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Transition of Ego to Higher Self

We are always looking for New Ambassadors, Humans who are willing to Serve as the 'go-betweens' for Extra-Terrestrials and the rest of the Human Society there on Earth. We Know, that many of you are looking for a 'purpose', that many of you are confused about 'what you are doing there' and 'what you are supposed to be doing' and there are many who wonder 'what their role' will be in the Future as Humanity becomes a part of a Galactic Community with many other Beings from many other Star Systems and even Galaxies.

The role of Ambassador will need to be filled by many and those of you who are extremely excited about meeting E.T's in the flesh are the ideal Candidates for those positions. You will be able to explain to the E.T's you meet on Starships and on other Worlds, even on Earth, what happened and how Humanity got to where it is today. Right now, you are doing a lot of 'observing' and less 'participating'. You are there to notice what 'motivates' the average Human and how the various 'dysfunctions' got started in your Society. You can do this without placing 'judgments' on People and on the entirety of Humankind. That will be important, because you will also need to Advocate for your People.

There will be of course, an understanding, but also some 'misconceptions' that the E.T's have, of what exactly has occurred there on Earth, to lead to the place where you are now, and you will be 'evolving' continuously from now until the time, when these meetings start happening in your 'waking state'. You are already meeting with E.T's at night when you are asleep in the Astral Plane and you are having these types of conversations, that is providing a lot of 'practice' for when you will be doing it in the flesh. Even if you do not remember these interactions, they 'are' having an impact upon you. You are getting better at practicing Diplomacy, understanding how to Communicate and how to Connect with E.T. Beings in a 'respectful' way and in a way that 'benefits' ALL.

Therefore, if you have the Desire to Connect with E.T's, coupled with that Intention for 'everyone' to 'thrive', then you have the right ingredients 'inside of you' to become an Ambassador and we will continue to work 'with you' and 'on you' as well, so that you can be the best Ambassadors you can possibly be, to represent All of Humankind with Grace and Dignity, with an understanding of what people 'need' in order to 'Heal' and in order to 'become' their True Selves.

Full and Open E.T. Contact will be a big part of your Spiritual Evolution that enables you then to be 'ready' to complete the Shift. Trust us when we say, that you do not want to skip over all the fun and go straight to the 5th Density, where Open E.T. Contact is of course, a given. This 'next phase' that you are 'stepping into' will be so much Fun, so Joyous and so Enlightening, as your existence ought to be.

We are so very interested in the development of the New Self that is taking place within 'each and every' Human Being at this time. You are essentially Shifting your Consciousness from 'within' by noticing that you are 'more than' the 'Identity' that you had previously clung to as 'the Real You.' Now, as you Transition from being an Egoic Being to being your Higher Self, this place you are in now, is the most interesting and fascinating to those like us who observe this process of Evolution.

We see you becoming more of Who You Really Are every day, because we witness you as an Energy that Vibrates, rather than, as a Human Body that speaks, thinks, and acts. The raising of your Vibration is inevitable because your Planet is Shifting, just as the entire Solar System moves through the Galaxy to greener pastures, so to speak. It is a Time for YOU to be looking at 'yourselves' in 'new ways', seeing the Eternal Expansion of your Consciousness to 'include' more than the 'sense of Self' you had previously.

You are meant to Grow and become more and the process of your Evolution is through the 'realisation' that nothing else really matters. That is why you Experience loss; that is why you Experience the break-up, the loss of money, home, possessions, even your youth. You continue to 'lose' more the longer you move through Time and Space there on Earth, which eventually 'helps' you to come to Peace with the fact, that you were 'never meant to' cling to these Illusions in the Physical, in the first place. It was something that you were taught to do. You were taught to 'identify' as a Race, Religion, Nationality, Gender and so on, and as those things are becoming less important to the Awakened Collective, there is a 'push back'.

People who are still 'clinging' want 'you to cling' as well. They want YOU to have National pride, a Religion, an easily identifiable Gender and so on. The way of the Ego is to cling, to attach, to assign 'meaning' to the 'meaningless' and the way of the Higher Self is to be 'Present', to Care not about form, about structures, about made-up ideas, like a Country, however, instead to be more Unconditional Love, to show more Compassion and to Create from the 'beauty' that is all around the Higher Self. This is essentially what you expect to do after you Ascend, but you are in this Transitional Phase right now, where you are stripping away the Identities of the Ego, in order to become your Higher Self and those of you who have done a lot of that work already, can begin to Identify as your Higher Self 'right now'.

You do not have to wait for a solar flash, an event, three to however many days of darkness that are being talked about and so on. You do not have to wait for any of it to occur 'outside' of you, in order for you to decide that you do want to Identify as an Infinite, Eternal, formless Being of Light and Love. As you make your 'expressions' about that 'Feeling' that you have cultivated within yourself, you 'light up' to others and then others will be more interested in what you have, than the shiny new car, the big house, the luxurious clothing and other items that they have and they will want you to 'teach them' how to 'find that place inside' where they too can have Inner Peace and a 'sense' of satisfaction just from Existing.

