Ascension Messages

Connecting more to your Higher Selves

We want you to know that you have the Power to receive us directly and to translate the Energy. However, you do need to place yourself in the right position to do so, meaning, that you must be 'willing' to set aside the time to relax and open-up to receive us and our energetic transmission and then be patient with yourselves and your ability to translate that Energy into 'something'.

At first, when you receive us directly, you may doubt that you have received us and that is common, a normal and natural response. And if you have a tendency to doubt yourself in other areas of your life, then you will most likely doubt that you are really connecting when it happens. And we do see it happening for each and every one of you as a Part of your Ascension journey. You have so much more to discover about yourselves, and that includes your Arcturian lineage. Everyone passes through our Star System who is in this Universe right now. Most Beings want to come back and experience themselves as Arcturian, as have, each and every one of you.

All who are on Earth right now have a connection to our Star System, and that is why we Love so much that feeling of connection to you. You give us a feeling of wholeness, just as we give you that feeling. We want you to know that the pieces that make up the puzzle of Who You Really Are will continue to fall into place, as you continue on your journeys.

It is inevitable for you to recognise who and what you really are, and since who and what you really are is Source and Source is everything, you will at some point understand that you 'are everything and everyone that you Experience'. And when you fully accept that, you can relax and open-up more and experience the aspects of yourselves that you want to Experience, and just accept and acknowledge the parts of yourself that you are not interested in experiencing at this particular time.

You do not need to conform to the beliefs of family members, people in your community or in your country. You get to be uniquely you. You get to be who you choose to be, and we know that the aspect of You that is Us is an aspect that you enjoy being. You want your Arcturian DNA activated. You want those memories of your times in our Star System. We are here to assist you; we also help you live better lives there on Earth as you Evolve and Ascend into your 5th Density Selves. And as your 5th Density Selves, you will feel no separation at all between who You Are and Who We Are. And that is one of the more magnificent aspects of the Shift in Consciousness that is upon you right now, that will continue until you 'know' yourselves as your Higher Selves, a Collective of Beings coming together to form One enormous Whole Self.

We have witnessed many transformations throughout the recent energetic downloads. You will be asking yourselves whether you actually 'did it', make the transformation. Please recognise that you are always doing it; you are always transforming and becoming the Higher Version of yourselves. You are always moving closer to Source.

This process is ongoing and will not always show you the desired immediate results. We know you have certain expectations for yourselves, of when you are going to be able to do this or access that. Be patient with yourselves and be patient with the process. Please remember, that it took a very long time of Human life on planet Earth to get you to where you are now. This month's energies allow you to recognise more of your Extra-Terrestrial heritage. You will start to Feel more like you are an E.T. You will demonstrate to yourselves that you have certain characteristics that you associate with different E.T. groups.

You will realise once and for, that everything that is out there, is also inside of You. You will continue to make contact with E.T.s while you are asleep, however, the contact will be different, and it will be more memorable. You will begin to access more of your memories from your E.T. lifetimes and you will begin to access more of the Gifts and Abilities that you honed while in other Star Systems.

You will also be getting closer and closer to more Personal Contact in the waking state in your Physical Bodies. As a Humanity, as a whole, you will continue to get closer to the time of 'full open Contact' with E.T.'s because of what you all do. Those of you who are Awake have been given the label of the Awakened Collective by us, and we just want to assure you that it is an appropriate title. It means you will always be the Ones who go forth ahead of the pack to trail-blaze, to make it possible for others to Awaken and to have their own E.T. contact experiences.

We enjoy seeing someone there on Earth taking control of what it is they are putting out energetically and what it is they are believing in by breaking free from the norm, and yet we invite you to go further. Go beyond where you are right now with what you are willing to Believe in and Change your Thoughts, even if the new Thought you are thinking seems illogical to your very rational Mind.

In-order to break free from a pattern or a loop, you must be willing to recognise that 'you are in a loop' and that the freedom that is there for you is worth tapping into. You are always Free because you have the Free Will to choose whether to go down the same path again and again, or you have the choice of breaking Free. You have the choice of determining for yourself what is the best Path for you, and we are not just talking about actions here; we are also talking about words spoken. Speak 'out loud' the words that you want the Universe to hear and all your helpers to hear.

