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Question on Religion, Way Forward, Integration, Power of Thought

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    Dear Everyone, what you are culturally taught according to where you are born and live, can become unacceptable to question, challenge or change. What the media tells you and what you are taught by your parents, plus your religion and at school is imprinted into your brain from the cradle to the grave.

    Only you alone can think outside what you have been taught and try to change the way you have been programmed to think. Choosing to change what you want to think, understand, believe and act upon those chosen changes is a challenge to unlearn the nonsense that has been drummed into your mind. It is like deprogramming and deleting all the rubbish stored in your brain.

    According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world. Out of which Christianity is the world's largest religion followed by Islam, not counting other offshoots in Christianity alone. All these religions have their true gods, and genuinely believe that their god is the one and only true god. Which one would you choose?

    Everyone is born as a FREE SPIRIT with an uncontaminated mind. We all need to learn about meditation, consciousness, love, compassion, kindness, empathy, understanding, love and the oneness with the Divine Intelligence, not religions. Acceptance of all races being part of each other in light and soul is paramount. Never force religious teachings that are incorrect and dumbing down the mind through terrifying fear and closing down the mind of a seeker of the truth and freedom of thought and speech. Allow and encourage each one of us to have an open inquiring mind and receive the knowledge of the supernatural. Through the cosmic oneness of the Divine Intelligence, which we all contain from birth, will benefit our beautiful planet and everyone on it.

    Life is an amazing journey and so very individual for each one of us. In the end the only thing that has had any value within the divine universe was, is and always will be - LOVE.

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    Thank you my beloved. Our soul objective is to bring about an uplifted change for Humanity on our planet Earth that we All Call Home.

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    With all the deception and the control that we are experiencing, how do we move forward, what's the process to move out of the control that we find ourselves in? How can we change what we have now to what we really want for our future and if we all have to have the same picture of the future in our heads how do we achieve this? Is there a step by step process how to can change what we have now to create something new?

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    We have within us the potential to free every single Human Being from the shackles of an enslaving system of governance that has locked us into a drama of hierarchy and external authority. We can work together and create solutions to provide at the very least wholesome food and water, shelter and clothing, power and transportation, kindness and knowledge to everyone upon our planet Earth. By creating self-generating systems to support all of these needs this is totally achievable, however, only if we can co-operate as Sovereign individuals who respect the rights and boundaries of others for fair and equitable governance.

    Such a shift in consciousness in our world would depend on us to know that we are all Sovereign unique beings. We must proclaim our Sovereignty, delete from our awareness our slave thinking programming then work together in co-operation as Sovereign individuals with a common goal of maximum empowerment for everyone on our planet.

    The Prime Universal Law is our birthright and is very simple. All Beings are Sovereign and have Free Will to express their creative desires in any way that they may choose, however, No Being has the right to violate and harm others. Enlightened self-governance and adherence to Universal Law is the foundation for a Free Social Society operating on the freely available Frequency energy of Love and Co-operation. It is only with this foundation in place that we will be able to avoid all of our current EGO based hierarchies entrapping Humanity into a self energizing self serving authority over the masses, controlling and regulating our behaviour in all aspects of our lives.

    We have to be very clear, it is only through enlightened self governance that we will be able to build an entirely new type of Social Society that is self organized to solve problems and address the needs of the masses as a genuine expression of the desire and commitment to co-operate and make our world a home that benefits everyone. This requires all of us to adopt an entirely new way of thinking, organizing and taking action. All the old models of centralized top down authority need to be abandoned. Throughout all of human history we have witnessed attempts to impose a single 'best system' on to the world that has always resulted into oppression of 'the masses' and ultimate failure.

    A new enlightened style of self-governance has to be an ever-evolving co-creative process that we continually discover as we fully engage ourselves within. Every idea needs to be accepted in an open-source manner tested and applied where it is willing to be accepted through voluntary participation and self organized processes.

    The instant that we declare I AM SOVEREIGN AND NO BEING HAS ANY RIGHT TO HOLD POWER OVER ME the game radically changes.

    While it is true that we can learn valuable lessons from adverse circumstances, this does not mean that it is necessary or desirable to be continually oppressed, manipulated, deceived, enslaved and drained of our life force energies. These are the experiences that the Human Race has endured for far too long and we must quickly and effectively prepare ourselves for a quantum leap in Faith in our ability to transit into a new and uplifted style of self-governance through Enlightenment - 5D.

    With an understanding of Universal Law we can observe that it is inherently wrong to harm another being who has done nothing to harm us. We can also understand working together and co-operating with others is often the right thing to do. These simple concepts should be adhered to in order for us to free our minds from the twisted logic that the incredible amount of suffering inflicted upon Humanity is entirely our doing and that it is a valuable learning experience.

    Everywhere that we look in our world hierarchal systems organize every aspect of our lives. Hierarchy is an insidious, disempowering system of authority. We must transcend obedience and enslavement in order to begin to heal our selves and our natural world. Hierarchy does not respect Free Will, healthy boundaries or our rights to say NO to them. They use every possible type of manipulation, coercion or naked force to get their way. Our Governments, privileged portions of our societies, Banking Institutions and Corporations exploit Humanity and our natural environment. They do not seek the language of Love.

    We must all choose to stand for Truth as Sovereign beings and take action to oppose all forms of deception, manipulation and enslavement. Remember, when a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to 'the masses', the Truth may seem a little preposterous to the uninitiated at first. However, once awoken they demand rapid change from a system paradigm of competition, domination and deception into one of symbiosis and co-operation where governance is open and transparent favouring everyone. We demand a new system whose Consciousness has transcended greed and welcomed Altruism.

    This process starts as a journey into our own 'inner world' and transcend through the process of INTEGRATION all of our trapped emotional 'low vibrational Frequencies' that we have imprisoned within ourselves. From this position a new clarity will coalesce as you draw upon your inner knowing strengthening your resolve for creating a better more uplifted life for ALL of Humanity. Again, we cannot emphasis enough that this is achieved through the POWER OF THOUGHT.


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