Ascension Messages

June's Mass Awakening

We are absolutely Aware of how many Souls 'choose' to Awaken there on Earth in every single one of your days. We know that it may seem shocking to some of you to learn that when a Soul Awakens it is a Choice, however, Souls like to have all kinds of Experiences and certain Experiences can only be had while in the state of being asleep. They are all Awakening in 'their own ways' and for 'their own reasons' and sometimes one of you gets to Feel that satisfaction of being a part of their Awakening. You will have more people to talk to about the things that matter most to you as you continue there with your Experience of Ascending through the 4th Density to the 5th Density.

You have all been very patient and the next Mass Awakenings are coming soon, therefore, you will have more people to talk to and play with in the very near future. At the rate Souls have been Awakening there on Earth, we see a Mass Awakening occurring in the month of June. This Mass Awakening of Souls will enable Humankind to 'access' more of the Energies that are upon you, at all times. You will be getting help from your newly Awakened cohorts there on Earth; they will be anchoring in the Higher-Frequency Energies with you. And you all will be assisting those who are still asleep by 'planting seeds' and by 'supporting' them as they Awaken.

Again, these Awakenings are planned by their Souls, so you can facilitate the process and Feel that you are spreading that which you want to spread to your fellow Humans, however, ultimately you must be patient and allow for those seeds to sprout. Most importantly, is the support that you will bring to them with the healing, the comfort and the confirmation that what they are Experiencing is real, beneficial and that you have been through it yourselves. You know what they have to expect, and you can help them with your Knowledge, your Wisdom, your Experience and your Compassion.

Being Empaths and being the Sensitive Ones, as you are, has never been more important there on Earth than it is right now. You can relax when one of your family members is not yet Awake and you can Connect with that person on the topics you are able to Connect with them on, as you wait for their Souls, their true Selves, to decide to have their Awakening. Then they will know that you are the one to talk to about it, because you have always been into 'that sort of stuff'. Again, everyone gets to Awaken in 'their own way' and in 'their perfect timing' with it all supporting the Ascension of Humanity's Collective Consciousness, which of course, we and so many others are in support of all the time.

We Love you; we want you to Feel that and we want you to Feel how much support you have coming from Us when you are supporting others in their Awakening Experiences and in the aftermath that can be a bit challenging for someone who is newly Awake. Trust that you are right where you need to be and that you will be there for 'everyone' who has ever been in your life in the next moment of Mass Awakenings.

We are very delicate in our approach to Humanity. We know how long and hard you have been working there on Earth and we know that you make so much progress with just your 'willingness' to be there to have the Earthly Experiences, and we do not want to get in the way of all that progress. We do not want to disrupt the natural flow, that is why, it is so much better for us to give you what we give you from afar. That is why it is best for you ALL to receive Messages that help You help Yourselves.

When we talk about a Mass Landing of Ships there on Earth, we do not ever want to give you the impression that they will be coming to save you, to rescue you from yourselves or from some Cabal Group. When they land, they will be doing so because You are 'ready for them' and not because You 'need them' so much that they could not stay away any longer. This is why, we are always cautioning you against putting all of your 'eggs in a basket' that looks a lot like a Rescue Mission of some kind. It serves you so much more to move incrementally, to take baby steps. It serves you so much more to Embrace 'everything' there on Earth as it is and to realise, that You were the Ones who were sent on the Rescue Mission.

You are the Ones who are there now and who are capable now of making a huge impact on the Human Collective Consciousness. When you look to those like us who are in Non-Physical form, you are looking to receive Energies and Information that will help you take that next baby step. You all had your Awakening Experiences already and you knew that when you were having those Experiences, that they were just the beginning.

Therefore, as much as you are excited about our Message regarding Mass Awakenings in the month of June, remember, that those Individuals who will be waking up will have their work cut out for them. That is the way you all wanted it to be there on Earth. You wanted to take the longer journey, without any shortcuts, and that is the one you are on, even though so many people will continue to tell that there is some magical rescue plan in the works.

Yes, your Sun is playing a role in your Evolution of Consciousness, but even your Sun is not there to save you, to give you a blast of Energies that will change everything for you. You will Feel so much more satisfaction at the end of all of this, at the completion of the Shift in Consciousness, because you took it little by little and step by step, and you could Feel yourselves Growing and Expanding. And you will look back at these times as the best times in all of your Human Experience, because there is so much Growth available to you and because you gave yourselves the opportunity to Experience that Growth, instead of jumping from point A to point Z with the help of some very benevolent E.T.s.

