Ascension Messages

Choosing Love through Experience

We are happy to share with you our Perspective on everything that you are living there on Earth, while also understanding that whoever is receiving our Perspective will be interpreting it in their own unique way. We also know that there are many Perspectives out there and that they continue to grow in numbers. We want All of you to recognise that You are the 'interpreters' of the message that you receive in any given moment and that you are always seeing the World through your own unique lens. This means that having your own Personal Experience of something, is far more significant than what you believe.

What you believe will change over time, and perhaps the way you interpret your experiences will also change over time, however, seeking your own unique experiences is better than having the 'one true or right' Perspective on life there on Earth or on anything. With so many subjects and topics that people want on a higher Perspective, you often look for that before you decide for yourselves 'how you would like to experience' that issue or topic. Therefore, we urge you to ask yourselves 'how you would like to experience' whatever the topic is, instead of running around looking for the right way to approach something.

Create 'your experience' of it and know that any belief you take on, will 'colour your experience' of whatever it is that is happening to you or to another, in any given moment. Listen to your Internal Guidance by listening to your Hearts and connect with yourselves to the Higher Densities, higher wisdom from Higher Frequency Beings and streams of Consciousness. Give yourselves that experience as well, because as much as anyone else can give you a 'Perspective' or a 'set of beliefs', they are far less equipped to give you an Experience. That is something you must seek out for yourselves so that you can do more than just believe. You can know. You know more, and you learn more 'through experience' than you do through theory and through scientific study.

You are meant to live your lives there on Earth, and the more you seek out the new and interesting experiences that are available to you, the more fun you will have, the more people you will encounter, and the more you can set your beliefs aside for a moment and just be with someone or something. As soon as you start to 'define' something, you start to 'limit' what it is and what it can be to you. And the same is true of your fellow Humans and groups of your fellow humans, it is so much easier to just put things or people in a nice neat little box. The Universe can give you anything you want, including any experience, therefore, do not define and limit yourselves or any other, and you will find that this Universe can surprise you.

Do not get attached to your own Perspectives, rather, be open to 'feeling into' what is next for you, what could change in a heartbeat, and what could take you further down your Path of expansion and Spiritual Evolution. There is so much more for All of you to experience, which is why you get so excited and interested in shifting to a new Density, but also remember, that the Density you are in right now, has much more dimensionality to it than just one, static, limited Perspective on Reality. 'Open' yourselves up and 'let go' and see where the current flow of Energies takes you, we assure you that they will take you to a better 'feeling place' than you have been before.

We are open to all and any possibilities that will make this journey easier for All of you. We are not attached to one Path, to one way of going about expanding your Consciousness, Evolving, and Ascending, however, we have noticed that there are many false Paths that appear in front of you when you are more Physically oriented and Physically Focused. When you are looking outside of yourselves for the Path that will return you to Source, you often find something or someone, some activity, or some way of approaching life, and then you believe that it is 'the way, the one true way.' You believe that it is 'the only way' you could ever return home to Source, because from 'your experience' it works.

And it works until it does not, and then when it no longer works, usually there is a great deal of sadness, some suffering, perhaps a 'dark night of the soul', and then you are there to pick up the pieces and move on. What you have outside of you in the Physical is all lovely and it is All to be enjoyed and experienced, and you are meant to have interests, things you are fascinated by, and people that you want to be around. However, your Paths to Source are so much longer lasting when they involve 'going within', being silent, meditating, feeling your feelings, and Focusing on the Love that is within you. Love does not have to be something initiated by someone or something outside of you. It does not have to be state dependent or conditional.

The Feeling of Oneness is not something that you can only access by taking certain steps in the Physical, to get to that perfect point on the planet. You can experience it anywhere, and many people have experienced the sensation of Oneness in the strangest of places and at the strangest of times. Of course, there is not just 'one way' to access what we are All seeking, however, there are more effective ways. While they may seem like they are the long way to return home, to Source, actuality, they are the shorter way. You can avoid a lot of trial and error by stopping for a moment and 'tuning in' to what you can Feel inside of you as that spark of Divinity.

