Ascension Messages

The Key is Awareness

We wish you to be more Aware, and as you pay attention to your Bodies, your Thoughts, and your Emotions at this time, remember that you are being called to these higher Vibrational states, and if you 'tune in', you can Feel that calling. You can Feel yourselves being summoned into the Light and Feel your hearts opening. You can Feel yourselves raising your Consciousness, while also being grounded in your bodies. By 'tuning in' you can 'open up' to access more of the gifts and abilities that are inevitable for all of you to access in this period of your lives. You will need more of your gifts and abilities to help those who are newly Awakened who have no idea of what is happening around them.

The spikes in your frequency as a Collective, affect more of those who are 'asleep' than the effect on those who are awake. The 'asleep' can have a harder time of it because when the Collective Consciousness moves to a higher level, they then must release some of their lower Vibrational Feelings, Thoughts, Ideas and Beliefs, in-order for them to stay in the Collective higher dominant frequency. And at that same time that they are detoxing, they are receiving more of their Awakening experiences, which can be confusing and disruptive in their normal day to day activities.

Spirituality is not what is in most people's everyday thoughts, or of thinking themselves as Souls, nor seeing themselves as essentially Non-Physical Consciousness. Therefore, when they have experiences that challenge their everyday Awareness, they need support, healing, and answers that they will not get from existing religious texts. You are the ones who will guide them, soothe them, help them through these times of greater release, and you have all that is required, you are Kind, Compassionate, Loving Beings. However, in-order to Feel confident as the leaders that you truly are, you are also receiving more of what you need.

As the Awakened Collective, many of you wonder what you are supposed to be doing and your readiness, eagerness, and willingness to assist has been noted. At present, look after yourselves and notice how this recent change in the overall frequency of the Human Collective Consciousness is affecting you. Be patient while waiting for their Awakening experiences to unfold as you will be helping many. Therefore, take care of yourselves so that you can take care of the others.

We know that the relationship of the Helper and the one who is being Helped is important in this Universe, which is why we are so willing to help all of you there on Earth. We play the role of the Helper, and you have the experience of being Helped, and that is why we set up this relationship with all of you and to all of you. All your relationships in life can be viewed in this way, understanding that each person interacting with another person, is playing a role. The role that you may be playing could be of someone who brings joy to someone else, or perhaps the role of someone experiencing abundance and being generous to someone in need while experiencing lack of.

You are always choosing 'how you view' the various relationships in your lives. However, you did choose those people to be in your lives and the relationships you are having with one another. Although there will be many reasons why, all of them can potentially lead to more Spiritual Growth, more Advancement of the Human Consciousness, and more Expansion into 'who you really are' as Source Energy Beings. It all depends on 'how you view' these relationships, that allows you to choose 'how you experience' yourself in that relationship, instead of thinking you should be playing a particular role.

The Guidance that comes to you from 'within' will always know best, therefore listen to it and we will assist you also, because that is our role, a role which we enjoy playing. We choose to come to you from unconditional Love, because that is what Feels best to Us. We Love you unconditionally and know that our unconditional Love has an impact on the totality of the Human Collective Consciousness, whether they are Consciously receiving that Love or not.

This is a time of more Awareness through great Change and Enlightenment. It is through 'your experiences' that your Awareness comes to you, and in any given moment, you can choose what you are Aware of. Therefore, choose Love, Expansion and choose to Know yourself better as Who You Really Are instead of judging someone else for the role that they agreed to play for you, no matter what it is or how bad they are. Allow yourselves to go with the 'natural flow of Energy' that takes you into higher and higher levels of Consciousness, those higher levels of Consciousness are inevitable.

When you choose to ride the wave of that Energy, you will Feel more connected to Source, to unconditional Love, to your true Soul's essence. You came in to experience that and to explore the different relationships, how they can all be experienced by you and by everyone else. We love it when we see one or more of you 'opening up' to receive our assistance and we love our role as Helpers.

