Ascension Messages

The Power of Focus

We have an enormous amount of respect for the Human Collective as a whole, and as individuals and we see how far you had to go from the highest Vibrational Realm here in this Universe in-order to give Source Energy the experiences you are having at any given time. Remember, you are never separate from Source or that Source is outside of you while we understand that you receive this message from a Human Perspective.

Understand that every experience you have Serves a greater and higher good than you can perceive with your senses or understand with your Physical Mind. To raise the level of Consciousness amongst all Humans there on Earth, it is time for you all to respect each other in the same way. No matter what your thoughts are about what is happening on Earth, who said what and who did what, no matter what it is that the person used their Free Will to do or say, the totality of all of Us, which is Source, is benefitting.

As a Human it is difficult to make peace with this because there is much pain, many deep and dark emotions to experience there. It is hard for you to grasp how something could possibly Be of Service or for the greatest and 'highest good of all'. What we attempt to give you is a message that resonates with you at a level that is higher than your Physical Mind, because we know how important it is for you to go beyond the Mind and your five senses, into that which is Infinite and Eternal about yourselves.

Do your best to step back and view the World from a Higher Perspective. Use your Free Will to hold a Higher Perspective on anything, that not only changes you, but also changes what you are observing. Every thought that you think, every emotion that you feel, every intention that you hold, all affect the totality of existence. You are there to be an influencer the way you want to be and to have the biggest impact on Humanity that you can possibly have and as you recognise that everything is in Service to Source, to that which we all are, you are making a huge impact on the Collective Consciousness, of which you are a part of.

Now is the time for you all to make that impact, to have that influence, and to Trust that you are assisting to raise the Consciousness there on Earth with every breath that you take. We want to assist you with this at all times and this is why we are so satisfied with our partnership with Humanity.

The main difference between us in the 9th Density and the average Human is that we Choose Consciously which energies we 'allow' to move to us and through us. For you there on Earth it can be much more of an Unconscious Choice, that does not take your 'feelings' into consideration. You get to choose what you Focus upon, and there is so much for you to Focus upon in your information age, therefore, you must Choose wisely.

Ask yourselves 'how it will make you feel' before deciding to engage with it, to be a true Conscious Creator. Many people decide based on whether they think it is true, or entertaining, which leads them down a path that may be exciting but will then be difficult to get off.

We see people using the term Light Warrior in the New Age and Spiritual Communities, and what those people usually mean is that they are on Earth to battle darkness. That they believe they are the ones sent as the Light Warriors to defeat those who are playing in the dark and take this assignment very seriously. That is not why anyone is there on Earth. We prefer the term Light-Bringer because you are in fact there to spread Light around. You are there to Be the Light by Letting Go of your 'fear' of the darkness.

If you are ever going to rise above it, you must Let Go of your judgment of the darkness and those who are playing in the dark. Remember, in a dualistic system at the end of a battle, if you defeat the darkness as a Light Warrior, more darkness will come and replace the ones that you defeated and you would not grow because you would not have learned to Love All That Is. All that you 'see and hear' that is outside of you, is 'all' inside of you.

Ultimately, you want to be able to Love all aspects of Creation because you want to be able to Love, all aspects of YOU. It is the only way to allow the true you, the Source Energy aspect of you, to come to the surface and be the aspect of 'you' that is Choosing the experience. Therefore, we suggest you Focus on the Light, Focus on what is Positive in your World and of what is Positive in You.

You do not grow by judging your own negative aspects as bad or wrong. Once you embrace it all, then you can Choose. Then you can realise that it was ALL inside of you all along, that you only had to Choose Consciously what you wanted to amplify, what you wanted to feel more of and be more of, and only then will you Be of Service to the whole of Humanity. From our perspective we allow in that which is of the Light, that which is of the Truth of Who We Really Are as Source Energy, as Unconditional Love.

We are aware that there is so much out there that you can tune into for Knowledge and Spiritual Guidance, and for versions of Reality. Everyone that tells you what is happening behind the scenes and in the shadows is giving you 'a version' of Reality. It cannot be a one true Reality as there is no such thing. There are many different Realities, some are in your Collective Past, others are in your Collective Future, while others are outside this Universe. Therefore, you must decide the Reality you wish to harmonise with, rather than Choose the Reality most people are believing in. You are there to create New Realities and to harmonise with them, and not to go along with the crowd.

