Ascension Messages

See and Feel the Unity

We are establishing new connections all the time, creating networks of Beings from across the Galaxy sharing our information, our insights and ideas about how to assist Humanity and other Civilizations who are living in physical density at this time. The best thing we can do for you is to see you flourishing, succeeding, and becoming more of your True Selves, your Whole Selves and so, we 'hold space' for you by seeing you as 'you really are' and influence you by inviting you up into that Reality, where you think, act, and speak in alignment with Source, in alignment with the one Truth, which is Unconditional Love.

Understand that you all have the ability to 'hold space' for yourselves and others. You can learn from Us. We send you a template for how this is done, which is through your Feeling of connection to Us. You all have the ability to either elevate or tear down and we will continue to remind you that nothing is gained by tearing down another person, for you are only tearing down another aspect of yourself when you do so. You cannot tear down another aspect of yourself and be whole at the same time.

You must recognise that everyone is reflecting a different 'aspect of you' back to you and the goal is to 'Love all parts of you', even the parts you deem unacceptable, unforgivable and without redemption. Remember, that in others you are always looking at another aspect of Self and an aspect of Source at the same time, and by understanding this, it will make it easier for you to Let Go of your resistance, judgment and hate.

This is the Goal for every single Human on Earth. Just by making that the Goal, you accomplish something, you move forward, you release the anger and tension of resistance. More importantly, you become more of Who You Really Are when you 'allow everyone else' to 'be as they are' realising that there is always a way to Accept, Forgive and to Love.

Now is the time for you to be creating your own networks there on Earth with other Humans who also understand what you are there to 'do and become'. We encourage you to build your networks, share your stories and your ideas, encourage each other, even if someone else's idea seems outlandish and impossible. Remember that everything 'is possible' and that you are there to overcome the insurmountable obstacles and to Be Love in the face of hate.

Therefore, remember when you are facing despair that you are 'up to the task' and more, or you would not be there now. There is always room for more Light, more room that you can offer from deep within your Heart. There are always more connections to be made by those of you who want to be more like Us and our Colleagues here in the Higher Realms.

We are sharing as much as we can with you without it being considered as interference. There is a reason why the non-interference rule is in place for Humanity. You must be allowed to Evolve on your own, as your history has shown us what happens when attempts are made to nudge you forward. It is now the time that you must discover that everything you need is inside of you. Therefore, seeing spaceships in the sky and having E.T. visitations all pale in comparison to what 'YOU can experience' when you close your eyes and Focus inwardly.

Once you open-up to your own Infinite and Eternal nature will you realise that you never needed any information nor any intervention. You have access to Source, that means you have access to 'everything' when you look inside of you, you also have an 'unlimited capacity' to create Realities and experience those Realities. However, we understand the Physical is exciting and Physical experiences can be intoxicating.

Do not wait for experiences with Extra Terrestrials to convince you that something good is happening there on Earth. You have Extra Terrestrial DNA inside of you. You have memories of your lives as Extra-Terrestrial Beings inside of you and the way that you can 'experience' your Multi Density Self, is by going within. The outer world will always reflect the inner world, and so the more exploring you do of your Infinite and Eternal nature, the more the outside world will 'open up' to you, and then you can have those experiences of UFO and E.T. encounters.

Physical E.T.s find you more interesting when you first recognise Who You Really Are as Beings of Eternal and Infinite Light and Love. When you expand your 'idea', your 'concept' of Who You Are, everything you want to experience will 'open up' to you in amazing ways that your Mind could not have possibly imagined. Therefore, start with yourselves if you wish to seek more experience with E.T.'s.

We are aware of the instances where Humanity took a more direct path of Ascension and where you veered 'off course' on your Collective journeys. We are aware that there are individuals that gain a certain amount of knowledge and develop their skills and abilities, this leaves them with the option of sharing what they have mastered. They can share it and teach others how to do it, or they can see themselves as having more power over others as a result of their mastery over Energy and Vibration and can choose to keep it for themselves.

When they keep it for themselves, they also seek to keep that knowledge and wisdom away from their fellow Humans. People love to feel special. And one of the ways that people have been able to 'feel special' is when they hone their abilities and attain Spiritual gifts. Therefore, by sharing it with others they would not feel special, nor would they have as much power. This has happened throughout Human History on Earth, however, now the times are changing.