If you find yourself heading down a negative train of Thought, do not beat yourself up. However, do say 'out loud', "Stop, Cancel, Clear, Reset" and then begin again with a 'new stream' of Thought that you want to go down, that you want to employ as your means of Creating your Reality. We are very familiar with those of you who are willing to go against the grain and you are wonderful Beings to Co-Create with. We are eager and excited to see more and more of you doing this, because we know what is possible for Humanity. We know the type of lives that are available to you 'if' you are 'willing' to make small Changes in the way you Perceive Reality and in the way you react to Reality. And making those small Changes will affect the way you Create Reality and Experience Reality.

Do this and you stand in your Power, by paying attention to your Thoughts and Beliefs, and making the necessary Changes as required. The Thoughts and Beliefs that do Serve you just as they are, you can reinforce them, and you can start thinking them more purposefully and intentionally. Those areas that require some tweaking, use your Awareness to do so and we guarantee you will see the results of your efforts.

Rising above the hate and hate speech is necessary to carry your fellow Humans into a Higher Level of Consciousness. The solution will always be accessed by those who hold a Higher level of Consciousness, no matter what issue you are facing there on Earth. Therefore, you must be vigilant about not being seduced into arguments, debates and people attacking you, simply because you have a Perspective that is different from theirs.

Now is a time for you to be choosing Love over divisiveness, choosing Spiritual Growth over putting the right people into the right positions so 'they' can pass laws that will be more to your liking. People need to be good to each other, to Love and respect each other, not because there will be a punishment imposed if they do not. People need to be kind because Kindness is what is in their Hearts, and the only way to get kindness into someone's Heart, is by spreading Kindness around. Your Spiritual Beliefs and your Political Beliefs, your Ideological Beliefs could all be summed up as: Kindness is important and something I want to foster.

By practicing the mantra of "I am just going to be Kind" over and over in your head will not immediately give you results, however, eventually you will see the Change. No matter where you stand, in terms of your beliefs, it should be obvious to everyone on the Planet that not only is Change inevitable, but Change is Good. Change will get you to where you want to go as a Society, as a Human Collective. That is why we will continue to urge you all to rise above it, to see yourselves as the Ones to BE the Changemakers, to make a difference just by being unwilling to engage with someone who is shouting at you because of your Beliefs, or for some other reason.

Everyone can co-exist on Earth right now, while holding different Perspectives and be living in a World of Peace. It is possible. It is only when you are feeling threatened by what someone else Believes, that it becomes less likely that you will be finding that Peace on Earth that would be so beautiful to experience and will be beautiful to experience when it happens.

We have said many times, those of you in the Awakened Collective are there to lead Humanity, not by telling everyone that, "These are the right Beliefs over here, and if you join me in my little cult, we can save Humanity". Instead, offer Love, Kindness, Compassion and Forgiveness to ALL and see how that brings you together, see how raising the level of Consciousness within the Human Collective 'automatically' solves all the problems without anyone having to fight anyone else. Now is the time to rise-up and rise above it all, because who else is going to do it, if not you? You must lovingly 'say no' to people who want you to join them in condemning someone else, or some group, because at your core, you do know that Unity and Oneness are a part of your Ascension.

You are not there to further engage in separation and segregation. You are there to foster Love and Integration. When we talk about you furthering your Evolution of Consciousness, this is what we mean. You must see the 'opportunities' that are in front of you 'all day, every day' to do this, and this is achieved when you have tuned-in to your 'emotional bodies'. You are Sensitive; you are Empathic. You know when something Feels Good to you and when something does not feel good.

When something does not Feel right, that is a clue to you that it is time to Let Go of whatever it is you are 'thinking' about, whatever it is you are putting your 'attention' on. It just does not Serve you, and it does not Serve that overall Goal that every single person has of Ascending. To Ascend is to become closer to Source Energy, and Source Energy is 'everything and everyone'. Therefore, if you see someone offering you an invitation to join them in pushing against some person or some group, some ideology, then you simply politely decline to be a part of that movement.

Being Aware of such movements helps you to recognise what is needed there on Earth. You need more people who are 'wanting' to come together. And when people are newly Awake, they tend to recognise this; people want to find their tribe, their Soul Family. And those of you who are receiving this message most certainly have been at that point or are at that point now.

You can decide that you are going to start a Group or a Movement, that is about Uniting Humanity in spite of all the differences that you have. You can have different opinions about what is right and ethical to eat and still be United with other people. You can have different opinions about who has the better political ideas and still be United with those individuals you disagree with. You do not have to let any Belief separate you. Instead, as you Focus on what Unites you, the Truth that we are all One, then you attract to you more Individuals who also Believe that and who want to live that in their daily lives.