At certain points in our Evolution, we have had Perspectives, Ideas, and Thoughts that we had to 'let go' of and release, because we could Feel how much they were burdening us and holding us back. We are now capable of 'letting go' of what we Feel no longer Serves us and similarly, we see that the environment you are in there on Earth requires you to do much 'letting go' of what no longer serves you. It is not your fault when you think a heavy, unsettling, or disturbing Thought and we want you all to know that you were born into that system where those Thoughts, thought forms, streams and trains of Thoughts existed prior to your arrival there.

You often Feel bad about yourselves because of your Thoughts. However, your Thoughts do not originate from inside your head. Your brain receives and interprets the Energy that is that Thought, and you become Aware of it in your Consciousness. Then you must decide whether that Thought is one you want to continue thinking, or to continue to follow that train of Thought, or decide whether it does not Feel quite right to you, and you want to let it go. These are choices you must make over and over again there on Earth on a daily basis, because of the Energies that were present when you were born and continue to be present Now. We wish to share with you that it has never been easier than right now, to change your Minds.

It has never been easier than right now, to 'tune in' to Thoughts that will Serve you and Humanity to a greater extent than the ones that have been present, the ones you have been thinking and continuing to think. The key is Awareness. Because, if you can be Aware of your Thoughts, you can let them go, and once you let go of a lower Vibrational Thought, you can then know where that lower vibrational Thought came from in the first place. Thoughts do not come randomly to you, it is your conditioning, you were born and were surrounded with certain people who were thinking certain Thoughts, and those peoples Thoughts became easier for you to receive and translate, with you thinking them to be your own.

At some point in your life, hopefully you will realise that you do have a choice and that you choose to no longer think like those who raised you. You can choose to think differently, and from the standpoint of your Perspective and that of the Entire Human Collective of which you are a part of, you can seek out that which is progress. Now is a good time to be 'paying attention' to what you are thinking and whether to choose to continue thinking those Thoughts. We recommend then for you to be Conscious and Aware enough to 'let go' of those Thoughts.

Let the Thoughts go. Feel what is behind them. Feel the Vibration by breathing into it. If it is not a good Feeling Vibration, let it go through Conscious Awareness of it and how it feels. By letting that go, you will place yourself in a better position of accessing 'better feeling' Thoughts to you, Thoughts that are Vibrating at a higher frequency, that are intrinsically better. That is a simple way to change your life and your World.

We are sending you Energies to assist you to transition from how life has been there on Earth to what you are moving into, as you complete the shift in Consciousness by preparing you for change and letting go of attachments. Although the shift is 'quite some way away' from where you are right now, you will see many changes occur between now and then and you will require all the assistance and support needed in ushering in those changes, to feel comfortable amidst them.

You know that the changes coming to the various systems there on Earth can go smoothly if that is the Timeline that you choose for yourself as an individual. Therefore, you need not concern yourself about what anyone else is choosing, nor concern yourself about big natural disasters reducing large segments of land and people. All those fears can be released by letting them go, fears that are remnants of Atlantis and Lemuria and now you can recognise that you are a part of the massive numbers of the Awakening Collective.

You are all there to take part of those Awakenings as they continue and you are there to assist others who are having their Awakening experiences, to share your own experiences with others so that their experiences will Feel more normal to them. Now is a good time to ask yourself 'what are you still holding onto' and 'what are you still attached to'. And know that everything is transforming, even your Physical Bodies.

As you embrace the change from being carbon based to crystalline based you will Feel the lightness of being and also Feel your Physicality as a Human. Remember, this is the time that you wanted to 'be incarnate' there on Earth. You also wanted to be on the leading edge of this Evolution of Consciousness and that is where you find yourselves right now, while others are thinking about creating the new systems that you will have. Remember, you are always moving towards something better and never towards something worse and that you can make this transition period filled with Joy and ease, as you release your fears and your anxieties.

