Ascension Messages

Take a Quantum Leap

We are delighted to be a Part of your Journey there on Earth. At present, there are many requests from Earth and the requests are for great Change. People want to see Quantum Leaps in their Experiences of themselves, of their Communities and in the World at large. Therefore, the Energies being given throughout this month will be to assist each Individual in making the Quantum Leap or leaps that they want to make and that they want to see in the World outside of them.

You have been dragging your feet for quite some time and you are ready to make bigger leaps forward than ever before. We know this, your Guides know this, and your Higher Selves know this, and we All work together. All the Helpers of the Universe have their Focus on Earth at this time, and especially those of you who really can bring about Great Change, those of you who can make that Quantum Leap forward.

You can do it with a little assistance, and you have so much assistance coming your way. You will be assisted by all the Energies that have been coming in and that will be amplified with so much Love, Peace, and Joy in the Hearts of Humans that are open to those Humans.

By making Quantum Leaps you will be inspiring others and you will be showing others the way. You will be setting up the Templates, the Blueprints, for others to follow. You who are Awake and who have a greater likelihood of 'aligning' with the Quantum Leap that you want to make are the perfect ones to lead others, to show others the way. There always has been a way and always will be a way, but not everyone can Shift so quickly to see a huge difference in their lives or in the World.

This month you are ready to Experience those Shifts and you are ready to make them from WITHIN with the help of the Energies you are being provided at this time. Therefore, Dream Big, look for the Path that leads to the completion of the Quantum Leap forward and know that there are many others around who will be doing the same and paving the way for you and for your huge Changes that you want to see and experience in your life.

We are giving you more now that you have shown us that you can handle more. Our energetic transmissions are calibrated precisely to you as we are Aware of how much of what we transmit is absorbed and utilized by all of you. Certain Energies may take a while for you to put into the Physical Realm that allows us the opportunity to observe how you will utilize your Free Will from one moment to the next.

It is encouraging to Us and others who are watching you and following your developments, that you are moving the Energies through your Physical Bodies beautifully of late. There is much for you to look forward to on Earth and much to Create. The Energies upon your right now are very Co-Creative in nature and you have the freedom to use them however you see fit.

We know that many of you would like to see different things on your World and we want to encourage you to Dream bigger and take whatever Action you may have been hesitant to take, because 'now' is the time and the Energies upon you can be utilised for anything you desire.

We trust you, especially those of you who are open and sensitive enough to receive what we are offering. We have seen what you have done with the Energies already sent and hope that you recognise that you are doing very well at this time, especially those of you in the Awakened Collective. You have a Desire to Serve, and you know that you are meant to Evolve and Ascend, that means that you are Creating that which is beneficial for All, instead of that which is beneficial to only you.

When you see yourselves as a Collective, when you operate as a Collective, that is when you also get more Energies to play with. When you see your role as the One who is meant to spread those Energies around, that also will bring you more. When you understand that when others thrive, so do you, that is when you tap into the Collective Consciousness of which you are a Part of, and you benefit from tapping into that vast Energy.

You do not have to do it all yourself. There are others around the World who want what you want and who are working with the Energies coming in to further the same types of 'positive agendas' that you have for the Energies that you receive. Therefore, relax, open up to the Energies that are upon you and Dream Big when it comes to your Creations for all who dwell on Mother Earth.

We are destined to experience that homecoming, that return to Source, that is inevitable for all Beings in all times and all places throughout this Universe. Ascension is essentially about experiencing the homecoming, the return to Source, that is inevitable for All Beings in All times and All places throughout this Universe. It is about getting closer to home.

You have the ability to bring yourself closer to Source, all day, every day and you do not have to wait for anything to happen to make it easier for you to Experience Source as your true Self, as an aspect of You that exists within your very Being-ness. In fact, for some Humans the Path has been to go as far away from Source as possible with their Consciousness, so that the journey back would Feel so much more exciting and life-affirming.

