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The Lunar Frequency

The Great Lyrian Expansion and the Wars

The Great Lyrian Expansion refers to the races who were escaping from the annihilation of planets and species by the regressive Orion Reptilians approximately one million years ago (this is an approximation within 3D linear time). The Lyrians had to escape because their nemesis had destroyed not only their planet, but other whole planets and civilisations. The Lyrian races did not have any defence. They were loving beings, they had a connection to Nature, and they did not have any weaponry technology because it was not in their consciousness.

The Federation of Planets, composed of many advanced civilisations in this quadrant of the Galaxy, was formed in defence of the Reptilian Invasion. The Pleiadians involved in The Federation of Planets are known as M45, or Alcyone, which is the Central Sun of the Pleaidian Star System in our Galaxy. The Pleiadians signed up with The Federation to defend themselves against the regressives.

The fighting, however, only served to energise the negativity. What We Resist Persists. The Lyrians came to Earth, and out of fear for their oppressors, they projected their nemesis into a huge reptile that kills and eats other beings alive. The fear of the Lyrians created a compartment in their mind, and as all thoughts create, they brought into existence their own egregores. An egregore is an entity that is born out of the collective conscious, and an even worse nightmare became a reality.

The Lyrian consciousness created the DNA of the Pleiadians and so the Pleiadians inherited the Lyrian's fear of their egregores. Humanity today, seeded by many different races, has experienced the regressives on many different timelines, and so now these egregores are also animated by the fear of the human species. If humanity did not have any fear, the regressives and their cohorts would simply disappear.

The Destruction of Taymat and the Towing of The Moon

The Solar System was set up as a nursery and was known as Solar 13. On Earth, a 5D plus planet, humanity was meant to experience three incarnations and ascend. This was possible because there were no frequency barriers to prevent their ascension and they had knowledge of their other timelines.

However, 12,500 years ago, the 3D matrix was created. All of the beings in the two major civilisations, Lemuria and Atlantis, underwent cataclysmic changes that almost destroyed Earth and upset the delicate frequency balance of the entire Solar System. The Pleiadians knew that it would happen and so, the Pleiadian ship, Tolica, has been observing Earth ever since.

Taymat was the fourth planet orbiting Earth's central Sun and its rotational path was between Earth and Mars. The mass of Taymat was a hundred times that of the Earth and it appeared in the sky to be similar to the size of Earth's Central Sun.

In many ancient writings, there are references to Earth having two Suns, however, Taymat was a watery planet and acted like a mirror reflecting the Sun's light. Earth at that time had no Moon, so Taymat and the Moon were never seen in the sky together. The Moon was only brought to the Earth 12,500 years ago after the destruction of Taymat.

The frequency of Taymat was negative and the frequency of the Earth was positive. Negative and Positive planets are not indicative of good and bad, or right and wrong, they simply resonate to a particular Creation frequency.

Many Reptilians are beautiful beings. The Reptilians, and many other races, inhabited Taymat. Some of the Reptilians on Taymat were amphibious beings who were aquatic. They could breathe with gills under the water. The aquatic race had no technology, however, they were evolved.

On Earth, the two civilisations were the Lemurians, a high 5D frequency civilisation, and the Atlanteans, a low 5D frequency civilisation. The Atlantean race comprised many different Reptilian races, as well as humans, many of whom were their slaves. The humans in their captivity, however, did not know that they were slaves. Lemuria and Atlantis together created a balance on Earth between Light and Dark.

The regressives who were 'not' living on Taymat, sent out signal repeaters to trick the M45 Pleiadian Council on Alcyone. Some of these regressive Reptilians were living on Earth and many of them were living off-planet. These regressives are 4D and do not have a physical body as we understand physicality in 3D. In 4D their body is dense, however, to experience this being in 3D we would not be able to see them, we would only feel their energy. They are the same regressives who are behind what is going on on Earth today and they even inhabit the same body as they did 12,500 years ago. In linear Earth time, they can live up to one-hundred-thousand years and when they do die, they do not reincarnate, they inhabit another body. This is what is behind the satanic rituals in the deep Cabal now.

The Pleiadian Council, being curious, when they detected the signal repeaters on Taymat, went looking because they thought that the Atlantean Reptilians from Earth had found a way of inhabiting Taymat. It was, however, the regressives whom the Galactic Federation had been fighting for over one million years. The regressives were getting more and more powerful because the fear of the Lyrians on Earth was feeding their consciousness.

When the Pleiadians went to investigate, the regressives had the equivalent of dirty hydrogen bombs that were energized by zero point reactors and a battle ensued on and around Taymat. The Pleiadians had a huge loss of life and seventy-five percent of their star ships were lost. The regressives, also, had a massive loss of life and ships, and everyone felt wounded.

