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Meeting the Federation

Challenged by the depth of deception that is now being inflicted upon Humanity together with my concerns with the developing inevitable outcome of potential possibilities for all of Humanity on this present Timeline, I felt it necessary to contact the Federation directly again, however, this time at the 7D Level. I wished to give my Testimony of my direct understandings and experiences here on Earth existing within the Matrix controlled 3D experience. My intention was to ask my 5D and 7D versions of Self to assist with this direct 7D Federation meeting.

Calling upon my 5D and 7D versions of Self and together with my Feelings of great Responsibility that I accepted and held at the core of my Being at a multi-dimensional Level when I incarnated into my 3D version of Self. I made a powerful connection with all aspects of Self that was immediately felt. Strong telepathic connections focused my thoughts onto these Frequencies of Higher Consciousness. I had a clear request in my Thoughts, a request for an audience directly with the 7D Federation Pleiadean High Council that is located in the Alcyone Spiral of the Pleiades System.

My primary concern is with the 5D's Federation's way of bringing about an uplifted change for Humanity. They have in my opinion, chosen a permissive 'agreement' with the non-Human Races who have formed an Alliance to play out their respective Agendas that are entrapping Humanity into great limitation to further their own regressive development. The Alliance are feeding off the misery and suffering of Humanity who exist within the illusion that their reality is Deterministic and not of their own making. This tenuous 'agreement' is further exacerbated by the Cabals own Agenda where they are playing with the Minds of Humanity as they act out and inflict upon Humanity through Mind Control their own Satanist Agenda.

Being fully aware of these battles that are being played out by all the Regressives the implication of this very destructive 'agreement' I believe is further compromising Humanities growth and in my opinion causing unnecessary Human suffering and is counter productive in its implementation, not to mention the contradiction in observing the Prime Directives by upholding the Universal Rights of ALL Sovereign Beings - to freely express themselves in whichever way they choose – Free Will. There is a caveat with Free Will, that no one limits or prevents another Being from exercising their own Free Will.

The nightmares on Earth today are a reflection of the Human Mind through their Fears and Ideas, the 5D Federation are allowing this to happen to promote Humanities learning. Humans must learn to be Responsible for their own Creations. The Regressives – Cabal and the Alliance are the Creation of the Human Mind they are not an external force entrapping Humanity and as such are something without 'connection' to the Source and can only exist or be created with something that is 'connected' to Source. So, those 'with' Souls control those 'without' Souls. Therefore, Humans control the Regressives with Mind and Consciousness and with this comes great Responsibility, this is what must be learned by Humanity.

However, the objective of Humanities Awakening through the 5D Federations Guidance should be by allowing the process of Humanities Awakening to occur with their assistance and not by stalling the process by allowing a further insidious trap with the 'agreement' they made with the Alliance. Every part of Humanities Societies have been hi-jacked by either the Cabal or the Alliance 'Mind' controlling the masses in a way that most Humans are totally unaware of. A very clever plan where the slave does not know that they are in slavery and where the slave defends the forces that have placed it into slavery. These slave masters have now orchestrated Globally (and synchronistically), suppression of the very voice of Alternative thinking and how Humanity can take Responsibility of ones Creations.

The Alternative thinking voice conveyed actively through the Social Media is contradictory to the Cabals and Alliances controlled official narrative that is Mind controlling Humanities Awareness. The Cabal and Alliance puppets are in control Globally, throughout all of the Governments and the many Institutions supporting this subterfuge – they have collectively waged War on this Alternative Media outlet of opposing viewpoints that contradicts their narrative and they have now determined all of this information to be subversive or lies and will implement through Law measures of 'take down notices' accompanied with heavy fines, penalties and or imprisonment.

If the 5D Federation continue with their permissive breach of their own intention for Humanities Awakening by preventing an Alternative narrative, this by cutting off the very support that is mentoring the Starseeds, that are mentoring the masses to awaken and grow into a Morally Responsible Humanity with High Ethical consistency, Humanity will flounder and suffering will prevail preventing little or no growth.

The Federation was formed a long time ago to fight these evil Regressive Races. However, they could never subdue them with weapons, today they know that the solution is with Ethics and with the Consciousness of Wisdom. They also know this work must be done by Humans. Humans now require help and Guidance with constructive mentoring and support in order to grow and not by having more abusive behaviour that the 5D Federation is inflicting upon Humanity. Humanity requires a Federation that is made up of persons of High Ethics and High Morals and it is because of this we are exposing this behaviour, no matter how valid their reasons may be.

It is not necessary to create more problems for a Humanity to grow, more problems to suffer through. 7D Federation is there to mentor the 5D Federation, 5D Federation is there to mentor the 3D Starseeds, 3D Starseeds are there to mentor the Human masses. This is how the Federation works at these levels. We know that the Human Race at these times did not create the Regressive Races, this was made manifest in the minds of the Lyrian Races millions upon millions of years ago. However, agreements have been made to bring the Lyrian D.N.A with these encoded messages back onto Earth so that this Human Race can Transcend the Creation at this 'source level'. The 3D Starseeds learn and mentor as they process their evolution through this journey into Higher Awareness. The 5D Federation learn and mentor as they process their evolving Consciousness through their journey into Higher Awareness. The 7D Federation learns and mentors as they process their evolving Consciousness through their journey into a Higher Awareness - this is how the system works.

It is Humans Starseeds who guide the Federation with new tests, new challenges and new creations, that is why we are here, that is what we have collectively agreed upon. When we all learn to be Compassionate and Empathic, when we all learn to help others and work together without conflict then we will have all passed the test. Then and only then can we all come closer and closer. We must all be each other's Guides and Mentors. There is no separation, there is no Hierarchy, however, there is this illusion and this is what provides the Contrast to Experience.

I am not sure when, where or how long this meeting of Minds played out its rhythm, it seemed to last through a good portion of the night. What I do know is that every exchange on every Level by every party was given the highest of Respect and from a Telepathic level I gave permission for all parties to enter my Mind at a level and Frequency that I could sustain holding their High Frequency intense mind probe, as I opened myself up as a conduit for Truth. For myself I am nothing compared with Serving the Truth of Unconditional Love and Upliftment for ALL of the Human Race. At the completion of this meeting of Minds, Hearts and Ideas I relaxed into a beautiful state of Oneness and Contentment.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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