Ascension Messages

A New Era for All of Humanity

We are very interested in the way that you all seek to 'experience' the Shift in Consciousness. We are more interested in the type of Shift that you want to Create than we are in what your 'beliefs' are about the completion of the Shift to the 5th Density. We know that you have heard stories about the Shift, different versions of what will happen, what might happen and what could happen, however, we always seek to 'empower' all of you. Therefore, we are much more interested in what we see you Creating and in what we know you truly Desire, in regard to Ascension.

Remember that you are 4th Density Beings now. You are not there to simply live out a preordained set of circumstances. Your old Blueprints are gone. It is time for you all to go back to the drawing board, so to speak, to Create the Version of the Shift that you would like to see.

All that you put into the Human Collective Consciousness will then affect what others are desiring about the Shift, because you are all linked. Many of you wonder what you can do, how you can Contribute to Humanity and the Evolution of the Human Collective Consciousness. Putting your unique Version of the Shift into the Collective Consciousness certainly is a Contribution and a valuable one.

Please do not believe for a second that you are 'just' one person and that your Energy, Vibration, and Intention is not enough to Change what will happen. We know that you are all going to Shift in one way or another. No one is doomed. No one is stuck. Those of you who are Awake will find a way to become 5th Density because you have been Desiring that Shift in Consciousness for long enough.

You get to decide. You get to Create Timelines, Realities, Versions of the Future that appeal to you most as an Individual. The more 'inclusive' you are of your fellow Humans in your Version of the Shift, the more Power there is behind that Desire of yours. Dream big. Dream often. And KNOW that 'nothing' is set in stone. There is no One inevitable Future. So again, tear up those Blueprints and make 'today' the day that you start fresh with your Beautiful and Imaginative, Creative Minds.

We are very capable of sensing when Humanity is making giant steps towards the next Level of your Consciousness. We can tell when you are on a greater trajectory of that upward spiral that we sometimes talk to you about and 'now' is one of those times. There has been a lot of despair, sadness, anger, frustration, and fear on Planet Earth for quite some time now, however, those of you who are Awake and who are sensitive to Energies have picked up on what the rest of the Collective has been offering and you have taken a stance. You have been more determined than ever to be In and Of the Light. You have been more determined than ever to radiate Love, Peace and Joy, and you have gone back to the drawing board, so to speak, and have Activated all of your skills as Creator Beings.

You are doing it with the assistance of All the Beings and Collectives from the Higher Density Planes and that is also noteworthy. It is important for you to recognise that you have assistance, because you can sometimes Feel overwhelmed by all that you have taken on in this single Lifetime. You are dealing with your own stuff, your own issues, and you are assisting Humanity to raise their Level of Consciousness so that they can Shift out of the old 3D Paradigm, the old Matrix, into the new 5th Density Earth, the Plane of existence that you have been hearing about for so long and that you have been actively participating in bringing into fruition.

You are about to get more help from above, not only from your E.T. friends and non-physical Collectives from other Star Systems, like ourselves, however, we can also sense an amplification of the Energies coming from the Archangels and the Ascended Masters. If you have a relationship with one of these Archangels, or one of these Ascended Masters, like Buddha, Yeshua, St. Germain, Quan Yin and so on, then use that Connection that you Feel is already present and 'turn on' more of your 'receptors to receive' the assistance that is coming in from above, because it is tremendous.

It is yours to receive and when you help others with your Prayers, your Meditations, your Intentions, you get more Attention from the Helpers of the Universe that are all around. You 'light up' and you show yourself as one of the Ground Crew members who is there to be a Change Maker and to bring the Peace, Unity and Harmony to your World that you want to see so much. That is being amplified right now of course, and you are responding. We can Feel it. We see the Light-Workers 'lighting up' and we notice how you are attracting a lot of Attention from the Higher Density Beings as a result. This leaves us feeling quite optimistic about what is to come for Humanity, and we suggest that you join us in our optimism, as we know so many of you already have.

We are so very happy to bring you this Message about the March Energies that you will experience there on planet Earth. You do have the Equinox coming up and those Energies will have their own purpose and their own Vibration, however, the overall month of March is going to be about 'supporting' all of you Energetically with what 'you need' to be living your life's purpose more fully. Therefore, you can expect to Feel more supported in the Physical Realm in your pursuit of that which you know is your calling in this lifetime.

For those of you who have not yet discovered what your calling is, you will Feel more supported and nudged in a particular direction. This means that you will be Letting Go of the Thoughts, the Beliefs and the 'blockages' that prevent you from moving towards that which will ultimately be most satisfying and fulfilling to you while simultaneously being of Service to others. You are a part of this giant jigsaw puzzle that is the Universe and finding where you fit in the Universe has been a struggle for many of you who are Awake Spiritually. We have noticed this, as have all the others who support you Energetically. Therefore, a decision was made amongst All the Beings who are Serving you from the Higher Density Planes to assist you with this most pressing issue of 'your purpose' in this Lifetime.

