The Harmonic Convergence

The Untold Story

Chapter 2: Journeying through Solar M13

My awareness suddenly returned, and just as swiftly as I had left to explore my Andromedin life, I was back on the freighter talking to Daul KaRa. I cleared my throat and focused on my surroundings inside the freighter. "And do you need technology to travel through the Triangulum Sun portal?" I inquired.

"Yes, Samira," replied Daul KaRa, "it is safer to use technology. A craft can go into any Sun, but sometimes Sun portals can close, in which case you may not get back. These Sun portals are natural and cyclic, so they can open and close at different times because of their changeable frequency variances."

"With advanced interstellar technology," added SaRa, "you can enter a Sun, and as soon as you enter the Sun, you can exit through another Sun, close to your desired destination anywhere in the Universe. In this instance, however, Triangulum is always open and exits directly into the Sun of Solar System M13. Triangulum is, therefore, a natural navigational 'waypoint' to Aldebaran from within the M13 Solar System."

"Ah, I see. So while a Sun is a natural portal," I said, already knowing the answer, "a ship can use a 'Frequency Map' to create an 'artificial portal' that is more reliable?"

'That is right, Samira," continued Daul KaRa. "Many technologically advanced civilisations do not use Sun portals because they can be unreliable, but with their technology they can make their own portals. For example, Taygetans, when traveling in their Suzi Craft, hardly ever use Sun portals, they use Frequency Maps. But you would know that, Samira, after all, I know from another shared life that you are a Taygetan Sand-Clock pilot."

I laughed. "Yes, I am. That is, when I have my Focused Attention Awareness on my fifth density Pleiadean Timeline."

ShaMaRa gently placed her hand on my arm. "Samira! It is my heart's desire to learn how to be a Sand-Clock pilot!"

"Well, that IS exciting. And where are you going to learn this?" I asked.

"On the Pleiades, of course!" said ShaMaRa, defiantly. "I am planning on going there as soon as I am old enough." ShaMaRa softened, and looked into my eyes. What can you tell me about being a Sand-Clock pilot?"

I paused before replying, "Well, Sand-Clock pilots are well known for travelling all over the Universe and jumping up and down Timelines. They are 'time travellers' on a mission, travelling along Timelines to see any potential negative outcomes, and then, they may choose to return to the 'present' to insert a more positive change."

'How do they make those positive changes?" asked ShaMaRa, her eyes wide open and fiery.

"Let me see, ShaMaRa. There are many ways." I inclined my head. "They may appear to significant people in dreams, or communicate somehow, and then that person changes that negative Timeline."

"Or," added NyShaRa, unable to contain her excitement about Sand-Clock pilots, "they 'insert' the tiniest change 'somewhere', that may seem insignificant, however, it sets into motion a slightly different Timeline. Over a period of time, that tiny change can amount to a significant shift, and this shift can place the person, or even a whole planet, onto a whole different Timeline somewhere else."

"OK, is everyone ready?" asked Daul KaRa, while steering the freighter into the Triangulum Sun.

ShaMaRa could barely contain herself, "What an amazing light show!"

Daul KaRa laughed, "The light show is created by the discharge of electromagnetic energy of our craft as it interacts with the complex frequencies of the Sun, giving the impression that we are moving through interstellar space at high speed. In actuality, we have moved through very little interstellar space. Rather, we have relocated from 'one toroid pole' to its 'opposite pole'."

No sooner had Daul KaRa finished his explanation, we found ourselves exiting through Solar Sun 13. We are now on the final lap of our journey to Gaia.

As I glanced back towards the Sun, I could see a Solar discharge, or a Solar flash, streaming outwards through the indigo sky. It is a spectacular light show that excites everyone on the freighter and we all laugh and cheer together.

As the Solar discharge dissipated, I turned to face ShaMaRa. "Do you know what a Solar flash is?" I asked.

"Yes, of course," said ShaMaRa, wiggling in her seat as though this would help her to speak articulately. "A Solar flash occurs when a Sun portal is open, and as an object moves through it, there is a build-up of energy. When a ship enters a portal, the other end opens, and a solar flash means that something, usually a craft, has come through."

