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This part of our on-going discussion is primarily focused upon 'why' our Governments, Politicians and their Party Politics are unwilling to reform themselves, and this includes tighter regulation on the Banking Institutions and the Corporate World.

Collectively, the Western style Economies have locked our Global Monetary System into a Global type of Financialisation that is based on AVAILABLE CREDIT. We have discussed this previously at some depth. This Financialisation on a National level has created such a severe problem for Governments and their Politicians that they have found themselves in an impasse and are 'unable or unwilling' with what they know, to drastically reform the entire Financialisation of that State or Country.

We will use an analogy here to explain why we are all now part of the crisis. Imagine a person who is a drug addict and is heavily dependant upon Cocaine but tries to lead a normal life. Fortunately for this addict he/she meets and falls head over heels with admiration for their perfect partner, who is wealthy, attractive and with good social skills. Then, after they have married the addict discovers that their spouse is a successful drug dealer, who explains that these activities are 'just business' and they personally 'do not take drugs'. Perhaps after some soul searching the addict may feel slightly betrayed, however, now finds themselves in drug heaven. All they have to do now is 'toe the line' and they are set for life.

Substitute 'drug addict' for 'Governments' and substitute 'the wealthy drug dealer' for the 'National and International Financialisation' of our Economies. As previously discussed, our Governments are heavily dependant upon Loans to balance the yearly Deficits they find themselves in. These Loans are continuously taken out year upon year and are added to the National Debt that keeps climbing and in reality, can never be repaid or the Debt cleared.

Now imagine, a consumer based Society where a Government decides to limit the 'Available Credit' to these consumers. This will result in a corresponding catastrophic loss of Tax Revenues! How many less houses do you think would be sold if the Banks imposed a 20% or 25% Saved Deposit; how many less new cars would be sold if there was required a 25% to 30% Cash Deposit on these loans, and if the 0% or very low percentage Interest Rates were to be scrapped to match Banks Personal Loan lending Rates? Apply the same criteria to the home furnishing markets and the many complimentary industries that service the general consumption of goods in our Western style Economies. In other words, our National Governments are 'heavily' dependant upon the 'taxes' that they collect.

Some of these Taxes are visible to the consumer and employees while other Taxes are not so visible through the consumerism consciousness of our Economies. Nevertheless Governments depend on Taxes collected. In theory, Award Wage earners should pay little or no taxes. Conversely, highly paid Executives and Professionals, again in theory, have larger incomes and pay lots of Tax into the Governments coffers. The only major way a Government funds itself beyond these Taxes is through International Loans as previously discussed. However, in reality, increasingly within the current 'system', the Tax burden falls upon those who earn less and those described as 'middle class'. This is especially so with 'Indirect' Taxes. Highly paid Executives and Professionals also have access to 'creative accounting' and creative accountants able to maximize expenses and minimize real Tax Liabilities. So, yet again, those in the middle and with the least capacity (the majority) are forced to take up the slack and the Tax burden. When this is allied with cuts to Entitlements and Benefits, the overall load increases.'

It should be clear to the reader that the Western style of Financialisation is now severely problematic. Governments now find themselves in a position that they can not reign in the National and International Banking sectors, hence the expression 'too big to fail'; neither can they reign in the National and the International Corporations for the same reasons. One provides the 'available credit' and the other provides 'the commodities for consumerism'. It is this situation that our Governments will not address and they will certainly not discuss with you - This is what your Governments will not tell you.

Let us now look into the recent past Political situation in New Zealand with regards to John Key and his National (Conservative) style Government who were given another term in office by the majority of New Zealand voters (by those who actually voted). Again, he had a clear Mandate from the majority of voting New Zealanders to continue with his National style Politics and Party Vision, however, some 1 million people did not vote. As previously mentioned in another discussion, effectively, there is no real difference between Labour (Socialism) Governance and National (Conservative) Governance, in the respect of 'they are detached from the reality of the majority' of New Zealanders and pursue their own style of politics and agendas with little care or consideration for the individual. However, there is 'one' fundamental difference between these two parties.

At the core of Conservatism (National) is the belief that 'Wealth Creation' and the corresponding affluence of a Nation is driven through Entrepreneurship, the success of which creates Employment and opportunities. It is through this Consumerism and abundance that 'Wealth Creation' filters throughout the Economy and uplifts the majority. Under Conservative Governments Privatisation programmes are usually pursued wherever possible. Whereas, at the core of Socialism (Labour) is the belief to 'look after the interests of the working masses' and this is accomplished through the redistribution of wealth by handouts and higher Taxes on the Wealthy. In reality, Socialist Governments tend to grow out of 'all proportions' in their attempt to create a fairer Society. This administrative dinosaur becomes a great Financial burden on the Taxation System as well as an intrusion upon the individual's way of life. Under Socialism, Governments pursue a programme of Nationalisation wherever possible.

From memory, up until the decade or so of 'Clarkism' there was something like, 4,500 laws on the statutory books from the formation of the first Governments 100 years earlier in New Zealand and then during the reign of Helen Clark and her Socialist Government, a further 4,000 laws were added to the statutory books in only their ten year reign. As you can see, both styles of Party Politics have not really served New Zealanders well, even with MMP: the Political games are still being played out and Party Agendas prioritised. Again, NMP (No More Politics) is the way forward.

Let's look at the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Under a Conservative Government in New Zealand with the above analogy, this agreement equates to a very successful International drug dealer inviting a National drug dealer into its Financial hub. So we can expect through this agreement the continuation of 'hidden agendas' and its Politics all negatively impinging upon every New Zealander's liberty. In addition to this, International Corporations will be taking Financial control of National interests sanctioned by the Government, with their misguided Politics that 'new lines of credit and new market places will be available to New Zealand and that all New Zealanders will benefit', all in alignment with the core Conservative beliefs. Any amount of demonstration and opposition to this treaty will have little or no effect on a National Government: these treaties or agreements are at the core of Conservatism. It is like expecting a leopard to change its spots if you want to reverse or eliminate this type of Politics.

We are not saying, do not demonstrate or voice your opposition to anything, what we are saying is, understand your adversary. Similarly, the Political outcome at the last election with the alternative Party that some supported, entered the Political arena of playing dirty Politics and the outcome should have been no surprise. The major Parties have had over 100 years of playing dirty Politics and relative new comers are very easily dispensed with. The large Parties have vast experience in dealing with what they would view as an irritation. A wonderful experience in the respect of showing what can happen under MMP and Party Politics, hopefully, never to be repeated if we learn through the experience. Yet again, we remind you of NMP.

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