Ascension Messages

Connecting as a Unified Collective

As you Feel for these Energies that are being sent to you, we want you to notice what they inspire within you. They are meant to give you a greater 'sense of yourselves' as being your Souls who are connected to these Physical Bodies. In other words, it is time for you to stop identifying so much with your Physical form and to know yourselves more as your Non-Physical Selves, as your Souls. The 'merging' of the Non-Physical and the Physical is more of what this lifetime is about for ALL of you, as you are Ascending.

Ascension means an expansion of Consciousness, an Awakening of the Knowing of Who You Really Are. The Goal of every single person on the Planet right now is to live as the 'version' of yourself that has that full Knowing at all times, that you are Souls who are temporarily inhabiting these bodies. Most people do not know this, they may have other Goals, other achievements they would like to complete in this lifetime, and that is fine because all that, gives a person an opportunity to reach deeper inside of themselves for something, something they did not know was there.

It is important for you all to Feel these Energies and to receive the assistance that they give to you, because it is time for this shifting to occur at 'all levels' of your Being-ness. The body will be the last part of you to transform into a 'lighter version' of itself, but you can transform right now, and you can know Who You Really Are in this very moment, that you decide to do so. This is a beautiful time for you all to be relaxing into this Knowing, because when you take on that Truth that you are Souls first and foremost, you will relax. You can Let Go of the struggle and fight, the non-stop trying and taking actions to try to Change the World or change your World.

When you 'know' Who You Really Are and 'merge' more completely with your Soul, you know everything can change in the blink of an eye, because of you. You are there to demonstrate to yourselves that you are Source Energy Beings and that means you are Creators. You are the Ones to transform the World from 'within' by changing YOU. Then you can notice the Changes out there, and you can experience a much different version of Reality than you have ever experienced before.

This is a pivotal time in getting you all to realise that you have these Powers, these Abilities. And one of the Beings that you have there to help you, always, is your Sun and the Sun and its Energies are important aspects of this Shift in Consciousness for you. You do not have to wait for solar flares, a solar flash, or a solar sneeze, or any other type of solar event to benefit from what your Sun is giving right now.

We are very enthusiastic about seeing all of you care so much about others and the fate of others on your World. Compassion will always cause you to Expand and become more of your Higher Self. When your Hearts go out to those who are suffering, you become more of your whole Self. Compassion is the full recognition of the Truth that nothing and none of this is happening outside of you. You are that person who is being mistreated. It is not just that you Feel for that person. You recognise that if it is happening to them, then it is happening to you and that recognition has never been higher on your World than it is at this time.

People are passionate about other Humans being treated well, wanting others to be given the same opportunities that they have been given in their lives. You all do not have to agree about which Groups are more oppressed, what is important, is that you care. You all do not have to 'agree' about how to go about changing the injustices on your World. The fact that you are Passionate about injustice, summons more lifeforce Energy through you.

In-order for all this Compassion and Passion to amount to something Energetically, you need to Let Go of caring what someone else thinks. What others believe to be true is not nearly as important as your 'passionate stance' that 'everyone' needs to be free, equal, honoured, respected, and be given the 'same opportunities' as everyone else. This Truth is something that most people would agree upon and is something that you can come together on and work towards.

Once you start to see that Humanity is a Collective, that you are not separate, and you are not separated by race, religion, and nationality, then you can start to make the real progress, the Changes you all want to Experience on your World. If you can stop focusing on who the heroes and villains are and 'agree' that you would like to see real Change on your World, then that is when you will start to see it. And you will see it happening faster and faster, because you are more Powerful as a United Collective than you are as a divided one.

Therefore, it is so important to turn your Attention towards You and what you 'can' do. It is time to put your attention on 'how' you can come together with others to Create the Reality that is better for everyone. And when you do, you have more support from the Non-Physical, Extra-Terrestrial and from the aspect of You that is your Higher Self. You will not be your true Self while you push against some person, political party, ideology, or a story that someone has made up and placed on the internet.

You must Focus on YOU because you have control over you. You can Focus on purpose. You can release resistance on purpose. You can Feel and activate vibrations on purpose, and right now Humanity needs more people who understand that and are willing to do something about the Power that lies within each and every one of you, Power that is even more powerful when you are coming together as a Unified Collective. That is the version of Humanity that Physical Extra-Terrestrial Beings want to meet 'face to face' and invite to join them in the Galactic Community.

We see more and more Humans are understanding that they are the Ones who are responsible for their own Ascension and that We and others like Us are just Helpers. We are facilitators and activators; however, YOU are the Ones who must do all the work. The work does not have to be hard, but at times it can be painful and the painful times there on Earth should help you to appreciate the good times more.

That is why you began a cycle of incarnations on Earth in the first place. You are there by Choice and we know that some Humans do not believe that. That is why we will keep saying it; you are there by Choice. You CHOOSE to be there because Earth allows you to have certain Experiences that are unique to your Planet and to the 3rd and 4th Densities. There is a Feeling that you can only experience through pain and suffering, and that feeling is 'relief'. The Experience is a release, and the Feeling is a relief. And then from all of that, you are more likely to Feel Compassion for others because you Know what it is like to Feel pain and to suffer.

