Ascension Messages

Becoming the Unified Collective

We are speeding up the delivery of the Energies to you that will help you Transform and Know yourselves as a Unified Collective of Higher Selves. This is the ultimate Goal for Humanity and that is true even though most Humans do not realise that they even want this to happen. The Energies that we are bringing forth now at a faster and faster pace are there to remind you, that EVERYONE outside of you, is a reflection of YOU and that there 'is something' to be gained by your Experiences with them.

You have no need to 'change' anyone or 'eliminate' anyone from your life in-order to live happily ever after. You need to ask yourself "how you can Love the 'aspect' of yourself" that the other person represents. That is how you are going to become a Unified Collective of Higher Selves. That is how you are going to benefit from all the billions of other Humans that are around you, triggering you, pushing your buttons and believing in narratives that upset you.

You must do more than Co-exist with and tolerate your fellow Humans; you must see them as You, maybe not you in this lifetime, but You at some point in one of your incarnations. And if you are getting triggered by someone, then you have some unresolved trauma that they are helping you to resolve. So please let them. Also, when you see some other Humans saying that "These people over here need to be different, or need to be eliminated, or incarcerated", do not pay attention to those Humans and their rhetoric. Do not continue to fall for the 'story' of separation.

You are not there to find out who the bad ones really are so that they can be stopped. Anyone who is engaging in Thoughts, Words and Actions that cannot keep up with these Energies is going to be having a very hard time. Therefore, you do not have to wait for them to be arrested and locked up, or exposed for who they really are, in-order to benefit from the existence of dark thoughts, dark words and dark actions.

If you cannot admit that there is 'darkness within you', then you have more work to do with yourself, because if you cannot admit that something is there, then you cannot embrace it and move past it. And it will continue to drive you to look for the bad ones, out there. We have seen this happen on other Worlds and even in other Densities; it does not work. We have also seen the plan that we have just laid out for you work every single time and that is how we can say what we say with such conviction.

We know that you are up to the task of Loving the unlovable and Forgiving the unforgivable. You can and will become your Higher Selves and see every single member of your Human Collective as a Part of You.

We know that it is hard for you to recognise the progress that you are making because it is so slow and steady for the most part. However, we do witness your Evolution of Consciousness. It is like watching the grass grow for you, however, we want you to recognise that somewhere on your World today, someone in your Collective had a major breakthrough. Someone else an amazing Awakening Experience, someone else processed their lifetimes of trauma.

There is always something within your Collective Consciousness that is happening that is monumental, and you ALL have the option of 'tuning in' to the Human Collective Consciousness to Feel for the Expansion that has occurred because of those Humans who had a very different day than you had. You are there to help each other, and you are also there to benefit from the leaps and bounds forward that someone else in your Collective is making.

Therefore, we recommend that every day you 'tune in' to your own Energy, your own Vibration, that you 'tune in' to the Human Collective Consciousness, and that you 'tune in' to the Energies that are coming to you from above, from the Higher Realms, from Beings and Collectives like ourselves. There is always something good for you to Feel into if you take the time to do it. This is a beautiful Spiritual Practice that will take you further than any knowledge will. Knowledge and information will keep you 'stuck in your heads' and when you are 'stuck in your heads', you are very unlikely to be able to Feel for those leaps and bounds forward that your fellow Humans are making.

You can only do so much as an Individual in a single day but think of how much you can do if you see yourself as a Collective, think of how much you can Receive and how much you can Create. This is a time to be really contemplating what it means to be a Collective of Human Beings, but then again, do not contemplate it too much as that will keep you 'stuck in your heads'.

You need to be Feeling for what is available to you if you are going to benefit from the fact that you are always spiralling upward into higher and higher Frequencies. You are making so much progress there, but there is more that you can Experience when you see yourself as part of a much larger Whole, part of a Group Consciousness that is evolving together, despite the differences that you have there.

Look for opportunities for growth wherever and whenever you can so that you can keep up with the Energies and you will make your journey to the 5th Density one of joy and one of ease.

We are often pleasantly surprised by Humanity as we Feel you energetically go in a particular direction only to take a sharp turn in the opposite direction, and most of the time that sharp turn results in 'one of you' accessing some 'part of yourself' and integrating that part of you that you did not even know was there. You are putting yourselves together 'piece by piece' and every time one of you does, another one of you is inspired and so on and so on. You are not only Healing, Integrating, and Becoming, but you are also inspiring others.

Those unexpected moments are happening more and more frequently because you have been forced to Be more introspective, to pay more attention to what is going on inside of you. You have been guided by the Universe to look 'within' for Healing and enough of you are doing it to have that ripple effect, setting up a domino creating a chain reaction.

