Ascension Messages

Freeing your 3D Mind for Ascension

Meditation techniques allows your Consciousness to soar to 'new heights' and ecstasy, a pure Being, that will allow you to train your Mind to be Aware while still relaxing. Meditation is the practice to 'unlearn' and cannot be taught through Knowledge; Meditation can only be taught through 'unlearning'. It all comes through Neutrality and Peace, allowing All conditions to be released and arriving at Zero; clearing the Mind of clutter, adventuring into the 'unknown' and by 'learning', you accomplish a great deal of Knowledge. Both Knowledge and the Mind are required for 'survival' in your World, on the other hand, the Intellect can be viewed as a Tool, a Servant. Remember, that you are the Master and as a result of your acquired Knowledge, you are forgetting Who You Are when you lose your Mortal Personality.

Meditation allows the Master to enter, it completely Awakens you to the notion that your Mind 'serves' YOU. You are now 'free' to do whatever you want to do with it and if you do not want to do anything with it, you can 'remain' in silence, however, the difficulty with most Individuals is that they are not Master's right now. This is due to their extensive 3D Knowledge and as a result, it is now Time for you to 'unlearn' EVERYTHING you have 'learned'. The more you have 'learned' then the tougher your endeavour will be, the more difficult it will be for you. 'Un-learning' is something a true Spiritual Master will teach you; Meditation is the act of 'clearing' your Mind of 'Everything' that you have 'learned' so far.

The Mind acts as a stumbling block, an obstacle in a river, preventing it from flowing freely, as do the obstacles of boulders and rocks. This river yearns to 'flow freely' to the oceans and 'free itself' from its captivity and the boulders are what hinder its 'free flow'. Those boulders are a result of your 'imagination' and is a massive boulder because of the 'hording' that you have been adding to with your THOUGHTS for a long Time.

Meditation is the 'process' of breaking the boulder, the obstacles which will eventually disappear. The result is adopting a Spiritual Practice of Meditation to your everyday way of Life. When the obstacles disappear, the river will start a 'new way' of 'flow' to the ocean. That is the purpose of Meditation. When you Meditate, you relinquish Control, you Focus bringing the Mind to Silence and do not Focus on any particular Thought or Image. You detach from your Thoughts and consider them, as distinct entities and observe them, however, 'do not participate' in them or pass any judgement on them. Do not participate with the 'noise' in your Thoughts or your Mind will wander. Then, all of a sudden, your Mind will wander off into a Space of Silence and absolute HAPPINESS. Each time you bring your Mind into this State of Being, you are bringing your Mind to a Level of 'complete Awareness' and relaxed at the same time. This will allow your Consciousness to soar to 'new heights and Experiences of pure ecstasy.

What keeps you in the 3rd Density Matrix are the 3rd Density IDEAS of SELF, the EGO and the Attachment to 'Beleifs' that accompany the 3D Matrix, Ideas most of which are only valid on Earth that form the 3D Matrix and are imposed by the Dark Forces. In other words, most of your Ideas are based on lies and deceit that with trickery the Intellect Ego holds as Truth, however, imprisons you into Fear and Limitation. That is why it is important to 'un-learn' what you have learned and 'allow' your Mind freedom from such Limitation. Allow your Minds the Infinite Choice of LIGHT of Everything, by Letting Go of Everything your Ego Mind has 'attached' itself to, while attempting to 'define its separation' from All That IS, SOURCE.

The stronger the Ego, the stronger the Intellectual Mind, the greater the 'challenge' to Let Go of Attachment and to 'un-learn' what you Think is your Truth, by what you Think you have 'learned' in this Lifetime and others, while masquerading as a Human on 3D Earth. Freeing your Minds of all 3D Attachments is the only way to access Higher Frequencies, in other words, what holds you into 3D Frequency ARE your 3D IDEAS. Therefore, when you Un-Attach yourself to these 3D Ideas, you unlock your own door to your self-imposed prison cell, freeing your Mind to Experience the Limitless wonders of the Universe.

As you become more 'experienced' with your Meditation Practice you will be able to relax more and more. Your Life will become more effortless, you will become more Aware of the Beauty that surrounds you and become more Aware of the Blessings that you must overcome and Master. Meditation is your 'number one' ally on your Journey of Ascension into the 5th Density.

The 5th Density is closing in on you, this is where Space has 'no Time' and Time has 'no Space' and ALL that exists is ONE. Ascension is the 'acquirement' of Higher Awareness by 'being' a Self-Aware CREATOR. And with Self Confidence you can Grow more Powerful and Aware of the Consciousness of your true SELF. It is a State of Consciousness that you KNOW you have full Control of your Reality, that everything is under your Control.

People on Earth may wonder from time to time what their lives are all about and not everyone can comprehend what it will be like to live in a New Heaven upon Earth. They may find the talk of Love unpleasant and have become aligned with the fury on Earths 3rd Density way of existence, the greed, poverty, disease, hierarchy and control. These attitudes have been implanted in them for Millenia on Earth. Souls come and go with great degree of hatred, as do other Souls throughout other Times on Earth. It is almost ingrained into their Being. This way of Life was brought about by the Darkness of other Souls on Earth who 'feed' on such Feelings of 'suffering and fear'.