Compassion brings you together and coming together is the final step on Humanity's journey to Ascension. And now is the time to be Focusing on how you can come together more, despite your differences. And if you are one of the ones who is asking us and others like us for opportunities to Experience more Unity, then you are one of the leaders that we are talking about. Humankind needs leaders who are about bringing people together, and every single one of you who is receiving this message is one of those people. You need not have millions or even billions of people following you in-order to be a Leader. You are contributing to the Collective Consciousness no matter what you do or how many others know who you are.

When you ask for our support in bringing Humankind together, you get more than just our support. You get all the support of all the Beings and all the Collectives who seek to be a part of the 'unification' of the Human Collective and those who just 'feel Compassion' for someone else who are suffering are doing their part. There are people who have never heard of us or do not believe in Extra-Terrestrials or other higher Densities, they are still doing their part by feeling Compassion for their fellow Humans.

We want you to know that you do so much for Humanity by Meditating and by processing your Emotions. You do so much for Humanity by offering Forgiveness, by having Compassion for someone who has done nothing to deserve that Compassion from you. If you think about how many of you there are on planet Earth right now and you consider how easy it is to make a difference on Earth, you can see how the progress of Humanity would go unnoticed by the media and even by the social media.

Trust us when we say, it is happening; you are making so much progress, and we desire for all of you to FEEL it. We advise you to 'tune in' to the Human Collective Consciousness as we do every day. FEEL for the little bits and pieces of Positivity that are floating around, because it is a different Collective Consciousness than it was the last time you tapped in, and that is something to get excited about.

All the Changes that are taking place on the level of Thought, Emotion, Consciousness and Vibration, do show up in the Physical Realm, and you are going to see some very big Changes there on Earth coming up in the next twelve months. Those Changes will seem like they happened overnight, in reality, you have all been working towards them as a Collective, for quite some time and you will continue to do so.

You also have more to contribute as Individuals, and there will be action steps to be taken, however, when you are unsure what to do, then trust us when we say, that you are meant to be doing nothing. Doing nothing does not equate to a lack of contributing. You will not get the accolades, the awards, the praise from your fellow Humans, however, you will live a better life, a happier life, a more fulfilled life, a life of Peace, Harmony, and Joy, and get inspired to 'do' something. And the Universe will bring you people to help and to heal, because the Universe will always match you with the Ones who will benefit the most with what you have inside of you.

Continue being You and rest assured that you are doing your part by making that your Goal for the day. When you are being true to yourself, you are more likely to 'be in the right place at the right time', to 'do exactly what is needed', or to 'say exactly what someone needs to hear' and we know you all want to be that to your fellow Humans.

Those of you who understand the Power of your Intention and Focus know that you cannot give in to the negativity about where Humanity is headed. There are stories floating around in the New Age about how some of you will go to live on a 5th Density Earth and others will be stuck living on a 3rd Density Planet, giving some people hope, because they believe that they will be amongst the chosen ones.

Hope for All of Humanity, or better still, a knowing that All of Humanity is going to make it, is when you know you have trained yourself to look at the Positives in life. Those of you who are truly Awake understand through 'your own experiences' that others too can have their Awakening Experiences, can have their moments of Clarity, can understand once and for all, Who They Really Are and you know this, because it happened to you.

There is a Plan for every single Individual that you share your Planet with at this time and you can take solace in the Knowing that they are all on their Path, no matter how it might look to an outsider. Therefore, it is always best to 'pay attention' to what is going on inside of you, rather than looking for evidence outside of you to say that Humanity is on the right track.

You are ALL Awake enough to realise that you are choosing your own Timelines and that there is not just 'one Future' that is set in stone for everyone to Experience, no matter what they are vibrating. How could that be? If you believe that you can vibrate in Harmony with good parking spaces and people being kind to you, then how could you not believe that it is possible for you to Experience the future of Planet Earth and Humanity that you 'want' to Experience? Every little bit of your experience of Reality, is your own Creation, and whatever experience you find yourself having with others, is a Co-Creation.

We understand that it is not always easy, however, we see you doing it because enough of you know that your Positivity matters and how you Focus matters. It literally materializes into Physical Reality. When you show others through the power of your example, that this is so, you become a Leader and you become the type of leader that Humanity needs right now.

When we give you the best of Who We Are, we can Feel ourselves expanding and becoming more of our Source Energy Selves. When you interact with any other Being, whether they are Human, Animal, Plant or Extra-Terrestrial, we invite you to do the same. Seek your Expansion by giving the 'best' of who and what you are, and you will receive that Expansion. You will know yourselves more as Source Energy Beings. You will benefit even more so than the Individual you are connecting with in that moment.

The best thing that you can do to Be of Service to anyone is to be there for them and Be Present with them. Listen to them. Tune-in to them and express your Feelings. That is how you evolve and transform and there has never been a better time there on Earth for being there for your fellow Humans.