The Collective that you are a Part of will always be a 'reflection' of what is going on 'inside' of You, a reflection of what you still need to look at, to make Peace with, to Embrace and to Integrate. As you continue to become your Higher Selves, piece by piece, you send out those templates, instruction manuals to ALL your fellow Humans so that it will be easier on them to do what you have done. Paving the way to the 5th Density is what you ALL intended for this remarkable lifetime on Earth, and you have the momentum now to carry the entire Human Race and there is no force in this Universe that can stop you.

You are the unstoppable Force, therefore, keep inspiring your fellow Humans through your Words, Actions, through the work you are willing to do on yourselves. You are accomplishing more in this lifetime than in all your other previous lifetimes on Earth and you are doing so in part, because of those past versions of yourself. We are assisting you to make Peace with it, to make Peace with those past versions of You that did not have the tools, knowledge or energy surrounding you that you have now.

Look at your past life Selves as your children, who you would willingly clean up after just as you would your own children. When you Love another Human Being in the same way that you Love a child, you will want to do things for that person. You will want to help those who are unable to help themselves and who are also very adorable in their messing up.

If you think of the YOU in the 1600's for example, the You then, had very little knowledge, that version of You had no access to information as you do today, therefore understanding this makes it easier to Forgive that past life version of yourself in this lifetime. You have taken on much and you knew that taking on so much would enable you to grow in leaps and bounds. That is what you are doing. You can thank your past life Selves for the gigantic movement forward that you can make in this lifetime.

Your past life Selves on Earth can be viewed as a microcosm of the current version of the Human Collective that you share your Planet with now. Not everyone is where you are now developmentally and so there is no need to look down your noses at them. Instead, recognise that they have further to go as you would with a child. When you have a child, that child has much to learn from you. You are there to help the children that are unawake and to help your past life Selves. You have taken on so much, but you can do it: we are here to assist along with countless others.

Those of you who are Awake are ready for more contact with Extra-Terrestrial Beings even though most Humans are not. You do not have to wait for everyone to be ready in-order for you to go on a spaceship to meet E.T.s and to travel around the Galaxy with them. The Galaxy is yours to explore and your Reality is yours to Create and Align with. No one else is doing that for you. No one else gets to decide what YOU Experience and what YOU do not Experience. That is your domain. We are just encouraging you to be the Big Dreamers that you really are. BE the Creators that you were born to Be and Be the Ones who lead Humanity into the age of full Extra-Terrestrial Contact for the Humans of Earth.

Now is not the time to wait around for something to happen outside of you, not now when you have been given the ability to Create outside of any sort of Blueprint, outside of any sort of Contracts that you may have had at one time. BE the trailblazers, break free from enslavement, break free from fear of your mortality and you get to break free from the limitations that you took on as 3rd Density Humans. You are Awake and Aware and are able to move past the limitations of the 3rd and 4th Densities because Humanity needs more of that 5th Density Energy to be Present on Earth, and You are the Ones to anchor it. If not you, then who?

Once Awakened there is no going back. You cannot regress. You must be the Ones who Guide Humanity's Expansion and Ascension with your 'willingness to explore what would frighten most Humans 'out of their skin'. This is how you bring about the Changes on your World; not by waiting for 'something' to happen and it is not about believing in someone else's Truth about Reality with what is happening behind the scenes.

BIG CHANGES START WITH YOU. We and other Collectives are here to assist; however, we cannot step in between You and your Vibration and break the Universal Laws to give you what you want and ask for. We are ready to deliver to you that which you desire when you are vibrating in Harmony with it. Have Faith that you will be heard, and your prayers answered.

The Sun having the power to change everything there on Earth, the Politician changing laws to make the change, or some program to initiate a rescue plan for everyone from their own lives and their creations - is still, ALL SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELVES. We are not asking you to have Faith in US, we are asking you to have Faith in 'yourselves'. We want you to know 'how' to gain access to your Power, your Strength, your Creativity and most importantly, to the Love that you truly are. If you can Be that Un-conditional Love, then nothing that is thrown at you can unbalance you. Seek what is inside of You and Beings and Collectives like Us can 'match' what you have found.

If you Focus on something, someone, some animal friend or some tree or flower that can get you to access the Feeling of Love within You, then you can really start to know what true Power is. True Power is alignment with Source, but YOU are SOURCE. Therefore, true Power is You aligning with You. It is that simple.