"How fascinating! Thank you ShaMaRa," I clasped her hand to show my appreciation.

As we travelled through Solar M13, I could see that this Central Sun was hurtling through space in a cork screw or spiral motion, and all thirteen planets were following the Sun in the same spiralling motion. I know that All Suns, Planets and Moons throughout the Galaxy move in this vortex motion.

Daul KaRa decided to take us on a tour to show us some of the diversity, and the marvels, of the inner planets of this Solar System. As we passed Jupiter, a gas giant with its Moons, I am struck by the visible energy vortex generated by the toroid dynamic that plunges a depression into both Poles. Jupiter has spectacular light cities with enormous impressive buildings that glisten brightly through its gaseous atmosphere, and I can clearly see them as crystalline jewels emerging out from this Etheric mist. What a site to behold as we journeyed through space.

I held my hand to my heart as I recalled, with much affection, my time on Jupiter with the Karistus. The Karistus are in Service to bring about and maintain Balance and Compassion by guiding Souls on their journey. In Earth's future, the dark one's re-wrote the bible, and instead of using the term, Kristil energy, they referred to this energy as 'Christ' energy. After all, The New Testaments are a fabrication written by the Romans and the name 'Christ' has been loaded with connotations of what is understood to be Christianity. The Roman's intention was to distort Spirituality, and through mind control, prevent Humanity's higher frequency understanding and connection to Prime Creator.

"I am so happy to be seeing Jupiter," I said, "and to remember my time with the Karistus, thank you, Daul KaRa."

Cyndriella approached me once again, in her natural, demure way, asked, "Who are the Karistus?"

I took Cyndriella's hand and held her close to me, while once again reminding myself that high fifth density children are not only telepathic, they are aware of many Timelines, and can easily grasp complex scientific definitions. "The Karistus were created directly by Prime Creator," I said. "They are the oldest and most advanced civilisation in this Solar System, perhaps even the Galaxy, and are the original Creators of Worlds."

"What do they look like?" asked Cyndriella.

"They are magnificent in light, colour and energy," I replied, "and are sixth density plus. Sixth density is a more polyplasmic type of physicality, that is, a high frequency blend of biological and Spiritual energy, and they are considered, by some, to be the original Angels and Arc Angels."

Cyndriella was gaining more and more confidence. "Does that mean that they look after us, like my mother and father?"

"Yes," I said, "very much like your mother and father. These beautiful Beings act as overseers or Guides for naturally developing civilisations, including the Lyrian's and some Reptilian Races, and they are presently overseeing and mentoring four new civilisations on the four Moons of Jupiter. The dark one's try at times to infiltrate these Moons, because at the early stage of evolution most species are very vulnerable, particularly against races who have technology and weapons."

"I heard," insisted ShaMaRa, "that you are Dhor Kristil. I heard that Dhor Kristil are independent of all of the structures and hierarchies throughout the Universe."

"Not now ShaMaRa, stop bothering Samira," chimed in SaRa, as she glanced at me and gave me a wink.

"It's alright," I smiled. "I am happy to answer your questions. Yes, I am Dhor Kristil. And so is NyShaRa. All Taygetan Sand-Clock pilots, and many others, are Dhor Kristil. However, while we are independent of each other, we are also dependent upon each other, because we are the same frequency or Consciousness. We are One Consciousness of the 'same density' that can move anywhere in the Universe to bring about change."

"And, how do you bring change? Do you fight in your Suzi Craft?" Cyndriella asked.

I pulled Cyndriella closer to me, wrapping my arm around her shoulder, "We do not fight," I replied. "We bring Balance where there is imbalance and understanding where there is mis-understanding. There is no battle or war. There is only bringing Balance. And in a Universe where Cosmic Order is absolutely required, we also bring Order where there is dis-order."

"Yes," interrupted SaRa, "and this independence requires 'High Ethics and Morality' because there is no-one directly overseeing them."