The dirty Hydrogen bomb and zero point energy reactors destabilized Taymat causing a pole reversal of the planet and a change of orbit, and this set up a resonance throughout the Solar System. It was a destructive frequency that shook Taymat to pieces, and when destroyed, the planet actually imploded and exploded at the same time.

The masses of water that were once Taymat's oceans were suspended in space, and over time, were pulled into the force field of many planets and moons in our Solar System. The Earth experienced torrential rain, sometimes described as forty days of rain, as the water gathered and poured onto the planet.

The frequency of this torrential flood changed the magnetospheres of the Earth. The polarity of the poles was flipped and there were tectonic movements that were unimaginable. Whole continents sank and new mountain ranges rose in only a few hours. There was a huge loss of life and civilisations were destroyed. It is these memories that are still in our lower hive-mind consciousness today that are also creating our fear of annihilation.

The M45 Military Forces went back to the Pleiadies licking their wounds and with a great loss of life. The regressives, who do not have a home planet of their own, sought refuge on Earth.

The remains of Taymat, now the Asteroid Belt, the inner limit of which is the Van Allen Belt, represents the outer periphery of Earth's magnetosphere. This is a mass of radioactive debris that will 'fry' any biology below 5D who attempts to pass through it. This is why no rockets created by NASA have ever ventured very far from Earth, not even to the Moon, and why the monkeys in the Russian craft did not survive their space journeys. The NASA Moon landings never happened. They were a fabrication by the Americans during the Cold War to convince the masses that the U.S. had technological superiority.

The Van Allen Belt emits a complex ionizing range of radioactive frequencies that is deadly to biology. It is impossible for the astronauts to survive the journey through the Van Allen Belt. The Van Allen Belt is one-hundred times stronger than a microwave.

Once a Soul comes through the Van Allen Belt, they forget who they are and why they have come here. They lose all knowledge of their other timelines and their connection to the other higher frequency versions of themselves. And they become susceptible to the regressive agenda. The Van Allen Belt also prevents the human biology from remembering their astral travelling at night and the conversations that they have with higher frequency versions of themselves.

It is impossible to pass through the Van Allen Belt and survive unless a biology is 5D plus, because a 5D plus biology is not a frequency match for the Van Allen Belt. A 5D plus biology can also use a jump room to get past the Van Allen Belt, or they can timeline jump out.

To trap the regressives on Earth so that they did not invade other planets in the Solar System, the M45 Pleiadian Council and The Federation came up with a plan. They would bring a damaged Andromedin biosphere, known today as the Moon, into the orbit of the Earth. The biosphere had belonged to the Andromedins and had been damaged by a similar detonation as Taymat, so it had been uninhabited for some time.

The Pleiadians towed the Moon into the orbit of the Earth for several reasons. Inside the Moon were twelve huge zero point energy generators, although only eight generators are working today. The generators were set up as a frequency modulation to counter the destructive harmonics that the Earth was experiencing as a result of Taymat's ruination. When Taymat was destroyed, the Earth had been forced to tilt and She was in danger of perishing. These destructive harmonics were also changing the orbits of the other planets in the Solar System. Mercury, for example, who once supported a civilisation, was thrust so close to the Sun that the radioactivity made life on Mercury impossible.

The second reason, as explained above, was to use the generators to trap the regressives on Earth and prevent them from invading the rest of the Galaxy.

When the Moon was moved towards the Earth, however, because of the Moon's incredible gravity, this action also created Earth changes. The Earth's water, which was now a considerably larger mass due to the flood from Taymat, was pulled across into the Moon's energy field. This created the equivalent of a massive tidal wave, six miles in height, over to the side of the Earth where the Moon was now located.

So now Earth has experienced two major floods, however, the floods were not experienced at the same time. In the Creation Story, which was written by the Cabal, the reference to taking six days to make the Earth, and on the seventh day God rested, refers to the Moon creating a huge flood that lasted for six days. So first the Earth experienced tilting and floods from the destruction of Taymat, and sometime later, the Earth experienced catastrophic flooding from the Moon being towed into the Solar System.

At some point, the regressives figured out that they were being trapped on Earth because the Moon was transmitting a range of low frequency emanations. The Federation hoped that by trapping the regressive Reptilians with the Van Allen Belt and the Moon's low frequency emanations, it would stop the regressives from escaping. The regressives had lost their technology and had no inter-stellar capability. The Federation hoped that on Earth, the regressives would forget their marauding and controlling consciousness, and start the process of spiritually ascending. The majority of Reptilian races throughout the galaxy had already achieved higher levels of enlightenment.

