Ascension Messages

New Building Blocks to a New Society

We are giving you all that we can, at all times, because we have to take into account how much you can handle, in any given moment there on Earth. You have Bodies that are accustomed to a certain Frequency and a certain amount of Energies coming in and we have to take all of that into consideration. Now, we do look to those of you who have been doing the work on yourselves, because we Know you can handle more. You take better care of yourselves, Physically, Emotionally and Energetically, which gives you a Body that can handle more Energy and especially more High-Frequency Energies. That is why we often look to you to be the Ones who are carrying the torch, so to speak, for Humanity.

All that work that you do on yourselves, not only benefits you and improves the quality of your Life Experience, but it also makes you better 'Conduits' who are more of Service to the Collective that you are a part of there on Planet Earth. You get to 'anchor' in the most recent, Highest-Frequency Energies that we can deliver to you, and that is a privilege and an honour. You are taking Humanity to the next Level of Consciousness and you are doing so oftentimes, without any Awareness of your Contribution. That is one of the reasons why you have Us. We can come along and offer you this bit of Information that will help you recognise your constant Contribution to the Human Collective.

When you take care of yourselves and you tend to your own gardens, you are better Conduits. Eventually, you may even discover that you have the Gift of Channelling that Energy into the Frequencies through Words, Sounds, or Light Language that you can share with your fellow Humans, and then you can See and Feel your impact, because they will respond to what you are offering.

When you Meditate and drink lots of water, and when you avoid toxins and chemicals as best you can, you become a Vessel that is clean, pure and capable of handling more. When you process your Emotions, and you tell people what is on your Mind, you clear your Mental and Emotional Bodies, and that also makes you a better Vessel for High Frequency Energies. When you Ground into your Bodies and Connect with Mother Earth and Mother Nature, you are more equipped to handle what We have to offer.

When you anchor in High Frequency Energies, they automatically become available to 'everyone'; because you are a Part of a Human Collective, and you are All Connected. Self-care is so important and never has been more important, because you also want to keep up with the current Energies that are upon you, and they are coming from All Sources, not just Us. You are in a constant state of receiving, and when you Consciously Open Up to ALL that is available, you get to have a joyous ride, and that is what we want for you, and that is what everyone in the Higher Realms wants for you right now.

We are very interested in witnessing All of you come to the conclusions that you come to about life there on Earth. We notice how you absorb Information that comes to you, we notice that most of you are filtering Information through your Minds, and when you do that, you only 'Allow in' that which is already 'a part' of your current Belief System about the topic in question. That means that you do not Allow in New Information if it 'contradicts' what you already Believe to be True. However, if instead, you run Information 'through' your Body, you can FEEL whether it resonates with you.

Now, we are going to make this a bit more complex for you by letting you know that All Realities are Real, therefore, All Truths are True, and you have a Future that is best suited for you and that will be most enjoyable to you. It is one of many. In that Future that is the best one for you, certain things are True and certain things are not True. Therefore, you want to be led to that Future Reality by your Feelings and your Feelings are Guiding you towards the Truths that Serve you the most, rather than the Truths that Validate your pre-existing Beliefs. We say to you that it Serves you more, to 'process Information' through your Bodies than through your Minds. If something does not Feel good to you, then pay it 'no more' Attention. Please stop here and re-read or listen to the last few sentences.

You will be presented with different Truths, of course, because you are being presented with different Choices for what you are moving towards, which Reality you will inhabit next. That is why you always have to encounter the opposite of what you want and the opposite of what you Believe - Contrast. It is so you can make a Choice based on the Resonance. If you all had to share one Reality and only one Reality, that would make it a lot easier on the scientists and intellectuals of Planet Earth, because then there would only ever be One Truth. However, since that is not the case, you get to travel to the Reality that you 'want' to Experience most and that suits you the most, and you do so with your Focus, as well as your Feelings.