You will continue to receive all the assistance that you require, that is appropriate, and in your calm, rested and relaxed moments, you will recognise that you want to be on this journey, and that you want to be the Ones who are making the progress 'Intentionally' and 'Feeling' the results of that progress in each and every moment.

We have noticed an ability amongst the Awakened Collective to handle Higher-Vibrational Energies. When you demonstrate that ability, we amplify the Frequency and we send a fresh batch, and then see how you handle those Energies. You are getting quite good at noticing when Higher-Vibrational Energies are upon you and most of you have been able to make adjustments in order to receive them and acclimate to them. We know we say this often, but it bears repeating. You need to be Hydrated, Grounded in your Bodies and Present and then you can handle the latest Energies that are upon you, and you can do even more than just handle them - You can work with them; you can Co-Create with them. You can access more of your gifts and abilities with them because those are the things they are meant to do.

There are certain side effects to receiving Higher-Vibrational Energies, especially for those who have not been taking great care of themselves. However, those Individuals benefit from the side effects because they are then more likely to make the Changes in their lives that they need to, in order to Be better conduits of Higher-Vibrational Energies. That is what the Shift in Consciousness is really about. It is about holding Higher-Vibrational Thoughts, Emotions, Awareness and accessing Higher-Vibrational Beliefs, Information, Ideas and even Memories. You have been down this Path before, even though you did not quite make it in Lemuria, Atlantis or Egypt. And now here you are, accessing so much more than the average person is and you are doing it at a time when Humanity is Shifting.

You get to move at whatever pace you want to with these Energies, however, it is good to be prepared, it is always a good idea to take care of yourselves Physically and Emotionally. It is always good to be cleansed and therefore, able to receive that which is Higher Vibrational in nature. Your cells are much better at receiving nutrients and minerals when they are not filled with toxins and You are much better at receiving Higher-Vibrational Energies when you are not carrying around a bunch of Lower-Vibrational Ones. Therefore, do your cleansing of your Chakras and Organs and you will be so ready for what is next.

As you know, we also prompt you from time to time to take leadership roles there on Earth and the best way that you lead is 'by example'. Live a healthy, happy, creative life that is filled with Love and Peace and others will want to know what your secret is. Much of what we teach is common knowledge and common sense at this point. Most people know about the importance of being hydrated and eating healthy foods, processing their emotions, talking about their feelings, however, not everyone knows about being Present and being Grounded. And when you have all of those put together, you become like a lightning rod for Higher-Vibrational Energies.

And what you can do with those Energies, what you can Create with them, is beyond your wildest imaginations at this point. That is why it is also important to go with the flow of the Energies, because they will lead you to where you have not been before and when you get there, you will like it. You will like it a lot.

We are always in the space of Creation, and we are Aware of what we are Vibrating in every moment. Therefore, we are Aware of what we are Creating in every moment. This is a beautiful Experience for us, it is also an Experience we have not always had. There have had times in our History when we were Subconsciously Creating our Experience of Reality, however, over time we understood how to 'manage' our Vibration, therefore, we Mastered the art of 'offering' a Vibration on 'purpose' and that changed everything, literally.

Becoming Aware is the first step to making Changes in your lives. Accepting what you have been offering and Creating, is the second step. Relaxing into the Feeling that you are having and emanating, is the third step. The fourth step is Choosing what it is that you want to offer to the Universe and what you want to Feel in the Present moment. The fifth step is finding that Vibration within You and Activating it.

Nature teaches you in every moment, if you are willing to sit quietly and listen to her and Feel her Wisdom. We want you to know how beautifully set up this all is for you, and we want you to know that you can get to where we are without any more uncontrollable eruptions within yourselves. We also want to Thank You for being there and being willing to Experience so much Energy and so much Emotion and we are very happy to Guide you to the place where we are now, because we Love to see any Being becoming more Aware and more in control of what they are Vibrating and therefore Creating.

We are putting ourselves out there to Connect with any and all Beings in this Universe and beyond, because we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so. We know that no one could ever take anything from us, even if they wanted to, because we are Non-Physical Beings, and because we are Sovereign.