However, the regressives found Earth very comfortable. It was a watery planet with subterranean environments and a self-sustaining, fear-based humanoid consciousness that was also a food source to sustain their biology. In this way, the regressives, who were a frequency match for the Moon, took over the Moon's frequency for their own purposes.

The Pleiadians and The Galactic Federation of Planets took the Moon back from the regressives, now referred to as the Cabal, in 2008. This was achieved by a limited battle between The Federation's combat forces and the Cabal's secret space alliance (NASA). The result was the confiscation or destruction of all of the Cabal's captured and reverse-engineered space craft. Now the Cabal were unable to use off-planetary technology star ships to move beyond the Van Allen Belt. The only way for them to travel beyond the Van Allen Belt and to the Moon was through star gates and jump rooms (sometimes called portals). The regressives no longer had the ability to go to the Moon or defend the Moon.

The Federation, as well as the Cabal, have the capability of looking along timelines, and it seemed that without exception, all the variable timelines on Earth harmonically converged within the progression of the equinoxes to the year 2012. In other words, all the variable timelines ended in 2012, and from that time, new timelines commenced with new energy dynamics, and an increase in the velocity of conscious manifestation. The implications of this are colossal. The New 5D Earth is now possible. The Federation of Planets, however, are now supporting the Cabal with their agenda on Earth today, and in this respect, the Moon is negative.

As we know, the Moon always presents only one half of her terrain, and it is always the same half. ViaRa, a huge biosphere, is presently docked behind the Moon. The Federation are using that ship as an operational centre for Earth.

The Lunar Frequency
How the Lunar Frequency Affects the Living

So now we have the Van Allen Belt as well as the Moon's frequency generators creating what appears to be a prison on Earth.

The Lunar Frequency is essentially a synthetic matrix that reflects a human beings own belief structure back to them. The Moon does not have intelligence, it is impartial and does not judge, rather, it is a transmitter of frequencies. It is not Synthetic Intelligence, either, it is a frequency generator, or a replicator. It is digital technology based on data.

The Moon emits a whole frequency range and amplifies, or mirrors, a human being's frequency back to them. So the Lunar Frequency can tailor-make a reality for each human designed on their emotional experiences of their timelines and this life. It is a matrix designed to get a response and, if a human has not done their inner work or integrated their fear, their response is always the same.

For example, if a human being has a pattern involving the misuse of sexual energy, when the Lunar Frequency interacts with that energy, it matches, or tailor-makes an experience for that human. It is aware of everyone on the planet and whatever an individual emits, the Lunar Frequency creates the opportunity for that frequency to be experienced.

If a human is unconscious as a result of their beliefs, the frequency modulation will hold them in a low frequency and maintain the illusion of the 3D matrix until they wake up.

How the Lunar Frequency affects Humanity after Death

If a human is trapped on the Earth, when that individual dies, the Lunar Frequency traps them inside the Van Allen Belt. In other words, the human biology at a 3D frequency can not escape the Earth's 3D matrix, and nor can a 3D consciousness that is not inhabiting a human biology (the human astral body), escape the 3D matrix. Remember, when an individual dies as a 3D human, the only thing that they are leaving behind is their biological body. The 3D consciousness continues in the astral. Therefore, a Soul that has not raised its consciousness beyond 3D is trapped within the Lunar Frequency.

Some spiritual teachings tell humanity to follow a white light when they die, and that white light will take them to Prime Creator. This, however, is a trick. The white light takes a Soul to the regressives in 4D.

Once there, the regressives can show a person their life after death because it is recorded on a complex digital computer on the Moon. Synthetic Intelligence and the digital technology on the Moon records everything so that the Soul can have playbacks of their lives. After seeing this movie of their life, they can be persuaded to feel guilty for their behaviour, and of their own volition, they return into the reincarnation cycle to be used as slaves and food for the regressives once again.

When an individual raises their frequency, however, they can go 'straight out' after 'death'. They can raise themselves above the frequency of the Van Allen Belt and the Moon. This is 5D frequency.

Programmes Created by the Moon

The Earth agreed to lower Her frequency for the 3D Matrix Earth Experiment, and the human biology was created to participate in the matrix. The human biology is designed to play out the limiting beliefs and programmes that were inherited by its parents and society. This digital programme is created when a biological body is formed through conception, pregnancy and birth, as well as the Lunar Frequency Matrix of the Moon. No matter whether the biology has a Soul, is a Star Seed, or does not have a Soul at all, the biological body is still a digital programme.

The Federation are closing the 3D Matrix School on Earth. The experiment has failed and the plan to wake up humanity has been infiltrated and corrupted. Life on Earth has become so degenerate and immersed in suffering that The Federation are now assisting the regressives with their agenda on Earth today. In other words, from a 3D perspective, it could be seen that The Federation are complicit with the deception that is controlling humanity today.

