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22:02:2022 Energies

We are very excited to see what you will do with the February 22nd 2022 Energies that are already upon you and that will continue to come in over the next couple of days. You are meant to Change the World that you are living in right now and these Energies are meant to help. They are first and foremost, about Stabilising and Aligning you, so that they can then 'initiate' the Changes 'within you' that need to occur, before the Changes 'outside' of you can. Many people there on Earth are 'waiting' for things to Change in Society 'first', so that they can then breathe a sigh of relief.

These Energies are about Initiating Change 'within' the Individual, so that you can then 'experience the World' in the way you 'want to experience' it. That means you are the Change-Makers. You are the Ones who will Change first, then you will see the Changes in the World 'outside' of you. This is a beautiful time for you to be Focusing on 'which aspects' of the World you want to see changed.

This is a good time for you to be Focusing on what Changes you would like to see 'inside' of yourselves, because it is a time that gives you the opportunity to Release so much, to Let Go of what is 'no longer' serving you. It is a time to Open yourselves up to what is New, Exciting and what will ultimately bring you into Alignment with that 'version of yourself' that you would like to be all the time.

The Changes that are coming are coming because 'you are' ready for them and because it is a date on your calendar when there are many Alignments happening, not just with the numbers. You can rest easy and know that you have already done the work on yourselves to be in a good position for handling the Energies and allowing them to flow through you. You can continue that work through Focusing, Relaxing, Meditating, Hydrating and Grounding.

You will always want to Be the best possible vehicle for the Highest Frequency Energies that are available to you, these Energies of February 22nd 2022 are of very High Frequency indeed. They are ready for You, and You are ready for them. You are ready to Be the Change-Makers and the World is ready for Change. It is a perfect and holy Alignment.

We are happy to see how many Humans are excited about the February 22nd 2022 Energies, we want you all to know that you Do get to use them for whatever you are most interested in. We told you about these Energies and what they could do for you, however, we also want you to know that you get to set your Intentions for 'how' to work with the Energies and what you want them to do for you and for your fellow Humans. We will give you some instructions on how to better 'receive' them right now.

When you sit to Receive these beautiful Energies, do so with your eyes closed and the palms of your hands facing up. Make yourself as relaxed and comfortable as you can be, imagining Golden White Light coming down from the sky upon you. FEEL the Energies coming in through the Crown of your head and falling right into the palms of your hands. FEEL for these wonderful Energies all around you and when you FEEL them running through your Body, FEEL the Energies moving all the way down to the souls of your feet.

Once you Feel that you have opened up and received the Energies of February 22nd 2022 recognise that you can then 'direct' them towards your favourite cause, towards the aspect of life on Earth that is most in need of Change from your Perspective. Send the Energies from your Heart Centre to whatever you would like to see changed on your World today and Know that many other Light Workers around the World are doing the same. You are always working as a Team and those of you who are there to make a difference know Who You Are and know when it is a very powerful day to be making those Changes.

Now, you also can utilise these Energies for making Changes in your Personal lives, therefore, once you have Downloaded them, you can Focus on the Changes you would like to see in whatever you Feel is in your life that could use some Energetic boosting. You can Focus on adding to your life what you would like to add and subtracting from your life what you would like to subtract. You can Trust that these Energies are happy to work with you in the Creation of your Reality.

As Awakened Souls, you Know that you work with the Energies that are upon you to Create your Reality at any time, however, you also Know that there are times when it is more appropriate to Focus, to Feel and to 'direct' the Energies in a particular place in your lives and in the World. This is one of those times, however, the timing is not limited to the day of February 22nd. These Energies will be upon you, and you can work with them leading up to the Equinox. The Equinox Energies will start coming in at some point in March and then you will have those Energies supporting you as well. If you do not do the 'process' what we have outlined here on the day of February 22nd, do not worry. Do not Feel that you have missed out. The Energies are not going anywhere, and they will continue to come in even after the stroke of midnight on your clocks.

You are beautiful Co-Creators, and you are working with all the Energies that you have upon you and today is a very good day to Feel that and Acknowledge that, however, so is every day. Therefore, we suggest that you continue to use the 'process' that we have given you to Receive and to Create and to live happily ever after there on Earth. You are meant to Create, you are meant to Receive and when you are doing both, you are truly in the 'flow' and that is a lovely way to live your lives there on Earth.

We are very pleased to see how many of you are interested in exploring what you can Create with the Energies that are upon you now. We know that you are there to Explore, to Experience and then to Discover what it is that you desire to Create, many of you can Feel that desire getting stronger within you during these times you are living in and that is a good thing. Desire is the Spark that ignites the flame and you can keep the flame burning with your Focus, with your Breathing and with your Letting Go of attachment, or you can see that your desire was not immediately met in the physical with evidence that you have Created what you desired and you can give up all hope. In fact, you can even go into 'resistance', which pushes that Creation of yours further and further away.

We Know that you live in a time where what you want can be delivered to you much more quickly than 20 or 30 years ago, therefore you have developed an 'expectation' for something closer to instant Manifestation when it comes to the big Changes you want to see there on the World Stage. Now, enough of you realise that you have the ability to Change the World, in order to do so, you must encourage each other, rather than getting together and complaining about what is wrong with the World.

We see more people gathering in 'resistance' than we do gathering for the 'Positive Change' that they want to see, that is why those desires take so long to come into fruition. After a while, like a toddler having a temper tantrum, people in resistance who are adults, tend to tire themselves out and give up their resistance. They will eventually turn their 'attention' towards something that is Positive and more Beautiful in their lives. Perhaps they will return to doing the things that they enjoy doing and then they will start to see the Changes occurring that they were so adamant about seeing just a few months prior. We would like for you to be able to skip that middle step of 'resistance' and Feeling the futility of the 'resistance' and go right to the 'Living your Life in Joy' as best you can in the moment.

Again, you can always Focus on the desired outcome, the New World that you are Creating, Visualise it and Breathe into it, however, if you set up an enemy who is preventing you from living in that World you are Creating and you make that enemy the villain of the people, then you are Creating the obstacle yourself. And you do not need to do that. You do not need to tell yourself a story that says that it is this person's fault or this government's fault. Instead, you need to recognise how Brilliant you are, how Powerful you are and how Focused you can be when there is something that you really care about.

It is important that you live your lives as they are right now, instead of waiting for the New World, the New Earth that you sometimes hear us talking about, because even though these things are coming to you and they are inevitable, you still have a life to live right now. And Living in the Now is the best place to Live; it is the only place to live. You can have a desire in the Now that is not going to show up right away and still have Faith and still Trust that it will show up because you are a Powerful Creator Being who is there to Change the World and Change it for the better.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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