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Dominant Frequencies, Karma Trap, Law of Attraction, 5D

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    My 3 young children are aged 4, 6 & 9. I have tried reading and explaining the messages you have been sharing, I don't think they get it. However, every now and then they ask me a question related to what I thought they didn't get. How can I get this bigger picture through to them? Do we all have to die in this 3D body and reincarnate into a new 5D form, after all I am happy with this 3D body and my life so far? I have 3 beautiful children who I love dearly.

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    They already know, that is why they are here now at these times. It all makes sense to them on another level within their Consciousness. We have spoken before about the Dominant Frequencies that override lesser frequencies, this is how the Lunar Matrix and TIMELINES work. You are your children's Dominant Frequency in your family, they have not gained their independence yet so your children are resonating in sympathy, matching your frequency. It is YOU that is remembering what you already know at another level. This is why the information we are sharing with you is matching your curiosity.

    Integration allows you to connect with all levels of 'who you are'. You are an Angel, you are also Source simultaneously, you are ALL THAT IS and will ever be and you are also simultaneously this 3D Biology. To transition to 5D you do not need to leave this body in order to raise and hold your frequency in 5D, however, your 3D body's vibration needs to be able to hold 5D energy. This means, the nervous system of our 3D body needs to be able to hold the higher 5D vibration. The voltage of your 3D nervous system is much lower than that of 5D voltages. As your nervous system voltage increases you can feel temporarily the change of voltage, it is often subtle, nevertheless, it can be felt. This subtle voltage change can be experienced as a gentle tingling vibration sensation. As this Higher Frequency is translated into a 'higher voltage' and stabilizes it then becomes the NEW NORMAL FREQUENCY, you have now raised your Frequency. This is why it is so essential to integrate our fears. Recognise them, Validate them (it is OK for me to feel this way), Feel the feelings and then Choose to move forward with COURAGE, this is INTEGRATION. Every time we change an emotional belief or programme around fear, our vibrational frequency is raised.

    The mind controlled weaponised Coronavirus 19 and its variants is there to create fear globally, and it has been working with the uninitiated. Find the courage that you already have deep in your Being to face your fears and raise your frequency into 5D. Teach your children the same. Give them the IMAGINE bedtime stories, fire their imagination, tell and retell these stories. Your children will find this transition easier than you as they have less baggage to deal with. In this way you will be teaching your children how to create with their mind the world they want to live in, teach them right now that they CAN and DO create their world. That is your work, to teach them their independence so that they can create their own future. Every single Human needs to take responsibility for their own mind. There is only NOW. We envelope you all with LOVE and are with you every step of the way.

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    What happens if I don't succeed in raising my frequency high enough, does my Karma bring me back to relive a 3D experience again? And what happens to my soul?

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    Let us first deal with one word within your enquiry - Karma. Karma is one of the biggest traps on your planet today. It is outdated and no longer fits into the New Frequencies of the current evolutionary spiral of Consciousness Expansion. Karma is an old idea that serves as a trap on this planet.

    Between incarnations our Soul is SOURCE. We carefully choose our next Biological incarnation - this is duality. Source and simultaneously a Fragment of Source, however, unequivocally connected to one great ALL. As shared previously 99.99% of all physical incarnations within this Galaxy are 5D. There are only 10 planets that host 3D realities and Earth is the key planet that the regressive Beings are vehemently defending for their own survival.

    When the Creator of All Things initially set up a Matrix that allowed both 3D and 5D frequency realities to exist many Interstellar Races contributed both DNA and Limiting Belief Structures that were encoded into these lower densities. The Andromedean's encoded their version of Karma and expanded its reference to include individual Karma, family Karma, group Karma, national Karma and planetary Karma. Karma is a trap, its survival depends upon 'guilt' that somewhere in an incarnated lifetime you did something 'wrong' and you are indebted to this wrongness with the idea that if you reincarnate again, you can try to correct this perceived wrongness. In other words, you have a debt that has to be paid off.

    This model is now totally out of date and needs updating as its origin is based in Fear that somehow you must right all the wrongs that you have done as an individual, a family, a group, a nation and globally. Karma is Mind Control and requires IMMEDIATE deletion from your mind, group mind and your vocabulary. As a Soul, we learn through experience, it would be impossible to choose a biological incarnation in a Dualistic Reality with a veil of forgetfulness and expect to get everything right. It is through Contrast that we evolve. It is through Contrast that we can choose another path, another TIMELINE. When these choices are made and Fear is Integrated we ADD that experience to our SOUL and grow. We BUILD our SOUL experience by experience. In many Eastern Philosophies, Karma plays a huge role in trapping the Soul. In many Western religions you have Sin or Guilt, it is the same trap, somehow you have a debt that must be paid off. LET ALL OF THIS GO NOW...

    Be clear here, the LAW OF ATTRACTION and KARMA are entirely different. The LAW OF ATTRACTION in the simplest explanation is 'what you put out is what you get back', some use the expression ' what goes around comes around'. This is how TIMELINES work. Whatever is the sum frequency of your Biology becomes your Dominante Frequency, in other words, YOU ARE YOUR FREQUENCY. There is a deterministic TIMELINE that is a match for this frequency. Remember, there are infinite TIMELINES. When you match this TIMELINE through your frequency, you animate it with the octaves of your frequency. Remember, every Soul, every event, every location in the Universe has a unique vibrational frequency. This is the mechanism that has created our Universe on all levels. THIS IS HOW OUR UNIVERSE WORKS.

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