What we are telling you in a very convoluted way, is that you should Focus on the Reality you 'want' to Experience rather than the one you 'think you must' Experience, based on all the evidence. Sometimes, you base what you Believe to be True on what others Believe to be True. You think that if so many people Believe in this, then maybe I should look into it, rather than Feeling into it and determining for yourself whether it is a road you really want to go down and a Reality you really want to Experience. If there were only One Reality, then that would 'limit' Source. That would limit how much Source could Experience of Itself and that will never happen. Source will always be Infinite and Expanding at the same time, which is another Concept that boggles the Mind.

However, if you can Feel into the Truth of it, then you Know that what we are telling you is True for you. If it is true for you, then you get to Choose which aspect of Source you Experience next, and you get to Choose the one that Feels most in Harmony with Who You Are, what you want and what you want for 'everyone' there on Earth.

We are elevating our Consciousness slowly and deliberately because we like to savour each and every moment of that 'movement upward'. We do not face the same Challenges that you do there on Earth however, and that does make it easier on Us to be in a State of Joy, while also Evolving and Becoming more of Who We Really Are. You face Challenges to spur on Growth because if you just got everything you wanted there in the Physical, there would be no reason for you All to Grow Spiritually. You could get very caught up in all of the bright and shiny toys of Physical Reality. With all that you have there on Earth, you could remain occupied for decades in the pursuit of and the enjoyment of 'all of the toys' you have available to you.

So instead, you present a Challenge to yourself. Perhaps that Challenge is health related, or relationship related and the other big one that you have is your financially related Challenges. Whatever it is that you face, when you are not getting what you want there in the Physical, you do tend to reach for the Spiritual. You do tend to Pray or Meditate or start down a Path that will lead to more Awareness of your True Nature as an Infinite and Eternal Being. So, these hardships that you face in your life are meant to get you to go deeper, to go further in your Spiritual Advancement. And if you see them in that way, you can Embrace them. You can recognise that you still have some Growth to do, no matter where you are on your journey.

No matter how much you have accomplished, there is still more ground to cover. Most people want to get to the 5th Density so that they can have 'all the toys' that they want 'all the time', so that there will not be any more Challenges like the ones you face on Earth today. We are not going to say that you want to complete the Shift for the wrong reasons, but certainly, a better reason to complete the Shift would be to have the Experience of Becoming more of your True and Whole Self and you can do that right now. You can Feel for that Version of yourself, right now. You do not have to wait for something or someone to come along and 'free you' from the bondage of the 3rd and 4th Densities, in order to Feel yourself as a 5th Density Being right now.

However, most people will be content to wait and to continue to ask, “When is it finally going to happen?” The Truth is that it IS happening, and if you are not benefitting from the Challenges and hardships that you face, then you are missing the 'opportunity' to enjoy the ride by reaching deep 'within yourselves' for what is there, for what takes you to that next Level of Consciousness without anything outside of you Changing. Now, if you can get excited about that, you can Shift with Ease and with Joy in your Heart and you will not need anything 'outside of you' in order to Feel the way that you want to Feel. That is the Key to living happily ever after, whether it is on Earth, in the Pleiades, in our System or in any other Star Systems in the Galaxy.

We have been very excited to witness the way that you have All been handling yourselves through this Ascension process. We are speaking specifically to those of you who are receiving this Message, because you are the Ones who are Awake enough to be dealing with your Traumas, your negative Emotions and your heartbreaks in an Evolved and mature way. You have all seen the character in the film or television show who handles being rejected, fired, or otherwise hurt in some way by going to the bar and drinking themselves into oblivion. You have seen reflections in these stories of how many people handle their sorrow and discomfort.

And you All have reached the point now, where you do not look for the nearest escape or numbing agent, to try to hide from the Feelings and the Memories that are so hard to Accept and Embrace. You are the Leaders of this Consciousness Evolution because you have decided that you want to 'face that darkness' and those demons head on.

Many people wonder what they are supposed to be doing, as if there are actions that could make as big a difference on your World as 'processing your Emotions' and 'dealing' with your own stuff. There is no action that gives more to your fellow Humans than setting that beautiful example will.

