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The Journey Forward (part 2)

In Part 1 of the Discussion Paper (14) "THE JOURNEY FORWARD - Beyond Manipulation", we clearly outlined that the One World Order is not coming - it is already here. Our Nations, States or Countries have almost lost their Power for Self Determination to the 'Will' of Corporations who not only dictate Political Policy under the Two Party System while funding both Parties, they have also successfully eliminated Political choice by making it virtually impossible for Independent and Truthful Governance that truly represents the 'Will' of 'the masses' to have a voice. They have enslaved these Nations into Bankruptcy where there is no way of repaying Sovereign Debt while they Control 'the masses' Perception through the ownership of Media. It is through ignorance and naivety that our Politicians have sold us out for they have also fallen foul to the 'greatest subterfuge of all times' upon our planet.

Trade Deals often referred to as TTIP are undemocratic, unfair and favouring only the few, plunging the World and 'the masses' into a New Neo-Fascist Serf Slavery where the One World Order enforces its 'Will' through armies of Mercenaries answerable only to the faceless unelected oligarchy who control these large Organizations.

In Part 2 of this paper, we will direct our Conscious Awareness into a stream of ideas that are achievable while very plausible, following a Blueprint into a New Elevated Social Society operating on the Frequency of Love and Co-operation.

Therefore, the Journey Forward starts by first acknowledging the situation we all find ourselves within as detailed throughout these papers and outlined above, then followed by a Conscious stream of ideas and suggestions that could relatively smoothly achieve our desired outcome. A New Social Society existing in the Frequency of Love and Co-operation that can eventually transcend the need for a Monetary System where we can all live in Harmony with Mother Earth and each other.

Questions We Could Ask Ourselves

  • "Why are our Politicians so dishonest about our Economies"!
  • "Why do we accept this dishonesty and fraudulent representation of our Economies".
  • "Do our Politicians think that we are unable to stand the Truth"?
  • "Are our Politicians protecting 'the few' who they are in the pocket of"?

Actions We Could Take Ourselves

  • Demand and seek the Truth for the true numbers and cost in all Government Expenditure.
  • Demand the cessation of Corporate Lobbying and allow Politicians to hear the Truth from the very people they claim to represent.
  • Lobbying is a strong part of the manipulation. Demonstrate against Lobbying until the above is achieved.
  • Diminish our reliance and need on these outside authority figures.
  • Take up a New Social Responsibility. There must be a Plan, a Blue Print for a New Social Responsibility.

Observations We Could Make Ourselves

  • Do not Accept or Trust the source of Governments information 'facts and figures' issued from their statistical departments, both Politicians and their Statistical Departments are masterful in deception and can put a spin on any story.
  • Demand to see their evidence from which they make their claims and cross-reference it with all other available information.
  • Bankruptcy and Fraud auditors Consciousness is required to extrapolate and disseminate fact from fiction from the manipulated stories and statistics that have manipulated the Truth of successive Governments and supported by the non elected heads of Ministries existing almost undetected and out of the scrutiny of Public Awareness and Accountability. It is when we make these 'demands' publicly and openly that we can bring the public awareness to the seriousness of the grave predicament we all face. Our Politicians need a 'shake up'. A new reality is required for a 'truthful' system of Governance that has no need for the current manipulation and 'cover up' with what is actually occurring.
  • Why are we made responsible for past corrupt agreements made by corrupted past Politicians?
  • Past Sovereign Debt should be recognised for exactly what it is; Privately owned Banks producing 'lines of Credit' out of 'thin air' that are then extended to our Sovereign Nation in the form of Loans, contractually drawn up on equally valueless documents. Nowhere in this contractual arrangement is there anything Tangible or Real apart from the 'Real' Goods and Services or Income Streams that our Nations make in payment for these valueless gestures. Our entire Global Monetary System is 'fictitious' and is designed to entrap All of Humanity into Debt Serfdom controlled by the very few.
  • To achieve a revised 'Alternative' Economic System it is essential that we Forgive All Debt, Sovereign and Personal as a transition into a New and Fair monetary model. Again, this transitional measure is only temporary while we develop into a New and Elevated Human existence that transcends the need for money while operating on the Frequency of Love and Co-operation.
  • For thousands of years Humanity has allowed 'the few' to dictate how we live our lives and as a result we have not yet managed to co-exist in a harmonious way honouring each other or finding a sustained way of living in Harmony upon our beautiful planet. We must change this strategy. It is inconceivable to think that we can achieve a harmonious future with any Governance when its heart is not centered in Spirituality. Perhaps a useful definition of Spirituality (that in no way limits or confines the expression of other definitions) may be, 'At the Heart of Humanity is the Desire to find Happiness, Harmony and Peace for ourselves, our families and friends and the desire to extend the same towards ALL of Humanity, so that we may ALL live in Harmony together on our beautiful planet we all call home. This is Spirituality, this is Love, this is our Journey Forward'.

