Ascending Forward

Blue Print for an Elevated Humanity

We have arrived in our discussion at a place where we can ALL Leap into a Higher Consciousness, as together, we plan a New elevation for a Social Society that is 'inclusive' for every soul elevating the Group Awareness into a New Social Contract based on the protocols, previously discussed.

Dear all, COLLECTIVELY we do have a great plan. This plan is very achievable and with passion and commitment we can embody these truths and 'make it so'. For now, imagine the highest idea of who you think you could be in this lifetime or another. We mean, the highest of ideals that you could imagine a New and Elevated Social Community could operate from. It is so important at this stage that you know you are truly worthy of this dream, it is equally important to bind this dream together with the highest ethics that can be expressed through the infinitely Available Frequency of Unconditional Love. Our New Social Society can be nothing short of this 'incredible story' as every soul on this planet has the Divine right to reside upon our beautiful Earth in such a Society.

It is important to take time here to make this story of yourself and the story of the Community for everyone, the best story that you can imagine. Now visualise conceptually all of this dream because in truth, this is who you really are. Why settle for anything less, we all deserve this highest of elevations. All that is now required is the Commitment and Dedication to embody these truths. We have a plan.

This Blue Print for an Elevated Social Society for all of Humanity must be Freely Available and inclusive of every soul on this planet. We have discussed at some length, aspects of our present Civil Society that are no longer fit for purpose and most importantly, the reasons why it has failed. It is from these experiences we now can draw upon the wisdom for the necessary changes and learning from what was formally flawed, indeed, this is the Journey into a Higher Consciousness. We all live our lives by what we think are our truths, it is only in this way that we can expose these flaws. It is only then, with the desire and commitment for a higher elevation, that we can refine the process by choosing again, making the necessary adjustments and then LIVE this higher elevation of Truth continuing the process - an infinite process of refinement through experience. This is why it is so important to lift ourselves out of any blame and judgement: we are all co-creators of every reality we find ourselves within; there are no exceptions.

We will return later to this vision as outlined above. Let us consider a Manifest 'that contains but does not limit' this Vision, that is written to embody this Vision in a very clear and concise form. In actuality, it would need to be 'so clear and so concise' and detailed in every manner, able to withstand the most brutal challenges or attacks that may try to discredit any aspect of this Vision. The integrity and higher truth of this Manifest should be clear to any reader that may attempt to critique and challenge this document and elevate any discussion to 'why these changes are required'. This discussion will then expose the flaws within the current system that we are in.

There are already in existence Blue Prints that have effectively harnessed the sentiments above. Here we are in no way critiquing the message or messengers contained within these other Blue Prints, but are merely, expressing a point of comparison. Let us briefly examine an over view of Christianity in relationship to what we are discussing here. In this case the higher truth is GOD and his son Jesus, then to complete this trilogy, the Holy Spirit. Their manifest is the Bible. Throughout the world there are bible Colleges that teach the Christian ethics and accepted beliefs contained within that Manifest (the Bible), the interpretations of which are 'religiously' understood by all, and where every member of this institution understands and therefore communicates these messages in a very clear and concise way with little or no variation world-wide. In short, there is a universal dialogue associated with the Bible and its Christian beliefs that is consistent and strongly held with the upmost commitment for its authenticity. The same could be said with Islam and Judaism, in fact, all of the revealed major religions around the World are totally committed to the same model. All of these models have a valid story for those souls who choose to believe in that Truth: it is in this respect, equally, that our plan for an Elevated Social Society is based within the Frequency of Love and committed to our Collective Higher Truths.

To briefly recap, first you must have a great story, a great vision; the highest idea of 'who we are' and therefore a Community based on this understanding. Sitting behind this vision there must be a really Great Manifest that clearly defines but does not limit in any way, this Vision. Sitting behind this Manifest is required Education - Schools, Academies, Universities; that are an integral part of this Vision, that clearly illustrate the principles of a Higher New Consciousness understood by all.

The next step is to integrate all of the above into the existing system that we already have in place. It should be clear to the reader by now, that a social change through confrontation is very problematic and the outcome is definitely not assured. We have in place, a Political System of Governance that installs either a single Political Party if it has the required majority or a Coalition of many Parties representing the National Communities. These Parties and their Politicians are generally, legitimately, voted in through the ballet box, and are the elected representatives for the majority of the population that actually votes. It should be noted that Globally in the two Party Political System only approximately 50% of those eligible to Vote actually Vote and usually in these cases the incumbent Party narrowly win the Vote and in these cases only approximately 25% of the Voting population have actually given that Party its Mandate for Power. When you take into account all those that are deemed 'not eligible' to Vote for whatever the reason, the Mandated percentage of the population that legitimises this winning Party is often only 10 to 15% of the population, this is a seriously flawed system that is far from Democratic. It is through this process that we must integrate the New Social Society into this already legitimised system.

We have discussed at some length, NMP (No More Politics). For ease of discussion, we also use the term Party (after all, isn't a party where everyone is joyous and happy to share this pleasure with everyone else?). Indeed, now we have sitting behind the 'well informed' Party Members a Political (polite-call) Party, however, with a grand difference. The NMP Party is not really a Party, it is a Charitable Organisation the beneficiaries of which are every New Zealander without exception, so as long as there are new births, this Trust is now a 'perpetual one'. This Charitable Organisational Trust must also be 'non-profit making', and therefore, exempt under the New Zealand Law from paying Taxes on any Donations and Funds that assist to administer the Trust.

There may be several ways of constructing or organising this Blue Print for a Higher Social Society. One way would be to have a National Trust and sitting beneath this trust are Community Trusts all integrating together in the Higher Principles as outlined throughout our discussions. All these Trusts require a board of Trustees to oversee the administration of that Trust: it is here that the utmost attention is required. The principle objective of a Trustee is twofold. The first requirement is that the Trustee themselves arrange their own replacement. Their second function requires that they interpret to the letter all the Principles contained within the 'Trust Document' that the Trustee has been entrusted with. We can discuss this at a later stage, however, for now, all that remains is to 'grow the Party' so that every soul can join in and Party.

This last part of the plan is very achievable when you have all the other elements within the plan clearly laid out. In other words, what you are offering is not just an idea where you are trying to convince your adversaries that they have it wrong and you have the right answer. Neither, are you trying to convert the followers from other Political Parties for their support in a Political arena that is no longer fit for purpose, however, instead the New Party will grow from the grass roots with those souls who are sympathetic to the same cause who are prepared to embrace all that we have discussed and energise such Trusts. What we are saying here, is this New Party does not even need the minimum percentage of voters' support to be valid and placed on the ballet list (that was around 4% from memory) in New Zealand, but instead, they will exist by virtue of being a Charitable Trust that is firstly, set up and registered with the Inland Revenue and secondly, its existence is born into life upon a formal vote from the Trustees which initiates the commencement of activities for the Trust (a Memorandum of Activity).

Here in New Zealand, it would not be difficult to swell the numbers of supporters especially from groups like, the Maori as the principles of the New Social Society is not so different to that of their own. Even perhaps, the Green Party's principles are not so far removed from the principles of the New Social Society. We are sure, that with the dedication and commitment of a few, the growth for NMP would be expediential. Now all that is required, is the 'writing' of these New Social Trusts.

It is from the Heart of Creation and the One that has Created us All, comes New Rippling and Shimmering Waves of Up-liftment on the Vibration of Love, for a New Commitment, a New Dedication, a New Elevation, in a way that we can ALL Live Together in Harmony and Co-operation and live in a Society as Loving Caretakers on our Beautiful Planet, Mother Earth. Let us make it so...

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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