"Really?" enquired ShaMaRa. I could sense her strong interest in creating a life where no-one was overseeing her. "Why is that?"

SaRa inclined her head, " So that they can have great influence over Timelines."

"That is right, SaRa," acknowledged NyShaRa. "We bring the Kristil energy wherever we go by emanating Divine Energy and Positive Thought. We assist, guide and mentor, understanding that every aspect in the Universe is an aspect of ourselves. 'We are all One'. Even the dark one's are an aspect of ourselves."

"They are?" inquired ShaMaRa, showing her displeasure with deeply furrowed brow.

I stroked ShaMaRa's cheek. While she may be young, she has such fire in her heart, and such a yearning to gain wisdom and knowledge. "Everything is Prime Creator", I said. "Everything. And so the dark one's are Prime Creator also. They are only here because we have created them out of our own fear. They are here to teach us Contrast, and through suffering, the yearning to Ascend. Isn't that beautiful? If we fight them, judge them, or become consumed with anger, we are fighting, judging and angry at ourselves. We are fighting, judging and angry at Prime Creator. And when you are a Sand-Clock pilot, you will know this, too."

"So, we just accept the dark one's?" I could see that ShaMaRa was shifting her Consciousness as we journeyed through this conversation.

"Ascension is about integrating our Dark and our Light," I replied. "Dark and Light are an aspect of all duality densities. Somewhere, on another Timeline, I may be playing out a dark role in my life, and I am choosing to experience this to know how it feels. If I cannot admit that there is 'darkness within me'," I continued, "then I have more work to do with myself, because if I cannot admit that something is there, then I cannot embrace it and move past it. I am a 'portal' that Prime Creator is experiencing through. Remembering, there is no right or wrong, there is no good or bad, there is only 'experience' and the journey back to Love.

"Our many lives are a game in the theatre of life," added NyShaRa, "and through Contrast, we find our way back to Prime Creator."

"What do you mean, a game?" chirped in Cyndriella, who loved to play games with her sister.

"Well," I smiled at Cyndriella. "As Souls, we choose an experience to expand and learn. Fifth density Souls, for example, know that when they experience Contrast, it is only a game, and they can step out of the game at any time. Third Density Earth, however, gives an extreme Contrast, and that can cause extreme unhappiness. This extreme unhappiness is known as suffering. And in the third density, it is not so easy to step out of the game because the Soul in the form of a Human biology has forgotten who they are, where they have come from, and why they are here. It is as though they have amnesia. They do not even know that they are in a game."

ShaMaRa looked very sad, "Samira, I do not understand how a Soul could have amnesia?"

I looked lovingly into ShaMaRa's eyes. "I will share this with you," I said. "Third density Humans are struggling because they have been mind controlled. This is the dark one's greatest weapon. The mind control that is prevalent in every system on Earth encourages separation, fear and scarcity. All wars on third density Earth are controlled by the dark one's. They control both sides of any conflict. It is, therefore, imperative that we stay in our Sovereignty and use our powerful Minds through our Hearts to create Love, Compassion and Unity. Every casualty, in every war, is Me on both sides. Both sides are Me, experiencing emotions and suffering. And I am also the dark one's."

"What is mind control?" asked Cyndriella.

"Let me put it this way," I said. "The dark one's operate behind the scenes and are hardly ever visible. They appear when they want to appear, but mostly, their lifestyle and existence is outside the majority of people. It is from this position that they control every aspect of life: our education, medical, political and scientific systems... everything! "

"How do they do that?" inquired ShaMaRa.

"Hmmmmm, well, they re-write history," I said, "filling our minds with lies and distortions, and they destroy any knowledge about natural health, how the universe works, who we really are and where we came from, and how to attain spiritual enlightenment. In fact, they go out of their way to make sure that Humanity interacts with systems that create confusion, illness, poverty and slavery. This creates fear, the fear of separation and the fear of death, and when people are in fear, they will do whatever they are told to do."

"Human Beings who get trapped in these false beliefs," added NyShaRa, "rather than understanding what is really going on, are in danger of having their DNA altered through these forms of mind control."