When you Communicate, when you Meditate, when you take care of yourself and show Compassion for others, you can rest assured, that you are doing enough to help the entire Collective, a Collective that has very few examples being shown to it of the right way to deal with something that is coming up from within. And so, you are the unsung heroes. You are the ones working behind the scenes to Contribute something that is invaluable to the entire Collective Consciousness. You are the Ones who are 'showing the way' and that is enough of a Contribution. Anything else that you do is a Bonus.

Who You Are and How You Be in the World, these are the things that matter. You also Allow yourselves to get to the Love that is at your core, by dealing with that which is heavy, dark and obscuring that Love and Light that exists within every single One of You. So, you are shining your Light and you are Agents of Love, and that is the reason why you are Way-Showers, Light-Bringers, Mentors and Agents of Change. This is how it is done, and you are the Ones doing it. Congratulations on your success.

We are very pleased to offer you this Message about the upcoming emanations of Energies in and throughout your month of February. The February Energies are about getting you into Alignment, specifically your Chakras, as the more in Alignment you are, the more capable you will Be in handling the March Energies. But there are many other reasons why you would want to have your Chakras and all of your various Bodies Aligned. You are constantly running Energies through your Bodies. You are constantly seeking to Download more, to Activate more, to Attune to more that is coming your way. We are talking about Energies you have summoned and Energies that are just there to 'support you' and that have come from above.

Beings and Collectives like ourselves, also want to be Channelled because they want their Perspective to be a Part of the Human Experience and the Human Evolution of Consciousness. Therefore, having your Chakras Open and Aligned will certainly help you to achieve that. Those of you who want to Channel, who have not yet been able to, or who are struggling with your Channelling, will benefit from these February Energies because of the Alignment they bring. And with that Alignment comes greater Clarity, a clear Central Channel and better use of the Energies that you are getting.

As we said, you are constantly receiving Energies, but the question is, are you Open to them? Are you ready for them? Can you Ground them? All right, that was several questions, but you get the idea. It is important to have these Aligned Chakras for many, many reasons and with the Energies coming in March, having had some practice Grounding Higher Frequency Energies into your Chakras will certainly help with what is to come. There is always going to be a need for greater Communion with the Non-Physical and with the Higher Frequency Energies. Therefore, this type of Alignment that will be occurring in the month of February is always something wanted, something needed and something Powerful.

Now, you might be wondering what you have to do in order ready yourselves for these Aligning Energies of February. It is always a good idea to be Hydrated and Grounded, but it is especially a good idea, when you Know that there are Energies coming in, that you 'want' to Connect with and 'allow' the Energies to run through your Physical Body. Also, do regular 'check-ins' with your Chakras to see where they are. Can you Feel one being heavier, off-centre, or blocked? Can you Feel a lot of Emotions in one? Those are the Chakras to give your Attention to and to Lovingly send Light and Healing Energies. You can also use the Power that you have to visualise to Align, Open, Clear and Cleanse the Chakra or Chakras in question.

Make sure you are getting plenty of Rest, Sleep, Relaxation, Meditation and spending time in a State of Joy, Appreciation, or at least Feeling Neutral. In other words, FEEL as good as you can Feel under the conditions you are living in at this time and realise that more is always coming because your prayers are always answered. We are here to help and so are so many other Teams, Collectives, Councils and Individual Beings of Light and Love. And offering you this High Frequency Collective of Energies is how we work 'together' to ensure that Humanity has All that you need, All the time.

We are very welcoming of other Perspectives and even other Agendas when we come across them in our Communications with other Beings and other Collectives. We have found that an Openness Serves us very well, because often these different Perspectives are ones that we had not considered. We also Know that there is a lot of help needed there on Earth and in other Parts of the Galaxy. And so, we are always eager to explore new Ideas, new Approaches as to 'how' we might better help. This is not a time to be 'closed off' to that which does not fit into your 'normal way of viewing' the World. This is a time to be Open and to use Discernment when considering another Perspective, another Point of View.

