Ascension Messages

Bringing Heaven to Earth is the Goal

We are living in what you would consider to be Heaven. Our Realm, our Density is Heavenly in comparison to what you are living there on Earth. It is not THE Heaven; it is not the only Heaven; however, it does have that quality and that appearance, and you would be able to do all of the things that you 'imagine' you could do in a Heavenly Realm. You do Experience the type of bliss that you can Experience in a Heavenly Realm every once in a while there on Earth, therefore, you must decide for yourselves what it is that puts you in that State of Being where you Feel, that you are in fact, in your version of Heaven, and place yourself there as often as possible.

This may seem like a hedonistic or selfish act, however, keep in mind the following. When you access that Frequency that you need to be in, so that you can Feel that you are Experiencing Heaven on Earth, you are literally bringing Heaven to Earth. You are making it more available to everyone else because you are Grounding those Higher-Frequency Energies into your Body, to your Planet, to your Grid System and therefore, 'everyone' can indulge. You are also setting an example to others and inviting them to join you in the Heavenly Experience that you are having. You are showing others what IS possible, and that is important, because if people only look around and see others suffering, then they do not Know that there is another option available to them.

And finally, when you put yourself in that Heavenly Density that you carve out for yourself, you will want to teach others how to do it, even if it is just one person, that is still something. That is still sharing the secret that you have uncovered within yourself, and it is a secret still to most, this Truth that you have the opportunity to Vibrate at whatever Frequency you 'choose' and then to 'live' in that Vibration. That is still a foreign concept to many, and others would laugh at the notion of it, however, if you and others like you consistently demonstrate the Truth, that you can offer a Vibration on 'purpose' and live the reflection of that Vibration in your Experience, others will start to notice and wonder what it is you are doing.

It is important for people to realise that they have more Power within them than they think they do, and you are the trailblazers. You are the ones there on the leading edge who have that capacity to show others what IS possible, what IS within them and what it is you are all reaching for. Bringing Heaven to Earth is a real Goal. Merging the two Realms is inevitable, however, you can do it on purpose, and you can do it now and you do not have to wait for anything to happen outside of you, to give yourselves this type of Experience. You are doing it to a certain extent right now, because we are projecting a Heavenly Vibration to You and as you receive this Message, you merge with that Energy, and you make it a Part of your Reality in the here and now.

We are very capable of handling all of your requests, both spoken and thought. We even recommend that you write down the requests that you have for us, because you will get clearer about what it is that you want, as you are able to look at it in written form. You do not have to earn anything you do not have to be special or have to repeat the magic mantra. You only have to 'align' with what it is that you have asked for, and we are happy to be the 'delivery system' for you, because you have chosen to Focus on us, instead of Yeshua, Source, or Pleiadeans. Any of a number of Higher-Density Beings can handle your requests.

We all Love to help you, and we all see you as 'worthy of receiving' what you are asking for. Now, you may not 'agree with the timing' of the delivery, of what it is you have asked for, however, that is something you must start getting accustomed to if you are going to live in Peace and in Joy. It is important that you find a way to live your lives, to be interested and excited about what it is you 'can do', and when you can live your life happily ever after, even though not everything has Manifested that you have requested, then you would have achieved a type of Spiritual Mastery. If you make your life about Manifestation, about only getting what you want, then you are placing limits upon it by saying that 'it has to come to you' in this particular time-frame or in a particular way and you will continue to be on a rollercoaster where you do not Feel very Masterful at all.

It is when your Thoughts, Words and Actions reflect the Higher Vibration that you are in that you are more likely to receive, and then what you receive, becomes the cherry on top of the life you are living. When you make something into a necessity, something that is 'required' in order for you to Be Happy, or to Be Fulfilled, or to Feel Whole, that is when you are pushing it away from you, because You are attempting to Manifest from an incomplete State, which is a Lower-Vibrational State of Being.

Be Happy NOW. Be Fulfilled NOW. Find something to get interested and excited about NOW and Let Go of those requests once you make them. Do not think you have to keep repeating them every day, or that maybe you did not word it just right, and that is why it did not come yet, because then, you are still Focused on 'lack off'.

Focus on the fullness of your Spirit, Soul, your Soul Self. Focus on how much air there is for you to breathe all around you and how delicious it can taste if you breathe it in Consciously and with that 'intention of receiving' all that the air has to deliver to you. Allow Us, your Guides and your other Helpers to do all the heavy lifting, all the work, while you find the Higher Vibration that is always available to you by relaxing, opening yourselves up, and Letting Go of 'attachment' to anything being other than the way it is right now.