Short Term Objectives

  • We require a Referendum that would contractually bind Politicians to their promises made during Election Campaigns and after being elected through this Voting process we ensure that they keep these promises that gave them their mandate into office.
  • After all, under MMP minor Parties when supporting Coalition Governments, demand binding contractual documents with their demands before formally accepting Coalition status (even the minor parties do not trust the honesty and integrity of the major parties that makes up the two party system).
  • Politicians' promises must be binding and irrevocable because that is the mandate they were Voted into power on. The only way that these promised Contracts can be broken is at Election or National Voting time where another Candidate is voted in on a Mandate promising something different.
  • Forfeiture of promises removes your eligibility for standing for re-election again (or for a certain period).
  • Demand realistic and appropriate 'time frames' for these promises (not as in Obama's case, "I will close down Guantanamo Bay as soon I am elected" - as of today it is still operational or "I will implement a new Health Care System" - without clearly specifying all relevant details in these policies ie; a clear statement of Truth).
  • Create a Coalition of 'like minded' Organisations such as Green Party, Friends of the Earth etc and other Private Institutions, Private Colleges that may be supportive as well as other minor Parties.
  • Network - a Movement for the creation of NMP, through other interested Parties including the Maori Party.
  • Organise - Meetings, Discussion Groups, Think Tanks - all with the same objectives, this is why we need a Big Picture.

Longer Term Objectives

  • Full Transparency and Accountability in Government and all Local Councils.
  • Dismantle Centralised Government and large local Councils.
  • Construct New Local Decentralised forms of Governance that reflects Community needs and interests.
  • A New Social Responsibility that will lower Taxes in exchange for a revised Economic System that is fairer and more equitable to all New Zealanders.
  • Halt the 'Sale' of National Interests to Overseas Parties.
  • Restructure or the removal of International Banks and abandon the Fractional Reserve Economic System in New Zealand.
  • Restructure existing International Loans.
  • No more Sovereign Debt.
  • Encourage Savings with reasonable Interest Rates where these Funds are Invested back into the Community creating Real Jobs, Manufacturing, Goods and Services for the Home Market.
  • Maintain Nuclear Free Status.
  • Convert Agriculture into an ORGANIC GM FREE sustainable Economy.
  • Create a new mechanism to re-acquire previously sold National and essential Commodities and Infrastructure.
  • Imported Goods are to be subject to special Importation Tariffs if a New Zealand company chooses to manufacture its goods overseas moving its manufacturing base into another Countries Economy rather than investing into the New Zealand Economy.
  • Encourage Investment into New Zealand Manufacturing and Businesses, choosing to invest into our future and the Economy of New Zealand and not into another Countries Economy.
  • Tax heavily ALL Dividends paid on Company Shares that leave New Zealand.
  • Invest into 'start up' Cottage Industry programs.
  • Dismantle most of the Armed Services and any Military aggression infrastructure, redirecting this existing workforce into Community Projects eliminating the hundreds of millions of Dollars spent on War Games and Weaponry that regularly become redundant and scrapped never being used in any meaningful ways.
  • Maintain an element of Coastal Navel Protection including our Fisheries extending to the limits of New Zealand's National waters and perhaps, International waters for monitoring observational studies.
  • Under special circumstances, provide Peace Keeping roles in Regional areas if in conflict.
  • Focus on Renewable Energy.
  • Stop all Sales of New Zealand Property to Non Nationals looking to Invest into their own future or Parking their money into a secure and sustainable future Economy, that is not their Country of Residence.
  • Maintain a system whereby all Residents have a TAX number and contribute fairly into the system. This same TAX number allows eligibility for a simple and efficient Electronic Referendum Voting System.
  • Create a 'New' style of Social Responsibility that allows for lower Taxation, and Community Governance that does not require International Loans to fund Deficits in Expenditure.
  • Create a totally Independent State of New Zealand that is sustainably Self Sufficient, where bartering of excess Goods and Services can be made for previously made International Sovereign Debt Repayments (as and when these Goods and Services are available).
  • Able-bodied people not working but receiving a Benefit, should Contribute to the Community working at least 3 full working days a week, for that Benefit.
  • Review of Benefits - Contributing to Community Socially Redeeming Projects is not 'forced labour' as some may describe it, however, it is a 'Valued' Contribution made by the individual in exchange for the Community financially supporting their temporary Unemployment or Underemployment period.
  • Permanent Unemployment Status is a lifestyle choice that should not be funded by the rest of the Community, where that individual chooses not to Contribute while expecting to be looked after by the Community. However, should the Community decide to 'accept' that Financial Responsibility or burden then, so be it. This same acceptance is of course extended to the Aged, Infirmed and Non Able-Bodied persons as a Community Contribution towards Aged Care and those who genuinely are not able to Contribute 'one way or another'.
  • There are of course infinite ways of Contributing towards Socially Redeeming Projects as defined by the individual's skills and ability levels.

The above suggestions are a brief incomplete 'draft' of ideas that require to be added to and refined, creating a workable structure that will allow a smooth'ish transition into a New Social Society that is fairer and more equitable for all New Zealanders. Remember, in Discussion Paper (7) "Blue Print for an Elevated Humanity", we discussed a 'new purpose and direction' towards the highest idea of 'who we could be as a Humanity' and with this Vision we would have a new clarity as we 'reverse engineer' our Journey from these present times into this integrated harmonious future for all of Humanity that exist on the Frequency of Love and Co-operation.

We await your contribution and comments so that together we can construct The Pathway Forward.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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