Currency to meet our everyday way of life. As an interim measure, our aim is to become more self-sufficient and responsible for our own Health and Welfare and not expect a Handout or Freebie by the Nanny State, as discussed previously.

Most importantly, what is required NOW is for the Consciousness of New Zealanders to be as a One Nation of people, ALL moving together, on the same Journey into a Higher elevation of Co-operation and Oneness.

To achieve this end, first we must forgive ourselves for all of our own indiscretions that may have occurred throughout our lifetime, forgive all others for their indiscretions past and present and treat every single New Zealander as Special and Unique with NO EXCEPTIONS. If we are going to adventure on this Journey together, we must All accept that we have ourselves co-created with our ancestors, this present Society that we now live in: we must Transcend the Perceptions of Victimhood.

There are no Victims; everything in life is a Co-creation on one level or another: this may not be immediately apparent to the reader if you want to remain in blame and judgment, feeling disenfranchised for one thing or another or for what has happened 50 years ago, a 100 years ago or 150 years ago. Remember, our Future is always more of the NOW: if your focus is in the past, then you bring the past into your NOW and in that case, your future will be more of the NOW. Yes, that is right, it is time for us all to let go of the past and FORGIVE! This is the only way to Journey into an uplifted future together as a One Nation, and then as a Global Nation existing in an elevated Frequency of Awareness. We are the architects of our own future, this is an enormous responsibility to ourselves, our future generations, it is very achievable and is our rightful inheritance.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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