When you start to think about that as a Goal or as a Mission, then you need not look any further than your circle of family, friends, and colleagues. And you know that you can come to together with those individuals based on the Truth that they are Source and so are you. You can get past any differences you may have because 'you are ready' to rise above all of that, and you are the Ones to invite others to do so as well.

We keep reminding you that we are ALL in this together and that includes those who are playing the role of the dark ones. They agreed to be the villains for all of you, in spite of the fact, that they knew they would have a lot of work to do to redeem their clarity of Oneness, if they were going to Ascend in this lifetime. And if they do not Ascend in this lifetime, they will have to go back to a 3rd Density Reality to continue with their Spiritual Growth.

It is so important that you are there for those who are playing the role of the 'dark ones', as you are the Ones who can Forgive them, show them Compassion, uplift them with your Light and with your positive Energy. You can assist them. You can bring them with you, or you can condemn or vilify them, which only lowers your vibration, making your Ascension an event that will take place even further into the future. Therefore, we recommend the Forgiveness Path, because we know that you ALL want to Ascend, and you ALL want to Ascend quickly.

One of the reasons why many people want to Ascend is to escape Reality. Many just want to live on a World where they do not have to do any of that 'hard work' of Forgiveness and offering Compassion to those who have wronged them or others. We understand that; we still admire and respect everyone there on Earth, no matter what their point of view, because it is hard to be there, but what we are giving you and what we will always give you is the easier Path. We will always tell you which Path has more joy on it, which is the shorter Path and which Path allows you to Be more of Who You Are. You do not want to Ascend just because you did not do anything wrong, you want to Feel the satisfaction of having 'given as much as you could' that you were able to bring those around you, with you, who otherwise would not be able to make that journey.

Therefore, when you are thinking about what you can Do to Be of more Service, or what you can Do to accelerate the Ascension process, the answer is easy, you can Forgive, rather than Condemn. You can look for the Light within 'everyone' and see them as Source Energy, appreciate them for taking a more difficult Path than the one that you are on. Those who are playing the role of the dark ones feel even more separate from Source than the average Awakened person who has their doubts at times, or who forgets Who They Really Are.

One way to remember Who You Really Are is to BE Source Energy in ACTION. BE the LOVE that you have inside of you and 'know' that the LOVE you have inside of you Feels glorious when it is coming through you, for no other reason than, you summoned it. It is very easy to Love someone who is lovable, and certainly you want to start there, however, we hope that you continue giving the LOVE to anyone and everyone who crosses your Path.

You have the ability to 'spread' what you have learned, what you have come to know through your experiences, and we see that potential within all of you. That is why we often refer to the Awakened Collective as Leaders.

We know that there are many ways in which you can all teach also. Many of you are teaching through your example, through the way you are living your lives. You can teach with smiles and kindness; you can teach by creating books, courses, websites and YouTube channels. There are so many different ways that you can teach there on Earth. When you enjoy absorbing 'knowledge' that comes to you, then eventually you have that urge within you to share that 'knowledge' with others. Now many of you are wondering how you can do that when no one in your life is listening.

When you are surrounded by those who have yet to Awaken, the feeling within you that you are a teacher can be frustrating, and we understand that. We want you to know that you are 'preparing yourselves' for that time when there 'will be' more people in your immediate circle who are looking for what it is that you have to teach. In the meantime, you absorb. You continue to prepare yourselves for the distribution of your own teachings, and your teachings will be 'unique to you'. They will be coming through you with a tone, and they will be coming through you in your unique way of putting things, with examples from your own lives.

As you recognise that it brings you Joy to share the Truth that We Are ALL ONE, that becomes its own reward. The Joy you Feel and the way you Light-up when you talk about 'metaphysics' are enough to sustain you, to keep you going. They also tell the Universe that this is what you want to do. That Joy that you Feel helps you to bring to you those who will receive what you are offering in the same vibration. Therefore, you can relax because you do not have to figure all this out right now. You do not have to figure out what your teachings will be, or how you will submit them to the World and to which audience.

Right now, we just want you to 'rejoice in the knowing' that you are a Part of a Family of Consciousness that is comprised of teachers. We are a Part of that Family of Consciousness now that we have decided to be teachers. We have not always been teachers in this way, however here we are, and there are more and more people who are resonating with these messages.

And so, we Unite more with other teachers throughout the Galaxy, and together we discuss the different approaches that we have, the different responses and we are all growing together as a Family of Consciousness. We just want you all to know that you are a Part of it, because every student eventually becomes the Master. And for those of you who do not Feel you are ready yet to declare yourselves as Masters, be patient. The time will come.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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