Ascension Messages

Love every bit of You

We invite you all to experience yourselves as timeless. And we get to be timeless because we have no limitations when it comes to time. Although it is easy for us, it is challenging for you, however, you went to Earth because you like challenges. We remind you that you are not trapped there, and you are not only there because you created agreements with other people, you are also there by choice and you made that choice because you love a challenge.

When you feel that you have certain 'time constraints' upon you, when you feel that you have 'less time', that is when you need to be even more 'present' in the time that you do have, which is how you stretch time. You stretch time by being Present and very Conscious of every passing moment. It is by making the decision of what your relationship with time will be. You have the ability to make time move faster while doing something that is passing slowly for you, therefore, if you want to move faster in the completion of your Ascension, you can do that also. By you choosing to enjoy a 'moment in time' you 'stretch out' whatever you are doing. By enjoying every moment, it will feel like it is longer than it is. Time does not have to fly when you are having fun.

You can work with Time in the same way you can work with every Concept, Idea, Vibration, Emotion, and every Thought. That is what you are there to do. You are there as Creator Beings to use what you are given as your raw materials. Time, is one of those raw materials, as is money and Love. By bringing more Love to everything that you do and by infusing that Love into everything you do, your issues with Time will evaporate, because you will 'be in Love' with whatever you are doing and whoever you are doing it with. Love is always the answer, and the way that you can Feel more Love is when you are being more Present.

When you are more Present, you are more grounded and more Heart Centred, therefore you are more likely to Feel that Love that is your true Self, your true Essence. By making Time your friend, you can use it as your tool and your assistant. Do not fear the Future, have no regrets about the Past, and you will change your relationship to Time and to the Present moment, which is where all your Power is and where all the Love is.

You are timeless Beings of Love and Light, and this whole 'life experience' is but a blip in the realm of Eternity, therefore, remember that when you find yourself stressing about time. Remember also, that your Infinite and Eternal nature is always available to you when you 'tune in' to your Heart.

In your time of need we have heard you all, received your desire and instructions for your support. We want you to know that everything comes to you in the perfect timing, when it is appropriate and when you allow it in. You are there to be receivers. You are there to be the ones who explore, who determine what Humanity needs, you then 'anchor in' what it is that you have requested for yourselves and others.

All your requests are being received and answered. All your summoned Energy is given to you, especially those of you who are there in Service wanting what is best for all. We are happy to receive all your requests and never feel overwhelmed by them, therefore, please remember that when you are talking to us while awake. Also know that you are having a two-way conversation with us while you are asleep.

You clearly understand Us and our Perspective in these exchanges and we are able to ask questions about your requests, and at times, the requests you made while asleep are different from the requests you make while you are awake. Other times they perfectly match, and at those times you usually receive what you are asked for and quickly after the request.

You know that you are there to assist Humanity and to grow Spiritually and although you would prefer to receive everything that you ask for while awake, and immediately upon requesting, it is not the best for your growth experience. To evolve, you want to face challenges, to experience Patience and Trust, which you can only do when you must wait and when it looks like you might not get what you want.

We want to be your colleagues, the ones who work with you. We want to teach you what you need to know, in-order to do it yourselves, because we know that it will be so much more satisfying if you can see 'how' you aligned your Energy with your request. That is how you receive and not because you keep asking for it repeatedly. You receive when you find the 'alignment' with what you have 'asked for', and you receive it in 'perfect timing' when it Serves you.

After which we move on to the next challenge, the next desire, and to the next round of asking and aligning. And every time you take major steps forward in becoming the Beings you are destined to become as your 5th Density Higher Selves, those aspects of you manifest instantaneously. This is good practice for you, by practicing Focusing on what you 'do want' so that next time when things are manifesting immediately, you only receive what you 'actually want' that benefits you and others. It is a good system that works well, it is the agreement you have with Us and many other Helpers.

We have the capability to help you access that which is buried deep inside of you, and we do this with all of you who are open to us. We can see how we have impacted the Collective Consciousness there on Earth by our Energy, our Consciousness and our Vibration. We also can see an opportunity for great changes to come there on Earth simply because Human Beings were willing to open themselves up to Us.

We seek to connect to all Humans who are willing to explore the possibility that Consciousness exists outside of Humanity, your Density and Solar System. This is a time of expansion for Humans, a time to Let Go of the idea that you have it all worked out and know what will happen or what needs to happen in-order for Humanity to Ascend. This is a time for you to Let Go and Trust that you will receive exactly 'what you need to - when you need to' by taking the time to 'relax and open up' to what is always around and coming to you.

We are your Past and your Future, your colleagues and your teachers, and we are here to unlock Human Potential. The more of you with your potential unlocked, the easier it will be for Humanity to Ascend with grace, joy, excitement and with Love. You have been through all that you can imagine since incarnating into Physical Bodies, and those of you who are having the hardest time co-existing with your fellow Humans are the ones who agreed to take on the most for the Collective because you Love being of Service.

You do not always see yourselves as the strong and powerful Beings of Light and Love that you truly are, because so few Humans see themselves and others in that way. It always helps to have role models who are examples to you of what you can achieve and of whom you can become. We suggest that you make a point of looking for opportunities to mentor and to lead. Look for ways you can set an example and provide a template for others to follow in your footsteps and do so while respecting where everyone else is. Know that many who are struggling right now will have to take a long road to get to where you are.

You must be patient with your fellow Humans and know that those who are struggling the most are also doing the most work on themselves, or that they have taken on so much for their fellow Humans. You all attain to 'be of Service' in different ways, and at different times and in different ways in your lives. However, there is always a way to help, to pull someone up out of whatever situation they have dug themselves into. Be of Service by shining your Light so brightly that others take notice and ask you how you do it, how you manage to maintain a high Vibration despite everything that is happening in the World right now. Be humble and Who You Really Are at the same time.