So there really is no threat in this Universe, or any other Universe that we know about, to our wellbeing. You all, on the other hand, do feel vulnerable with your Physical Bodies, your Loved Ones, your bank accounts, your homes, your possessions. There is a lot that you could lose, and what you could lose is often in your Consciousness when you think about making yourselves available to Connect.

Now is the time to let go of the 3rd Density attachments, so that you can rise up and become your Higher Selves. In order to do that, you must be able to Let Go. You must be willing to see yourselves as Infinite and Eternal Beings who really do not have anything to lose, even though Physically and Emotionally speaking, you do. That is a tall order, we know, but it is also the 'next step' in your Consciousness Evolution.

To be 'unattached' is to be truly free. When you are truly free, you Feel the weight of the World lifting off your shoulders and that is when you become the lighter Version of yourself that you will exist as, at all times in the 5th Density. Now is the time for releasing tension, anxiety and fear, as well as Letting Go of all of the responsibility that tends to weigh you down. You do not want to Feel like you are unable to do what you want to do because of a 'fear' that something bad might happen if you do.

Taking leaps of Faith will always pay off for you, because you will either succeed, or you will learn. You will get better with each leap, even if you do not make it. Therefore, we are suggesting that you look at your life right now and determine for yourself where you are not living fully enough because of a fear, because of an attachment, because you are clinging to something that does not define you. Your Bodies do not define you. Your status does not define you. Your wealth, or lack thereof, does not define you.

TAKE CHANCES. BE BRAVE. And you will be demonstrating to yourself and to your E.T. friends that you are ready to take the next 'giant leap' in your Consciousness Evolution. There is simply nothing more exciting than that.

We know quite a few of you have Awakened to the Truth that there is not one Future for you or for all of Humanity. And we see you getting more serious about Focusing on the Reality that you want to Experience, rather than giving in to the Idea that you have to Experience a certain predetermined Reality. Now, that may have been the case in all of your previous lifetimes there on Earth in the 3rd Density. Before you set out to live those lives, you may have Created a Blueprint for each and every one of them, a Blueprint that you would stick to because you knew it served your Consciousness to do so.

You knew that you had to have certain Experiences to fill out your punch card, so to speak, but this is not one of those lifetimes. This is a lifetime where everything is Shifting and Changing, including how much of a say you have now that you are on Earth, about what happens next for you. Now, you may think to yourself that you can Choose for yourself what is going to happen next, but you may also believe that because Humanity is Shifting as a Collective, certainly there must be Experiences that you all, have to have as a Collective. But that is not the case. You are Choosing which Version of the Collective you 'align' with, and therefore, which Future Experiences you are going to have as a Part of that particular Collective, and you are doing this all the time.

Think highly of your fellow Humans, and you get a better Reality to Experience with them. Look down upon your fellow Humans and you will continue to wonder why they keep messing everything up for the rest of you who are Awake. You want to elevate everything, not just your Vibration and your Consciousness, but also, your expectations for your fellow Humans. See them as having all of these potential Awakening Experiences that they have yet to tap into but that they are destined to Experience themselves.

See the Consciousness of the Collective spiralling upward with you, and see yourselves as leading the way, but know, that you are not in this all by yourselves as the Awakened Collective. Everyone is there to serve the Experience of Ascension in 'their own way'. Everyone is there behaving exactly as you need them to behave to give you what you need in order to grow Spiritually. You are the Ones who are the Change-Makers, who will decide that the Path for Humanity can be a smooth, easy, and a joyous one, as you help others Awaken with your own Level of Consciousness, with the stories you tell about your own Experiences and with your ability to hold space for all of them, especially those who are lagging furthest behind.

If you saw them all as a Part of Yourselves, then it would be easier for you to see that they need you. They need your help; they need your positive expectations for them, and they need you to hold your Vibration in the highest possible Frequency, which you can only do when you are seeing them ALL as Source Energy Beings, instead of as the Ones who are 'messing things up' for the rest of you. That is what you came to Earth to do, we believe in you, even in those times when you do not believe in yourselves. Therefore, call upon us for help in maintaining that vision, because we know that Humankind as you Experience it can Experience the Shift in Consciousness, in the most beautiful of ways.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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