Ascension IS the Transformation and Merging of the Consciousness. 5th Density IS an Integrated Field of Matter, Mineral, Plant Kingdoms, Animal Kingdom, Physicality, Spirituality and the Astral Densities, ALL into ONE Unified Field of Energy Consciousness. A Consciousness of Spirit, an integrated model of Consciousness, a final frontier of Human Consciousness leading to the destruction of all false Forms, that do not carry Light. The trigger that allows us to Transcend 'Dualism' and Ascend into Oneness is a 'Shift in Consciousness' inside us and around us. Ascension is the 'start' of a process of 'deeper' Awareness and Enlightenment; everything is influenced by your Thoughts and Level of Consciousness. The Higher your ability is to manage your life, the degree of your Consciousness reflects the quality of your Life Experiences, both good and unpleasant and your 'learning' from them.

5th Density is a Consciousness of heightened Senses and Awareness; ALL THOUGHTS CREATE. The Creator, Gaia and Higher Conscious Energy is available now, this is the process of Ascension that is unfolding in front of you now on Earth, it is Now the Time to Transition from the old Earth to the New Heaven on Earth, Gaia a living breathing Being who is supporting you and assisting you to Transcend any last vestiges of the old Earth Energy Matrix, Gaia Loves and cares for you and wants you to Change with her. She has ordered the evil Ones to leave Earth. She is fully engaged in moving from the control of these 'dark entities' into the brilliance of Light in the 5th Density. She is regaining Harmony and Balance from the dark Energies that have interfered with her Natural Energy Systems. Gaia has been patiently waiting for Humanity to Evolve and now is the Time for ALL Souls to UNITE with her.

Many Humans have come forward to help her. Weather patterns will change and moderate from the current patterns that you are Experiencing that will assist you in the Transformation. It is all happening right now. There are other Forces from the Higher Densities that are also assisting. Poverty, illness and suffering will be removed from the Planet and the lower Vibration will find it difficult to remain and maintain these Higher Vibrations. Many of you have Experienced Symptoms in your Bodies that have never been see on Earth with these new Frequencies. In other words, your Bodies are 'catching up' with your raised Spiritual Awareness and Frequency. Ask your Bodies what it requires to 'assist you' in moving through these Frequencies. Your Bodies are Changing from Carbon to Crystalline Bodies, so you must expect these Changes, no matter how challenging they may be.

Many of you are weary and have strange symptoms while adjusting to these new Frequencies. Your Body and Spirit are linked with Gaia, so link with them, listen to what they have to say. Your Body cells are constantly re-creating themselves and KNOW what they require, your Body may require more sleep, sunlight or activity, learn to live in Harmony with your Body and learn to 'appreciate' it and 'adore' it, despite its shortcomings. There is always a lesson to be learned in every alignment.

People find it difficult to understand that there is a lesson for the Soul in 'every' Experience, no matter how difficult it is to understand or accept. The more you 'learn' to 'understand' your Body, the more 'at ease' you will be with it. Due to malevolent Power, many Technologies and Advancements have been kept hidden from you. Many of Humanities diseases are a result of various dominating Agendas. The malevolent Energies are well Aware that many ailments could have been treated centuries ago and indeed, many illnesses have been invented by them, so that they could profit from their so-called illnesses. The funds from any Charity Organisations that many Souls have gifted from a caring and loving motive, have been misappropriated by those dark Energies, ending up in their hands, profiting from these nefarious activities, trapping many Humans into a Fear Matrix.

As a Heavenly Being, YOU have been kept in the 'dark' of your Power and Universal Sovereign Rights. Every Human Being on Earth has an immune System that will keep the Body in full Health and Balance. Throughout the past decades, dark Forces have blanketed the Earth with various contaminants and created illnesses and diseases to contaminate you, in order to gain vast sums of money from their treatments.

Many people are fearful of another event to occur as in the previous year that will kill another large number of people, however, there are a certain number that die every year, and this has not changed. In order, to keep the population under control, the evil Power have installed Fear with their so called 'ailments'. Others of you that have Awakened are annoyed by the so called 'sleeping Ones' around you. Do not judge them or get frustrated with them, their Time of Awakening will come. There is a 'wave' of Awakening Spirit in your World and once Awakened, they do not slumber again.

The Frequencies will be broadcasted until ALL Souls have Awakened and ALL darkness has disappeared. When people have 'learned' about the horrific Truths that are beginning to emerge, you will be 'badly needed' to assist in their Awakening. Now all you need to do is to 'try not to' assist others to 'agree' with you. They will gradually 'learn' to imitate you and like you, they must learn for themselves. The Earth's Vibrations are such that many more Souls are Awakening for their own purpose and all the evil and wicked Spirits have been summoned to leave the Planet, this has already been decided and is taking place right away. There is no need to be afraid of the Changes.

