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Compassionate Action

THE NEW EARTH. We have the Choice to remain in the Frequency of Love or the Frequency of Fear. We Know Earth is a school for Experience for both the Choosing of Love or Experiencing its Contrast, Fear. When we hold Love as our Frequency at the core of our Being, we can extent this to our outer Reality, no matter what is happening all around us. This is the Frequency of the New Earth - PEACE and JOY.

The Souls that are not ready to make the shift to the New Earth have 'chosen to remain' and 'work through' their chosen Contrast Experience. These Souls will incarnate into Reality to do just that. We are all Part of the Creator Experiencing our own Individuated Experiences of All That Is, we are Eternal and will at some point return back to the Creator, however, until then, we are All a Part of this Grand Experience for Growth, so meantime, if we embrace this Truth, we can 'allow' ourselves to enjoy the ride.

The cells of our Body from a sub-atomic Level are changing, the Vibration is increasing to match the Frequency of the incoming Energy, so expect Physical changes, the body will become lighter and seem taller as the Energy from within will start to appear and strengthen our Auric Field beyond our Physical bodies, making the Body look slimmer, taller and more transparent.

Not everyone will make the Change, All Humans have been given the Choice to either 'move' through the Energy Field into the New Earth or 'remain' on the old or existing Earth. The ones making the 'shift' will Evolve into the New Human Being with a Higher Frequency. Those who have initially chosen to stay on the old Earth, will be removed sometime, causing great pain to the ones left behind and they will be taken to other Planets and Realities to continue their chosen Journey through Contrast. This will continue to happen until this cleansing is complete.

Those that 'remain' will take the New Race of People into a New Civilisation of Higher Frequency. These People are being tested 'now' with disasters, wars, conflicts and orchestrated events to 'see' if they get 'sucked in'. These are the People that will 'move ahead' with the New Planet, Higher Frequency Earth. This test is going on right now, providing whatever each Being needs to test them and to see what they are capable of 'giving back' to this program, how firm their commitment is and how willing they are to Serve. Each Person is having their own Individual Test, some are finding it tough now, however, some are not coming through the Test and may be left behind. This is not cruel as each Soul is given the Choice and if they are not moving forward and Evolving, it is because that is what they are Choosing as a Life Plan, and they will Incarnate into another, into another Place and they Know it is alright, because it is only a Game.

The ones moving 'forward' will stay on the old Earth and at the appropriate time will Change into the New Earth with a Higher Frequency with New Colours and unimaginable varieties of plants and everything that is required to nourish the New Higher Frequency Biological Body will be there.

The New Earth is not this Density, it is another one of Higher Frequency 5D and when you are ready, you will move into it. There will be New Energy everywhere, especially in water. The old Earth will be cleansed as people step through into this New World, both happening simultaneously. There will be an opening and you simply step through. At first, it looks the same as the old Earth, however, there will be new texture of colour and Energies, everything will be changing before your eyes and everything is so beautiful, this is the New 5D Earth.

Some People will pass through before others, some will come and go for a while until they go for good. The ones choosing to stay, will stay on the old Earth and the Whole Planet will continue to go through its many hardships. The People that have crossed over will be observing what is happening on the old Earth as they will be able to see from the 5D Earth, however, they do not get caught up with what is going to happen, they just Focus on the Light. This is the 'challenge' for the People on the New Earth, the challenge is not to get caught up in anything that is going to happen. That is what gets people pulled back into 3D and this has happened to many people on this path, because they get caught up in the Fear and sadness and all of the negativity.

FOCUS on the Good, FOCUS on the fact that there is going to be a whole New Existence, New Density, New Earth that many will be moving into, who are already moving into. You will still be in the same Physical Body that will change. You just walk Across to the New 5D Earth. Many People will not, and that is their Choice, they have 'chosen' not to wake-up and we must respect that, they have been given the Choice like everybody upon the Earth, everyone has that Choice, and that is alright. Where they move to next is part of 'their' Journey for 'their' own Evolvement. The majority will not be making the shift, the numbers are not important, what will be will be. The more People that will take that Journey of Evolution the Greater that number will be. This is why we are doing this work, to help People to Wake-Up and LET GO OF THAT FEAR and not to 'step' into the Void of anything is possible, including Fear.