To give One-Self the Experience of complete ecstasy, sometimes, in some Universes like ours, great 'pain and suffering' is a part of that Journey. Everything that you FEEL Consciously brings you to a place where you can FEEL everything and that includes the heights of ecstasy. You do not need any assistance from anyone or anything in-order to get there. You do not have to wait for a beautiful person, or a beautiful E.T. to come into your life to assist you with getting there.

All you need to do is 'acknowledge' that everything exists inside of you and as you place your Attention on your Inner Realm, you can Feel for the 'potential' that exists Within You to be in a state of complete alignment with Source. No-Thing and No-One is stopping you from achieving that.

We understand people talk about the bad ones who are trying to prevent Ascension from occurring, however, we wonder if those same people are going 'Within to Feel' for what Ascension is all about in their Bodies. All that is available to be read Online is a distraction from what exists inside each and every one of us.

The Source Energy Portal is there within every Being and every Collective and you can tap into it right now by Focusing on the centre of your Heart and Focusing on your Breathing. Sometimes there are blockages there; we know this. And many of you have felt those blockages as well, but the only way to move past those blockages, is to go right through them, and you can do it with your Focus, with your Intention, with directing your Consciousness to the very centre of your HEART. Remember the Tools for Transformation that are there to assist you, Recognise, Validate, Feel and Choose again.

It is all there, everything you could ever 'want' and everything you could ever 'have' that exists outside of you, including every Experience with every other Being. Give yourselves the Experience of Ascension right now, and then you will be waiting for nothing. You will be in a Timeless Realm where everything is possible, where YOU ARE EVERYTHING.

There is so much more for you to tap into, sometimes you just need the right nudging at the right time to go to the right place, and the right place, right now for All of you, is WITHIN. Go to the centre of your HEART; Feel for the LOVE that is there. Know that it is the 'true you' and see how much of it you can Feel and Expand out to all corners of this beautiful Universe of ours.

We have been chosen by all the other 9th Density Collectives in the Galaxy to be the Ones who announce to all of you that you have been chosen to spearhead a movement there on Earth that will result in the' shaking up' of your Society. Now, you are not going to do this by protesting or by vandalising property, nor even by posting or making videos for the internet. You are going to spearhead a movement that will shake your Systems to the core by coming Together as an Awakened Collective with your Vision of a better tomorrow.

You are not there to simply complain about the inequalities of life on Earth, on how unfairly Society has been set up to favour the few. You are the Ones who were chosen before you were even born to go forth and have enough Awareness to see that there are problems in your Society and to come up with 'benevolent solutions' that have nothing to do with tearing down the existing Systems in place. Your 'benevolent solutions' will come from your ability to Focus and to Focus with the 'intention' of Creating a Society that works for EVERYONE.

We know that many of you have attempted to do just that on a smaller scale by creating an Intentional Community, but the Vision that you hold for All of Humankind is what really matters in this endeavour. As we know every single One of you who will receive this message, we want you to know that we are referring to You as an Individual, as well as the Collective you are a Part of, which is comprised of Awakened Souls. Now is not the time to think to yourself that, 'everyone else receiving the message will carry the weight and do the Focusing'.

We are calling on you, as the Ones who were chosen by our colleagues, to make this happen and we want you to Feel that you have the Power to do this, simply by holding that Intention, Focusing, and maintaining the Vibration of the Desire that you have for a better Society for ALL. It is our Goal, and it always has been our Goal, to empower you, to emphasise your strengths, your abilities, and the knowing that we have that you are the Ones to lead Humanity in so many pivotal ways. You still have time there in the 4th Density to bring about the massive Changes that you want to see.

So please do not wait around for 'something or someone' to take care of it for you, rather, stretch those muscles that you have, the muscles that give you the right and the permission to Create entire Worlds, entire Star Systems, and entire Galaxies. Show all of Us here in the 9th Density who are watching what You are capable of with just a little bit of Focus and Attention on what you want to see outside of you in the Society that you are a Part of.

