Ascension Messages

Grow Spiritually to be in Service

We are listening always to each and every person that reaches out to us. We know that if you are Aware of us and you have something to say, then what you have to say is important, and we want you to recognise that it does not matter what you say or how you say it. We will be listening, and we will be taking into account what your Perspective is, what your Desires are and how you want us to intervene. Intervening is the tricky part for those of us who want to help Humanity. It is tricky because we want to help without interfering, without taking away the opportunity that you have in front of you to grow.

Certainly, there have been E.T.s who have interfered in your development. You do want the Spiritual Evolution and whether you realise it or not, it is the Feeling of moving from being 'less evolved' Spiritually to being 'more evolved' Spiritually that you were after when you signed up for a lifetime, or a series of lifetimes, there on Earth. Now of course, that would not be the only intention a Soul would have for incarnating somewhere, and the fact is, that even if you decide that you are going to incarnate somewhere to be of Service, you still have to 'grow Spiritually' before you can be of Service. Being of Service becomes a natural by-product of Evolving Spiritually. You cannot help but help others, and it becomes a driving force in your life once you Evolve to a certain point.

Even Yeshua had to Evolve his Consciousness when he was there on Earth and became a better Teacher as he grew Spiritually. The same was true for Buddha and all the others that you have heard about and read about. See where you are right now as a gift, because where you are Spiritually, is what gives you the 'opportunity' to grow and become Who You Really Are underneath it all. The point of having others like ourselves helping you is that we get to enjoy a sense of Purpose and Fulfilment and you get the Joy of 'absorbing' what we are giving you. You get to Experience the Feeling of something resonating with you and you then get to put into practice what you have absorbed from us and others like us, and that is a fun journey in and of itself.

If the Purpose was to just get there as fast as you could, then that is what you would be doing. However, you have all of Eternity to Shift, to Change, to Ascend and to return to Source. There is no reason for you to skip over all the good Experiences just to get to where you are inevitably going. You cannot help but to return home, because home is all there is. We will continue to lead you home with the encouragements that we give and we will continue to encourage you to stay on that path, however, we will never worry about you or fear that something will go horribly wrong along the way.

Everything will always be for your benefit. It will always be of Service and it will always lead you to that next step on your journey. Take each step with Joy, appreciate the opportunity to take it and you will begin living happily ever after right now.

We have begun to understand what it will take for Humans to recognise their Value. You all want to 'Feel Valuable', however, you are also 'waiting for someone else' in Human form to Validate you. You are waiting to see 'evidence' in the physical that what you do, what you think, what you say, or who you are in general, is producing something Valuable to Society. When you are able to open yourselves up and allow in the Unconditional Love of your Guides, Councils and Collectives like us, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters, you will begin to understand and FEEL into your intrinsic Value.

You have Value no matter what you do, and we know now that the only way you all can get to that knowing, is through receiving Validation from Beings like us who give it so freely and expect nothing in return. And we are just One Collective of so many who want you to Feel Loved, who want you to Feel Welcome, who want you to Feel that you are Valuable, because you exist as a 'unique aspect' of Source Energy.

And that, by the way is something that no one can take away from you. Anyone who tries does not know Who They Really Are. So, why take the word of anyone who is not standing in that Truth of Knowing that they are a Source Energy Being? How could their disconnected, misguided and totally biased opinion carry any weight?

What Humanity really needs are Awakened Individuals like yourselves who have remembered Who You Really Are 'demonstrating' to the rest of Humanity how to Value Oneself, how to be the Light, even when you are surrounded by darkness, even when those who have forgotten Who They Really Are have attained certain positions of authority that people might even consider to be powerful positions. We know that you have the Power to determine your own Value and we will continue to invite you to do so, to Love you Unconditionally and to encourage you to open up to receive all of that Love coming in from the Higher Realms.

We are very deliberate when we ask for assistance from the Collectives that are in Higher Densities than ours. We no longer ask for what we want and need Subconsciously, like you all do. Rather, we are very clear about the asking and then we Let Go of the delivery method. In other words, we do not care how it comes and from whom it comes. We do not care about the way in which it comes, as long as the Desire is fulfilled. When you ask for something that you want from Higher Density Beings and Collectives, notice if you are 'attached' to the when, the how, the delivery system and even from whom you will receive what you are asking for.

If any of that matters to you, then you are narrowing the pathway through which all that you Desire can 'flow to you' and that is not what you want to do. You want to be flexible and you want to enjoy what you have and what is coming to you. You want to be grateful and to look for all the ways in which you can enjoy your lives right now, rather than stressing out about 'when' your gifts will arrive from the Universe. Be 'open' to all the Energies that can flow to you in any given Moment, and you will have more with which to Co-Create the Reality that you Desire.