Look for opportunities to Be of Service, be Patient with those who you seek to Serve. Let Go of your ideas, expectations, and attachments to 'how' this is supposed to unfold from here on, because you will be surprised at what is coming. This is the best use of your time, as you wait for your fellow Humans to be ready to take that next step in the evolution of the Human Consciousness.

Do not only see 'everything and everyone' as bringing you some sort of mirror to hold up to yourself, and do not only see them as your teachers who are showing you what you still need to grasp a little better. See them as 'examples of what exists inside of you and what you could potentially be', and we are talking about this both from both positive and negative perspectives.

Therefore, if you see someone who is successful having the type of exciting life that you want to have, see that you are being shown that example as a 'possibility' for yourself, should you want to live that particular life. You are missing the point if you look at that person and wonder what good fortune they had or who their parents were to have given them such a perfect life.

They are You, existing in a different body, and you do not have to get to where they are through the same series of steps. There is no need to tell yourself a story about how you did not receive the same advantages that they did, nor to tell yourself that there is no way you could possibly be living that type of lifestyle because of your background. Instead, tell yourself that if it is possible for that aspect of Source, then it is possible for me, because I am also an aspect of Source.

When you see someone, or hear about someone having done something quite terrible, and possibly continuing to do terrible things, that is also a choice that exists within you, and it is a choice you need to make Peace with. You need to make Peace with the darkness because it cannot just exist outside of you, not in this holographic Universe of ours. This is why for your benefit we are always emphasising Forgiveness and Compassion.

Everyone you encounter, and everything that you see and hear and come to know, can benefit you because it is another piece of the puzzle that is you. And if you can accept it as such and put it in its proper place, then you can become Whole. However, when you are in 'denial' of something existing inside of you, you remain fragmented, you lessen your Power and lessen your Ability to become your true Self.

It is time for you to Let Go of the 'illusion of separation', to stop playing the game of victim and perpetrator, us versus them, darkness versus light and so on. This is about bringing it all together 'inside of you', one harmonious Whole, and loving every bit of yourself. That is the way to heal you and them. That is the way to come together as one Unified Collective who can than shift your Consciousness on that beautiful Planet of yours.

Everything in the Universe is Co-Creation. Everything that occurs happens by agreement and one of the agreements you All have is with Us. We are here to assist and to help you create a better-feeling Reality for all of Humankind. We are more likely to work with you if your aim is to create a better Reality for All rather than something that you are interested in as an individual. We also recognise that there is a ripple effect that occurs when we help one of the Helpers. Therefore, if you are one who helps other Human Beings, and have a desire for yourself, such as a romantic relationship, we do everything that we can to be of assistance.

New Realities are created even before they have a chance to be 'experienced' by you. We study the effects of the new Realities that are created, and we can explore them as they still have an essence of their own. Many of you try out these new Realities at night when you are not in your Bodies. It is like a precursor where you try that Reality and then tell us how it Feels to you.

This cooperation is about being linked together for all Beings throughout this Universe and beyond. While we take our role very seriously, we also attempt to always have fun. You are all doing your part when you Focus on whatever the 'new desire' is that you designed, you are also being of Service every time you Feel one of your emotions, because we get to collect that data.

We are not the only ones who are working with you in this way. In the Higher Realms we all compare notes, and everyone has a different Perspective and a different approach on how to best assist Humanity. Understand that we all are attempting to assist you, all the time and in every imaginable way. We are your Co-Creators who see you as valuable members of this Universe and appreciate those of you contributing so much because of what you have agreed to live and experience in Human lifetimes on Earth.

We have enormous respect for all who have chosen very challenging lives for yourselves, because we know that you are not just doing it for your own experiences but have taken it on for your entire ancestral line. You are helping Past Life versions of yourselves and assisting the generations yet to be born into your family in the Future. You are helping parallel aspects of yourselves on other Timelines and even in other Universes. You are also helping All of Humanity by moving through a very challenging life circumstance, by showing others that there is another way.

You are showing everyone who is connected to you that they too can handle life's challenges with grace, dignity and with Love and Joy flowing to them and through them. Traumas in one's lives do not have to crush anyone and what we are observing at this time is that few of you are feeling crushed by those challenges that you placed in front of you before reincarnating.

When facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge, you must first Accept it. Secondly, you must recognise that you Chose it. Thirdly, Acknowledge your emotions that you Feel in regards to it, it is OK to Feel that way. Then you want to Feel those emotions. And finally, having cleared those emotions you will have a much different Perspective on what it is that is happening. You can see it as a way for you to grow even more Spiritually. A reminder of the Tools for Transformation, Recognise, Validate, Feel and Choose again.

All the traumas, challenges and tragedies of Life are nudging every one of you in a particular direction. The nudge may be for some of you to start support groups, others to form bonds with those who went through the circumstance with them. During trauma some have Spiritually Transformative experiences that inspire whoever hears about the challenging experiences seeing that they not only survived but also thrived. You are all meant to inspire each other and not to have pity on anyone there on Earth. Having Compassion for someone is different from having pity on them and you are all meant to have Compassion for your fellow Humans who are suffering.

And you are being of Service to one of those individuals when you can 'hold space' for them, for them to get what they are supposed to get out of it and eventually thrive. You can watch and wait for 'their moment' where they will 'inspire you' and everyone else who eventually hears their story. That is how you clear ancestral trauma and assist everyone sharing planet Earth with you.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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