If the Lunar Frequency was switched off, the matrix would revert back to a 5D matrix, and a lot of the programmes without a Soul would cease to exist.

The Cabal and The Alliance

What is reflected on Orion is being mirrored here on Earth. On Orion, there is a tyrannical system where there are seven levels of hierarchy from the elite down to the valueless. That is why the cast system has been operating on Earth, because it came from Orion.

The Cabal want to remove the vast majority of humanity, including the programmed biology without a Soul, and absolutely control the remaining trans-humans who do have a Soul. They have already achieved this level of control on Venus, and they have cities ready for the trans-human population in remote places that include Northern China, parts of Russia, the Ukraine and Crimea, some remote European locations, the United States, and other cities located beneath the surface of the Earth. These locations are inhabited and functioning with trans-humanism and AI and the inhabitants have no knowledge of this existing paradigm that we are living in on Earth today. AI and trans-humanism is not coming: it is already here.

The Alliance is comprised of approximately one-hundred other races, not including the Cabal. The Alliance want to reduce the population through eugenics, control the banking system, and instil their version of the New World Order. The Cabal and the Alliance timelines are similar, however, the Star Seeds timelines are very different. As more and more humans wake up, there is a new dominant timeline developing that is a frequency match for the New 5D Earth.

There are no known Taygetan Pleiadians involved in the Alliance, however, it is sometimes the case that a 5D plus being comes to 3D Earth through the Immersion Programme. (The Immersion Programme will be explained in another Message). This is referred to as a 'walk-in', and because they sometimes do not have any experience in this density, they can easily develop an obsessive ego and be used by mind-control against humanity.

The Andromedins implemented the concept of karma on the Earth for the purpose of creating growth. The trap of karma was introduced and written by them for this experiment. Millions of years ago, the Andromedins had karma, and that is how they destroyed their own planet and why they are now living in biospheres. They destroyed their planets with technology and so they were the perfect species to write the plot for 3D Earth.

The Alliance, masquerading as 'white hats', believe in karma. To offset their karma, they want to look as though they are doing the right thing by engaging in the system as 'good guys'. They know what is coming towards them, which is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, and they are worried.

The really dark energies are off-planet and having less and less influence on Earth. Their cohorts are here carrying on their work because they are addicted to the 3D Earth agenda. They are an ET race inhabiting a biological avatar, too, just like every other human on the Earth. Bill Gates, for example, is an avatar perhaps with a whole zoo controlling his consciousness, and is the part of humanity who is showing them contrast. If a human manifests the agenda of either the Cabal or the Alliance in their life, it is because that agenda is a frequency match to that human. If a human fights them, they will energize that frequency. They are the part of humanity that is lost so how could anyone be angry with them?

Prime Creator is Love and creates what is not Love, in other words, contrast, so that humans can experience Love. There is no right and wrong, or good and bad. Everything in the Universe is consciousness and, therefore, is Prime Creator. Everything in the Universe exists. In other words, nothing is going away, so it is important to accept all of creation as the Creator.

The free will of an individual is what they choose to focus on. If they stay in their old programming, what they manifest will always be more of the same. All Thoughts Create. When an individual can focus on the creation of a new reality, that is exactly what they will manifest for themselves.

New Tides that are pulling away from The Federation

The Federation is a bureaucracy. It is immense and stretches into other Galaxies and Universes. The Federation know what most humans do not know and that is that humans are a programme. The Federation support the regressives, who are only a part of the problem, because the problem originated with humanity. Humanity is the problem and the problem is fear.

As all the Pleiadian systems are known as M45, Taygeta in the Pleiadies can be seen as a Federation member also, however, the Taygetans strongly disagree with the current action/inaction of the way The Federation is handling Earth at these times. The Taygetan Pleiadians are renegades, however, they are tied into, and part of, the still existing M45 agreement.

The Pleiadian M45 has now aligned with the New Pleiadian Queen. This alignment occurred three-and-half years ago. The Pleiadian Queen said, 'No' to what The Federation are doing and this made the Karistus very happy. The Umar, or Cat People, also, were not happy with The Federation. Many other species, who are not a part of The Federation and are not happy either, are also waiting for the opportunity to work for the Ascension.

The regressive Orion civilisations are now reaching out for help from the Andromedins. The Orion Wars that The Federation was involved in for one million years, and the 3D Reptilians in Orion, now want to experience Light frequencies in the same way as Earth. There is an incredible, synchronistic coming together right now. Many regressive races have made the step forward to embrace Love and Light. They have had enough of 3D and are reaching out to go to the Light.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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