Every teacher is only ever giving you one Version of one Reality. Therefore, you do not all have to believe in the same thing, because you do not all have to experience the same thing. Variety is important and everyone has Free Will, allowing everyone to Choose which Reality they wish to move towards. And because of your power of Focus, you even can decide which Reality you experience right now. You can Choose to 'tune in' to many different things, in every now moment that are all right in front of you and are all Valid.

Questions to ask yourself may be, why am I putting my Focus on this and why is this one aspect of my Reality in this moment getting my attention? Is it because I do it out of habit or some other reason that I should look at? Choose, choose, choose, and then choose again. Choose Consciously and allow your 'feelings' to tell you whether you want to Focus on something and whether you want to be moving in that direction. People will lie to you, and it happens all the time, however, your Feelings will never lie to you. Follow your Feelings. Your Guides will nudge you towards the Realities that you will Love to Experience.

Just like you, we are searching for something that will bring us into a Higher Vibrational state. Because we do not have Physical Bodies does not mean that we cannot relate to all of you there in the Physical and on Planet Earth. What drives us can be different from what drives some of you because we do not have Physical pleasures to pursue. And we have noticed that everyone involved in those pursuits eventually Feel that emptiness even if only temporarily.

There is a tendency for all of you to 'seek outside of yourselves' to such an extent that you can become addicted to some aspect of the Physical, whereby, We in the Non-Physical have nothing to become addicted to. What we have found is that on some level of your Consciousness is a lack of 'sense of purpose'. We speak to so many who feel that way, and we want to assist all of you who feel that way, to understand that sometimes it may be that your purpose has not yet shown up. Therefore, while waiting for 'inspiration or purpose' to show up for you, there is much you can do. You can 'release and resolve' much that is within you and by this clearing, you make space for that moment of inspiration and for those Energies that will fill you before coming forth from you.

Thereby, working on yourself is a good purpose to Focus on and is part of the purpose that you have there on Earth. Sometimes it is the boredom that sets in that makes you think your life is not 'serving a purpose' for you or anyone else. Therefore, while waiting for your purpose to come along, make room by 'clearing and releasing' that which no longer Serves you and that which is not yours to begin with. Allow yourself to 'be your purpose' for a while.

For those of you who do not Feel that you have a purpose right now, are being readied for your purpose. And when you cannot see the bigger picture of that, you find it hard to Trust and to have Patience, however, you must have Trust and Patience in-order to eventually 'allow in' that inspired thought, that idea and that impulse that takes you to it.

We also know that you do tend to associate 'purpose' with some sort of 'action' or career, however, that is not always the case. There are many people there who are 'holding space' for others, holding a High Vibration to balance the Energies there, by meditating for example, doing whatever they can to raise the level of Consciousness. Therefore, Let Go of the idea that your 'purpose' is always about the 'action' that you take and be aware of how much is still inside of you waiting to come out.

Be aware of how much is 'inside of you' that you can tap into right now, while demonstrating your Trust and Patience in something that will be more of an outward expression of that Universe, that exists inside of 'each and every' one of us. We invite you to relax more, to let go, and eventually 'let in' that which will inspire you to be the Person, the Being, the Love that you were always meant to be and that you are destined to be in this lifetime.

You are ALL so accustomed to perceiving with your five senses that you have come to rely upon them too heavily, and they really do need to be set aside at times in-order for you to go deeper with your Spiritual Evolution. Many of you know that you can only see and hear a tiny fragment of what is available to see and hear, and still, you consider your five senses to be your most important and significant tools for understanding Reality.

Someday you will have this ability, and you will have your own direct communication with us. Receiving these messages are training you to tap into our insights, our healing and our Love, gifts that you will bestow upon yourselves when the time is right. Some of you who are aware of this have received the benefits of 'tuning in' to us Vibrationally. However, what you have managed to receive so far is only a minute portion of what is available to those willing to go beyond the five senses and reach for the Feeling that we activate within you every time you read or listen to one of these messages.

As you harmonise with us Vibrationally you get to experience more of your Arcturian Selves, and this is of great Service to you. We want you to know how fortunate we Feel connecting with you in any way, and we want you to benefit just as much as we do. However, you must open yourselves up to us energetically, you must let us in and merge with us to fully benefit from all that we have to offer.