We are also Letting Go of what weighs us down at this time and are Ascending as is Humanity. We understand that the process of Ascension for us, involves Letting Go of what is dense enough in our Consciousness, that keeps us from Ascending right now. If you want to have a more beautiful Experience of your Ascension, then look for what is dense that resides in your Consciousness and you will Consciously and deliberately Let it Go. You may need to Let Go of a grudge, judgement, resentment and you may have strong beliefs and belief systems to release in-order to move forward in your Ascension.

The question is "will you do it on purpose, deliberately or will these things need to be pried from your grip"? Ask yourself what you are gripping tightly onto right now? For that is what you will need to look at and that is what you need to Let Go of to have the best Ascension Experience. It must be your Choice, You Choose to do it, Choose Light over Dark, you are not the Light to defeat the Dark. Just because you are Awake does not mean you are taking the best possible Path. There are many pitfalls, landmines and roadblocks on any Path, and we are suggesting that you avoid them by choice.

Choose the Light; if it does not feel like Light to you, then it is not Light and if you choose not to take it, do not snuff it out to make sure someone else is not choosing it. Instead, lead by example; lead by Shining your Light and others will follow. We have been discussing with several groups of Extra-Terrestrial Beings with what their potential role could be in assisting in Uniting Humanity. If you all know that you are a Part of One Race, the Human Race, then there is a greater possibility that you will come together as One Race.

It is important for you to all realise that you have more in common with each other than you think and by knowing that Beings from outside your Solar System are coming all the way to Earth to make themselves known, could assist you in setting aside your differences and perspectives with each other. And so, we deliberate amongst ourselves. We do not believe that the majority of Humans would be shocked to know without a doubt that E.T.s exist, and for many, anything that they would see that goes outside of their 'belief system' would be considered a hoax.

We feel that Humanity is ready for a definitive moment, and we see that the impact of an experience with even one Extra-Terrestrial Being would be huge right now in Uniting the Human Collective. Even if only a slight majority of Humans agreed that the E.T. Being was real, that would be enough to bring you all together. We will continue to play around with this idea with the Groups we are talking with until we can all agree on what is best for Humanity. In the meantime, continue to look up at the skies and continue to Create a Reality for yourself where your own personal E.T. contact is inevitable and is something that will happen sooner rather than later.

We are a Collective Consciousness; however, we were once considered to be Individuals, just as you consider yourselves to be Individuals. What that means is that we can have several different Perspectives running within our Collective at the same time, without any discord, without any lowering of our overall Vibration. In fact, we see diversity of Perspectives as a Strength. Seeing things from many different angles at the same time allows you to Choose, and that is what you do as 'Individuals' there on Earth.'

You Choose a Perspective for a certain amount of time to explore the in's and out's of that Perspective. If you can see someone else's Perspective as lending to the power and the strength of the Human Collective Consciousness, even if it is the polar opposite of yours, then you can start operating as a Unified Collective now, instead of later. You do not really want uniformity. You would become stagnant in your growth if you all agreed on everything. What must happen in-order for you to grow Spiritually is that you must find Acceptance. ACCEPTANCE is the opposite of Resistance and Acceptance allows for Change to occur. It is the first step in allowing Change to occur.

You and We are All Source Energy Beings, exploring all the different aspects of the Oneness that IS Source. Therefore, we must All allow all aspects of ourselves to be exactly what they are, in-order to Choose. You get to Choose what your Perspective is, and you do not have to see anyone else's Perspective as dangerous. You can just smile and nod and Know that the person who is offering that Perspective is exploring that particular Reality, that particular way of being in the World.

One of the biggest problems that you have there on Earth right now, is that you feel you must All agree on one static Reality. You do not have to do that. There are so many Realities for you All to explore, and of course you will bump into someone who is exploring their Reality, while you are exploring yours, and you will wonder if you are wrong. You will wonder if you are wrong to even be exploring a different Reality than someone else or than many others who you once agreed with on everything.

Please do not concern yourself with what anyone else is thinking about, or how they Choose to process Reality or Information. This is an area where you get to be very selfish, as long as you are recognising that there are other people out there, and those people are Real and have Real Feelings. Do not ever assume that someone else is just in your Reality to play a role and be a soulless background actor.

Assume that 'everyone and everything' IS Source because that is how it is in 'every Reality'. That is one of the Truths that transcends your ability to Create. There is nothing outside of Source, and that means, You Are Source. And that should be empowering enough for you to let everyone else Create whatever Reality they want to Create and then live in it. Doing so will not only be liberating for you, but it will also help you to Create your Reality the way you want to Experience it without any interference whatsoever.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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