When you can Allow in more angles, more Ideas, you can broaden your Sense of Self. You do not want to get 'attached' to a 'dogma or a doctrine'. You want to be 'flexible and Allow in' that which is 'unfamiliar'. It has Served us very well to do so, and we have Created some New Alliances as a result, Alliances with Beings who operate in Physical Densities and in other Star Systems who are looking to help Humanity. The 7th Density Sirians and Pleiadeans have been working very hard on your behalf and have developed a strategy to 'insulate' Planet Earth from any Energies that would interfere with your development, your normal Spiritual Evolution. And we have agreed, that this is a wonderful strategy to employ at this time, as it Allows Us and the other Higher Density Beings and Collectives to provide you with Energies that we Know are helpful and will further your Spiritual development.

The Pleiadean-Sirian Shield, as it has been named, has already resulted in a tremendous blossoming of Consciousness there on Earth. More and more people are 'waking up' every single day and those of you Who Are Awake, have been able to access more Compassion, more Love, more Unity Consciousness and more Inner Peace and those are the 'building blocks' to the New Society that you want to See and Experience for yourselves. Give yourselves an opportunity to 'tune in' now to the Energies present and Feel for the difference in their quality and quantity, as this Shield has been very effective in keeping out those influences that do not Serve you and Allowing in the ones that do.

You can relax more now; you can Trust more. And you can especially Trust your own Guidance, your own Intuition. Now is a wonderful time to be Open and Receptive to the Energies that are upon you because they are so 'pure and undiluted', and they are all about Expanding the Consciousness of All Human Beings on Earth at this time. In addition to the beautiful Energies of the month of February, this protective Shield could not have come at a better time. You are readying yourselves for an even faster Experience of your Evolution of Consciousness and everything else will also be Evolving with you. That includes your Physical Bodies and All of the Systems of your Society. Get ready for some very big and important Changes there on Earth, because the conditions are perfect for them and because you have been asking and now more than ever, you are ready to receive.

We have an important role to play in your Ascension, just as you all have an important role to play in ours. As we help you, we help ourselves, and as you help yourselves, you help us. We have a vested interested in seeing you all succeed, and because of that, you can certainly Trust what we are saying to you. We want to Ascend to the 10th Density, just as you are looking to Ascend to the 5th.

We see our role as Guides or Mentors to All of You and we are also your 9th Density Angels, as we seek to offer you the Love, Light and Energy that you are seeking and that you will continue to seek, even after you have completed your Shift to the 5th Density. As you help each other, you also help yourselves. You help that other person, who is in need of your help, and as you do so, you Integrate a Part of Yourself that the other Person represents. Therefore, even if you start out despising someone, if you can get to the point of Feeling Neutral about them, and then even Loving that Person Unconditionally, you will have given that aspect of yourself exactly what he or she needs to Re-Integrate, to Heal, to Become Whole again.

Now, we would prefer that you help others out of a Feeling of Compassion that you have within you, but not everyone is as Empathic as those of you who Experience that tremendous amount of Empathy. We also recognise that helping others Feels good when you do it, and therefore, that good Feeling becomes the 'reward and the incentive' to continue.

Of course, you are not always going to Feel like helping someone else, and in those moments, you might experience Guilt and even Shame. You Create those Experiences so that you will 'forgive yourself' for not being able to Be everything to everyone. And by 'forgiving yourself', you Integrate a Part of Yourself, that you see in yourself, by seeing it in others. All of these Co-Creations of 'coming together' with others and having your Experiences, are about you All Becoming Whole again.

Therefore, Embrace every Experience that comes your way, because there is something in it for you. There is some Growth to Be Experienced. There is some Integration that will occur, if you Allow yourself to Feel everything, and then you will move on to the next Experience that you will need to take you along on your Ascension Journey. When you are having a very hard time with one of your fellow Humans, call upon us, your 9th Density Angels, or call upon the Archangels for help.

We want, what you want and so we will deliver that help, and those of you who are Open to receiving, will receive it, and you will be able to move past the Challenging Experiences that you sometimes have with your fellow Humans.

Know that you are there to Challenge each other. You are there to Challenge each other to Love Unconditionally.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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