We suggest you start every day of your lives from this point forward, seeking to Feel that 'spark' before you get out of bed in the morning and then notice how less attached you are to the circumstances of your World being just right for you. And then you can really live, because as you accept the World as it is, and so much more of it can 'open up' to you and bring you that which you are no longer attached to, all because you took the time to Feel for the Path to Source that is 'within' each and every one of you.

We want you to know that you can 'open up' to the Energies through these messages at any time and allow them in. We also want you to relax into the receiving. There is no 'trying' involved, and struggling to Feel for them will not help. However, if you can consistently relax into what is coming to you, day after day, moment after moment, you will Feel the Expansion of your Consciousness occurring in leaps and bounds.

We have said many times that we are not the only ones offering High Frequency Energies. We are not the only helpers you have here in the Higher Realms, and there may be times, you Feel like 'opening up' to the Energies of the Pleiadeans, Sirians, Andromedins and so on. There are many Energies that you may like to attune to in a particular moment, including your Spirit Guides and Higher Selves.

Many of you Feel for these Energies through these messages and others realise that you have been feeling them after the fact. You may notice some changes in yourself or in your World, and then when you look back at the past several days or weeks, you will realise that you have been receiving Energies and you have been working with them. For some of you, this is not new. You have been doing it for a very long time, and then you know that it is part of your journey to help others to recognise that they too have Energies that they can tap into, receive, and work with at any time.

Many people who are receiving this message are wondering how to do it. It really is quite simple. All you have to do, is relax. Let go of all your tension, anxiety, thoughts, worries and fears, and by doing this, you naturally 'open up' to receive those Higher Frequency Energies that are coming to you from above, and you can point yourself in any direction you like. You can receive different energies on different days, and know that we are always open for you, seeking to assist, heal, guide and support.

Most of what we offer is Love, Healing, Compassion, Peace, and all the other High Frequency Vibrations, while sometimes it is more specific. Although we are giving you as much as we can in any given moment, understand that you can give yourselves everything. When you are receiving from within, there are no restrictions, no limitations. We will always attempt to assist you with unlocking and opening those doors to the Inner Realm that can and will eventually grant you everything. We are talking about everything that you are and all your gifts and abilities, as well as everything you want in the external world. It is all inside of you, and that is not just something we say. It is instead, something we know to be true in a very real way.

If you look at your environment as a projection, then you can start to get an idea of how this is possible. Everything that you experience comes from your own Energy, the projection of your own Consciousness. You are showing yourself what is inside of you, when you witness the outside World. If you see people arguing, then even if you are not arguing with people in your life, there is a lot of internal dialogue that holds that same Vibration as the argument you are witnessing.

If you want to manifest something, then you have to offer the Vibration of it, rather than offering the Vibration of the 'lack of it' in your experience. And we know that is easier to look outside of yourself, saying, "Well, this is just how it is. This is the world I am in." It is more challenging to admit that this is the World you are 'creating and projecting', and it takes some real courage to take 'responsibility' for everything that you see and experience out there, and then do something about it.

Once you realise that the Infinite and the Eternal are inside of you, then you have to ACCEPT IT ALL. You have to be willing to Embrace All Aspects of Yourself, instead of judging and criticising who and what you are, and then you get to choose from 'all that is inside of you' who and what 'you want to activate', and the choices are limitless. They will only 'seem limited' if you believe what everyone else is telling you about yourself, including your own Mind.

Your own Ego can work against you by not wanting to admit that you are so much more than you appear to be. Start believing in yourselves and in your abilities to put out into the World everything you want to experience and to become, and so it will be. The other, Unconscious way of living does not work very well for those who are moving through life believing that they are the small Ego, and that the World is so chaotic and confusing.

When you realise what you have the Power to do, it is then up to you, to use that Power. We know that you can, and you will, because you all have the ability to Focus, Feel, Think, and to Activate what you want to. We love Humanity, and you are special and unique in your journeys there on Earth. We also love that you are discovering 'who and what you really are', because we enjoy seeing you struggle less and thrive more.

