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Further to our discussion regarding a new style of Governance, it would be first prudent before we consider any changes within our Global Governments to understand how we have collectively arrived at our present situation today with a very disconnected style of Governance resulting in a very broken culture that increasingly disenfranchises the masses and rewards the privileged with more power and materialism. If our discussion is primarily, at least at this stage, concerned with a new style of Governance (which we will term just for convenience throughout this discussion as NMP) we will first explore how we have arrived at our present dysfunctional situation.

Historically, at least in the 'western style' of Governance, around the beginning of the last century (1900s) with changing social circumstances, a new style of Politics came into being. Here, we will focus on the United Kingdom to explore this model of Governance. For the masses, during previous centuries of hierarchal control from either Kings, Queens and Religious Institutions or the conveniently installed Parliaments, the masses were certainly not privileged in the same way as were the relatively few that made up the privileged classes. At this same historical time the Industrial Revolution, New Sciences in Engineering, Global Exploration and Exploitation were in full steam.

The old style of Governance at this stage was rapidly becoming less and less appropriate and 'not fit for purpose' with the New World Changes and it certainly did not advantage 'the masses'. The 'status quo' was changing from the assumed position of where 'everyone knew their place', where Parliament continued to remain disconnected from the masses operating in a similar fashion as did the previous string of hierarchal controllers, where the masses continued to live out their lives little better than serfs or slaves to their masters. What was required by 'the masses' at these changing times, was a New style of Governance that would at least start a process to transfer some new privileges to 'the masses' in a way that had never before been experienced in the United Kingdom. Where for the first time, parliament representing the 'New State' would start to seriously look at 'caring for' and 'serving' in the best interests of 'the masses'. This New Society for the first time, now seriously had 'Social Reform' in its sights for the 'New Workforce' that was the powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution.

A New style of Social Governance was born. New politicians such as Lloyd George had to find new ways of attracting new voters at election times, through a Political Party voting system to support his Political Party. Lloyd George and other cabinet members hatched a plan of 'enticement'. There was little doubt that the work force that powered the Industrial Revolution was underpaid, overworked and exploited by their masters and therefore this system required a Humanitarian change. This Humanitarian change came disguised in a new type of Conservative Social Party that promised a 'new and more comfortable way of life' for 'the masses'. Again, Lloyd George and his cabinet members offered their voters, for the very first time, a New State Pension Scheme, Free Health Care and Education for everyone, in short, the State would now look after you and take care of your future interests. At that time, this new system seemed very fair and brought about the beginning of a 'New Balance' into an 'Old System' that was very much 'Out of Balance'. This was the birth of the Nanny State.

These promises worked. A New Era in Party Politics was born. It really didn't matter from here on what Political Party the Politicians represented: if you wanted votes all you had to do was to promise a better future that was accompanied by something more than you already had now. This 'freebee' would come in the form of a Social Gift. These same Politicians told you that this was a gift that you deserved and that it came from a Party that cared for you, a new spin on Party Politics to get your votes. With this new style of Politics and its 'spin promising Politicians' no one at that time had any idea that these 'seemingly' necessary Social changes that also gave them their mandate to govern would take society into a new Social Revolution, the outcome of which we are now forced to deal with today. Historically speaking, Lloyd George, Winston Churchill and other cabinet members of that period had been credited with being the architects of Great Social Reform. Today, we are burdened with this Colossal Debt that has been incurring over decades in an attempt to Finance these Social Gifts from a politically based Economy that cannot afford to privilege the masses in a way that was originally conceived of by these architects of reform.

For example, what was initially offered as an enticement for the first time ever in British history was an Old Age Pension for 'the masses' that would commence at 60 years of age. The State now promised to give people a liveable State Pension for the rest of their lives as a reward for a lifetime's work. This enticement sounded great, however, in reality, the average life expectancy at that time for a male was 48 years. So in practice, relatively very few people received this state pension. Indeed, statistically there were approximately 20 'working men' at that time, for every one man drawing a State Pension. This enticement worked and the votes rolled in. This State Pension was Economically affordable for the Government at that time and was under utilised by 'the masses'.