Your use of technology to connect with one other is pleasing. You can use it to access information, and you can use it to share aspects of yourself to the World. You can be very creative with it, using it to help other people and reach other people who are in need of your help. Those of you who are truly Awake are using technology in these positive ways and you are helping to Shift the Collective Consciousness of All of the various Human Collectives through your use of technology. Like anything, it is fundamentally neutral and can be used in a Positive way, however, it can also be over-used, abused and used to promote something that is negative.

Therefore, the use of your technology requires a certain amount of Discernment, and you must not rely so heavily on technology that you forget that YOU have the Power to do all of this WITHIN yourselves. That is the next step for all of you who are Awake. The next step is to recognise that you do not need a phone in-order to communicate to a loved one. It is the recognition that you can download whatever you need and have it available to you, at all times.

You are ready to Create out of thin air, rather than using a 3D printer to Create. You can go even further right now than the current level of technology that you have at your fingertips. And the technology is there to bridge your Belief between 'where you were' before you had all these gadgets and 'where you are going', which is a place where you will set them aside because you will realise that you do not need them after all.

Why do E.T.s still travel in ships then? They travel in ships because they like to have an Experience of travelling together. They like to Co-Create with each other. The ships are also meant to 'activate' something in the One who is seeing the ship. You are meant to Feel closer to full, open Extra-Terrestrial Contact because of your sighting of a ship or ships. So, they do Serve many purposes. Some of the ships are organic; they are Beings with Higher level Consciousness, and they want to carry their friends around. Again, it is to have a Group Experience, a Co-Creative event with loved Ones. Some ships are powered by Consciousness. They need no fuel source whatsoever.

You do not need exterior, external technology when you realise that 'you are' everything and everywhere. You do not need anything to 'heal you' when you realise you are already healed, but for now, different healing modalities and technologies exist to assist you to get to the place where you can say once and for all, 'I am healed and I know it,' and really mean it.

You are getting there; you are getting to the place of Teleportation, Telepathy, Telekinesis, even Time Travel, all without the need for a machine. You do not have to worry about the direction you are all headed as a Society, because these are just 'stepping-stones' to get you to where you are really going, and those of you who are Awake perhaps already knew this but needed the reminder. This is why we are always telling you to put down the device and go outside. You do not need the device; however, you do need to Shift your Vibration to a Higher level, and being outside, will assist you to do that.

We are pleased to see you have all been taking in so much more Energy Consciously, because of your awareness that the Energies are available to you. You have been 'anchoring in' so much more for the Human Collective of which you are a Part of, because you are more likely now to take the time to do so.

There are times when you cannot help but 'open up' and 'anchor in' Higher Frequency Energies, and certainly those who are unaware of their presence are still acting as Conduits from time to time. However, the more time you set aside to do so, the better. Your lives get better, and the people around you Feel better around you. You see a different World reflected back at you because you are giving your Attention to something that is truly happening all day, every day.

Because you have shown an ability to handle more High Frequency Energy, you are being given more for the purpose of adding something wonderful to the Collective. Those who are not receiving any of these High Frequency Energies because they cannot find the place of Joy or relaxation, you are being given more opportunities to 'anchor in' those Energies for them. Therefore, you get to Experience more of the High Frequency Energies running through you, as a result of the fact, that you are still surrounded by so many who do not understand these Energies and would not know what to do, even if they did suddenly believe that Higher Frequency Energies existed and were being given to them at all times.

This is the best part of being a member of the Awakened Collective. You are not doing more than your fair share. You are getting 'more' of what is wonderful and available to All. Again, not everyone will get into a state they need to that allows the Energies to come to them and run through them. There is so much more coming, and the reason that we always remain positive about the direction you are all headed is because those of you who are Awake, continue to 'open up' more and more to what is available to you and to everyone else.

As you 'anchor in' more Light and more Love, your lives get better and better and you will also be Connecting to one another and connecting to Higher Vibrational E.T. Beings, as well as those in the Non-Physical. This is a very powerful time for all of you to 'acknowledge' yourselves and the work you are doing, it is also a time for you to 'expect' more, to believe that all the work that you have done will 'pay off' for you, because it will, and it already is.