"Our beliefs and programming determine our DNA. Isn't that incredible?" said SaRa. "If the dark one's can control our beliefs, then they can control our DNA. If they can control our DNA, then they can control the Human being. This is mind control."

"Humanity believe that most Corporations are taking care of them," said NyShaRa, "however, this is not the case. Humanity are slaves to the dark one's, and yet, they are oblivious to the ways that the dark one's control their minds."

"And all of this misinformation and fear is in the hive mind Consciousness of Humanity," said SaRa. "All of Humanity share a Consciousness, and this misinformation feeds their mind, continuously. Humanity think that their thoughts are their own, however, they are not."

"That is right, SaRa" said NyShaRa. "The trap to not waking up is Humanity's limited ideas and beliefs, their attachment to those ideas and beliefs, and the emotions that they have not yet transcended."

"That is so true!" I interjected. "It is so important to transcend our emotions.

"And this, of course, is also called shadow work," said NyShaRa. "An individual's shadow work, or inner work, is their frequency."

"As a person integrates the unresolved emotions that are trapped in the body," I added, "usually from childhood, they literally change their DNA and can then raise themselves into a fifth density plus frequency. A person's inner work, therefore, 'is' their Ascension."

"When a Human being is Conscious," said SaRa, "they know that all words, thoughts, and actions are controlled by them, or their Soul."

"Unfortunately," agreed NyShaRa, "most Human Beings are in denial. They do not realise that if an individual wants to know what is in their inner world, they need to observe their outer world. Whatever is going on in their outer world, they have created or co-created the situation to show themselves what is occurring in their inner world. A person creates their own reality. Whatever they see in their outer world, they have placed it there. No-one else has."

"The Collective that they are a Part of," said SaRa, "will always be a 'reflection' of what is going on 'inside' of them, a reflection of what they still need to look at, to make Peace with, to Embrace and to Integrate."

"All of the emotional experiences," I said, "that a child was not developed enough to deal with are trapped into the base three chakras and they stay blocked there. Most people are operating on those base three chakras so they are just playing out a programme, or a set of beliefs, from their childhood where they were living unconsciously."

"And yet," said NyShaRa, "a Human being is a stranger to their programming because they cannot remember their experiences from childhood. That is because the ego is very good at editing out parts of an individual's life, or omitting memories, so that the person is oblivious to them. It will even erase from memory any disturbing events and re-write history to keep them in the illusion."

"And the ego is always right," I said, "so most people do not see how their thoughts, words and behaviour is creating their own misery."

Cyndriella started wriggling around, and a big smile on her face, she asked, "What is an ego?"

"The ego and the shadow self," I replied, "neither of whom a Soul truly is, is a 'reactionary' personality to the events or situations that an individual absorbed from parents, peers, and others while growing in physicality. "

"Yes, indeed!" agreed SaRa." The ego is the non-authentic part of 'Who We Are' and its strongest tool is judgement."

"What is Judgement?" asked Cyndriella.

"Judgement," replied SaRa, "is when a person does not feel good about themselves and the ego steps in to make someone or something else responsible for not feeling good."

"And what about anger?" added NyShaRa.

"Ah, yes. Anger," I said.

"Anger is the avoidance of feeling helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness. A Human being's anger is a reaction that is generated by the ego so that they do not have to look at the pain and the patterns that are running their life from the shadows."

"When they integrate their painful feelings, however," I said, "they are a beacon of Light focused on higher frequencies. These higher frequencies can be so much higher than fifth density."

ShaMaRa lowered her eyes and nodded. Cyndriella, who also had her head down, was digesting this new information.

"To find our way back to Prime Creator," I continued, "is not a matter of connecting with an outside personality and bringing that frequency into the Body, Mind and Spirit. Every cell in every part of the body is connected to every cell of everything in the Universe. We can experience every experience throughout the Universe, because our DNA is connected to every experience. We, and everything that exists, already IS Prime Creator, and so we make a connection through our Heart to 'All That Is'. It is an 'inner journey' that we make to our Self."