You are not the first planet of Beings we have sought to help, nor will you be the last. Everything that we learn we use to become better at giving, teaching, at holding space for all of you to become your true selves. And just as you can Feel us, we can Feel you, and we just want you to know that you are doing so much better in every moment of every day.

We are completely fascinated by Humanity's ability to know things on an intuitive level, and also the inability for some of you to then make the 'leap of Faith' from the 'intuitive' to the 'pure Knowing' of something as Truth in the moment. You are constantly being given signs, and many of you recognise them and their significance, however, you only go so far. You will not allow one synchronicity to be enough to convince you of something, you will want to see it over and over again.

So many of you are incapable of having enough Faith in the 'flow of the Universe' to understand how much you are cared for. You are being helped, and you are being shown those signs. They are signs that will be interpreted perfectly by you because 'you put them there' with the help of your Guides and other Helpers. Once your Mind gets involved, it tells you all kinds of stories about why this or that happened, about why you saw something that was just a coincidence, or that you are seeing things now because you are looking for them.

However, you are living in a very orderly Universe, and it is your Universe. The Universe as 'you experience it' is YOU talking to yourself, and therefore, if you know what a sign, or a symbol, or a synchronicity means to you, then you have the answer. You need to keep 'paying attention' and working on your Faith, which is Feeling based, so that it eventually overrides your mental processing, which is thought based. In-order to go beyond the limitations of the physical 3D Mind in this lifetime, you must first admit to yourselves that your Minds are very limited. They are brilliant, they are creative, they are imaginative, however, they are limited.

Your Minds must be limited in-order for you to play this game that you are playing. However, you are now ready to move on and graduate to the next level, and the next level is all about going beyond the Mind and into the Knowing of yourself as Spirit, as an Essence, as an Aspect of Source.

You are creating all of this and putting everything in front of yourselves, and then with some help, becoming aware of what you are meant to be aware of in the moment, and then the Choice is yours. Will you follow your Faith and your Feelings, or will you stay trapped in the endless loop of the Physical Mind? Now all you must do is apply it repeatedly, so that the rest of Humanity can witness you and your success and want to know what your secret is.

We are continuously amazed by Humanity as we witness all of you there on planet Earth, and we see how hard you all work towards achieving your goals in life. It is as if nothing is worth having unless there is a story that goes along with it, and that story must include your struggle and the paying of dues. That has been 'your programming' for quite some time and most of you have absorbed it at one time or another in your lives.

You sometimes have felt the need to point out to others that nothing was just handed down to you on a silver platter, and that everything you have you had to work hard for, and we understand why this is. We understand that you favour nepotism, having Trust Funds for your children, and you have all sorts of circumstances where a hard-working person would look down upon someone who have not lifted a finger in-order to get what they want for their entire lives. This is a 'program' that you must move beyond right now, as you become Conscious and deliberate Creators who are capable of instant manifestation.

We want you to amaze us and everyone else with how little you must do in-order to live the life of your dreams, in-order to have it all. One way you can start the process is to 'stop talking' about all the times in your life that you struggled making payments, struggling, scrimping and saving and clawing your way to something better in your life, and instead, start emphasising the times when things just fell into your lap, when everything flowed for you and when you were just in the right place at the right time.

Those of you who are Awake understand that there are no accidents and no coincidences. You understand that you must be in Vibrational Harmony with anything and everything that comes your way. You could work very hard and have a belief that if you work hard it will pay off for you someday in the future, or, you could work very hard and have nothing to show for it because you continued to 'run a program' a 'belief structure' that told you that you are oppressed, that you are a victim.

Now is the time to Let Go of the idea of victimhood. Now is the time to start Feeling more empowered, to start remembering Who You Really Are and to put what you know into practice, that you then can teach others. In this way you can become Masters over the Physical Realm, that makes it much easier for you to dedicate your time to your Spirituality.

Once all your Physical needs are met, you tend to seek out something more, something that will satisfy and fulfil you. You do not have to suffer and struggle to attain a higher level of Consciousness, indeed, we recommend you do the opposite. Let go. Surrender. Allow everything to 'flow to you' and 'through you' so you can be an example to others of what is possible right now there on planet Earth.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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