Ascension Messages

All Judgment is Judgment of Self; Focus on what you Love


We are an extension of what you are, just as you are an extension of what we are. While that statement can make a Human Being feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it also forces you to conclude that 'each and every' Human Being, is also an extension of 'you' and 'you' are an extension of 'them', which can be troubling for those who 'want to separate'. Those who want to draw a line in the sand, have a very hard time Accepting that 'everyone and everything' outside of them, is also inside of them, is also 'a part of them' that is being 'projected on the outside' for the purpose of getting the Individual to Love, that fallen aspect of Self.

What is 'fallen' can always be uplifted. What is 'lost' can always be found and what seems like the 'impossible' is always possible. You just need to Change the way you look at the World in order to Change Everything and you can start that process by Changing the way that you look at yourselves and everyone else who is in your life. What you Fear, what you Hate, what you Judge sticks to you like glue and what you Love 'Expands'. What you Love gives you more of an 'opportunity' to Know 'yourself'. It gives you the 'opportunity' to soar, to find 'new aspects' of Self, to Manifest and to Live in Joy.

Therefore, you are being called at this time to Focus on what you Love, instead of trying to defeat what you Fear or what you Hate. When you truly understand that all Judgment is Judgment of the Self, then you will not want to do it anymore. You are ALL there Healing 'together' and you are there to Forgive 'one another'. You will find that 'letting go' of the burden of resentment will 'free you' in so many ways. When you are not thriving and soaring in life, it is always YOU that is the reason. You cannot blame a dark cabal at this point in your Evolution of Consciousness. You simply must take Responsibility for what you are Creating in order to 'move beyond it'.

You ALL have the ability to be so much more, but first, you have to Acknowledge who you have been and who you are Choosing to Be in the moment. It is only then, that you will be able to see what needs Forgiving within Yourself. Working from the inside out is the way to Create the biggest Changes in your lives and it is the way to Change the World. You can go about it the hard way; you can go around gathering signatures for a petition or to try to get something on a ballot to be voted upon, or you can Create a website where all you do is point out 'what is wrong with the world' and 'who the true evildoers are', or, you can make it a lot easier on yourselves and just 'look within'.

There is so much for you to Feel, so much for you to Remember, so much more for you to Become, that we just want you to take the most direct route, because everything will always lead you back to 'yourselves', because 'you are everything' and 'everything is you'. We always want to empower you, which is why we do not Focus our Attention on those who do evil on your World, we do not offer you conspiracy theories that are very entertaining for your minds, however, deplete your Energy and Lower your Vibration.

We are here to offer you the Keys to the Kingdom and then we let YOU decide which route you want to take. We are as interested, as you all are, in you taking the fastest route to You becoming your Higher Selves in this lifetime.

We are opening many Gateways, many Portals, at this time to 'allow in' more of the Higher Density Energies, more of the Codes and Information that you need as a Human Collective, to bring 'yourselves' to a Higher Level of Consciousness there on Earth. We have been monitoring your 'absorption' of what we have been delivering to you over the past several months and we see that there are more Individuals than ever before who are on Earth who are there 'anchoring in the Light', more who have a Desire to be of Service and more who 'can absorb' what it is that we are delivering to you.

The more time you spend in meditation, in nature, resting, relaxing and hydrating, the better you are receiving ALL of the Gifts that we have to offer you. We want you to 'recognise' that you do not have to do anything to earn these Gifts; these are 'Upgrades and Activations' that Humanity is ready for and anyone there on Earth can come forward and be a Recipient. Anyone can be a Conduit at this time, because that is how much it is needed. That is how much all of you are thirsting for these Energies, for the Knowledge, the Wisdom and the Unconditional Love that come from the Higher Realms that continue to bombard you all the time.

However, if a person is not Open, then those Energies have very little effect on them. There is still an effect, however, this is one of the reasons why you do not need to Fear those who are playing in the dark. You do not need to Fear any cabal or any group, because of these Higher Frequency Energies, they cannot co-exist with them. They have to either leave or they have to come to the Light. So, you can relax regarding all that you have heard that may be going on behind the scenes on your World. It is like fire being put out by rain, it is a natural process and the two cannot co-exist, not for very long.