Let go of your attachments of how the shift will happen, when it will happen, and who will make that shift. The ultimate experience that you are having right now, is shifting, and changing YOU and everything outside of you must and will reflect that. Therefore, relax and set your minds at ease as you 'tune in' to the Energies that assist you to transition into becoming the Human Collective.

We have shared with you many times that we are fans of all of you because you chose the more difficult Path. You chose to take on more challenges, more difficulties from your past life Selves and your genetic line, because you felt you were up to the challenge at that time. We know that once you started living your lives, most of you discovered that the challenges were excruciating and unbearable at times and still you kept going and coming to Earth through your own choice.

You incarnate where and when you want to incarnate, in a particular place and time, because you are Sovereign Beings, because you are Source, choosing whether to continue a series of lifetimes in a particular location. No one is forced to incarnate anywhere because of Karma.It is with a great degree of courage and an enormous belief in yourself, your Guides, and other Helpers that you chose a series of lifetimes there on Earth.

You were never meant to do it all on your own, that was never the plan, and in many ways, you are not doing this by yourselves there on Earth, even if at times it feels like you are. Everyone who is consistently receiving these messages from Us is linked in a very real way, that you are then anchoring and grounding in the Arcturian Energies into Mother Earth. These Energies are creating an Arcturian Grid, and through these Gridlines that you are creating, you are in Psychic, Telepathic communication with one another.

You are our ground crew there on planet Earth, and we need you to deliver the assistance, guidance, and wisdom that we want to impart on All of Humanity. However, not everyone is ready for what we are offering and as the Arcturian ground crew you are the Grid-workers who make these Energies available to others who would otherwise be closed off to them. And this is achieved by you holding the higher frequencies that affects those who would otherwise be closed off.

Understand that by what you are holding in your Consciousness, your Awareness, Beliefs and open Hearts you are affecting everyone. Consistently we share with you that Love is the Answer, Compassion is the way, and that Inner Peace leads you to receiving everything that you want by emanating all those truths as you walk around, even if you do not speak aloud to the people that you are in contact with every day. They are all benefitting from what you are grounding in from Us, and we are so appreciative of every one of you there on Earth, especially those of you assisting in furthering the Arcturian agenda, to help Humanity Awaken and Ascend.

We also make it possible for you all to believe in the Validity of pathways to new Realities, Timelines, new Experiences and new Versions of yourselves. We assist you all to believe in the Validity of these new potentials and aspects of Life on Earth. This we do in a variety of ways. We strongly hold within ourselves the Knowing as we connect with you and then sprinkle the Energies into your fields that you cannot help but receive this Knowing. By being in the presence of our Knowing, you are automatically affected by it.

We know that you are going to make it as individuals, and as a collective, and we know that you have the potential to enjoy the experience more. Not everything has to be seen as survival, it can be a joyous journey where you are dancing through beautiful fields. As always, you have the ability to choose, and the ability to vibrate in Harmony with the better experiences, better timelines, better versions of yourselves.

There is always someone that can assist you, with you benefiting from the stability of their Energy. There is always help for everyone and when you receive help, when you become the stabilising force for those close to you and for Humanity, you then transform others with your Presence, your Knowing and with the certainty that you now have, that everything will be all right, that Humanity will make it, and that this shift in Consciousness is inevitable.

It is a journey you signed up for and so you might as well choose to Consciously play it while having fun. We want you to see your own potential, to see how good life there on Earth can be and will be, if you only allow it to be and if you choose it to be. We are eternally here for you, to hold that space, in the same way that we know you are there to do the same for your fellow Humans and we have infinite appreciation for your spreading the Energies around.

It is time for you to see everyone outside of you as an aspect of Source that you are meant to Accept and then Love unconditionally, until you do, you will continue to stay in a Reality construct that no longer Serves you. We will continue to invite you with our Energy and with the extension of our Consciousness, because when you merge with Us, you merge with that truth that We Are All One.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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