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Genocide or Liberation (part 1)

  • The Human brain is a quantum computer that brings Consciousness Frequency into this Reality from the other side - the Ether or the Source. That is why the regressives are not very creative, as they have very little connection to the Source; the Ether. They are very good at adapting or modifying, however, are not equipped with the creativity that is available from the Ether or Source, as do the Humans.

    They need Humans for their creative manifesting ability, however, they do not want you to know this, they keep you in the dark, so to speak, mind controlling you so that you manifest your own Fears and they take advantage of your own nightmares. Their greatest Fear is that you may 'wake up' to this and take back your control and change everything.

  • Q

    I still don't understand why the Federation are not seeing our points of view as valid? What do we need to do to get their attention?

  • A

    What you call Human leadership has always been compromised; the real controllers of Earth are never seen by the general population. It is with these unseen controllers that the Federation work with and direct by suggestion as to what to do next or the strategy that they require.

    The Federation ignore requests from Individuals or minor groups requesting a change with how the Federation are directing events on Earth. Each one of you must know that when you vote in elections you are giving your consent, which can be exploited by the faction, or party that your vote is given to and this at any level. A real vote is 'not to vote' as our votes are useless in most regards. If you are forced by legal means to vote, you can still render your voting slip nullifying it by marking it incorrectly.

    We have spoken before that the Democracy you have on Earth today does not work and seen from above, we see you do not have a Democratic style of Governance and by giving your consent to those Politicians that you think represent you legally; you are giving your power and Sovereignty away. The whole system is unfair and represents a double standard. This is because on one hand, the Federation does not take Politicians as the true representatives or leaders of your Societies and on the other hand, they do see you voting for these Politicians, therefore, YOU are giving YOUR 'consent' to the Politicians. This double standard is an incorrect interpretation of your consent because the Politicians you are voting for are not seen as the true leaders or representatives of the people.

    Your voting means to the Federation that whoever you are giving your consent to, you are giving your consent for them to do whatever they choose. You are from the Federations point of view, giving Legally your consent to these people. It would mean that if you vote, the Federation see that you have given your permission for whatever is imposed upon you by these people, Politicians or System, even if it is not what you want. You may have voted for these people because you agreed with what they say or represent, however, if or when they go against what you voted for, the Federation choose to only see the fact that YOU gave your 'permission Legally'.

    The Federation moves very much with Legality, especially when it suits them. This is part of the permissiveness that we speak of. The Federation does have procedures with lawyers in 5D too. Again, they see your choosing to vote as 'total consent' and therefore 'relinquishing' your ability to represent yourself in the eyes of the Federation. This is one of the strongest reasons of why they do not intervene as the majority of the people on Earth HAVE given THEIR consent to whatever is happening on Earth.

  • Q

    Have the Federation always been in control of what happens on Earth?

  • A

    The Federation has been in control of all Re-Sets especially since the Great Flood when Taymat was destroyed 12,500 years ago and the present 3D Human Civilisation was then established and Frequency controlled by the Lunar Matrix. The current 3D Race is only 12,500 years in existence.

    Humans must be given the opportunity to decide what system of Governance they want and accept. The universally accepted Holographic or Stepped System that we have spoken of is a very good starting place and a system to understand. This would require a total 're-think' to what has occurred on Earth during the past few thousand years.

  • Q

    Has the Federation been infiltrated with elements of evil creeping in? And why is the Higher Federation not assisting?

  • A

    Meetings between the Federation and the Alcyone M45 Council have not played out well, ending in near disaster, as many individual people are fragmented and operating as two different Councils. These two effective Councils do not agree with each other with what is happening on Earth today.

    The Federation is not evil or even been compromised, it operates in the manner it has always been. The Federation does not see things in the same way or with the same interpretation as the people upon Earth and it considers that 'all evil' is a part of the experience on Earth and that the population itself generates it. The Federation has not been infiltrated; it has always operated this way. During times of great turmoil they did not intervene, including the two World Wars in the 20th Century and the many massacres and genocides during the many Wars and conflicts on Earth in more recent times.

  • Q

    What does the Federation gain by working with the Cabal and the Secret Societies?

  • A

    The Federation gains nothing by working with Secret Societies, it only works with whomever they think is in control of the planet Earth and today, it is the Secret Societies, Deep Illuminati and the Cabal.

    The Federation operates with the idea of advancing Societies growing them into Higher Conscious Awareness and this is exactly what they think they are doing on Earth today. The main reason that they do not intervene directly today is that they do not 'see what for'. If they intervene directly, they would take the credit away from Humans and most importantly, if they do this work for them, then Humans would not have learnt from what is going on. They see it as necessary for Humans to grow from a mentality of 'depending' on someone else, to being 'responsible' for your-selves.

  • Q

    Does the Alcyone Council have much say or influence with the Federation?

  • A

    The Alcyone Council is very strong and it represents all Civilisations within the Pleiades Star System M45 and it does carry a lot of weight in the decisions and the Politics inside the Federation.

    The Federation is not an Evil Entity or Organisation, it just 'IS' and its ethics differ from the ones you use on Earth today. So, the understanding of things become a complicated process of all types of Political interactions, the Federation is doing the best it can. It is a multi-layered Organisation and from above, it is Conscious Thought beyond the physical and is what you describe as Love and Light and Integration. However, from immediately above Earth, it is made up of people of non-Human, non-Terrestrial origins and these people are like YOU, with interests, wants' and needs. They are people also living and evolving.