That is what is happening on your World 'right now' and it is reason for you all to rejoice, because 'You did it'. You increased your numbers to such an extent that these Higher Frequency Energies, these Codes and this Information has already been 'grounded and anchored' into your World to the extent that was necessary to bring about the 'coming Changes' that you have there on your World. So much is happening right now because of 'All of You' and so much more will happen, because of your Openness and your Willingness to stay there on Earth to endure the many challenges and the hardships that you have had to face in this single lifetime.

Those of you who have been there for so many lifetimes have laid the 'groundwork' for 'what is to come'. The New Earth has been Created by All of You, working in Harmony, working in Concert with 'one another'. There is so much more that you have yet to discover about the Earth you are on right now, however, it is all 'happening' and it is all 'happening now'. We wish to Thank You and 'reward you' with even more, because we know, that you can handle it.

We are aware of all of the fluctuations in Energy that occur throughout the entire Galaxy and notice how much 'excitement' is generated by those of You who are Awake Spiritually, whenever there is a big Celestial Event occurring in your skies. Now, you have lived through many Eclipses and many Super Moons throughout the course of your lives, however, each one is unique, each one is different. Each one brings something 'new and exciting' to the table and that is what you all are Aware of at this time, even if you did not know you were Aware of it. Some of you have just 'sensed' that there was 'something in the air' Energetically, and there is. There always IS.

The beautiful thing about an Eclipse is how it gets you to pay closer Attention to what is around you Energetically 'all the time'. Now is a good time to be paying Attention, because of the significance of this particular Eclipse for Humankind. Many of you have been working on your 'Shadow Self, your Inner Work' for quite some time and those who have not been working on their Shadow Selves are going to have a rough time of it in the coming weeks and even months. It all depends on how 'willing' they are to Let Go, to Forgive and to Love Unconditionally.

Whether it is You that you need to Love Unconditionally, or someone else, that is a big part of the Shadow. The Shadow exists not because you did something wrong, or because something bad happened to you, it exists because of the way you Humans tend to 'hold on' to things. You even define yourselves by your trauma and that is something that you have to get past. It is something that you have to emerge from, with an understanding of 'why' you Created that particular circumstance and 'how' you can Grow from it.

Letting Go is always going to 'serve' you because you are always Letting Go of something that is heavy, something that no longer serves you and something that is holding you back from accessing more of your True Self, more of your Gifts and Abilities and more of what you 'want in life'. Resentment, Anger and Hatred all 'hurt' the person who is holding them, so much more, than the ones they are directed at, therefore, you all need to 'pay Attention' to what you have been 'holding on to', making sure that you are very gentle with yourself in the process. Do realise, that the 'housecleaning' has to happen at some point.

At some point, everyone Lets it Go, but most people wait until a death experience rather than addressing what needs to be addressed while still in their Physical Bodies. Again, this is something you want to Grow 'out of'; this is a 'habit' that you want to 'leave behind' once and for all. And this Eclipse will assist you because it will 'force things' to the surface for you that need to be addressed by you. Look at 'everything' that is inside of you, be Honest with yourselves and get to that place first of Acceptance. After you Accept, you can Embrace. After you Embrace, you can Forgive. After you Forgive, you can Love Unconditionally and then you get to 'move on' to what is 'bigger and better' and coming your way. Remember, the Tools for Transformation will assist.

You do this as an Individual and you help All of Humanity, because you are All Connected, and everyone has a Shadow. It is time to admit that you do have a Shadow and make peace with it, just as it is.

We are setting the bar very high for Humanity because we think very highly of you. We are impressed by all that you are able to face and Feel in your lives and we are certainly impressed by the fact that you are 'all still there', as hard as it is to be on Earth. We want you to know that we are not alone in holding 'all of you' in very high esteem. We discuss Humanity with other High Frequency Beings and Collectives all the time, the consensus is, that you All deserve a lot of Respect for being able to endure the harsh Reality of your circumstances.