Remember that Manifestations do not always come in Physical form, but rather, sometimes they come in Non-Physical form or Energetic form and there might be some assembly required. That can be the most fun part of the Manifestation, but again, if you are 'attached' to how it comes and what it looks like and when and where, you could miss out on 'receiving' what you have requested and what you have been requesting for quite some time. We want you to be the Creators and Manifestors' that you were always meant to be in this lifetime and as you move forward into the 5D Densities.

You will need these skills; you will need to Know how to be offering that which the Universe can respond to appropriately. Be loose about your Desires. Be comfortable with the 'now moment' you are living in and be 'willing' to ask for anything at all. Be 'willing' to Dream big and expect all the Miracles and Wonders to occur that you have ever wanted to see in your lives, and then, you will start to Feel closer to Source, the Source that is within you, the Source that is all around you and the Source that you truly are. Source never doubts in its ability to Manifest and Create, and you do not need to either. You have all the Power within you right now and you are just starting to understand how to use it. We will continue to show you and to explain to you how to become the Manifestors you have always wanted to be.

We are watching and waiting to see what happens next there on Planet Earth and we have the luxury of taking that approach while also having the privilege of getting to help you when we can. However, you are living there on Planet Earth, and you can do even more than we can to help the Human Collective, because you are a part of that Collective. You do not have to sit back and wait to see what happens and you do not have to read someone's blog post or watch someone's video who is going to then tell you what is going to happen next.

You get to participate in the Creation of the Future that you will Experience, along with the fellow Humans in your little Collective. Therefore, we advise you to not just watch and wait. We advise you to be 'proactive' in what you are putting out Energetically, and that includes your 'words and actions' just as much as it includes your Thoughts, Feelings and Visualisations. You can change your World for the better, right now and then you can wait to see how the World reflects to you the Changes you have made and that can be the fun part of it for you.

You can also look out at the World right now with the understanding that the World is showing you what is needed. The World will always show you how you can best show up in it to be the best Version of Yourself, therefore, Contribute mightily to the Human Collective. The way that you can Contribute all day, every day is with your Vibration. We advise you to keep your Vibration High by Focusing on the things that put you in a Higher Vibrational state. That means you do not always want to be looking outside of yourself for the problems of the World that need your Energy to help solve those problems.

Look within for what is already inside of you that IS perfect. Look within for your Love, your Compassion, your Creativity, your Ability to Heal and to Forgive. You hold the keys to the kingdom, always, and if anyone out there is telling you that you do not, stop giving them your Attention. We know that it is easy and even a little exciting to look outside of yourselves at the stories that others are Creating with their very Creative Minds about the World you are living in. This is not the World you Experience, but rather, a World that you hear about. And the stories are so entertaining that you want to give them more and more of your Attention.

The people Creating the stories know this. They know how to grab your Attention and how to keep it. That is why it is so important to let your Experience Be your Truth, your Reality and we are talking about your Experience of your Inner World and your Experience of the Outer World. Of course, there is plenty going on there on Earth that you do not know about, but that is okay. If you needed to know about it, you would, but you certainly do not need someone's Idea of what that might be in order for you to remain interested in being there on Earth and continuing your journey.

Do not go looking for trouble and do not go looking for someone else's Truth in order to make it your own. Live your Truth, shine your Light and know that you are there to help and that you help more by being of a High Vibration than you do by knowing about every little detail about what is going on behind the scenes in the secret World that you do not Experience. Let your Experience be enough and let yourselves Be Who You Really Are so that you can Co-Create the World that you want to Experience and that you want others to Experience as well.

We are very pleased to see how many people there on Earth are responding in a Loving and Compassionate way to the war and the victims of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The way that you all have offered your support to the people who have been negatively affected by this war is much more of an indicator of where you are as a Collective, than the fact that the war is happening is an indicator. It is easy to look around at your World today and think that you are not actually headed in the right direction as a Human Race. There are lots of big issues that you face there, but those issues got started before any of you were born into your bodies. And the Thought Forms and Energies have been present for millions of years that are partially responsible for Co-Creating the current state of affairs there on Earth.

You cannot take all the 'blame', however, you can take all of the 'credit' for how you are responding to the problems and crises there on Earth at this time. You, as a Whole, as a Human Collective, are doing wonderfully in responding to all the issues that Humanity is now facing, including conflict and war. You all should feel very proud of yourselves for having come this far. You all see pollution and the negative effects of all of the pesticides that are being used, you see the negative consequences of living in an industrialized World and you want to do something about it. You want to live on a cleaner, more sustainable Planet with better practices from Corporate farms and Corporations in general, and that is a start.

You see the problems that exist on Earth today between Races and people of different religions, and your heart goes out to the people affected negatively by that type of racism and bigotry, and that helps. Everything that you are doing helps. If you want to solve all the problems of the World, do not think in terms of being just one small Individual who can only do so much, but instead, realise that you are Part of a Network of Lightworkers that are all across the Planet and you together, form a web of Love around the World, a web of Healing and a web of Peace. That is what you are doing. That is how you are helping; that is how the Compassion that builds within each and every Individual there on Planet Earth is working to bring about the new 5th Density Earth that you are going to inherit.