"So," added NyShaRa, "to wake up to our Divinity is to wake up to Who We Are. It is to integrate our fearful feelings, and in so doing, transform into a Higher Conscious Awareness.

"And in much the same way," I said, "Consciousness, and therefore, the ability to process information, or know the Truth, IS Ascension."

"Ascension," said SaRa, "or bringing ourselves onto a higher frequency Timeline, thereby taking ourselves out of the lower hive-mind Consciousness, or mind control, is the only way to free ourselves from third density Earth. It is the only way to ascend into the higher frequencies."

"And this mind control," I added, "is also called programming. Humanity is programmed by their parents and society; the Agreements, or density, of the planet; and the dark one's propaganda."

Daul KaRa seemed unable to refrain from commenting, "There are many who reject what you are attempting to teach, Samira." There was an unmistakable challenge in his statement.

"Yes, that is right," I replied, "and that is their choice. All Souls were created at the same time, however, they are all having a different experience. There are new Souls to Earth who have not experienced a third density low frequency energy before, while there are other Souls who have had so much experience that they are a part of the Karistus frequency. I am Dhor Kristil because that is who I am. I am driven to do what I do, because it is an expression of Me. I have travelled throughout the Universe and so I have many reference points for what I know. If someone else does not understand what I am sharing, it is only because they do not have a reference point for that information. And yet, it is not my role to convince anyone else of 'who they are', what is happening in the Universe, or what choices they should make. If I did that, I would be interfering in their experience, and that is not in alignment with the Universal lore of non-interference. When I raise my own

Consciousness, I raise the Consciousness of others, because 'We Are All One'. When I raise my Consciousness, I am raising the Consciousness of Me in someone else."

"But, what if someone is going to die, Samira! Is it not alright to interfere then?" inquired ShaMaRa, who was obviously feeling emotional about some of these concepts.

"There is no death, ShaMaRa. There is only the fear of death." I replied in a calming tone. "In third density Earth, many Humans only identify with their Physical form. It is imperative that they know themselves more as their Non-Physical Selves, as their Souls. The 'merging' of the Non-Physical and the Physical is necessary if they want to Ascend."

ShaMaRa nodded slowly, and raising her eyes to mine, permitted herself a slight smile to show that she understood.

As we approached Saturn, I could feel a different energy dynamic to that of Jupiter. All planets hold positive and negative Creation energy, and Jupiter is a positive planet that holds positive Creation energy, while Saturn could be considered to hold negative Creation energy.

Prior to the destruction of Taymat, Saturn had no rings and was a lot closer to the Earth. As Saturn is a gas planet, it did not reflect light as does a watery planet, so it appeared as a black dot in Gaia's sky. For this reason, Saturn became known in many cultures as the Black Sun of Solar M13. When Taymat was destroyed, however, Saturn's orbit underwent enormous changes and moved much further out from the Sun. The debris from the destruction of Taymat was drawn into the gravitational energy of Saturn, and this formed the inner, middle and outer rings.

I marvelled at the rings on Saturn, composed of billions of rocks from the size of grains of sand to small Moons. The Federation, in this quadrant of the Galaxy that are overseeing Solar M13, have their headquarters in the rings of Saturn, where there are also inter-galactic star ports. These star ports are very active, and through the flight deck window I can see star ships coming and going from all around the Galaxy and beyond. Many races from around the Galaxy visit Saturn, especially the rings, and I can see that it is heavily populated.

"SaRa, can you tell me why the rings of Saturn are so populated with craft?" I asked.

SaRa leaned down and peered through the window. "Yes, Samira. They are mining minerals and elements, and in particular, gold."

"Oh, I see. So the gold is in the asteroids that make up the rings?" I questioned.

"Yes," continued SaRa, "it is pure gold and it is extensively used and valued throughout the Galaxy as a conductor of electricity. Most electric systems on board Galactic Star Ships are made from pure gold for this reason."

"Of course, yes, I remember that now. Thank you." I replied.

