Ascension Messages

Living your Higher Truth

The systems that you have in place there on Earth today are the last remnants of a more uncivilized time, a more barbaric Society, and yet you still have the same tools in place to protect yourselves from disorder, chaos and from barbarians. In reality, you do not need as much 'order and control' as you have there on your World today.

You have evolved past needing as much oversight of your daily lives, and yet, you are more exposed than ever in terms of who you are, what you believe in, what you buy, who you just spent several hours with, and so on, than ever before in Human History. What does this mean to the average person who is awake? Does this mean that you must dismantle the systems of control? Does this mean that you must become an anarchist? Or you could just realise that the people who have been in control are tightening their grip and that they will not be able to maintain that tightened grip forever. In fact, they will not be able to maintain it for much longer.

You do not need to Focus on people in positions of power and of their desire to exert more control over you. There is no need for you to worry, what you are seeing are the final attempts to dictate more control over you. You could interpret this message in various ways, and no matter what you think we are referring to, you may need more flexibility in how you view what is occurring there on Earth.

There are those of you who Feel oppressed by the shackles that 'you' have placed upon yourselves, by believing that someone has more Power over you and your life, than you do. All that is required is for you to Focus on your life, pay close attention to your own Vibration, so much so, that nothing could ever convince you to lower it. Let Go of the victim/perpetrator, oppressed/oppressor, enslaved/enslaver model because if you 'cling' to it and continue to play in that mindset, you will only perpetuate it for longer than it need be on your World.

The systems that are in place and in control, are dismantling from within, and the reason for that dismantling is because of the Higher Vibrational Energies that are upon you. Enough of you now have maintained a high enough Vibration to 'ground in' those Higher Frequency Energies to continue the work of raising the level of Consciousness there on Earth 'and not' because someone staged a revolution.

Your Collective's level of Consciousness will always be reflected back to you in your governments, your corporations, your banks, your militaries and in every aspect of life. Therefore, the easiest way for you to have the biggest impact on the World right now, is to concentrate on 'your own Vibration' and let the dismantling continue on its own.

What you need is 'Positive expectation'. Understand that you plan what these months will be about for you, and that You are not alone in that planning. While you are asleep at night and have left your bodies, you participate in meetings in all parts of Committees, Councils, Collectives, here in the Higher Realms.

Presently you have decided about activating more Light in your Bodies, about making room in your cells, in your chakras and in your DNA for that Light that transforms you, for that light then becoming your Light Body. Therefore, you have been doing much clearing of late to make room for that Light. The Light is already coming, getting stronger and stronger as the month unfolds for all of you. By the end of the month, you should Feel like a ball of Light, a Sphere, an Orb that can float or fly.

To facilitate this process you can rest, relax, hydrate, cleanse and take care of yourselves in all the ways that you know. Take the opportunity to 'open up' to the Light and imagine yourself opening up like a flower. Imagine the Light opening at the crown of your head and allow the Light to pour in, FEEL for the Light. FEEL for the Transformation that you came to Earth and your Density to Experience. You have already allowed more Light in more than what you were working with decades ago there on Earth, and now, you are ready to rise even higher and 'embody' more of the Light, the Light that is always accessible to you, throughout this entire life Experience.

Light IS everywhere and it IS everything. YOU have the opportunity to Choose to turn to it, to live from it, and to receive it. At this point in your journey, it is becoming more of an imperative. It is part of your plan that you have for yourselves and when you 'open up' to it and Feel for it, you get to Experience it in a beautiful and loving way, a way in which you would want to experience everything there on Planet Earth.

We have been placing our Focus on those who have demonstrated an ability to handle large quantities of High Frequency Energies because we know how much difference one person can make. We understand that more Humans are needed to be sharing with other Humans what they know, but also emanating that High Frequency Vibration that has a 'ripple effect' that touches everyone they meet.

We will continue to repeat sharing with you that 'you truly do not know how Powerful you are' and when you Choose to find out how Powerful you are, you will be amazed by how much you can 'receive', how much you can 'create' and what you can 'do' with those Energies that you are accessing. You are phenomenal Beings; you are Beings of pure Love. You are Source Energy projecting yourselves into Physical Bodies, having merely forgotten Who You Are and where you came from, however, it is time to Wake Up. It is time to demonstrate to yourselves these truths. It is one thing to hold them in your Consciousness and quite another, to 'live' them.

We will notice if you show an interest in you 'knowing your Power' and we will determine just how much Energy you are able to receive. We are very excited about what we see you all doing in the Timelines we place our Focus on, from here in the Non-Physical, and those Timelines that we are talking about, are where you grow exponentially through opening your Hearts and Loving others, through opening your crowns and receiving more, through opening your minds and 'letting out' all that 'no longer serves you' and 'letting in' all that comforts, nourishes and revitalises you, that affirm for you those Truths that are found beneath the surface of your Consciousness.

We will continue to guide you towards those Timelines and Futures because we Love you so much. We see you are ready to Do more, to Be more and to show others the way, and we are looking for new recruits because we are ready to work with more of you as Individuals and to help bring about this Shift in Consciousness smoothly, joyously, and peacefully.

We are always simplifying things to make them clearer to you; however, we acknowledge that you live in a complex World and that you have complex Lives. We understand that even though you have the 'knowledge', that the application of that knowledge can be tricky and sometimes, it is important for you to walk away from the complexity of a situation. That does not mean that you need to permanently walk away from that situation, only do that when you Feel overwhelmed, when you may Feel something is too complicated for you, that is when to set it aside. Let it go, Focus on something else and Do something else.