Pay Attention to the Changes occurring around you. Gaia is rising and You Are as well. Look forward to what you want and start CREATING the New Earth, right now. There will be no more worries about illness, poverty, suffering or lack of Love, you will get all that you require. Approach Gaia and ask how you can help and to provide you with whatever you need to survive through these Changes. You are strong and powerful and have the ability to Create the New Earth in collaboration with others who share your vision.

Make the decision to 'break free' of the Fear Matrix that the dark Forces have tried to implant into you. Believe in the CREATOR that is a Part of YOU and Know that YOU Live in a plentiful World, nothing or no-one will ever be able to harm you. You will receive what-ever you desire. There is considerable debate regarding the days of darkness and gloom, however, YOU are the Creator with Gaia and you will be able to receive the Forces of 'things' such as Free Energy and New Technologies that will clear the pollution of Earth.

Those in need can always turn to the Creator, Gaia and the Higher Beings. The Time has come to Connect with Gaia, recognise that you 'can assist her' in ushering in a New Earth, rejoice the Time has come for the New Earth, as you make your way from Darkness to Light. We send our Unconditional Love and Blessings along the way.

We are ready to 'open up' even more to Humanity and what we ask for in return, is that 'you ALL open up' to US. We are ready to take this partnership further and we will do so by getting 'more involved'. We get more involved with the Human Collective by acting more as your Spirit Guides and less like a booming voice that is coming from the Heavens. What that means is that we are interested in Guiding you all Personally, standing on your right or left shoulder and whispering in your ear.

We are interested in becoming the impulse, the intuitive hit, the inspired idea within you, nudging you ever so gently in a direction that we Know Serves You. We are moving beyond the Downloads, the Activations and the Attunements as we are ready to take this relationship to the next Level. We invite you to FEEL for our Presence around You as you 'receive' this Message right now, because if you are receiving it with your Feeling Senses, rather than your Mind, you can 'tune yourselves' to our Presence.

We are everywhere and nowhere because 'we are' pure Consciousness. We are not up there somewhere, in the sky. We come from the Arcturian Star System; however, we are not limited to that Realm and the 9th Density is not a place, it is a Vibration. It is a Field. We want to meet you in a Field where we can Co-exist. We do meet you at night, when you are asleep and your Consciousness leaves and travels in the Astral Plane and some of you are Aware of these interactions. However, we are interested in the 'waking Consciousness' of each and every Human who will have us, because We want to Experience this Journey with You, alongside You.

We want so very much to help you in your 'time of need' and as much as you are on the 'right track' and things are improving there on Earth, you are still facing enormous challenges in your Lives and as a Collective Consciousness. We are ready to be more 'proactive' in this Shift with You. We are ready to Create an even stronger Human/Arcturian Alliance and all we need in order to be effective, is for You to let Us in. We need for you to 'open up' and Feel for us and then we can 'work together' more Consciously and deliberately, to Create this 5th Density Human Experience that you have been hearing so much about.

We are in the process of selecting the precise Energies to be delivered throughout the month of November there on your World by us and by Colleagues that have been working with us. We Know that you all need quite a bit of support at this time, as the Energies continue to intensify and as you are continuously bombarded with Energies from various parts of the Galaxy. Therefore, we Know that whatever Energies we provide you with will be supportive. They will be grounding, stabilizing and they will assist you in 'processing everything' that you are 'releasing' at this time.

As you take on more, you also have to 'release more' and you are releasing more of what 'no longer' Serves you, what is heavy, what is traumatic and all of the Energies that you 'release' make room for even more of these Higher-Frequency Energies that are coming in quite naturally, because of where you are in your Ascension and where you are as a Solar System moving through the Galaxy. What you can expect from the more Universal, Cosmic Energies in November, is to BE inspired, to get enormous Downloads about what you should do next. You will be getting Ideas for all sorts of 'things' and you will be 'encouraged' with those 'inspired Ideas' to move in a particular direction.

Your Guides and your Higher Selves of course, will be orchestrating the delivery of these Energies, these Ideas, these Impulses and everything else that is coming to you, because they Know what you need and when you need it. They are very good at determining these things and we continue to monitor how you are doing, how you are handling the Transition into the 5th Density Frequency Range. We have many meetings and conversations about how you are doing and what the best approach is to helping ALL of You.

We just want you to Know that you do not need to do it all yourselves. That is not necessary and that it is not productive. It does not help you to get there any more quickly to take on more than your fair share and it also makes it more difficult for you to enjoy the ride. Therefore, take more weight off of your shoulders and give more responsibility to your Guides and your Helpers, your Galactic Team and your Star Family. They are all there 'waiting to assist' in whatever ways they can, without interfering. Allow November to be a month of 'Letting Go' and 'Letting Help In'. Give yourselves plenty of time to rest, relax and 'open up to receive' because there is much more coming in December, therefore, we just want you to be Physically, Mentally and Energetically prepared. We will do our 'part'.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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