That is why you do what you do, being in Service, Mentoring others who in turn, Mentor others. Everyone you speak to who are receptive to New or Higher Ideas and they in turn, speak to other People, that is how it works, and it is all happening soon. Its critical time is now, as everybody who will make the Transition are now Waking-Up and need Guidance and Mentoring. There is more happening that is not visible, many People are being persecuted and that seems harsh, however, they have Chosen this route that actually 'forces' them to look at Spirituality. This is a trigger that 'wakens' People and the purpose of Persecution, to 'force' an Awakening of Spirituality.

Each One of us IS the Universe and there are more Parts of that Universe here. If you stay in Peace and Balance through this Test, then you can stand anything and everything that is happening in the World, and see it as a Test for you. Your World is what you CREATE here and do not get caught up in the DRAMA and FEAR of others. This is your own Universe here, your own Space here. If every Person Creates PEACE and HARMONY in their own World, then that is the Universe that they are Creating in that 5D Earth. The more People that Create Peace in their Universe, then more People will Create Peace in the New 5D Earth.

The Ones that cannot Create Peace and Harmony in their Body are not passing the Test, THAT IS THE TEST. It does not matter what is happening all around you because it is all a Play and all of the things that are happening are there for a reason and the reason is to TEST each Human Being to find out where they are in their own Evolution. So, if you hold Peace and Light here in this Human Body, you do not have to worry about what is happening all around you, as it is only an illusion anyway. For each Individual, it is a Test of their FEAR.

Our job is to help each Individual find Peace here in the Body. So, the more People you bring together who have Peace and Harmony within their own Body Universe, then instead of the blackness of Fear spreading, Harmony and Peace spreads and it is this that Creates this Whole New World.

We are not going to tell you what exactly is going to happen, we do not Know what is exactly going to happen, we are not going to tell you what we Know, because you do not need to Know. All you need to do is to FOCUS here in the Body, Creating your Heaven on Earth. Each Human Being CREATING their own Heaven on Earth and that is all you have to do, and coming Together with others who are Creating their own Heaven on Earth and then Expanding that Energy out and before you know it, you have Changed the World. You do not even 'think' of the World because what you Focus upon is what you Create, Think about Peace. The important thing for People to understand is what they Focus upon EXPANDS. Replace your Focus upon predictions with something that is wonderful that you want and Expand upon that. Then you Create your own Heaven on Earth - ALL THOUGHTS CREATE.

When you Think a Thought, it just does not disappear, it becomes an Energy and strengthens into the Field of Possibilities. So, imagine your Thoughts becoming Energy and this Energy you give strengthens it and the stronger it becomes and then it Manifests and becomes REAL. So, if you send these Thoughts out 'of Peace' but follow them with Thoughts of, those Politicians are making a mistake or the Illuminati are out to destroy Human life, you weaken your Positive Thoughts changing that Energy. Your 'driving force' must come from LOVE, COMPASSION and SERVICE and this is the only way that we will all maximise the effort.

How will you Know if you have made the 'shift' into the New Earth, most Planets are only designed for populations of hundreds of thousands and maybe up to several Million. Earth today has over seven billion people and was originally designed for half a million people. Today millions are reincarnating to Experience these major Changes. The Earth has been damaged and changed beyond the point of repair on its own, back to its original state of pristine condition. The Prime Directive from the Creator means this to Change and to accelerate the Change, as it has been too long. There are two ways to do this. Cause the Planet to rotate in a different way which causes Mass Destruction destroying everything, and in this case, you have to start again from zero, a completely new start and this is what has happened in the past that started a New Ice Age that killed off all of the Dinosaurs and in more recent times, the Destruction of Atlantis and Lumeria. In other words, you kill off a whole Civilisation with a catastrophic cataclysm, that becomes lost in Time or ends up as a legend or story of Myth.

This is what has happened many times before, however, this is not what is going to happen this time. This time you are going to 'shift' as a Planet. The Density shifts the whole Planet, you go from 3D to 5D. 4D is already here in a different way and you are going to just 'jump' through that Density or Frequency as a Part of this next Change. There are a lot of complications with this shift that is why there are so many Races, viewing on watching these unfolding Events.