Moving forward, during the 1940's the Pension Age was raised to 65 as life expectancy was increasing and, here statistically there were now only 10 'working men' for every one man drawing a State Pension. Today, the pension age has again risen to 67 years, however, the life expectancy for a man is at least 74 years of age and rising, and now there are statistically only 2 'working men' for every one man drawing a State Pension. Just to be clear on this point, what was initially affordable has now became unaffordable and the UK Government now has to borrow tens of billions of pounds every year to make up the 'short fall' to maintain these State Pensions. Indeed, it is important to remember that our Governments 'World Wide' do not ask our permission to 'draw down' these enormous loans on 'our behalf'. These loans are unaffordable and in reality, may never be repaid and are therefore the responsibility of our 'future generations', long after the Politicians have retired or have been replaced by new Party Politicians. None of these Politicians are ever held accountable for their actions nor are they accountable for not fulfilling their empty promises. Also remember, that this Old Age State Pension as outlined above was just one of the many promises made to entice the voter. These promises were made a 100 years or so ago as a part of a Social Revolution that at that time was thought to be necessary but is now totally unaffordable and now 'not fit for purpose'.

To gain a clearer overview of the gross mismanagement of our Society through Politics we need to add to this list of disastrous outcomes, all the other promises made (failed and fulfilled) and how they were funded, giving us a clearer 'state of financial affairs' or more accurately, 'mismanaged state of affairs'. Then when you add to this list the National Debts incurred through 'War and Defence' by these same Politicians, we would have to wonder why we have 'collectively' allowed this situation to occur and over such a long period of time.

It is most important at this stage to clarify the Economics within this situation. The United Kingdom Governments have been borrowing money for approximately the last 100 years to pay for these Social Gifts including the State Pensions as mentioned above, as well as the myriads of other loans in order to cover the yearly Deficit Shortfall on behalf of 'the masses' in order to govern. Most of these loans are still outstanding, the informed Politicians know that there is no way of paying off this debt so instead, channel some of the 'collected taxes' from the Government coffers to make Interest Only repayments on these Loans. These same Politicians when forced to face 'Fiscal Irregularities' promise further 'Budget Cutting' exercises to gain more votes by Governmental belt tightening in their attempt to reduce the Deficit. Let us be very clear here, Deficit and Debt are two entirely different monsters. The Deficit is the yearly balance/imbalance between what 'comes in' and what 'goes out' of the Government coffers. The Debt is the accumulative unpaid loans that have been amassing over the decades. If you are only repaying the interest on Debts the Debt never reduces. If you decrease the yearly Deficit occasionally, this still means you are borrowing 'more money' to make up the yearly shortfall, so the Debt is still steadily increasing.

Politicians are proud of their achievements when they decrease the Deficit, but forget to tell you about the mountains of Debt that can never be repaid. This 'kicking the can down the street' conundrum where making the 'future generations' responsible for that Debt has become such a problem it is now bankrupting 'entire nations'. Even the Interest payments are now almost impossible to maintain while the Debt is exponentially increasing. THE WORLD IS BANKRUPT. The world has been bankrupted by a hundred years of successive Governments and the naivety, stupidity and ignorance of Politicians who either do not understand the situation or do not care about the outcome: all they care about is how long they can hold on to their privileged positions of power.

This current situation of World Economics is outrageous. 100 years of Governance under the Political System of FPP (First Past the Post) has favoured the game of Party Politics. Again, it is outrageous that these Politicians remain unaccountable for their actions over the last century through to the present day. The responsibility for our present circumstances does not just lie at the feet of our Politicians and their Party games as there are others who are complicit in our World-Wide Social and Economic Catastrophe. Indeed, it is necessary to more closely examine the antics of the 'Tri-part Tag Team' the major game players who have collectively engineered our societies over the decades and the conclusion of which has led us into the situation we find ourselves in today.

This tri-part tag team with their 'hidden agendas' has manipulated the Conscious Perception of 'the masses' into believing that the complex world we find ourselves in today is best managed by them and the complexities of Governance is beyond mere mortals. This tag team is of course, made up primarily of the various Governmental Parties with their Politics and Agendas, the National and International Bankers with their Politics and Agendas, and of course the National and International Corporations with their Politics and Agendas together with various corrupted Institutions like the (WHO) World Health Organisation, (UN) United Nations, NASA plus many other covert Organisations reinforced by the Mainstream Media.