Of course, we also communicate with Physical Beings like the Sun, the Earth, the Photon Belt and many other Beings throughout the Galaxy who are in Physical Form and who can also support you by holding that Space, by sending those Energies and by giving you what you need on the Physical Level to FEEL inspired, to move forward in that direction that you know Serves the Greatest and Highest Good of All. Of course, you are included in the ALL. Therefore, what you do that is your calling, also will support you Financially and Energetically.

You do not ever have to Feel as though you are making a sacrifice in order to do that which puts you in that state of fulfilment and satisfaction. You only have to be yourself and be yourself fully without fear, without hesitation and without caring what others will think about you as you move towards the endeavours that call you so strongly. Again, those of you who have not felt 'the call' can pay more Attention to the 'nudges and the signs' that you see in the month of March, because they will be pulling you in a 'direction' that you will want to move in. Now is the time, you are ready, and we are very happy for all of you.

We are extremely excited about what you have laid out for yourselves in terms of the Manifestations that you have Created over the past few years. You, as a Collective, have become more Focused than ever, because of the experience of so much of what you 'did not want to see' and to be a part of your World. This is the time to 'amplify' that Focus on what it is that you have Created, because you are moving into a New Era for Humanity and it is an Era of greater Transparency, more Freedom and more of the collapse of the old and the birthing of the New. You really did this as a Collective, whether you agreed or not on all of the issues that you were Focusing upon.

Most people in the World do want what is Good for All, and most people in the World realise that in order for that to occur, Changes must also occur. Now, if you get too Focused on what those Changes have to be and you get attached to the very specific outcomes that you had in mind, you will only Create a greater distance between Yourself and that Reality. You can be Flexible and Open to the Changes coming in the way that is best for all and you do not have to know the specifics.

Focus on the Feelings, not the details and you will get there much sooner as a Society and as Individuals. Realise that you are working as a Collective and that as a Collective you are moving in the right direction. You are going home, always, and home will always be Source Energy. However, first you will Shift to Higher Levels of Consciousness, which is what we refer to as the 5th Density. There will be a 6th Density and a 7th, and an 8th and so on, for you All to Experience, as you move closer and closer, back to your home.

And what you have been living through for the past couple of years on Planet Earth has allowed everyone to Focus on the type of World they 'want to live in'. It is not just a going back to the way things were to the experience that you are having right now. It is about 'breaking free' from the old and allowing the New to come in with the Energies that are coming in for this month of March and for the entire year of 2022. You are on this upward spiral and you can expect those Creations of yours to come with ease, with grace and with an ability to be experienced in Joy and in Peace.

We have been able to assist you with the Evolution of your Consciousness to a certain extent, however, we would never take the credit for what you have done with what we have given you. You are the Ones who are living the challenging lives that you are. You are the Ones facing your financial, health, relationship issues and you are the Ones who use all that you are given to raise the Level of your Consciousness to new heights. You are the Ones to thank for the progress that is being made in the Human Collective Consciousness and we know that.

We know the role that you are playing as the Awakened Ones and we know that many of you have taken on more than your fair share of the Energetic and Emotional burden. You are doing 'clearing work' for your Genetic Line. You are doing 'clearing work' for the area where you live. You are doing 'clearing work' for your Past Life Selves and you are also the Ones who have the ability to handle the karma and trauma from your Galactic Histories. Therefore, we invite you to celebrate each other. We invite you to see your Humans as the 'heroes' for having taken on so much.

Every time you see a person carrying a heavy burden, know that the person is a Master. They would have to be in order to Create something that would be so hard on them Emotionally, Physically, Psychologically and Energetically. Offering your Healing, your Love and your Compassion to your fellow Humans is much more appropriate than looking at us and the other Beings who are helping in the Higher Realms as the heroes of Human struggle.

We can Feel into how hard it is there, that is just one of the reasons why we support you so much in what you are doing. We want you to know that the path ahead for Humanity is going to get easier and that includes your Individual Paths as well. We will always encourage you to 'lighten your loads' as much as you can because you have already done so much, it is time to reap the rewards for all of the Positive Creating you have done for yourselves and for the rest of Humanity. This is the time.

This is the ushering in of a New Era for All of Humanity, it is the perfect time for you to be Letting Go of those heavy, burdensome weights that you have been carrying around. Now is the time for Forgiveness, for Compassion and for Surrender, we know that those of you who are Awake have learned enough about life there on Earth to recognise that the time for struggle is over and the time for Letting Go is upon you. There is nothing left to do. There is nothing left to accomplish and there is everything to be gained by hanging in there a little longer and 'Letting In' all that you have summoned for the Good of yourselves and for All of Humanity.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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