Daul KaRa swung around in his chair and proudly offered an insight into their lives. "After delivering you to Earth, Samira, we will be returning to Saturn to continue with our contract. Our stop in Cyndriel was a family vacation and 'time out' during our mission, which was to collect a cargo of pure gold and then return through Alpha Centauri to our home planet of Phyton, also known as Alphraton."

Phyton. Hmmmmm. As Daul KaRa finished his sentence, there is a vague memory around Phyton, also. Ah, yes, now I remember. Phyton is one of seven planets and similar to this Solar system. Their Sun is Alpha Centauri, and the closest Sun to Gaia, other than Gaia's own Sun. Phyton is a binary system, meaning a system where two astronomical bodies are close enough that their gravitational attraction causes them to orbit each other. The civilisation on Phyton, who are now fifth density beings, originally consisted of Earth Humans who were abducted by the tall greys, or Mitra. These Humans were taken as a food source for the dark one's, and their skin, which was often tattooed, was fashioned into clothing. Phyton was liberated from 1561 to 1570 in Earth time, and they now have the equivalent of a military defence role to stop other negative beings, other than the negative beings who are already here, from coming to Earth.

I turned my attention to Saturn, once again, and became aware that if I was viewing Saturn's rings, I was 'presently' on a Timeline that was 'post' the destruction of Taymat. However, when I arrive on Gaia, I want to be on a Timeline that is 'pre' the destruction of Taymat because I am journeying 'back in Time'. The clarion call that I am responding to is because Gaia and Humanity are on a destructive Timeline where trans-Humanism is threatening the Human species. I am returning to hold a frequency of Truth, Knowledge and Love for Gaia and to assist Humanity for the Ascension into a New fifth density Earth Consciousness. And, of course, this is not just about Gaia. Whatever happens on Gaia will affect all of the planets in our Solar System, Galaxies and the Universe, because everything is inter-connected. 'Everything is One'.

"What do you know about The Federation in the rings of Saturn?" I asked Daul KaRa.

"Samira, that is a big topic," Daul KaRa turned to face me and shook his head. "The Federation is made up of countless people, each one with their own individual ideas. They are people, just like us, however, they operate in a 'low' fifth dimensional frequency. As you probably know, there is a hierarchy of Federation Councils, and each level overseas the level below it. The Federation in the rings of Saturn, even although it is governed by the High Council of this quadrant of the Galaxy, located in Alcyone, has one hundred percent control of third density Earth."

ShaMaRa squeezed my arm and pushed her face close to mine, "Samira! I heard that third density Earth is an experiment."

"Yes, in a way, it is," I replied, and stroked ShaMaRa's cheek. "Third-density Earth is a Galactic School that came about ten thousand years before the birth of the so-called Christ. The learning is where a Soul can forget who they are, and through suffering, find their way back to Prime Creator."

I smiled at ShaMaRa, and then turned my attention back to Daul KaRa. "I heard," I said, "that The Federation do not have much compassion for Humans. They allow the Humans on Earth to suffer unnecessarily."

"They do not have compassion, Samira," Daul KaRa gripped the edge of his seat and I could see that he was experiencing frustration. "The purpose of The Federation is to grow the Consciousness of Humanity through suffering. However, many say that The Federation have gone too far in seeing how much Humanity can endure."

"Unfortunately," said NyShaRa, "Humanity has not only adjusted their lives to accommodate these adverse conditions, they have also remained oblivious to mind control and higher spiritual awareness."

"And yet," I said solemnly, "it is being said that The Federation actually deny Humanity the help that they need to ascend. In third density Earth, the Taygetan star ship, Tolica, as well as the Andromedins, have been asked by The Federation to leave Earth's orbit."

"But, what about the lore of non-intervention," inquired ShaMaRa. "My father told me that it is not permitted for anyone to intervene in another species evolution."

"Sadly," SaRa replied, "The Federation do intervene. As Humanity has not ascended, despite being prevented from doing so, The Federation are now working with the dark one's to close the school down."

"How will they close the school down?" asked Cyndriella.