We see so much to Feel good and optimistic about at this time, and we continue to see more and more people Awakening all the time. And those Individuals are joining the Network of Lightworkers in your quest for Equality, Peace, Fairness and a clean Earth on which to play and for the children to enjoy as they grow into adults. This is a powerful time to Be a powerful Co-Creator and from what we can see, you who are Awake, who are a part of what we call 'The Awakened Collective' are doing such a wonderful job of elevating the Consciousness of the Human Collective.

We have been exploring the different ways that you have of recovering your lost memories and we have been noticing how successful those of you who are Awake have been at accessing that which has been hidden from your Consciousness for quite some time. Of course, the forgetting about all of your previous lifetimes is a key component in giving you the Experience that you ultimately want to have when starting a new lifetime. Feeling as though you are doing this for the first time provides you with the opportunity to Feel your Emotions more deeply and that is why you forget on purpose when you incarnate.

And then, there are those early years, the formative ones. That is a time period where most of you have recovered very few of your memories and that is also by design. You become a different person as you grow up. Your Vibration is so different from those early, formative years to your teens that you might as well consider your first few years in an incarnation as a previous lifetime. However, now that you are Awake and recognising that you have been visited, observed and even taken by Extra-Terrestrials, you are starting to understand the significance of these recovered memories from early childhood.

Of course, once you recognise that you have reincarnated many times on this Planet and in other parts of the Galaxy, you really want to know what you have already done and what you have already been. And so, the recovery of those memories can come to you in a variety of ways. When you have a dream that Feels very Rßeal and hits you very hard Emotionally, that is a time when you know that you have just recovered a memory.

You also recover those memories when you are taken into an Altered State or put yourself in an Altered State. It is time for you all to Trust what you are getting in your third eye. It is time for you to remember and you do not need to go on an pilgrimage to do so. You do not need to take anything at all. A desire to Know, coupled with a readiness to Believe in Yourself and your ability to recover those memories is all that is required.

We want you to notice how these recovered memories Feel and recognise that the Feeling is the significant part. It is not about the story. It is about 'how' the story makes you Feel and that is how you 'know' the recovered memory is Serving you. That is when you use the information that you gather for the purpose of helping you to Expand and Evolve your Consciousness. And that is the point where you are on your journey right now.

We are quite interested in picking up on the different Energies that you all emit as you move through your days there on Earth. We like to see what we can detect coming from each of you and notice how you are Vibrating when you are doing certain things or thinking about certain events. We notice that the Energies you give off are the most pristine and High Frequency when you are in Meditation, second to that are the times when you are doing something that you enjoy. The third Highest output of Energies, in terms of Frequency, is when you are relaxing, doing nothing at all, but also not Focusing on the problems that you face, the Past or the Future.

When you are Present you are offering a Higher Frequency, and when you are Meditating, doing something you Love, or relaxing and not thinking about anything at all, you are in the Present Moment. That is why these activities are so important to you in terms of your Spiritual Evolution. Your work that you do and the chores that you do around your home can also be Moments when you are offering a High Frequency and emitting Higher Vibrational Energies, but you have to be Present with what you are doing, in order for that to be the case. Therefore, you can make that a goal of yours.

Make it a goal to spend more time in Meditation, pursuing the things that bring you Joy, and you can also intend to spend more time doing nothing, relaxing. Those should be easy promises to keep to yourselves but being Present in the Moment and Mindful in what you are doing takes more practice. First of all, you have built up resistance to a lot of the things that you have to do and if you can change that simply by stating to yourself that you Choose to do it in the Moment, that would be a giant first step in being able to be Mindful of what you are doing and Present in the Moment that you are doing it.

Also, anything that has become monotonous or tedious can become more interesting and exciting if you 'pretend' that you are doing it for the first time. You can get curious about it even though it is not inherently fascinating. For example, when you are washing your dishes, you can enjoy getting the temperature of the water just right and feeling the soothing qualities of it as it runs over your hands and fingers. You can enjoy the way that your toothbrush tickles your gums as you brush your teeth.

You can practice being more Present and being more Mindful in anything that you do, and you can make anything that you do, something that you find ultimately enjoyable, if you bring that Energy to it. If you ask yourself, "What Energy do I want to emit while I am doing this?" before you do anything, then you have a much better chance of staying in that Vibration and of Feeling less resistance and less resentment and you also have the opportunity to actually 'enjoy' what you are doing.

When you are offering a Higher Vibration, everything does tend to take care of itself. Therefore, all of the things that you 'think' you have to worry about and 'think' about and go over and over in your head in order to sort out, can be taken care of for you when you are emitting those Higher Frequency Energies. That will make your life easier and more enjoyable and give you less to think and worry about and wouldn't that be nice? Wouldn't it be nice to just decide that you are going to 'enjoy your life' right Now in 'every moment' that you possibly can moving forward?

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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