Information cannot be held back from the masses anymore. You all have the option of learning about the various tools and spiritual practices that will bring you into greater alignment with Source and give you Mastery over Energy that you all want. On your world today there are many teachers who seek to empower their fellow Humans. For those wanting to hold on tight to their power, knowledge, and information, are having a very hard time right now, because they can see how futile their efforts are.

You are all accessing exactly what and when you need to, it is a very exciting time to be a Human Being there on planet Earth. To truly want to Ascend, to be your Higher Selves, to be 5th Density, you will want to share what you can and when you can, and you will teach anyone who is ready to be taught. You will seek the advancement, the evolution, of every-one of your fellow Humans. There is Power in numbers and your numbers are multiplying every single day. The more of you that have the Abilities, the Power, the closer you move to the 5th Density.

Guide your fellow Humans, do not wait for your fellow Humans to catch up to where you are and have been for some time. Give them the tools that they require and invite them to exist in the Higher Frequency state that you have been so fortunate to have found.

You have managed to move through the difficult time on your planet without escalating the negativity to such an extent that you have not had to see that reflected back to you in a variety of unpleasant ways. Understand that things could have been much worse during the pandemic, through the wars and the natural disasters. Therefore, when you look around at the World and wonder how it is in such a mess, this is nothing in comparison what you have avoided.

What we are sharing with you is that it could have been much worse for Humanity, you have avoided many wars and disastrous events. This means that you are making progress, this means you are always doing better than you think you are Individually and as a Collective. It is remarkable of how far you have grown and evolved in the past several hundred years. Indeed, even in the past twenty-five years, you have grown exponentially. This, however, does not mean that your work is done, there is much more work to do in-order to take yourselves to that point of Ascension.

It also means that Ascension is moving forward much better than it could have if you had followed different events with different reactions. You should all feel very good about where you are right now, Individually and as a Collective, as you are all far too hard on yourselves. The answer to many of your problems from our perspective, is to Forgive yourselves, to Let Go of guilt and shame, and to move forward from whatever you have been feeling bad about. That is the only way you can build the New World you want to experience. It starts with YOU Letting Go of all that you have been experiencing that you do not feel very good about, including your own Thoughts, Words and Actions.

Look instead for the Positive. You all talk about wanting a news network that is dedicated to positive things that are happening in the world, however, you do not need someone else to create that. You can BE that. YOU can spread the good news, look for and Focus on the good news in your lives and in the lives of the Human Collective. There is much for you to feel good about, and you will feel good about where you are if you Change the way you are looking at your lives, your Perspective and at the World at large.

While it may be difficult to believe, this is a big part of your journey. By shifting your Perspective and shifting the way you are looking at things, you shift everything, and then YOU shift. The shift will be completed before you know it, and those of you who are willing to look at the Positive side of things are the Ones. You are the catalysts to bring it all about, and you are the Ones to lead the way for the rest of Humankind.

We know that more and more people are waking up to the Truth that they, themselves are the Ones who determine which Timeline they are on. We hope that all of you always remember that Truth, because you will continue to see people telling you their version of what is going to happen, as if there is only one Future and that the Future is set in stone, therefore, we will continually remind you of this Truth.

We invite you to join Us in seeing the very Positive Futures that you have been aligning with as Awakened Souls. You all want to see everyone thriving, you want to see everyone receiving what they need, and the best part of where you are right now, is that you do not have to know exactly how any of those things will happen in-order for you to align with those Realities.

You are just stepping into your Power as Conscious Creator Beings. And while in the past you may have been very specific in wanting to create a particular job, relationship or car, however, now you can think about the very ambiguous concept of the Future. Instead of getting very specific about what will happen to create the first domino to fall, you can just Feel in a 'general way' into the Future Reality that you 'want to experience' because you have lived enough of life. You have lived enough life at this point to understand that you prefer certain Feelings over others, having felt enough Feelings to know that.

It is time for you to recognise that you can create so much more and that you are so much more, and that you are creating with Energy more so, than with specific Thoughts. Your thoughts are helpful as they help you Focus and your thoughts can help you to align. However, when working with the unknown of the Future it is not necessary to work it all out with your limited Mind. Instead, Focus on your 'feeling centres' and Trust that the Universe has a myriad of ways to bring you Realities that Feel exactly like the Vibration you are activating inside of you.

All Vibration coexist inside of you at all times. Therefore, you have the ability to activate any Vibration you want to. You choose which Vibration you wish to activate, it is always your choice. Understand that Free Will is about more than just your actions and your words. Free Will is about Choosing 'how you want to Feel' and then placing 'your attention' on it, placing your attention on the Feeling, and not the circumstance that will evoke that Feeling.