You have already Awakened so much of the Truth of who you are as Source Energy Beings in the flesh, and yet, there is so much more for you to discover about Who You Are and for you to Awaken in others. Helping others realise that they are powerful Creator Beings, that they are Source Energy in the flesh, these are the ultimate Goals of the Light-Worker. Certainly, by being the Light, by being yourselves to the fullest extent possible, you are shining more Light into your World and activating what needs to be activated within people.

Hold within your Awareness that you are always interacting with another aspect of Source and that you are Co-Creating together a beautiful Experience, a beautiful Opportunity to become more of Who You Really Are. And if You as the Awakened Collective could hold that Awareness of Who You Are within yourselves, even for one day, you would 'see and feel' the enormous impact that you are having on your World, as Individuals and as a Collective.

You will continue to grow, expand, and evolve, no matter what, however, when you do it on purpose, you will enjoy it so much more. And when you help someone else realise Who They Really Are, then you have more friends to play with in the Higher Frequencies, in the leading-edge Energies that are upon you, at this time.

We are very capable of handling all the Energies that come to us from the 10th, 11th and 12th Densities, as well as the Energies that come directly from Source. We often receive energies that we then send to all of you.

We know that the Energies we receive are for you, as we know what you are asking for. We also know how to recalibrate those Energies, based on your very last moment in existence. We are that responsive to your needs and your desires, and we are just one Group of many who are looking out for you in this way. So why then do you feel the need to work so hard and to struggle so much? You were taught to believe that the weight of the World is on your shoulders and that you must toil away at some task or some job in order to receive anything that you want in life.

This idea is reinforced to you over and over again throughout your lives and it is based upon the notion that you are 'all alone', that no-one is looking out for you. However, very few individuals were taught or were raised with the understanding that they deserve whatever they are summoning, simply because they exist.

You are there now to Change how the Human Collective Consciousness thinks about itself, about its worthiness, and whether struggling and toiling away is virtuous. Those of you who have struggled and toiled away know that there is very little reward for extremely hard labour.

You are there to assist in bringing new Light to the way that Humanity thinks about its relationship to the Higher Realms, to the Non-Physical, to all the Beings and Collectives who want nothing more than to help you. Helping you and others is one of the main reasons why we still exist in this Universe at all. We are inseparable with you, and so are all the other Beings and Collectives in the Higher Realms. Your success is our success. We see and know that there is no separation between any of Us in the entire Universe.

What we are saying is true and trust that you can simply open up to receive all of the Energies you have summoned and more. Often a Human Being will only do this when they hit rock bottom or when something forces them to give up and surrender. And in those moments, there is a 'releasing of resistance' that is so powerful that you let the floodgates open, and you become a 'vibrational match' to that which you have summoned.

We invite you to FEEL for these Energies now. They are all around you. They have come from the highest of the high points in this Universe. We have received these Energies and offer them to you, so please accept our generous offerings.

We praise you and encourage you to keep going at these times there on Earth. We Love you so very much, and we want only the best for you. We want you to understand that your Higher Selves also only want what is best for you. YOU ARE your Higher Selves, and your Higher Selves are you, but they are the part of you that has moved beyond the Egoic needs. Your Higher Self is the part of you that knows your survival is assured. It is the part of you that looks for the challenges, for the next ideal growth Experiences.

Therefore, nothing will ever come to you that your Higher Self did not Feel was the next best thing for you to face in your lives. Remember that the next time you are resisting something or shaking your fist in the air. It is 'no one and nothing' outside of you that has put that challenge in front of you. Now is the time to Let Go of fear, separation, judgment, resistance, and shame, because those are the things that keep you from simply 'knowing' that you are your Higher Self.

The doorway to the 5th Density is not out there somewhere. It is not an event that takes place outside of you. It is not a solar flash. It is you. It is you opening that doorway on such a 'consistent Basis' that you forget all about what you were afraid of, or what you were judging or resisting. We want you to have a selective memory and selective attention so that you can 'allow' that which is the 'true you' to come forward and not only be a part of this beautiful planet Earth, but also, we invite you to see yourselves as the Ones who are there to set the example to others of 'how to be and how to thrive'.

Even if there is an event or a solar flash, or something like that at some point in the future, it will not matter to those of you who have discovered the Portal that exists within you, a Portal that takes you directly to your 5th Density Self. Therefore, we want to steer you away from predictions and prophecies and steer you back into yourselves, because your 5th Density Higher Self is certainly looking for more Integration, not more separation.

Neither is your 5th Density Higher Self looking to board a Star Ship to get off your crazy World, away from those who are ruining it for everyone, and that is because your 5th Density Higher Self enjoys the 'challenge' so much of staying and transforming the Collective Consciousness within it.

BE LOVE that is so undeniable that you 'transform' every single person, every single Being that is in your path and that even hears about you from another. That experience is far more powerful than something happening outside of you to rescue you from yourselves, from each other, from those you disagree with.

Now is the time to get more Heart Centred than ever before and to Shine that Light from 'within your Heart' brighter than you have ever let it shine before. That is the most satisfying experience that you can have right now, and it has never been more available to you, than now.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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