Let us be very clear here regarding the World Banking System, its Financing and Creation of New Money - We do not have a World Monetary System based on money that is 'real and tangible' anymore, instead we have a World Monetary System that is based on - Available Credit. This is an alarming situation to be in. When the World Monetary System was based on the Gold Standard this system was usually accompanied with a tighter 'fiscal responsibility' by all, there was more transparency and accountability with less manipulation: although the whole process was still clouded with deceit and control, it was slightly easier to monitor as the Gold Reserves behind the Currencies were 'solid and tangible' even though, usually 'out of sight'. However, the World Bankers abandoned this more 'fiscally responsible' Monetary System based on the Gold Standard and decided to just 'print money' instead, creating it from 'thin air'. Alarm bells should have rung out very loud at this time in 1971 when the last Global Currency abandoned the Gold Standard.

The Governments around the world and their Politicians have allowed the Banks 'carte blanche' to do as they wish in return for an Income Stream of Credit. Let us also be very clear here, if you or I were facing Bankruptcy with huge outstanding Loans that we were unable to clear for many decades and could also only barely afford to pay 'Interest Only' payments, having successive years of Income Budget Deficits to fund our lifestyle, there would not be a Bank anywhere in the world that would keep lending us money. However, this is not the case around the world with the relationship between Banks and Governments. WHY? National Governments could, if they wanted to, create their own money supply from 'thin air' and print this money accordingly, as and when it is required (we will return to this statement later), however, they do not.

National Governments and their Politicians have given this process over to the World Bankers who themselves now create 'New Money' from 'thin air' and then provide an 'Income Stream' based on Available Credit back to these Governments, as and when required, the Interest Rate for which depends upon Rating Status. Let us also be very clear here, as previously mentioned, the World Monetary system is not based on 'Money' but 'Available Credit' and this Credit comes in the form of what the Bankers call Instruments (An Instrument is a piece of paper stating its perceived value that is created by the Reserve Banks. It has a Verification number for Security and Book-keeping purposes).

These Instruments are usually printed in higher denominations of 'notes' with the lowest denomination usually being 100 million US Dollars/GB Pounds etc. Many of these 'notes' are in the denomination of 1Billion US Dollars (known as a 1B note) through to regularly used 100 Billion US Dollars (known as a 100B note). These 'valueless pieces of paper' have printed upon them a perceived value based upon the Reserve Banks' requirements and are little more than a promissory note for their accounting purposes. These pieces of paper (Instruments) have no real value; they are not based on anything that is tangible yet they are traded Internationally and are the part of a mechanism for moving money around the Financial Globe. These Instruments are sold, exchanged, leveraged against and traded Internationally within the Phantom Economy.

Similarly, when a Government through a Reserve Bank requires more funding, it does so by issuing Government Bonds that can also be purchased at the printed 'face value'. These Bonds are also 'monetarily valueless' as they are also based on an idea that somewhere out into the future they are worth their perceived 'face value' and that they have the 'Nation's Currency' as a security blanket behind them. The enticement for their purchase is a 'Yearly Dividend' paid out of the Nation's Monetary system 'in cash,' the percentage of Interest being based upon the 'perceived stability' of that Country's Economy.

In short, these Government Bonds have an 'Income Stream' attached to them that is paid directly to the owner or bearer of that Bond. When a Nation's Finances are healthy, these 'Interest Dividends' are relatively low, reflecting the ability for both the continuation of its 'Income Stream' and ultimately when the Bond (or Instrument) is surrendered back to its domiciled Nation on maturity, the payment can then be made on its 'face value'. In comparison, when a Country's Economic standing is distressed, the Interest on these Government Bearer Bonds becomes excessively high, 'draining' the Nation's coffers. As with most Financing, the 'Interest Rate' is commensurate to the 'RISK'. You may ask "who the buyers of these Government Bonds are?" - particularly at a time when a Nation is facing fiscal hardship or even bankruptcy? We are sure you have guessed the answer - the Global Banking System. These Bankers are after the Real Economy Money.

So there we have it, the true nature of this symbiotic relationship is that one team member, in order to help out another team member, robs it, for the only part of the exchange that is real. Let us also be very clear here: the Reserve Banks around the World are not part of our Governments but instead are Private Companies with Directors and Shareholders. The name Reserve or Federal Bank is associated with these Private Institutions to legitimise them to the masses, however, they are separate entities and are not a formal part of Governments around the World.