Placing your Free Will on choosing to Feel your Vibration and not the circumstance that evokes that Feeling, that is what will place you on the Timeline containing the Future experience that is the reflection of your Now Vibration, in the now moment. That is what you are meant to do and need to do. You really are that Powerful and it really is that easy. Start owning it, and you will see all the magical moments that you can create for yourselves and for others.

Everything that you experience is a part of your Ascension. Nothing is an inconvenience or should be seen as a blockage or something you find as obstructive. Everything is happening 'for you' and is happening 'because of you', and 'everything' is happening 'inside of you'.

Every blockage experienced by you is meant to get you to grow Spiritually. By creating an obstacle or hurdle, it gives you an opportunity to find the Power within you to find a way over it, around it or through it, however, you always move forward. Everyone always finds a way past whatever challenge you place in front of yourselves. It may seem there is no way out, however there is always a way out. There is always a continuation of the expansion of Source Energy through You.

Therefore, remind yourselves the simple Truth that 'this is temporary, and it serves me' with no matter what you are facing or going through at present. When you exercise the ability to relax and breathe into anything that may be happening, you get the positive results that you want. You get to move on to the next level of your Ascension. Challenges will always be there, and they will also be there in the 5th Density because there is always more Ascending to do.

Your Ascension continues beyond the 5th Density. Your Ascension stretches you giving you a myriad of challenges to face, which is why you came to Earth, and you are ready for it all. You knew you were a master when you chose your Earth incarnations. And everyone is playing their part in the Ascension, including you. You must be YOU in-order to play your part. That means being true to yourself is another way that you take a gigantic step forward on the journey to the 5th Density you, the 5th Density Earth.

By being true to yourself and being true to your feelings, you give everyone else permission to do the same, and you start living in a world where everyone is doing the same, and you start seeing more signs of an Ascending Society. It all starts with YOU. You are the Master and the Creator, having every tool imaginable inside of you. Which is why you must stop waiting for people to rescue or save you, instead, take the challenge that you have set before yourself and see it as an opportunity to Become more of You. Afterall, you put it there because you knew exactly what you needed, to go to the next level of your Consciousness.

The question is, are you ready to do that? If you are ready, then there is no need for you to wait for anyone or anything. By looking at your life and the people in it and the world around you, will you find that they all contain exactly what you need to raise to the next level. We are reminding you again, that you are the Ones to 'lead the way' because you agreed to Awaken first and to show the others the way. You show them by doing it first, and then you will have the stories to share with them and not by preaching to them.

The present Energies are about bringing you Peace and Harmony that you want and deserve as many Humans have begun to recognise the futility of segregation and separation from one another, by trying to defeat the other side. They support bringing people together, particularly those who have been opposed to others who disagree with them. Because it is possible to disagree with someone on a topic you feel strongly about and still love that person and enjoy that person's company. These energies will assist people to see those issues from different angles and to let go of their anger and their resentment. They will assist people to Forgive and to have Compassion for those who have very different views on almost every subject.

The Energies are not just about bringing you all together into one Human Collective but also about bringing various aspects of you into one Harmonious Whole, known as your Higher Self. These are the Energies of Integration. You are seeing polarity and divisiveness which will ultimately bring you all together. You need to see everything and everyone that you Feel opposed to in some way, as an 'aspect' of yourself, that still needs 'integrating' inside of you. For those who are Awake you can do that, and you can see it happening all around you.

However, it must start with YOU. You accomplish nothing by complaining about how polarized Humanity is, thinking that by pointing it out you have somehow solved the problem. It must start with You, as Individuals, who know better and who can rise above it all and 'see and feel' the Unity that is always available to you. It is all about 'you Integrating you' and you finding Unity Consciousness, that is always available to each and every one of you at all times.

This is how you do it. This is how you Ascend your Consciousness. It is through the Letting Go of all that you are resisting, that will eventually take you to that place where you can Forgive, have Compassion, and Unconditionally Love all the people that you felt needed to be defeated in some way.

It is not about any one Group being right and everyone else being wrong, it is about every single Person within each and every Group realising that what 'they are experiencing' in that moment 'is their work'. It is their curriculum, and now is the time to do it, because no one else will do it for you. Now is the time for you to look for the opportunities to Let Go of what you have been resisting. Now is the time to be a force for Healing and for Unity in the World, that is only a reflection of everything that is 'inside of you'.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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