We are a Collective Consciousness, just like You. You think of yourselves as Individuals having your own Thoughts, your own Ideas, getting Inspiration from 'within' to do something or say something, or even to just think about something, however, you are tapping into the Human Collective Consciousness more often than you think.

We are very satisfied with the way that we see you progressing, and yet we Know that you also have a long way to go on your journeys to becoming your 5th Density Higher Selves. You have been establishing New Contacts during your Astral Travels, and these Contacts have been wonderfully significant in the Evolution of your Consciousness. Those of you who are Awake have been meeting with Mentors during your Astral Travels and these Mentors have been helping you to step into your Power as Leaders in the movement that is afoot on Planet Earth.

You have been receiving help from the best of the best there in the Astral Plane and the progress that you are making is astounding. You are literally Becoming the Beings that you always intended to Be in this lifetime, while you are sleeping. The next step will be to bring what you have learned into the 'Waking State' so that you can step fully into that role of Spiritual Teacher, Guide and Mentor to those who are just beginning to Wake Up now and those who 'will be' Waking Up soon.

Most of you have always known that you have a greater purpose in this lifetime, even greater than Shifting your own Consciousness and you have been correct when making that assumption. You are there to lead Humanity into the Golden Age to share your Stories and your Wisdom, and most importantly, to show your Compassion, to those who are just beginning now to come around to the Truth that they too, are Source Energy Beings, Creating their Reality, Ascending to a Higher Density Plane.

You have known this for a while now, and you have been doing the work on yourselves that is necessary to get you to this place where you are ready for the Master Class in the Astral Plane, and you all have the perfect Teachers for you as Individuals. And we include ourselves in that Group. We are meeting with many of you who receive these Messages, and we will continue to do so and we will help you to make the Connections to other Beings that can take you to the next level and the next.

You have been readying yourselves for this mission for your entire lives, NOW is the time to put all that you have 'learned' and all that you have 'become' to work for Humanity. We want to see this Shift in Consciousness on Earth happen with the greatest amount of ease, so that you can All Feel the Collective Joy together and you All are the Key Components to making that happen.

We are very Aware of the relationships that we have to other Beings and Collectives, and we are also very Aware of the relationships we have with different Concepts, different Ideas that we come across in our travels. We understand how our relationship to greed, for example, has evolved over time. Now when we witness greed, we see a person who Feels Empty, Feels Mortal, Feels Powerless and does not Know Who They Really Are. And so, the accumulation of wealth and 'stuff' helps that Individual to 'soothe' their own suffering, their own 'unease' with their existence.

We have also seen violence in many different forms, and we have also recognised over time that the Beings and Groups engaged in this violence, also feel Powerlessness, Disconnected, Afraid and there is more of a need for Compassion and Love for these Individuals. You certainly are not getting anywhere with condemnation and judgment and it is also important when you become Aware of your relationship to a Person, a Group, a Concept, an Idea, that you look 'within yourself' for what is 'present' in the other, or what is 'missing' in the other, that you are then Aware of, in Your-Self.

We have Grown and Evolved to the point where this is an automatic thing that we do, but for you it takes more time. You need to 'see the reflection'. You need to have that 'moment of recognition' that there is 'something' within this other that is also 'within you' and that needs Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing and Unconditional Love.

You face many Challenges in your lives. You face the Challenges of needing to Heal physical ailments, needing to Heal relationships with other people, facing insurmountable bills and debt. However, the Challenges we are talking to you about here today, are perhaps the most imposing in their size and in their intensity. They do not give you the option of doing something or saying something to make it all better. You have to 'look within' and 'FEEL something'. You must Change something that is so 'automatic within yourself' that it does not even Feel like a Choice to you, but we will remind you that you always have a Choice. You have a Choice in the way you respond to 'everything' that comes your way.

We have told you this on a number of occasions when it comes to the predictions that you see so often there in the New Age Community. You also get to Choose whether you see the World through very sceptical eyes, or whether you see the World through the Eyes of Source. You can Love everyone on Planet Earth and Everything, every Experience to the point where All of it finds True Alignment with Source, as you have in that moment of Unconditional Love, or you can continue to judge, condemn, incarcerate, draw lines in the sand, define what is evil and you can see how that goes. From our Perspective, it has not been going very well and we understand that it is easier for Us, because we have no Physical Bodies to protect, we have no possessions, and we have no need for wealth.

However, we do have so much Faith in You and your 'ability to step back' from those moments and truly be your Whole, complete Selves. Be the Answer, the Solution and the Love, and your Lives will 'reflect' a better Universe and better Concepts and Ideas to You.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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