This symbiotic relationship should become clearer between the Governments, their Politicians and the World Bankers with their lines of credit now that we have a better understanding of how these two parts of the 'tag team' play out their part in the grand illusionary monetary game within the 'Phantom' economy. Governments and their Politicians have at their disposal, an almost endless supply of Credit based on 'meaningless pieces of paper', in return for, an 'income stream' of 'tangible money' that is based within the 'tangible World of Commerce'. The Banks now receive a 'tangible income flow' or in other words, 'real money' to fill their coffers.

The third members of this tag team are the National and International Corporations that exploit the masses and the World Resources while engaging in manufacturing /producing and/or creating Commerce Nationally and Internationally. In return for favourable support from the Political Parties, together with any necessary legislation from that Government in favour of that support, their activities are legitimised. These companies in return fund the Political Parties and provide the necessary funding at 'voting times' for the elaborate circus held at Election times. For example, in the elections when Obama was reinstalled in the USA, his election campaign cost in excess of 2 billion US Dollars. An interesting footnote: you should not be too surprised to know that Obama came out of Political obscurity, funded by International Corporations and Bankers as a Political instrument under their control. We have little more to say on this subject at this time and leave you to draw your own conclusions.

The individual members of this tri-part tag team are of course 'self serving' and are primarily focused on their own activities and agendas, however, when it is necessary they will collude for mutual security and survival with the other members of the team. This relationship over the past 100 years has been very successful and is now in total control of our beautiful planet and our resources, enslaving the masses. Now they are engaged in the 'final part of their grand plan', the confiscation and transfer of wealth from around the World, leaving the masses disenfranchised Socially and Economically with little or no voice as nothing more than Debt Slaves.

This tri-part tag team would have you believe that the World Economic situation is reasonably healthy and at best, needs a little tweak. However, let us be very clear here again: we will use the World GDP as a reference point. GDP is the Gross Domestic Product the meaning of which is subject to many interpretations, however, it is a useful measure of the movement of Funds, Commodities, Governmental and Private Sector Expenditures and all the transactions through Commerce etc, etc. The present World GDP is approximately, 800,000,000,000 (800 trillion) US Dollars. This includes all the World Banking activities, including Trading of Derivatives, Interest Rate Swaps, High Frequency Trading, the Trading in Government Bonds and Reserve Bonds and Instruments, Futures, Stocks and Bonds and all the various forms of Leveraging Assets and other Instruments, Government Expenditures World-Wide, Healthcare, Education, Welfare System, World and National Defence budgets, etc etc etc. This also includes National and International Commerce generated from the Real Economy. In short, World GDP is the combined total movement of all money 'real and phantom'.

Approximately, 600,000,000,000 (600 trillion) US Dollars of this World GDP is the activities created through the National and International Bankers. These Bankers would have you believe that their business and products are real and tangible, however, at best we will describe them as products of the Phantom Economy. This Phantom Economy has no real asset base in the 'real world'. It is fictitious. So, three quarters of the World GDP is fictitious. Now let us look at the remaining 25 percent of the World GDP approximately, 200,000,000,000 (200 trillion) US Dollars. Just to put this into perspective, the total National US Government Debt, plus its US Private Debt now stands at approximately, 100,000,000,000 (100 trillion as of 2016) US Dollars. Also remember, that the United States of America represents less than 3 percent of the World Population. Returning to the above 25 percent of the World GDP, if you strip out of this figure most of the other excesses from Governments around the world, what we are left with is the 'real and tangible' World Economy that is created from its Commerce, this would represent approximately 80,000,000,000 (80 trillion US Dollars) to 120,000,000,000 (120 trillion US Dollars). This we will call the Real Economy where a Community invests into its own Manufacturing and producing Commodities or Commerce, engaging themselves in all aspects of this process and producing 'tangible products' that are then bought, sold and consumed in the Real World.