This is why we continually tell you that as the Awakened Collective, you are leading Humanity. It is because we can see how the Shift will actually continue to unfold. It will be a 'grass roots' movement where ALL of you who are 'paying Attention' right now to what is going on inside of you,, will lead the 'newly Awakened' back inside themselves, to where 'everything' they need, already Exists. As you do, you help the Collective of Humanity move from an Egoic one to one that Exists as A Collective, as a Higher Self and then you will Experience the 'completion' of the Shift.

We are susceptible to 'Beliefs', just like all of you are. We have Experiences that Create 'expectations'. Now, our Experiences are mostly about the ways that we have of being received and whether the help that we are giving is working on a particular Group of Beings, nonetheless, these Experiences that we have, Create certain 'beliefs' within us. Therefore, you can see how easy it is for 'all of you' to Create 'Belief Systems' and to get 'sucked in' to unwanted 'Beliefs'. You can see how this could continue to happen, even after you are Aware of the fact that you have been utilising and succumbing to Limiting Beliefs, 'beliefs' that no longer serve you.

Therefore, we have been investigating the different ways in which we can 'change our expectations', regardless of the Experiences that we have had and we want to 'share with you' our findings. What is most important in regards to Creating 'new expectations' is that you ONLY and ALWAYS Focus on the aspect of another Person, or a Group, or even Yourself that is Source Energy. If we Focus on your Egoic side, then it is easier for us to 'believe' that you are going to have the 'exact same' response to our offerings, that you have had previously. However, if we are 'paying Attention' and giving all of that Attention, that we have to give, to the Truth that you are Source Energy Beings, then, the 'power' that we have to Create a 'New Experience' comes in and takes over.

This is how you can use this information we are giving you now to your benefit. Look at 'yourselves' as Source Energy Beings and FEEL for the TRUTH that YOU ARE Source Energy Beings. See others as Source Energy Beings and 'expect them' to Speak, Think and Act as such and you will enter into a Realm of 'greater expectation', which WILL Create 'New Experiences' for YOU. This is called 'holding space' by many.

If you 'hold space' for the 'absolute best' that a Person, including Yourself, has within you or within them, then you can Co-Create something 'magical', something 'new' and something 'less limited', more so than if you Focus on that person or yourself and continue to hold onto the 'Limiting Beliefs' that you have been holding onto. Play with it. Practice utilising what we are talking about here and we KNOW that you WILL Experience the results you Desire.

We are always in search of new and better ways of delivering to you the latest Upgrades, Activations and Downloads that you need to continue there on Earth with everything that you need to Ascend and to Assist others in their Ascension Journeys. We have been working with your Sun to deliver you more of these Energies that you need and your Sun is already doing a tremendous amount of Service work for you, the Sun is always 'willing and open' to assist with New Projects and New Strategies.

The most recent Partnership that we have made with your Sun is about bringing you more of the History of Life on Earth for you and for All of Humanity, in the Downloads that you 'receive'. This will help you establish more, a sense of Oneness within You, as you will understand how you came to be where you are today on Earth, as a Human Collective. The Upgrades that your Sun has agreed to Assist with, are in regards to your Physical Bodies and their ability to hold more Light, more Love, more Higher Frequency Energies within them. The Activations are of your Heart Chakra and High Heart Chakra, because as you can see by looking around on your World, there is a 'need' for more Unconditional Love.

Those of you who are already working on being more Loving are going to get some help. When you FEEL Love emanating from inside of you, it is easier to stay in that 'space' than if you have to conjure it up all the time, because there is nothing around you that is acting as a catalyst for that Love response within you. Therefore, having these Activations will assist you in 'being the Love' that you truly are, more of the time, regardless of what is happening or is not happening around you and inside of you.

This is a lot all at once, we Know, however, we also understand the Desire of those like you to 'step up' and play a 'bigger role' in the Ascension of the Human Collective Consciousness. And those of you who are 'willing and able' can really take what you are being sent to Heart, so to speak, and use it to foster an environment there on Earth of Oneness, of Unconditional Love and of the spreading of Light, all around.

You may have Experienced some clearing in the recent weeks and months, some cleansing, to prepare you for this 'next step' on your Journey and we invite you to just 'recognise' that you 'are ready' and it is 'time', that you are the Ones who have 'chosen' to be Awake enough, to 'receive' this Message and that means that you are ready to go further in your 'leadership roles' there on Earth. Your Fellow Humans are 'ready to receive' more of what you have been able to tap into in this Lifetime and that is huge. That is the 'coming together' of Student, Teacher and Mentor on a large scale, to bring about Massive Changes there on Planet Earth.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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