We also want you to Feel for the amount of Compassion that there is coming to you from the Higher Realms, because it is 'immense'. We all listen to your cries for help and your prayers that give us the opportunity to Feel even more Compassion and Love than we could otherwise. So, we are Grateful to Humanity and we want you All to Know that the help you have asked for, is on its way. The prayers that you have sent up into the Heavens have been asked and answered, all that we ask from you, is that you Let Go of your problems, your fears and worries long enough, to be in the High Vibration you need to be in, to 'receive' what is coming, what has already been sent.

This is a 'group effort' and there are Beings whose job it is to soothe all of you, to give you a reason to 'feel good'. Take your Spirit Guides, for example, they do everything in their power to get you to look at that sunset or to spend time with your Loved Ones. They are doing 'everything' that they can, to keep you out of despair, so that you can 'receive' all of the Higher Vibrational Energies that are coming in, in answer to those prayers and cries for help.

The next time that you feel the weight of the World on your shoulders, just remember how much assistance you have. The next time you are worrying about someone that you Love very much, remember all the help that your Loved One has. Some of you are perhaps scoffing at this assertion of ours that we and others have been answering those prayers and those cries for help, because you do not see it, you look around at your Reality and you wonder where it is.

Please hear us, when we say that you need to 'slow down' enough and 'relax' just a little bit, so that you can Open Yourselves up to Receive, so that you can Let Yourselves Be in that Higher Vibrational state. Feel for the 'presence' of your Guides and 'listen' to that Intuition that you are getting, to go and have Fun, to do something that is just for the sake of feeling Joy and watch how 'all that you have asked for' becomes a part of your experience, effortlessly.

We are listening to all of your Requests and we know how much you all want to not only see the Changes that you want to see on your world, but we also recognise how 'many of you' want to be 'a part' of those Changes. You are the Changemakers. You are the Ones to question everything and to Envision a New World, a World where 'everyone' lives in Peace and Harmony. This is absolutely the World you 'are' moving towards. Some already experience this World in their Minds, in their Bodies, in their Emotions and in their Energy Fields. They are not escaping from the quote/unquote 'Real World' in doing this. They are Creating the New World and building a Bridge with their own Bodies, with their own Energies and Psyches.

Those of you who are Awake are there to Serve a very important purpose on Earth. You are there to Light the Way; you are there to Guide, to lead by example and to Open Doors for people that would not have otherwise been Opened. You 'can' do this, you 'are' doing this, and you are 'needed' there now more than ever, to be the Way Showers, the Light Bringers, to be the Ones who recognise the Truth that 'You Are All One' there on Earth and that there is 'no reason to be divided' or even to 'Feel divided'. It is time to show your Fellow Humans what 'is possible' and you do that; by sharing your Stories, sharing your Gifts, by taking that Leap of Faith and 'doing' what you have always wanted to do for a living.

Become the Healer, the Coach, the Guide, the Channeler that you know You Are, do not wait for anyone to give you 'permission' or to send you an 'invitation'. When you follow your Heart, you are following Inner Guidance. You are then living your Truth and living in Alignment with your Soul's purpose and with Source. Everything that you offer is of Value. Every moment that you spend there on Earth, you are being of Service, and still, you have to be True to yourselves in order to Create that Reality around you. In order to build a bridge to the New Earth, you must be living your Truth as much as you can be, as often as you can be with no apologies.

You do not need to hesitate for one moment in the pursuit of your Ideal Reality, however, 'you do need' to take those Leaps of Faith. You do need to recognise that Consciousness is Expanding, that people are 'waking up' and that you are there to be 'a part' of that. You are there to assist, and deep down inside, you have always known how to do it, how to be your True Self. Even though you may have others around you who just do not get it, who just do not understand why you are interested in all this stuff, you 'can', and you 'will' follow your Inner Guidance anyway. It is only a matter of time and that time just happens to be, right now.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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