From where you are right now, percentage wise, there are far fewer instances on Earth of struggling to survive, than there have been on Earth during any other time. Therefore, your lives do have the potential to be so much more than just survival driven or survival oriented. What that means is that you are in a time when you can become much more Creative, and you begin to thrive when you 'activate your own Creative Potential within you'. That is when you start to merge more with you Non-Physical Self.

You are 'letting go' of old patterns, old beliefs, and old frameworks that say that you need to be keeping very busy all the time in-order to just survive. And if you want to thrive, then 'let go' of those 'older beliefs' that say you must be busier than the person next to you. And many people are discovering that this is in fact, no way to live life. You are meant to thrive because you exist, and when you can Acknowledge that you exist in an abundant Universe that is Infinite and ever Expanding, then it becomes easier for you to 'let go' of what you were taught.

Understand that the key component here, is that it is in the 'letting go' without resenting where you once were or resenting the people who taught you to be that way. Otherwise, you will continue to hold onto whatever it is you are in resistance to, and you do not want to do that. Know that there have been very well-meaning people in your lives who just wanted to ensure your survival from the time when you were born, and now that you are ready to thrive, it is time for YOU to tap into all that is 'within you'.

And you have so many ways in which you can express yourselves in this day and age. You have much it easier in sharing what is inside of you, and you have so much support from the Non-Physical. There are so many of Us here in the Higher Realms who will find a way to supply you with the support that you need so that you can create what you want and do what you want, and especially so that you can express Who You Are.

That is how Consciousness expands. There are times where actions are involved and need to be taken, however, you do not expand Consciousness by working harder and putting more hours into work. You are there to do just that, to expand Consciousness, and you must start with your own. You must acknowledge that what is inside of you is far more valuable than anything that you could experience outside of you in this moment. What will propel you into the 5th Density, will be the inward journey towards your own Creativity and your Non-Physical Self.

The World that you live in does not encourage you to blossom and become your Higher Versions of yourselves, and therefore, you do need to go against the grain to be your true 5th Density Beings. Because you know at your core, that Unity and Oneness are a part of your Ascension, you must be able to lovingly say 'no' to people who want you to join them in condemning someone else, or some group.

You do not arrive where you are going by placing yourself or anyone else, into a nice neat little box. Boxes have walls, and you are not there to further engage in Separation and Segregation. You are there to encourage and promote Love and Integration. This is what we mean when we talk about furthering your Evolution of Consciousness. You must see the opportunities that are in front of you throughout your days for promoting Love and Integration and those of you who are Awake have tuned in more to your 'emotional bodies'. You are sensitive and empathic. You know when something 'does and does not' Feel Good to you.

The clue that it is time for you to 'let go' of whatever you are thinking about or whatever it is you are placing your attention on, is when something does not 'feel right' for you. It simply does not serve You or the overall Goal that every single person has of Ascending. To Ascend is to become closer to Source Energy, and Source Energy is everything and everyone. Therefore, if someone offers you an invitation to join them to push against a person, group, or ideology, you only need to politely decline that movement.

By being aware of such movements assists you in recognising what is needed there on Earth. What you need more of is for more people to want to come together. Newly awakened people tend to recognise this and want to find their tribe, their Soul Family. And those of you receiving this message most certainly have been or are at that point now.

You can, as anyone else can decide that you will start a group, or a movement, that is about Uniting Humanity, in spite of all the differences that you have. You can have different opinions about what is right and ethical to eat and still be United with other people. You can have different opinions about who has the better political ideas and still be United with those individuals you disagree with. You do not have to let any belief separate you. Instead, as you Focus on what Unites you, which is the truth that We Are ALL One, then you attract to you more individuals who believe that as well and want to live that in their daily lives.

When you start to think about that as a Goal, or as a Mission, then you need not look any further than your circle of family, friends, and colleagues. And you know that you can come to together with those individuals based on the truth that they are Source and so are you. And you can get past any differences you have because you are ready to rise above all of that, and you are the ones to invite others to do so as well.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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