Knowing what you want assists Us know Who You Are, what you Value, and where you are on your Evolutionary Journey. We have witnessed you Evolving over the years, and we have noticed that many of the requests that we receive are requests for the Collective, or they are requests for someone other than the person making the request. This of course, is a sign of Spiritual Evolution and it is not that you must force yourself to think about others first, in-order to Be Spiritual, or in-order to grow Spiritually. But you naturally seek to help others with their lives and their journeys once you have worked out how to Give yourself everything that you Need.

You are Source Energy Beings, and therefore, everything you could ever want exists 'inside of you'. That is the real secret. The secret is not that there is a 'law of attraction' that can bring you everything that you want and more. The secret is that everything you want is 'inside of you' and when a person realises that they are capable of 'activating' whatever they want within them and then they can just go about living without worrying so much, without working so hard, without stepping over someone else who is in need in-order to get what they want.

That person is 'fulfilled' because 'they know' Who They Really Are and that what they contain inside of them is 'everything'. So how do you get there, if you are still struggling to get something you want, or to be in the perfect relationship? How do you get to that perfect place of Peace and of Knowing that it is All inside of you?

Well, you must make that 'effort' and take those steps to 'look within' yourselves for the possibility that you might already be Whole and that you might already have everything that you need. Consider the person who gazes upon a flower and feels bliss for several hours, as opposed to the person who needs to pick that flower, bring it home, put it in a vase, and watch it eventually die. There is a difference there.

If you seek all that you have ever wanted by going 'within', then what eventually happens is, you get everything that you have ever wanted, however, it does not seem as wonderful as you had always imagined it to be, because it was never about 'having' something, and it was always about 'being' something and 'feeling' something. We want you All to discover that with a little bit of FOCUS and a little bit of ATTENTION to what is going on 'inside of you', you can be One who Feels how you want to Feel Unconditionally, and you can teach others that secret, and show them that the keys to the kingdom of Higher Frequencies have always been inside of them.

We have many approaches to helping Humanity at this time. There are those of you that we reach directly and those of you we reach indirectly, we also have All who are connecting with Us through Astral Travel, and some of those are in the first two Groups also. We are reaching many Individuals who have no interest in Us or in any E.T. Group through the Energies that we transmit through the red giant known as Arcturus itself.

You can all receive from Stars, Planets, Moons, and other Celestial Beings and to do so, you only need to 'open up' to the Energies coming in, as well as the starlight and stardust coming from above, and it is all yours. You benefit in so many ways from giving 'your attention' to the stars, because as you do, you are in complete 'acknowledgement' that there is meaning to those lights up there in the night sky. That they are not just there to be studied or to be pretty, they have Gifts to give every single inhabitant of Mother Earth, and those Gifts continue to be given freely and without attachment. We love watching you all grow and benefit from what we are giving you.

We would like to reinforce to you that you can contact Us at any time directly, and we will be able to receive your message. In-order to receive directly from us, you just need to 'relax and open up' because we are transmitting all the time. We are not alone in this either. Many Groups of Beings from all the Star Systems you know of and more, are transmitting to Humanity, to Earth. Many of whom are Non-Physical like ourselves and who do not affiliate with any Star System are also assisting and transmitting.

Letting Go of the Idea that you must do it all yourself will help you to 'open up' more. You also can Let Go of the Idea that you are only going to be helped when E.T.s land their ships and start handing out pieces of technology. This is about 'Consciousness Evolution' and one of the ways you Evolve your Consciousness is by connecting and connecting with that Intention of Expanding, of going beyond where you have been before.

You have much to share with Us and others like Us, just as we have much to share with you and there is so much more going on all the time than your Minds can possibly imagine. Therefore, you can 'turn off' your Minds and you 'turn off' your devices and look out at the night sky, as you are already doing so much more than you can possibly imagine.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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