Ascension Messages

Accessing Gaia’s 5D Crystalline Energy Grid

We have been noticing the ways in which you all have been accessing the power of the Crystalline Grid of Energy that runs across the entire surface of your Planet. There are certain Grid Points and Grid Lines that are powerful enough to affect you even if you are not directly on that Point or that Line or the intersection of two lines and this is how it affects the entirety of the surface of your Planet. Therefore, it does not matter where you live or where you are standing at any time. You have the ability to 'tap into' the Strength and Power of this 5th Density Grid.

You have been Co-Creating it, in fact. You who are Awakened have been contributing to it and receiving from it and we Love to witness this. We also see it as yet another point in the Physical through which we can add our Love and Light, our Downloads and Upgrades. We Love working with this Grid and through this Grid to support you. We are answering your prayers and finding different delivery methods to do so. Of course, when you ask for something like more abundance, you might then go looking in your bank account for that abundance and if you do not see it right away, or even after several years, you might give up hope.

However, we want you to start to see that you 'can access' the Energy of what it is you have been asking for through this Crystalline, 5th Density Grid. When you can Feel something flowing through you, then the Universe will 'match' that in the Physical Realm. You will have a representation of the Energy that you have tapped into, that has been flowing through you. Therefore, we recommend that you Feel for this Energetic Grid that is beneath you, that is right there, running along the surface of your Planet. Reach for it, Feel for it and Receive from it.

We are not the only ones contributing to this Grid. Those of you who are Awake and some who are asleep, ARE contributing. You might as well 'receive' from it because you are contributing to it, and you might as well 'receive' the answers to your prayers because they are yours and yours alone to claim. You are the ones who are holding Space, along with many others who are unseen, for Humanity to complete this Shift in Consciousness, to do so easily and joyously and in the next decade. We are one of the Groups supporting this, we want you to Know how much Power there is right beneath your feet and how easy it is to access this Power, this Energy, this answer to your prayers.

We are continuously inviting all of you to join us in a Higher Frequency, because we Know that is ultimately what you want, even if you think you want something else. You think you want things to 'change' there on Earth, and what if they did? What if everything changed, but no one that was in a Human Body was willing to change themselves? You would have the same problems eventually. That is why 'Changing You' at your very core is the only way to Change the 'outer reality' and to make those changes long lasting and to have them 'be' the changes you actually want as a Soul.

An Ego does not like challenges, because an Ego just wants to Know that everything will be okay, that it will be safe, comfortable, taken care of and so on. However, a Soul craves those challenges, because a Soul Knows that its journey is to Grow and Evolve, to Expand and Become 'more' of Source Energy on an 'experiential level'. You can Know that you are a Source Energy Being, but to 'experience' that Knowing through something that you Do, Think, Say or even better Feel, is an entirely different experience.

When you help someone else because you recognise that they are you, that is a Source Energy 'experience'. When you Love someone else, in spite of the fact that they have done nothing to deserve that Love, that is a Source Energy 'experience'. When you listen to someone, even though you Know that they are complaining and perpetuating the same Reality and then you say something kind to them, something supportive, that is a Source Energy 'experience'. When you feel Oneness with All, when you are in that state of Unity Consciousness, that is a Source Energy 'experience'. And when everything and everyone outside of you is suddenly 'different' because someone or some group swooped in and made all the 'changes' for you, then you do not have the 'experiences' we have just outlined and many, many more.

You want those 'experiences'; you came for those experiences. You came for the 'movement' and it is not movement from point A to point B that you came for. It is the 'movement' of your Soul from one Level of Consciousness to another, from operating as an Ego compared to operating as a Higher Self. That is what you wanted and that is what you will get. That is what you are getting and what you will continue to get. And if you Knew how good you would Feel if you had the 'experience' of what we are talking about in your Body right now, then you would not want all the 'changes' outside of you to happen first. Because while those Changes would set your mind at ease temporarily, again, you would just Create new challenges, new problems, new obstacles.