When observing you, we notice that there are times when the problems take care of themselves. Sometimes you get the solutions to those problems when you are doing something fun, when you have 'let go' to such an extent that you are able to 'let in' that brilliant idea. However, when you are in disagreement in a conversation and you are in confrontation, that is when we recommend that you set aside that disagreement. Things will not improve if you continue with that disagreement, hoping to win an argument and the other person 'will not' get your point if you continue to argue.

When life gets complicated, you need to uncomplicate it. Leave it be and let it go, and take yourself outside, go for a walk and breathe some fresh air. That is the time you need to go back to basics. Remember who you are: Source Energy. Remember that you Create ALL of this to Grow from and to Expand Spiritually, therefore, it ALL Serves you. We remind you to go and connect with nature or an animal and do some 'deep breathing'. There are times that you may need to unburden yourselves because you have encountered something that is too complex, or complicated for your Mind to be able to sort out on your own.

That is the time when you need to Surrender. That is the time when you need to ask for assistance, and the time when you need to 'do the thing' that you know relaxes you the most. It is so much easier to access a Positive thought when you are already in a Positive Vibration, just as, it is so much easier for you to access a negative thought when you are already in a lower Vibrational Emotion. Therefore, do not expect yourself to have a brilliant thought or brilliant solution, when you are in the middle of feeling bad or low. It is good for you to 'acknowledge' that you are not always at your best, and to 'acknowledge' that when you are not at your best, that it is 'not the time' to be making decisions about your life.

First of all, Feel Good, then re-examine the situation to see if there is a better way of looking at it, a new Perspective that comes to you from that Higher Vibrational place. You present yourselves with bigger challengers because you are making so much progress and those bigger challenges sometimes require you to Surrender. Find a place of Peace and Calm, a place where 'that which will Serve you', can come to you effortlessly. When you can demonstrate to yourself that this fact is true, you will be able to walk away from complicated situations more often. And you will 'be choosing' to play more, filling your lives with more Joy, which is so important for all those who have agreed to be there, holding a Higher Vibration for All of Humanity.

You must 'see and accept' yourselves as 'existing' within this Human Collective that you are a part of, and you must 'see and know' how every Thought you think, every Perspective you take, every ounce of Compassion you Feel adds into the mix of the Collective soup that is this Human Collective and the Consciousness that you are all a part of.

When you can see yourselves as 'influencing' the totality of the Human Collective by meditating and connecting with Mother Nature and so on, that is when you can recognise your true value and worth. You are not all going to see and receive that instant gratification and yet, you still have the impact that you are having and that is why we say with confidence that we see more enormous 'leaps forward' coming for Humankind. And it is because of each 'individual part' of the Collective and what you are doing as Individuals.

We remind you again, that you do not have to wait for anything outside of you, such as a global financial reset, mass arrests, a solar flash or for anything else that has been promised to you as 'the answer' to All of Humanity's problems. The reason why you do not have to wait for those external enormous things to happen, is because of the movement forward that 'you all' make as Individuals in your own lives. Every time you Forgive someone internally, without anyone else knowing about it, you have assisted in raising the overall Vibration of the Human Collective, adding 'something' to the Collective Consciousness that was not there before and you have 'demonstrated' to others 'what is possible'.

It is possible to Forgive someone who has wronged you. It is possible to have Compassion for someone who does not deserve it. It is possible to Love someone Unconditionally, even though their words or actions may have hurt you. When you demonstrate that it is not only possible, by having done it, you not only demonstrate that to the people who are immediately affected by it, but also to someone you may never meet on the other side of the Planet, because you are All Connected.

WE are ALL CONNECTED and we know that WE are ALL EVOLVING. We know that we Shift and Change and become more of ourselves, and in so doing, we add 'something' to the Universal Collective Consciousness that we are 'All a part of' as well. That means, you are benefitting from all the progress that is being made in the Higher Realms. Another way that you are benefitting from your connection to us is that we are getting better at assisting you. However, we really want you to acknowledge 'yourselves' for Collectively moving Humanity forward.

Those of you who are 'awake' are a Collective within the Human Collective that we have called the Awakened Collective. We want you to Feel that you are a part of something bigger than yourselves, that you are connected to people on the other side of the Planet that you will never meet. And together, you are making a difference, and the reason it will be bigger is because it came from 'inside of you' and not because of global reset, mass arrests or solar flashes that are all outside of you.

There is tremendous growth in those of you on Earth that are willing to engage in Spiritual Practices such as, Meditation, Conscious Breathing and many other Spiritual Practices that keep you 'aligned' and 'in-tune' with your Bodies and your Emotions. Another wonderful way for growth is to Feel and express genuine, sincere Gratitude, Appreciation and Thankfulness for 'everything' that you can. You automatically raise your Vibration when you Choose to look for something 'right' in your life, or something 'right' in your world, and it is a beautiful 'feeling' to have inside of you. You are also 'more open' to 'receiving more' of what you will appreciate when you raise your Vibration.

There is effort required to do this, because often you are striving for something that you do not have or is either just out of reach or feels very far from where you currently are. We invite you to 'appreciate' that what you 'desire' but do not have, or even exists. The fact that something or someone or some experience 'exists' should bring you Joy, if it is 'something' that you desire.

Remember, that if it is out there in the Physical Realm, to experience it physically, then it is also inside of you. As everything exists and everything is a part of you. Another Spiritual Practice for you is to Feel inside your own Body, because your own Body has so much to show you and to give you. If you search inside your Body long enough you will find it and you will feel more whole and complete, just as you are. Remember to Appreciate yourselves and what you are showing gratitude for because you are Infinite and Eternal and everything is contained within you.

By being Thankful for 'your existence' allows you to receive more existence, allows you to expand, to become more of Who You Really Are as Source Energy Beings. And we believe everyone needs to be striving for a little more Thankfulness and Gratitude in their lives.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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