Many people who are ready will be able to make the Transition easily, others are literally going to be taken off Planet in a blink of an eye and not even Know what has just happened to them and they will end up on another Planet that is in pristine condition and waiting for this to happen. In this case on the new Planet, your capabilities will be far more than what it is now. You have basically five primary Physical Senses, however, on the other side of the Transition you will have more, you will automatically become Telepathic, this type of 'shift' has been done before. You will wake up in a New Life after literally being shut down, going into a sort of 'suspended Reality' while on this existing Earth. This may take a few days while the population is being Transported to its new Locations. The entire World's population will be 'shifted' and most people will not even Know what has happened.

This has happened quite recently where the entire population of Earth was put into a 'sleep' while we adjusted the Energy Grid of the Sun in preparation for what is taking place now. And most people had no idea what happened, they went to sleep and the next day awoken unaware they had slept for several days during the Energy Grid Transformation. We can shut down the whole Grid of Consciousness, make the Re-Set and you wake up none the wiser. This Planetary adjustment that is coming up will be the same. We cannot just accomplish the Transformational process in an instant and during the Transformation itself, the Consciousness of each Person also Changes. If they were Awake, there would be all sorts of problems and reactions to what is happening. So, it is a bit of a trick, however, we can shut them all down. Some people will have lucid dreams and have partial remembrance of something, however, most people do not have dream recall, so will remember little or nothing. They will simply awake into a New Reality Experience with no recall of their previous Life Experiences.

We are able to detect the slightest of fluctuations within the Energy Fields of all Humans there on your World, and we are also able to detect the 'shifts' that occur on the Level of your Collective Consciousness. It is important for you all to Know that there has been a major rise in your overall Vibration as a Collective, and that is due in large part to the number of you who have Chosen to stop the fighting, the name-calling, and the finger-pointing that has been going on for a very long time there on Earth.

It does not mean that you are going to see everyone embracing each other regardless of their views on the major issues of your day, but it does mean that enough people have felt the discord, the lack of harmony within 'themselves' when engaged in an argument or a fight and have decided to let some things go. Enough people have graduated from the 'Us-versus-Them' mentality that is so prevalent on your World and have opted instead for Inner Peace, Tranquillity, Inner Harmony. That is what it takes.

It is not about you all 'receiving' the impact of a solar flash, and it is not about any event that will happen 'outside' of you. It is not about disclosure or first contact. These things will all happen, but they will come as a result of the work that each Individual does, and we want you to know that. We want you to realise the power that You have 'within' You to lay down your arms, your weapons of Words and Thoughts.

It is 'Okay' to let someone else 'Believe' that they are right, even when you wholeheartedly disagree with them. It is 'all right' to walk away from someone who is trying to bait you into a fight or an argument. It is so much 'more important' that you exude Love, Compassion, and that you are an 'instrument' of the Universe than it is to be right. Have you ever noticed that you are not right one hundred percent of the time? And yet you still cling to 'being right' as though it defines your Value, your worthiness. It really does not.

You all need to live and let live if you are ever going to 'come together' and stop the wars, the bombs being dropped, the gun violence, and so on. And as we have said previously in this Message, enough of you are doing that, a small percentage of the entirety of the Human Population, but it was enough to have a major impact, and we want you to Know that because we want you to continue to do it.

We also want to Inspire those who are still fighting the good fight out there; you will never win because you are seeking to defeat a part of yourself, and that is not the way to become whole and complete. That is not the way to become your Higher Self and Ascend, and many of you Know that already. But for those of you who do not, this is a Wake-Up Call.

Do not even have the argument with the other person inside your own head. Forgive, send Love, have Compassion, and know that in some other Reality that is You who has that 'belief' and is pushing it on everyone else. You are Awake enough to Know that this is not the way, and that is why you resonate with Us and our Messages. We want you to know how proud we are of you for Letting Go of the need to be right or to belittle someone for their Beliefs or their Choices. You are all better than that, and you all Know it deep down inside.

That is why it feels better when you 'Accept' everyone where they are in the moment, and you look within yourself, for you can Change and how you can be better. We know that more and more people will be following in the footsteps of the Peaceful Ones, and we see them leading Humanity into this Golden Age where everyone gets to Create what they want to Create, and no one is living in Fear.

Remember, all THOUGHTS CREATE. Find inner Peace and Joy in this Body and do not allow yourself to be drawn back into the theatre of 3D Drama, it is just a Game, this is your Test.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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