Therefore, bless your World as it is today; give Thanks for every 'experience' you have because they are ALL giving you 'opportunities' to FEEL something you have never felt before. You do not have to be grateful because God likes a grateful subject. God is not a king, and you are not the peasants. You are Co-Creating all of this with Source and Source is growing along with you and because of you, and is Grateful for you and your willingness, to go out there at the edge of Creation.

We want you to Know that you can also 'receive help'. You can ask for help, you can receive help and you 'are' receiving help. And in the asking, you are actually Creating what you are asking for, so it is all good. We want you to remember how Powerful you are and to Feel that 'Power' moving through you, because that is one of the best 'experiences' that you have chosen for yourselves there on planet Earth.

We have been enjoying witnessing the mystery that is the 'unknown' to Humanity and how you have found various ways of dealing with the 'anxiety' that comes up around the 'unknown'. There are so many things about life there on Earth that require you to have Faith in something because they are 'unknowable'. Certain things can be proven and repeated over and over again, like the boiling point of water, the freezing point of water and so on. However, how many of the aspects of your Lives require you to 'believe' in something that cannot be empirically and scientifically proven? There are too many to number.

What do you do with the mystery of the 'unknown'? Well, there is one way to approach the topic of what is 'unknown' that will be more satisfying to you than reading any book, attending any lecture or watching any video. You have the ability to be 'quiet', to go 'within' and to let the 'unknowable' make itself Known to you. What we also witness at times is how frustrated Human Beings can get when they do exactly what we have just said and do not get a 'verifiable answer' to a question, to a dilemma, or to something as important as the 'meaning' of it all.

We understand why so many walk away from the attempts at having an Inner Knowing, and we would say that an Inner Knowing does not need to have 'words' associated with it. You do not need to develop a 'theory' of everything. You do not need to get a 'story' about the 'unknown' and then cling to that story when you go within and you find Peace, Love and Compassion within You. Then you have everything that you need. If you go 'within' because you have lost something very valuable and you want Source, or your Guides, or your Higher self to tell you where it is, you might walk away disappointed and we understand frustration and disappointment.

We do not enjoy watching you have those experiences, but when you get beyond the 'need' for answers or for a solid direction that you could be given and instead you enjoy the silence, and you enjoy Feeling what is going on inside of you, that is when you solve one of the mysteries. Because if you can do that, successfully, then it does not matter what happened to the possession that you lost, and you can also Feel excited about discovering what is 'unknown' through experiencing it. 'Having' an experience is so much more valuable than just having a philosophy that you wholeheartedly believe in and even become rigid about believing in.

We invite you to hold your arms 'wide open' to the 'unknown' and that which cannot be proven. You do not want to have it all figured out, not really. You do not want to become 'stagnant' because you have written everything down in stone. You want to be flexible, and you want to see all of what you are 'experiencing' as a fun adventure. That is the way to Enlightenment, as far as we are concerned and along the way, you will try on many different 'beliefs'. You will have Faith in many different teachings and ways of looking at the World and being in the World, and it is our Hope that at some point in your Journey, you realise that the only place for you, the only way to truly understand and to Know, is to 'go within' and be silent.

We are very excited to see what you will do with the Energies that have been streaming down upon you and how you will use them to Co-Create better Systems there on your World. Many of you who are Awake Know that the Systems you have in place are not working for everyone, or even most people, and you want to be a part of Creating the 'New Systems' that will be in place as you Shift your Consciousness. We do want you to understand that as 5th Density Beings, you will 'not need' these Systems.

You will not need an Educational System, because everyone will be able to access whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless of their age, and without a Computer or Internet connection. You will simply Download whatever it is you desire to Download directly into your Higher Minds. You will not need an Economic System because you will be an 'instant Manifester'. Therefore, there will not be a need for an exchange of any kind. Do not try to figure this out right now with your Minds, because your Minds are 'limited' and they will come up with 'limitations'. You will not need Governments, because you will be able to 'govern' yourselves. You will not need borders, so why would you need a Government?