    From below, what you can do and must do is to RESIST what is coming as best as you can, that in itself is a powerful message to the Federations leadership, however, you must all TRY to 'solve' the problems yourself without external help. From above, the Races that do not consent to the Federation procedures will do their best to stop things from this side, which we have already begun.

  • Q

    It seems to me that the Federation has failed again in managing Earth by going into another Re-Set?

  • A

    The Federation has not failed, it is just operating as it always has, whether you agree with it or not, that is the problem in the first place. 'No' intervention is also being regressive, however, from the valid point of view of the People on Earth who are suffering the problem, intervention is necessary. Strategies are being presented from the Alcyone Council and their allies only.

    The Federation has already control on Earth and see it as their property. They are only modifying it to suit their present needs. The Alcyone Councils and allied Races have claimed Earth as theirs and not the Federations. The main reason they want to get rid of the Humans is because they see them as too many and that they will collapse the Eco Systems and the entire planet with them.

    We state that there are other 'options' that do not include Genocide. The problem here is that in order for those other options to work, the 'people in power' and 'the recourses' is the problem and they do not want to 'give up' their power, this is the problem on Earth today. It is not the Federation that wants to get rid of Humans; this is coming from the Deep Cabal and the people in the Secret Societies that control Earth. The plan to depopulate Earth is coming more from the Humans in the position of power within the Cabal and Illuminati, while the Federation is only being permissive to this, and this is from the Alcyone Council and its Allies point of view, it is as bad as the Federation having planned Genocide in the first place.

  • Q

    What events in the near future should we look out for as indicators of change?

  • A

    In the coming few months, how events unfold will be very IMPORTANT, especially in the U.S. If Trump holds on to the Presidency and this would be a good sign of change with the hope of Trump delivering what he has promised, if he delivers. If however, Biden wins, then there might be a Civil War and uprising in the U.S. that may also filter through to the rest of the World as by then, it will be clear to all, that Democracy and all Freedom has fallen on Earth.

    The Higher Levels of the Federation only offer Guidance for both sides, as they understand from above, that there are 'no sides' at all, only conflicts that reflect the inner state of the minds of the people making up the 5D Federation. The Higher Federation understands that if something is 'not right' and 'not ethical' at one Level, then it is 'not right or 'ethical' at any Level.

    So, the Higher Federation's 'point of view' is that of wanting to resolve everything with Respect, Love and Integration. They do not agree with what is happening on Earth today at this time, however, as they are beyond Duality (Higher Federation), they do not take sides, they only see conflicts that are an 'inner state of mind' of those people in the Lower Densities.

  • Q

    What Races make up the Alcyone Council?

  • A

    The Alcyone Council represents eleven Races within the M45 cluster of the Pleiades and is the Council Organisation that sees and takes care of that group. These are the Inter-Stellar Pleiadean Races, however, there are many others that are not Inter-Stellar.

    We are already doing things on Earth on our own, which is why they consider us to be rebels. We do all that we can within our potential and within Stellar Law. The Federation is a reflection of what is happening on Earth and visa versa. As it is on Earth, it is in the Federation above, a reflection of one and the other. This is one of the main reasons for the chaos on Earth today and in the Federation.

    The Federation over seeing Earth is not a perfect Love and Light Organisation, it only strives to be that way, however, it still lives well inside Duality. The Higher Federation of Integrated Beings and Light Beings that guide with Love and Respect does exist, but that is Higher and above this space borne Federation that is very much like it is on Earth, it is made up of people 'like you all'.

  • Q

    Have we reached the Critical Mass for change or are we even close?

  • A

    The Federation have been saying that the Critical Mass for change has been reached, they have been saying this for years and we are not sure why they continue to say such a thing, when the evidence show contrary to this claim. As explained before, even though in number it has not been reached, each Individual Awakened Person represents and influences a greater number of people in direct relationship and proportion to their Level of Awareness.

    So, a Critical Mass of a claimed fifty one percent may not be necessary as such. One Awakened Starseed has the uplifting affect and influence as 'one thousand sleeping ones' and in some cases, ten thousand sleeping ones. Remember, that the effect of 'one Awakened one' is not like a Democratic Vote of one, to change a system, rather, one Awoken Person has the effect of at least one thousand, and such is their manifesting capability.

    The Alcyone Council's alternative to Genocide include the dismantling of the Cabal and Illuminati and with them the present Political System on Earth, that have proven to be so ineffective and only partial to those in power. There would be a need for the correct distribution of Resources and Knowledge and this would include different ways from which people may understand, and to take action against a super population such as, re-thinking Public Perception about 'all things' that hinder the 'right' and free type of birth control.

    The main way here is to confront the problem, with the dissolution of the Cabal and Illuminati and the present structure of Governance on Earth and the implementation 'at once' of a Holographic Society with the guidance of Star Races that are rooted in EMPATHY that come from the EMOTION Races, such as the ones in the Alcyone Council, but not only them.

    This will be discussed in full in the 31st December 2020 meeting of the Alcyone Council and its Allies.

  • Q

    This is very, very exciting of the possibility for change and something more appropriate for Humanity, rather than the planned Genocide.

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