"Well," I hesitated, "they have planned a genocide. However, the genocide is not acceptable to the Pleiadeans, Arcturians, Andromedins, Sirians, or the Urmar, the Cat People, as well as many other races. They are all furious with The Federation's stance on the Human Race."

"But, why? Why kill them?" said ShaMaRa.

I wiped a tear from ShaMaRa's cheek. "The Federation do not care about the feelings of Humans," I said. "They know that third density Humans are experiencing other Timelines in all of the densities above the third density, and therefore, they do not see that they are 'taking a life'."

NyShaRa sighed heavily. "Some say that third density Humans have been held prisoner on Earth so that they do not manifest their 'nightmares' throughout the Galaxy. The fear of the Humans and the atrocities that are occurring for them is their own creation. Humans need to see that negativity, abductions, financial burdens, corrupt Politicians, disease, famine, global and local wars, pandemics, corporations with needles, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, everything is the work of the Human mind trying to understand itself and trying to control its enormous Power of Manifestation. The Federation and interstellar races cannot welcome an inexperienced race that manifests nightmares for itself, so it limits them to Earth. It is the Humans themselves who guide The Federation to new tests and challenges."

Humanity is a Collective," said SaRa, "they are not separate from one another, and when they understand that they are using race, religion, and nationality to create separation, then they can start to make the real progress and bring about the Changes that they want to Experience in the World."

"I agree," said Daul KaRa. "Humanity is the salvation that they want. As long as there is the concept of 'I', and the concept of what is not 'I', there will be duality."

"They need to return to Love," I added. "When Humanity learns how to be compassionate and empathic, when they learn to help others and work together without fighting, then they will have passed the test. When we show compassion about the injustice to others, we summons more lifeforce Energy through our own Being. We Expand, and become more of our Higher Self."

"Compassion," agreed Daul KaRa, "is the full recognition that nothing, and none of this, is happening outside of ourself."

"Then, and only then," said NyShaRa, "will The Federation welcome them into Interstellar Society, but as long as they are immersed within their own nightmares, they will only send guides. Like us. This is our purpose. This is why we exist.

SaRa nodded in recognition. "It is the job that is the hardest, the loneliest, and the most responsible, because the help that we bring will be rejected by most Humans."

"However, when we are true to ourselves," I said, "we are more likely to 'be in the right place at the right time', to 'do exactly what is needed', or 'say exactly what someone needs to hear', and we want to be that for others. As we all know, when we interact with any other Being, whether they are Human, Animal, Plant or Extra-Terrestrial, the best thing that we can do to 'Be of Service' is to be there for them and 'Be Present' with them. Listen to them. Tune-in to them and express our Feelings. When we give the 'best' of who and what we are, we receive that feeling of Expansion and we know ourselves more as Source Energy Beings."

"And yet," Daul KaRa interjected, "we cannot tell those who are asleep that they are wrong, as that is imposing our Point of View onto them, and this would make us as nefarious as anyone else because we would be imposing our view. That is why nothing should be imposed, only offered, without criticising those who do not want what we offer."

"It is from this higher awareness," said SaRa, "that Humanity needs to understand that the only thing that is real in their reality is the Focus of their Conscious Attention Awareness. What they resist persists. What they give their attention to manifests. Everything only exists because of Consciousness, and if that Consciousness was not focused on something, it would not exist." She turned to ShaMaRa, "Now you can see why it is very important to understand that 'All Thoughts Create'."

ShaMaRa rolled her eyes, and laughed, "I had better watch my thoughts!"

"Yes," I laughed with her. "So where are you going to place your incredible manifesting thought? You are Prime Creator itself. You are a portal of 'Focused Attention Awareness' of the Original Prime Creator. When we 'imagine'," I continued, "and hold the highest idea of who we are, and the highest idea of Gaia that we wish to reside upon, we can create it."

We all sat in silence, digesting the conversation that we had just shared about third density Earth, and the responsibility of each individual to raise their Conscious Awareness and 'BE LOVE'. Now was the time to become more Heart Centred than ever before, and Shine that Light from 'within our Hearts' brighter than we have ever let it shine before.

And so my journey continues...

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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