There will be Peace; there will be no War. There will be no Trade Agreements; everything will 'flow' according to Vibration. Everything will be happening as though 'synchronicity' was the rule of the day, and it will be, and you will be astonished by how much you do not need as 5th Density Beings. Therefore, we would advise you to Focus more on being 5th Density Beings, on grounding in 5th Density Energies, and on 'clearing' what you need to clear from your Chakras in order to Ascend, rather than Focusing on and complaining about your broken Systems and who needs to do what about them.

That is not your job; your job is to work within the Self, where you have all the Power, and within the Now, where you can offer a Vibration that is different from the one you were offering in the previous moment. It does not have to be more complicated than that. As far as your relationships with Extra-Terrestrials go, you will figure out all of that 'in the moment'. Again, Vibration will dictate everything, therefore, those who are ready for more contact will have it. Those who want more contact will get it; those who want to travel will be able to, regardless of where they want to go. Do not try to sort it all out now or think that you have to have it all figured out 'before' it can happen, because you do not and because you cannot.

What you can do is look after yourselves and those around you who need whatever gifts you currently have to offer. You can help raise the Level of Consciousness there on the Planet and you do not have to worry about what others are doing or not doing. You do not have to assume that anyone else is Creating in your Reality, because they are not. You can Live a more 'empowered Life' as you continue to move forward, step by step, to the 5th Density.

We are on our way to 'becoming more of' Who We Really Are and we can Feel that sensation. We Feel Expansion and Growth all the time and we do not have to experience trauma, tragedy and challenges to get there. However, we do Feel so much Compassion for all other Beings who do experience unpleasant, unwanted and horrible circumstances that we Feel we are right there with you when you are facing your traumatic experiences in life.

Not having Bodies, or Singular Identities, does have its advantages. We do not get caught up in things that do not matter. We understand the impermanence of that which is Physical, like your Bodies, for example, all of your personal belongings and money. Therefore, we do not get caught up in all of the drama that people, like Humans on Earth tend to get caught up in, and that serves us very well. We get to stay Focused on the Expansion, the Evolution, the Becoming and the Feeling of 'movement forward'.

We invite you to identify more as that which is Growing, Expanding, Evolving and Ascending. Even though you will have Bodies in the 5th Density and you will have personalities, you will have a sense of identity and those things are not really what is Ascending. Your Soul is Ascending, which is your True Self, it is the Eternal, Infinite 'part of you' that operates in the same ways that 'we' do. It takes the Expansion and goes for the Feeling of it, rather than getting caught up in what is temporary there on your World.

Your Soul does not care who is in Power Politically. Your Soul does not care how much money you have in the bank. Your Soul is not concerned with what type of home you live in; your Soul is in it for the Journey. It really is the Journey that matters, and the Journey is something that you may not always be able to quantify Physically, but you can always Feel it. Therefore, do not keep score. Do not look at what you have been able to Manifest, or how many 'spiritual gifts' you have been able to Manifest as indicators of how well you have been doing as Souls, as a Being who is Ascending.

As someone who is Awake, we recommend that you concern yourselves with what you 'can Feel', how open your Heart is, the amount of Kindness you are spreading around and how many people you have Smiled at today. You can experience this Expansion, this Evolution of your Consciousness, in so many beautiful ways that have nothing to do with the Physical and what is happening in your World right now. Nothing is going to stop you from Ascending and no one with a negative Agenda can prevent you from doing anything, but you can prevent yourselves from enjoying this process and experiencing it fully, and we want you to enjoy it fully.

Therefore, we encourage you to 'believe' in yourselves as the Non-Physical essence that you really are, and only keep score of how you are Feeling in this moment, versus the previous one, and versus how good you could be Feeling / Vibrating right now. Keep Focused on what matters and everything that does materialise in your World will follow. We guarantee it.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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