It is difficult to put an exact number on the 'tangible' World GDP. However, it would be approximately only 10 to 15 percent of the World GDP as discussed in the model above. (80 to 120 trillion US Dollars is still a very big number). It is interesting to note that as of 2016 in the United Kingdom approximately 87% of the GDP is derived from all the various types of Banking and Insurance activities, a large majority of which is conducted 'off shore' for the Home Market or for the Global Banking Markets, in short - this is the Phantom Economy. The remaining approximately 13% is from the 'tangible' Manufacturing Market place and its associated Commerce, in short - this is the Real Economy. If we compare the GDP from the phantom and real economies of both the United Kingdom and the World GDP's, they are remarkably similar. It is also interesting to note, that Governments, now and in the past, in the United Kingdom together with International Corporations, manipulate and hide these figures. Indeed, in recent times, some of the largest International Companies have been accused of not paying any or insufficient taxes to their various host countries because of 'tax havens' and the lack of any cohesive type of International Authority that can monitor the true activities of some of these Giant Corporations Globally. It was only after public outrage that with some of these companies including Amazon, MacDonalds, Starbucks, to name just a few, pressure was brought to bear upon them as International Companies to be more 'socially responsible' and to stop cheating the British Inland Revenue of its taxes. Again, if you or I manipulated our income to avoid tax, we would be accused of defrauding the Inland Revenue so, there is an obvious double standard applied here. These corporations either get away with paying 'no tax' or they themselves decide what compensation they are 'prepared to make' in their payment of Taxes. In short - this was the outcome with these above named companies - they choose what they are prepared to pay.

Today we are faced as previously mentioned, with the final part of the tri-part tag teams' plan for World Domination, a 'One World Order' based upon an all encompassing Fascist system that privileges only the very few. In reality, from an historical point of view this seems to have always been the way. The masses have been mistreated and mismanaged one way or another, by those upon whom they had placed their trust or by those who had seized control. This last part of the trilogy is well underway: this is where they strip away decades of accumulated wealth from 'the masses' and transfer it to their own accumulated wealth.

This theft is now particularly more visible within the comfortable middle classes having their standard of living reduced. The Governments and Politicians are complicit in this final disgraceful act of theft by introducing Austerity. Tightening one's belt by making Cuts and Savings in an administrative Government regime that has grown out of all proportion is one thing, however, attempting to pretend to be fiscally responsible and remove Social Support from the masses without replacing it with a more workable system, is deplorable.

Governments around the World want their Economies to grow in tangible and real ways 'the Real Economy' in order to create higher Taxable Incomes from the creation of 'real employment' that is both sustainable and profitable, topping up the Government coffers. However, when Governments introduce 'Austerity' accompanied with removing vast amounts of tangible money from the economy, this is at best, gross fiscal negligence or a gross violation of trust given to the Government by 'the masses'. In our present Economic and Social system the largest single employer is that of the State, funding all manner of projects and Social Services. When there is a major 'belt tightening' programme introduced from within this system, the money supply necessary for the Economy to work and grow is now being removed by the Government itself. Equally so, when the Banks also engage themselves in a belt tightening programme, often imposed by Governments, they withdraw or remove vast amounts of CREDIT that puts enormous pressure on Commerce and the Real Economy. You cannot expect an Economy to grow while you remove a large portion of its 'tangible' Asset base and lines of Credit, by closing down the supply of its money, all of which is absolutely essential for businesses to grow and prosper.

All our societies World-Wide face Economic and Social Bankruptcy under this style of Governance. The Banking Institutions, International Corporations, Governments and their Politicians have ALL been complicit in this deception and together they have co-created this deplorable situation. This system has now failed us. Similarly, the outdated 'not fit for purpose' Russian styled Communist Party also failed. The so called, 'Free Market Forces' that have been operating for the last 100 years have also failed us. By not placing any or too few 'checks and balances' to regulate the activities of the Banking Sectors and large Corporations, collectively, they have now failed us and are 'not fit for purpose'. Perhaps, it is now time to look towards NMP for a more sustainable, fairer and more equitable form of Governance Globally.

It is most important to have a full understanding of why a system has failed if we require a new system that does not follow the same path as our current system. It is for this reason that it is necessary to look at another statement in a previous discussion in the footnote accompanying the protocols in Light of Humanity - It is also necessary that everyone in all Communities contribute 'one way or another' into that community. We will explore this topic in our next discussion as it follows on from here, PATHWAYS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

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